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  1. Finnthedude

    Old (1962) Airfix B-17G "A BIT O LACE"

    I built "A Bit o' Lace" sometime in the early '80s. Didn't look anywhere near as good as yours. Outstanding build and great work. Finnthedude.
  2. If you can do that with an ancient kit, I can't wait to see what you do with a modern one in 1/24! Outstanding work, sir. Finnthedude.
  3. Finnthedude

    Ford Escort RS1600 Mk1

    That is awesome in every way. Finnthedude.
  4. Finnthedude

    Airfix 1/24 Messerschmitt BF109E

    I had this kit in the mid 80's and never finished it due to the landing gear collapsing so I got fed up of it and binned it. Yours is stunning, so much so that I want to buy another and try again. Finnthedude.
  5. Finnthedude

    What are you reading?

    Just finished "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville. I found it a real slog and had to force myself to finish it. For a quick fix to cheer myself up I'm going to read Pratchett's last discworld novel "The Shepherd's Crown" next. Finnthedude.
  6. Finnthedude

    Airfix 1/24 Typhoon 1b

    Very nice! I'm not brave enough to tackle one of these beasts yet and I admire anyone who builds one, especially to this very high standard. Finnthedude.
  7. Finnthedude

    Warhammer 40k ShadowSword

    It's a beautiful beast, The Emperor would be proud! Finnthedude.
  8. Never seen one of those before, thanks for sharing, it's a beauty. Finnthedude.
  9. Finnthedude

    1/76 Airfix Bedford QL Giraffe

    Awesome job, that's fantastic. Finnthedude.
  10. Finnthedude

    MENG SS-003 Achzarit IDF (early)

    Looks fantastic, well done! Finnthedude.
  11. Beautifully done and very realistic weathering. Lovely! Finnthedude.
  12. Finnthedude

    Problem with thinning Revell Aqua Color paint

    I use Revell Aqua Color as my main paint, both brush and airbrush. I thin it with Revell's own thinner (Revell Aqua Color Mix) but have found in practice that for airbrushing it takes far more thinner than Revell say to use - Revell info sheet says 4x paint to 1x thinner but I find 1 to 1 or actually more thinner than paint. I love these paints but they are very thick, however once you find the right milky consistency you know how far to go with the thinner. This thinner has a delayer built in so drying times are up and this helps with airbrushing I find. I'm only using cheapo Chinese airbrushes and have no problems once paint consistency is right. They settle down VERY well as a brush coat and are a very forgiving paint. They're also very tough and whilst it takes a while to get used to them it is worth it when you finally get it right. Tony Oliver is spot on with the two little tags that need snipping off, they can stop the lid sealing but they're easy to remove so not such a big problem. Finnthedude.
  13. Very nice, it looks fantastic and your photos are very good, all very realistic. I have this starter kit courtesy of the recent Home Bargains Airfix deals and I'm quite looking forward to it. I'll definitely be using your excellent model and pics as a reference when I do mine. If it turns out even half as good as yours I'll be pleased. Finnthedude.
  14. That is a stunning example, I like it a lot. Well done. Finnthedude.
  15. Finnthedude

    Finless Jim

    Beautiful model and a very dramatic picture, top job! Finnthedude.