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  1. Mark4700


    Wow. Looking very nice.
  2. Mark4700

    Fujimi A-6A 1/72

    Thanks for the heads up. Slats and flaps up it is then.
  3. Mark4700

    Fujimi A-6A 1/72

    Thanks for your comments. Back in the late 80’s early 90’s Fujimi kits were my favourites. The plastic seems much harder than modern kits, but I quite like that. And you are right, there’s no flash or mistakes on the sprues. I also love building the older kits.
  4. Mark4700

    Fujimi A-6A 1/72

    Back on this now. Summer was far too warm to be sat inside modelling. I have been building though, a big patio in the back garden to keep my other half happy. Harder than any kit I’ve ever done . I decided to build the kit on the box lid, so I drilled out the air brakes. Happy with the result. Here’s a pic of the patio that earned me all those brownie points. Also so a couple of weeks ago I took my car to the local Jag dealership for a service and ended up buying this..... Never in in all my wildest dreams did I think that I’d ever own a brand new Jag. Can’t afford to go out now though so it’s back to the Intruder.
  5. Mark4700

    Fujimi A-6A 1/72

    Thanks for the tip. Will probably do everything retracted in that case.
  6. Lovely build. Got to get me one of these.
  7. Very nicely done. Love it.
  8. Mark4700


    Wow. Really coming on now. Really can’t wait to see this finished.
  9. Mark4700

    P47M Thunderbolt

    Lovely finish. Looks a decent kit for the money.
  10. Mark4700

    P-47 N SWORD 1/72

    Superb. Weathering is also spot on.
  11. Wow. Just stunning. I think I’d keep it and tell your friend it melted in the heatwave.
  12. Mark4700

    1/125 SUNKEN U-BOAT.

    Brilliantly effective technique. Superb result. Love it.
  13. Mark4700

    Something Fast - RA5C Vigilante

    Wow. Love it.
  14. Mark4700

    Vulcan XH558 - Airfix 1/72

    Another fabulous Vulcan. Excellent build.