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  1. Superb. Excellent reproduction of the real plane.
  2. Very nice. Well worth the effort with the decals too, they’ve definitely worked breaking up the expanse of grey.
  3. Excellent stuff. Your mods were definitely worth the trouble especially with the canopy.
  4. Now that is a nice B17. Weathering looks just right.
  5. Fantastic finish and a lovely collection
  6. Fantastic build. The weathering is spot on for my taste. Very believable.
  7. Wonderful model of a beautiful aircraft. Is there a more elegant airliner than the VC10 in the BOAC scheme?
  8. I like it rather a lot. Wash is spot on, not overdone at all as I’m usually guilty of .
  9. Lovely build. And the kit looks to be a big step up from the old kit.
  10. Looks brilliant. My favourite colour scheme for a Phantom.
  11. Lovely build and very well photographed too.
  12. That looks superb. Really like the paint chip effects. You’ve got a lovely collection of Mig’s there too.
  13. What a collection. I keep thinking I’ve found a favourite then look at another and it changes again.
  14. I like it. Lovely finish, just the right amount of shine.
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