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  1. You’ve made a fantastic job of those.
  2. Wow. That paint finish is bloody marvellous.
  3. That looks awesome. I know you said the decals were good, but still, applying them must have been tricky.
  4. Fantastic build. Paint finish looks spot on.
  5. Looks fantastic. I’ve just bought this kit so now looking forward to building it.
  6. wow. Incredible. Ship looks amazing. Sea is incredible.
  7. Very nicely done. Paint finish and weathering are very realistic.
  8. Welcome back. Hope you manage to build up your modelling supplies again. You’ve certainly made a good job of this little kit. Looking forward to the next one.
  9. Are you sure they’re 1/72? The detail in the painting and the antennas is remarkable. I build aircraft in 1/72 and I’m always put off cammo designs like these because of having to do them free hand. stunning work.
  10. Absolutely brilliant. I don’t think I could get a 1/48 scale to look half as good as that.
  11. Very nice. Weathering adds another dimension.
  12. Superb. Excellent reproduction of the real plane.
  13. Very nice. Well worth the effort with the decals too, they’ve definitely worked breaking up the expanse of grey.
  14. Excellent stuff. Your mods were definitely worth the trouble especially with the canopy.
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