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  1. I want to add one of these to my collection, but what’s putting me off is that paint scheme. Things normally look easy and turn out more difficult to get right. This scheme looks difficult to start with! You’ve achieved excellent results with this one.
  2. Can you put up some exterior pictures of your kit, there’s only the pictures of the real subject. Seriously though, that is top model making. Painting and weathering look spot on to me.
  3. I love the Phantom. I think it's my second favourite military aircraft only beaten by the Avro Vulcan I remember seeing them at the airshows I went to as a child in the 70's, always giving a fantastic display. I love the whole look of the airframe, the way the tail planes slope down in position to the end of the wings kicking up, just brilliant. I've had this in the stash for a while. Last month I was watching some YouTube videos on the British Phantoms and I couldn't resist it any longer. I built it straight out of the box, no third party add on's, no third party decals. The kit was a pleasure to put together with all parts fitting together very well and needing little or no fill and sanding. I love the new style Airfix instructions, they are very easy to follow with lots of space for notes if you need to make them. Paint wise, I used a mix of mig and Vallejo model air with Alclad 2 for the metal finish abound the rear, all applied with an air brush. Between the paint and the decals I used a couple of coats of Pledge floor polish and after the mammoth decalling job I gave it a coat of Vallejo satin varnish. It was then finished off with some weathering and a Flory wash. I did quite a bit of research into the weathering before starting. I wanted it to look well used, without being over the top. Here's some pictures of the finished model. Thank you for looking and I hope you like my interpretation. I know the upper silver probe has bent up on the above image. It has since been back into the hanger for repairs.
  4. Thanks for you kind comments Ray. There’s nothing too difficult about it, it just needs a little patience and TLC. I really enjoyed building it.
  5. Love it. Well displayed on the base too. For me what makes this really good is the weathering, just enough to make it look like a well used operational aircraft without it being overdone.
  6. Thank you. It is very satisfying to make an old kit look acceptable next to modern kits. I'd recommend everyone build an old kit now and again. Thanks for your comments. Thank you for your kind comments, I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. To be honest the scribing was relatively easy as there are nots of straight lines and flat surfaces. Go one, do it. Have a go. You know you want to
  7. I wish I’d still got it, unfortunately it’s long gone. Probably met the same sad fate as a lot of real aircraft, used as for target practice, but in this case my mates air rifle.
  8. Me too now. I really wasn’t looking forward to this one, but really enjoyed bringing it up to date and making my own mark on it. I’d highly recommend anyone having a go, the sen e of achievement when it’s completed is fantastic
  9. Thanks Bill. I actually forgot what an imposing aircraft it was. Also the history of the aircraft surely makes it a deserving subject for a new tooled kit. Come on Airfix, downscale your 1/48
  10. Here's a build that I finished last month, but have only just had the time to Photograph. This is the Novo 1/72 rendition of the Gloster Javelin. I built this very kit in the 80's straight from the box and painted it in gloss paint as per the instructions. I remember is being an ill fitting kit and once finished looked very toy like. Fast forward to last year and I came across the kit for an acceptable price on eBay. I was overcome by nostalgia and wondered if the current self could bring the kit up to date. For those who don't know, the box is quite weighty for its size. Once opened is apparent why. Flash is everywhere and the sprues are as thick as pencils. Also the mouldings themselves seem very thick. I treated myself to some metal antenna/pointy things for the wingtips and a replacement corrected nose. The kit has been fully rescribed with some pane lines added that were missing. The kit itself went together surprisingly well with the only real problem areas being where the wings connected to the fuselage. The decals were less than useless. Despite my best efforts they just basically turned to dust when soaked. I put a shout out for help and a huge thank you to @Navy Bird for coming to my rescue with the decals I needed to complete the build. I used Vajello model air on the upper surfaces, Alclad 2 for the natural metal underside and finished it all off with a Flory wash. To be honest I'm hugely pleased with the result and it looks magnificent in my display case. Many thanks to all for looking and enjoy the photos.
  11. Very nicely done. The Phantom is still one of my all time favourite aircraft. I think it's the way the last third of the wings slope up, and the tailplanes slope down. Love 'em.
  12. Looking good. Chipping and weathering look excellent. I've got one in the stash, but I'm going to practice some chipping techniques on a test mule first I think. I keep putting it off as it's something I've not tried yet.
  13. I hope this is in the right forum, sorry if not. I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm building the Novo 1/72 Gloster Javelin. All has gone well with the building, rescribing and painting of the kit. But then came the decals. They have perished, break up into tiny pieces and are unfortunately unusable. I've looked on eBay and the only ones on there are around £15 with P&P, the kit only cost me £8! Can anyone point me in the right direction for some replacements? The main items I need are the roundels and the tri coloured tail marking. The rest I can cobble together with leftover decals box.
  14. Wow. The paint scheme on this is amazing. I honestly can’t remember seeing a better Phantom.
  15. Wow. That’s superb. Paint finish is very realistic.
  16. Detail superb, and the brush painting is better than most of us can achieve with an airbrush. Inspirational stuff.
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