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  1. Hi everyone, this is my next diorama project. I've had these kits in my stash for a few years, but having completed the Space Jockey build, I thought now would be a great time to get this project started. Hoping to get the Power Loader finished first, before I start on Her Majesty!
  2. Thanks HR it's very hard to show the true effect in a photo,natural daylight or a powerful lamp shining on the paint really makes it pop.
  3. Hi all, here is the final reveal for the 1/12 Halcyon Power Loader and 1/12 Halcyon Alien Queen Diorama. For the third and final segment I built the base from MDF (Medium density fibreboard) with some 2mm aluminium checker plate for RC trucks, which I added to the floor and another rotary light in red. I also used some Trumpeter decal trays for the grills and loading deck with some LED strip lights inside them. The Queens Vinyl legs are solid inside, but I have been warned by a fellow modeller that they can sag, so I drilled them out and added some cotton bud sticks coated in epoxy. This seems to have a made them now solid. The diorama also fits perfectly on my coffee table! Finally, you can see the work in progress of my build here.
  4. Hi all, this is a quick update on my Aliens diorama. I have now completed the Queen model and can begin work on the base. I started the paintwork on the Queen with a black basecoat, and then added silver pearlescent followed by candy pearl blue and amber colours which is hard to show up in photos. I also used fibre optic strands to use as replacement teeth as the kit teeth looked like horse teeth to me and weren't scary enough! I'll post more in the next week or so, when I have finished the base.
  5. Hi guys, well I got this bad boy finished, not an easy build but I am happy with how it turned out for my first truck build. I weathered it up a bit to avoid the truck looking like a diecast model, also I scratch built the airlines and the air unit to add some realism and airbrushed over some of the decals to tidy up the lines a little. I've also added a few winter snow shots of the Scania. Finally, you can see my work in progress of this build in the box below.
  6. Lee Chambers

    1/24 Italeri Scania R730 Streamline

    Thanks for the thumbs up,it's was my first truck build,i will try another in the future when i get time.
  7. Hi all, these are my next two builds after I complete the Alien Space Jockey. I may build the superman kit first, I'm also planning on maybe building a diorama to include both figures. Should be a lot of fun building these kits however I'm out of my comfort zone with all the flesh tones and face painting skills that I'm going to have to brush up on, wish me luck!
  8. Hi all, I've just about finished the Man of Steel build for the diorama. I airbrushed most of the main body, however I hand painted a lot of the details, including the S Symbol on his chest, I now have to continue my progress with the Wonder Woman build and then start work on the diorama base for both superheroes. Keep you all updated in the near future.
  9. Well i have taken your warning about the legs sag problem and in my warm veranda this afternoon,they have become quite soft,so i can see how they could sag. Hopefully i have sorted the issue. I have drilled from the base of the feet up to just below the bend for the knee,and i have also drilled from the top of the knee cap down to the bend of the leg,then i have inserted cotton bud[que tips] sticks coated with JB weld slow epoxy into the legs. This fingers crossed this should solve the problem,time will tell i guess,but it's sure better than just the vinyl.
  10. Dunno about that,looks more like Tina Turner with those heels!
  11. Hi,yes the light on top does spin,i had no plans to build this kit unless i could get all the lighting looking correct,i bought a RC light off Ebay it's designed for rc trucks etc,there are three wires,red black orange,i cut the orange wire off,all of the lighting is powered from a twin button battery pack,with built in switch,works great. I posted a short video of it working with all the lights on Modelerstube . com,as for my Queen kit the legs and arms are all solid,so no issues there,but thanks for your interest.
  12. Thanks i had a blast weathering it up,it's given me a few ideas for a future build.
  13. Hi all, I've completed part 1 of my classic Aliens movie diorama. The Power Loader was a really fun project, I enjoyed the weathering and adding the lighting. I also added a few small nuts and bolts to give some more realism to the model. I'm now working on the Alien Queen, however one of the pictures shows Ripley getting some practice in with my 1/9 Dog Alien I built a while back, enjoy the pics!
  14. Cheers Kev,just to depress or excite you more i have the Dropship and Nostromo and a few others that i snapped up about 4yrs ago. Yes the base is going to need some thought but i have a few ideas for it.
  15. Thanks,it was a pool of 5 minute epoxy twisted into shape as it set,let's the light through really well.
  16. Thanks HR,long way to go yet but making progress.
  17. Hi all, this is second update for my Superman & Wonder Woman Diorama build. These are the next few work in progress photos on both of these kits so far. I'm gettting to grips with painting the flesh tones first and then working out the colours of the clothing as they appear in the movies. More updates to follow soon.
  18. Hi all, this is the final reveal for the Alien Space Jockey diorama. As I previously mentioned in the work in progress topic, in order to give the model a sense of scale, I decided to add the background as it was depicted in the movie. I tried my hand at mold making and resin casting and this was my first attempt at using these products. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, however my only advice to anybody trying to do anything similar is that you seem to need twice as much mold making silicone than you actually think you require. In order to get a nice solid mold, plenty of the silicone is required to pour into your donar part, otherwise you run the risk of distorting the casting. Also, I treated myself to a new camera so that I could hopefully improve my photography in the future to enhance my model builds. Hope you enjoy the photos. My next project is the 1/9 Dragon Man of Steel Superman & 1/8 Moebius Wonder Woman build which I hope to start working on next week. Finally, you can see the work in progress of my build in the link below.
  19. Lee Chambers

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    Cheers Pete!
  20. Lee Chambers

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    Thanks' it was a bit of an experiment with the casting but very rewarding to get a convincing result.