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  1. That looks superb. I love the A7 in camouflage schemes. Your paintwork is excellent, the way it looks faded is brilliant.
  2. That looks nice. Makes a fantastic trio with the other two.
  3. Both look fantastic. Well done on the perseverance, many would have given up.
  4. Nice save. I think it’s turned out very well.
  5. Wonderful build and wonderfully displayed.
  6. That’s superb. I looked at the pictures first, wondered where the pictures of your kit were and had to scroll back up to read that these were of the kit, and not pictures of the real thing.
  7. I’ve got this one to build. Giving me something to aim for as yours looks fantastic.
  8. That looks superb. I must get one of these, heard lots of good reports.
  9. You’ve made a cracking job of that. Love seeing a good Vulcan.
  10. Fantastic. And you’re asking for tips when painting by hand!!! My tip is carry on doing exactly what you’re doing now.
  11. Very nicely done. I can see why you’re so pleased with it.
  12. Well I can’t see anything wrong with it. And that’s a cracking cockpit.
  13. Interesting build. I feel inspired to try one myself. Amazing finish
  14. Wow, incredible. I saw one built in NMF before that was a model of one that had apparently been stripped of paint to save weight to make it more agile. I think that was the story. You’ve made a superb job of this. Off to look at your WIP for it now.
  15. I haven’t seen many of these built. I really like it. I didn’t realise that there was so much engine forward of the wings. Very nicely built.
  16. Very nicely done. Your first one was good, but you're right, you have improved with this one. They look very impressive together.
  17. What a save. Looks fantastic in this livery.
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