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  1. Wow. That’s superb. Paint finish is very realistic.
  2. Detail superb, and the brush painting is better than most of us can achieve with an airbrush. Inspirational stuff.
  3. Awesome. Love it.
  4. Very nice model an excellent tribute to a fantastic aircraft.
  5. Excellent build. I agree with you, I built this kit a few years ago and remember being very impressed with how it went together. Lots of internal detail that is forever lost once the fuselage halves are joined too.
  6. You’ve made a fantastic job of those.
  7. Wow. That paint finish is bloody marvellous.
  8. That looks awesome. I know you said the decals were good, but still, applying them must have been tricky.
  9. Fantastic build. Paint finish looks spot on.
  10. Looks fantastic. I’ve just bought this kit so now looking forward to building it.
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