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  1. Wow, that looks incredible, and in 1:72 scale! Love it.
  2. Thank you. I really enjoyed building it. Will definitely build more cars in future.
  3. Some good progress. Coming along nicely.
  4. Well, that’s it. All finished. Really pleased with the result given that it’s the first car I’ve built for years. The kit went together really well and there’s scope here and there for a bit of scratch building. I suppose those that like to really go to town on the engine compartment have plenty to add or change, but I’m happy with the extra work I’ve done and how it looks, which I suppose is the all important thing. So here’s a few pictures to celebrate completion. I’ll post more in the appropriate place when I’ve had time to take them. Oh, and many thanks to those who have provided help, guidance and words of encouragement through the build.
  5. I’m building this one soon. I think I’ll pull up a seat.
  6. At last managed half an hour on it this evening. The chrome pen worked a treat on the damaged bumpers. Not perfect, but good enough. I’ve polished the bodywork with super resin polish, just wish my 1:1 scale was as easy. I’ve also attached the grill, head lamps, front and rear bumpers and the rear chrome trim. The body actually looks much better to the naked eye. Not much left to do now. Another couple of hours should see it finished.
  7. Fantastic Lancaster. Looks brilliant in the sunshine.
  8. Outstanding. The finish has depth and realism. Excellent work.
  9. DISASTER!!! it was all going so well, then today....... Masked the bumpers to paint the over riders black. When I took the masking tape off it took the chrome off too. What to do now? My initial thought is to strip all the chrome off and redo it with Alclad. I've also got a liquid chrome pen, but not sure if it will cover areas like this. I'll try the pen first as it's the easy option of the two. If it looks okay then it's an easy fix and a bullet dodged. Fingers crossed
  10. Now that is nice. A lot of extra work there, and it paid off.
  11. Has anyone tried the Tamiya polishing compounds? I hadn't until today. Heres a comparison evaluation for you to draw your own conclusions. The bonnet was sprayed red with Vallejo Model Air, followed by three coats of Humbrol Clear Gloss varnish. As you look at the picture, the left side of the bonnet has been left. The right side has been polished with the Tamiya polishing compounds. First the course, then fine and finally the finish. I think the finish is visibly better in the picture. To the naked eye even more so, and it's much smoother to the touch. Well worth the effort I'd say, and a recommend from me if anyone is thinking of trying them. Just got the other side of the bonnet and the rest of the car to do now. At least it should be 25 times quicker than polishing the real thing.
  12. Not a problem at all, you’re not hijacking. All tips gratefully received. Many thanks, I’ll take them off and give them a coat of matt.
  13. Wow. The hard work certainly paid off. Superb rendition of one of my favourite aircraft. I always thought these looked so elegant. A proper airliner.
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