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  1. Excellent work, looks lovely and good to see Tamiya got all the lttle shapes right. Really nice to see a F-14B, I hope Tamiya release one.
  2. Always had a soft spot for the Mig-29 since the first time I saw it. Those huge LERX and massive tailfins, swept wing tips... it looks fast! Then they ruined it with the hunch back ones imo... Lovely to see this early Fulcrum.
  3. That looks good, some nice painting and effects. Again, I won't repeat Wlad's comments, but I'll add that the Fw190 have a very apparent stance, created by the angles of the legs and the axles. It might be the proximity of the camera to the model, but this appears to have the wheels insufficiently canted and perhaps a little toed inwards. It's a very distinctive feature of the 190, and worth getting right (Tamiya messed it up out of the gate with their 190 as they are too short) and is quite quickly noticed.
  4. That's a nice looking Dora, just be careful with the prop's weathering as they were made of wood, so no aluminum under chipped paint. I have also found Tamiya decals exasperating. I'm not yet at the stage of masking and spraying markings, so I use aftermarket decals like Eagle Cals for my builds. Usually Cartograf (ph?) printed decals are excellent, whichever company has designed the markings.
  5. Excellent, always good to have a real 'talking point' model in the display line up, well done!
  6. That's excellent, I like the different schemes the F-4F's had throughout their tenure, this is brilliantly executed.
  7. Fantatstic, great idea, really keeps the Spitfires as the focal point. Aditionally, philosophically, it keeps the Spitfire as the enduring feature of an ever changing landscape...
  8. Exceptional work, one of the best I've seen. That kit certainly lives up to it's hype. Brilliant stuff, thanks for sharing.
  9. What a beauty, lovely work, great looking model.
  10. That's a lovely build, great finish and love the photography, great stuff.
  11. Brilliant work, love those VF-74 'Bedevilers' Tomcats. Very nicely done, great display of the greatest navy fighter.
  12. What a spread, some lovely shots there. The colours are really good despite the limitations imposed by the the location, really effective shots I think. Lovely to see these in the air.
  13. Phenomenal work! What a stunner, the attention to detail and finish that you've achieved is excellent. Very convincing and one of the best and most distinctive fighters of WW2.
  14. That's very impressive work, reminds me of all the pictures of Tornados in Take Off magazine that I collected in the early 90s.
  15. That's great, bit would it be possible to have a link put up as I can't see any signature (usinga mobile phone).
  16. Exceptional work, great finish and detailing.
  17. Lovely stuff, that is a stunner. Very nicely finished and great attention to detail.
  18. That is very smartly turned out, and great to see a Gray Ghosts livery grace the pages too. Excellent work.
  19. Excellent, those Cobras were certainly the thoroughbreds of the day - sleek and deadly. Your model looks brilliant.
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