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1/32 Revell HE111

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My first large scale build since returning to the hobby after a 30 year lay off. I built this last year, haven't got any build pictures as I was just concentrating on getting the model built first, as I get more into model building I will start posting work in progress topics in the near future.



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Very nicely done.

I've long been tempted to get one of these myself, but the wingspan in 1/32 would leave me with nowhere to put it, even the 1/48 one I've got in the stash will be difficult to squeeze onto my display shelves!

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I had one when they first came out, but due to a lack of funds it went with a Ju-88, I will get them again, a stunning aircraft and a beauty in 32nd!

Great job on the kit, you don't see too many built really..

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Seems to be a big boy in 1/32 scale.

Looks very brilliant !

A great model you built there.

Excellent job !!!

:goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob:

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A real monster in 1/32 scale! Whooow!! Very nice built and finished. :goodjob::goodjob::goodjob: Wish I would build my 1/48 one, that lays in the stash since 10 years or more..... :shutup:


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