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Found 3,565 results

  1. Reading back through the chat I realised I originally signed up for GB in 2013 with the plan to build a Hudson. My entry for this GB is Italeri 1/72 Lockheed Hudson, will be finished a 500 Squadron aircraft in the classic Dark Sea Grey / Dark Slate Grey over White.
  2. Hi All, I have recently been busy with Jaguar G.R1 which has stalled, awaiting new decals. So I just wanted a couple of simple bang together models, this then is my homage to those who died in the Great War. The eagle eyed among you will notice that the crosses are missing from the side of the Eindecker, this was as a result of a big fat thumb and unfortunately my OCD would not allow me to have a cross on one side and not the other. Both have been painted using Tamiya acrylics and more info on the tank can be found on the Armoured Fighting Vehicles Forum. It was going to be a diorama but my decals have just arrived so perhaps a project for another day. Thanks for looking, as always comments and criticisms are welcome.
  3. Joining you with this kit, Airfix Fiat G91 light-fighter. This option 103 Gruppo, Treviso San Angelo, 1959. Parts. I think this is the correct sequence - speak up if it's wrong. This kit and an Airfix Avenger joined my stash in 2011, swapped for an Italeri B-25 Mitchell with Dermo245. Transaction was a result of a BM wanted posting, and the swap took place at Telford. RoyM brought the kit over, as Dermot wasn't attending that year. Outside - and shortly after this GB, this model will be converted to a US Army trials aircraft.
  4. Hi everyone, I have just started the Zvezda easy assembly kit of the Me Bf 109 F-2. I am actually quite impressed with this kit, as it is light years ahead of the HobyBoss Easy Assembly kits. I know, as I started quite a while back a Dewoitine D 520, and I lost my motivation while attempting to create a credible cockpit. No such problems with Zvezda, who delivers a rather exciting cockpit. Here is a photo after I sprayed a coat of aluminium paint to help with creating some scuffing/scratches after the RLM 66. I did add some PE rudder pedals, but I am wondering why , as nothing will ever be visible again. I guess I will sleep better knowing it is there. A set of PE seat harness is waiting in the aisle as well. The only problem to date is about the fit, which could be better under the wings and on the tail. Any puttying and sand papering has to be done painstakingly slowly in order not to destroy the delicate panel lines and rivets. Not sure everything will be left unscathed, but so far so good. Photos on the next post. Re the paint scheme, I think the kit's decal sheet is of very average quality, so I am doing a scheme from an Xtradecal sheet. It is the second from the top. Since I built the ancient Airfix Me Bf 109 G-6 as a kid, I have always wanted to do another JG 53 Messerschmitt, better built than the first one! Only problem: I cannot find a photo of that particular aircraft... So will extrapolate and do the same aircraft, earlier in its career, with most of the area forward of the cockpit painted yellow! It is suitably garish, and I can't wait! So if any of you has any tips concerning this build or my chosen paint scheme, please let me know! Cheers. JR
  5. Good evening! My latest model and the first in a series of three Hurricanes: a IIc of 213 squadron in the Western Desert. As you can see, the a/c carries just two cannons. This seems to have been almost a standard configuration for the Hurricane IIc in the Mediterranean. As long as they were still used in the daytime air-to-air role, agility was more of a concern for the Hurricane than firepower. I used the Revell kit and Tamiya paint. This is not the best kit I have seen so far, but with some work it turned out ok. Thanks for looking and every comment welcome! Brothers in arms. Which one would you have preferred as a pilot? (Yes, I know - a Spitfire, please...)
  6. I think I want to join in with this; 20181213_173634 by mario binsar 20181213_173644 by mario binsar I took this kit with me when I went on board my current hitch four weeks ago, but haven't got the mojo to start building it... Until I saw this GB. My plan is to scribe it and build it with Twobobs' Santa Tracker decal (well it's a holiday season now, isn't it?). So, premisson to come aboard, gents? Cheers, Mario
  7. Corsairfoxfouruncle


    Hello everyone ... Im posting this for now, as I am still planning on joining in. That will be delayed to some degree due to a temporary loss of modeling space. Im hoping to be back at it in 3-4 weeks. This kit was a gift from a fellow member who had seen a post by myself about wanting to build one. He decided due to the complexity of Special Hobby kits, it would be best to give it to an established modeler. Rather than a new builder who may be frustrated and turned away from the hobby. I give you the interesting and quirky looking B-18 Bolo. Im still of two minds as to markings I would like to do this in. Originally I was planning on an early war Submarine hunter like this one. The plane in the center of the formation is the same as this Plane. another example of an early war Bolo. However doing research for this i found a few in Neutrality patrol markings, such as in this photo. That is now starting to pique my interest. Here are the remainder of sprue shots. Not a duplicate photo just a duplicate sprue. The kit is the RCAF Digby version thus the British markings. I could still opt to do that as a markings option as well ? The kit has a small fret of etch and resin as well. This is all the decals collected to do any of the versions i am undecided on. My plan is to move and rebuild my office asap, then get back to building. Dennis
  8. Hello Folks, this WIP is somewhat special to me, I normally do floating things. But there's a story behind this build. This is going to be a present for my father's birthday. He was a helicopter pilot in the east german army from 1980 untill there was no more east germany. He flew the Mi-24D and I always loved hearing the stories he had to tell about this time. So I decided that he deserves to have a nice model to remind him of that time. I will be modelling the machine he flew on his very last flight in September '90. This is how it looked: I originally wanted to use the Italeri Hind D Kit for this as it already has german markings... but the markings included are wrong... those are for a helicopter taken over by the bundeswehr after the reunion. so I got some NVA markings and stencils. I then started the italeri kit and found it to be very crude... So I got the HobbyBoss kit which is very nicely molded and has a far more accurate interior... So I will be using the Italeri decals and the pitot tube on the hobbyBoss kit. (The HobbyBoss pitot is the wrong shape and as I need to finish this until sunday evening I don't have the time to order the master model replacement.) So here's the boxes and the decals I'm using... Oh and I also got the eduard masks for the hobbyboss canopies. In order to get the right shape I had to fill this antena / lump of plastic... whatever it is it has to go I then started with dryfitting the interior and getting the first colors on the cockpit. nothing glued jet! To get the cockpit color close to this typical russian turquoise I painted it with light blue and applied a green wash to it. not perfect but I will leave it as it is. Some more detail painting to follow. Heres the paint scheme I'll try to achieve: The model will be placed an a small base of concrete airstrip. Thats it for today, hopefully I'll get some good progress tomorrow! Thanks for watching Any comments welcome Cheers Konrad
  9. For my next build I’m trying something a little different, a WW1 biplane, but still keeping with my Australian Fleet Air Arm theme. I’ll be building the Rodin 1/72 Sopwith 2F1 “Ship’s Camel” and the subject will be N-6823 from HMAS Sydney, 1918. I find the use of these aircraft quite intriguing as by all accounts they were single use, taking off from a short runway on top of a gun turret and then ditching beside the ship for recovery. The first step is to make the end-opening box into top-opening! Then here’s the contents. And the current state of play, all items for the first 3 assembly stages snipped off the sprues and tidied up. I’ve separated the elevators from the tailplane, firstly as I’d like to pose them slightly dropped, and also as I’ve read somewhere that the tailplane is a little undersize and so I’ll make it around 2mm longer. Here’s the kit parts alongside a diagram from the Wingnut Wings kit and you can indeed see some size and shape differences in the tailplane and upper wing. That’s enough for now. Some new challenges for me in this build. I’ll need to learn painting wood effects and brush up on rigging in order to build this one.
  10. Hello everyone, this was a very special build for me, as it was a present for my dad. He was a pilot from 1980 till the end of the German Democratic Republic and flew first on Mi-8 and then on Mi-24. The Airframe depicted is the one from his very last Flight on September 20th 1990. Here's a photo of the original The Build: [WIP can be found here] I used the Hobbyboss 1/72 Mi-24V kit along with the Italeri Mi-24D kit (Parts used from Italeri: Pitot tube and Decals) Also used some Tom's Decals for NVA Insignia and Stencils The Base is made from Plastic sheet on a wooden board and some grass mat here are the pictures: Thanks for watching! All comments welcome Cheers Konrad
  11. Here's my 1/72 SAAF C-47TP 'Turbo Dakleton', built for the Maritime Patrol and Coastal Command group build. Build thread is here: It's the Airfix kit with an Alleycat conversion. You get everything you need in the conversion - resin forward fuselage, engines, props and a replacement starboard wing root, clear resin windscreen and extra windows, PE aerials and decals. Quite a nice conversion but the resin forward fuselage needed a lot of sanding to get it down to the same diameter as the Airfix fuselage. thanks for looking Julian
  12. Stash clearance and seeing as how I enjoyed my Tomahawk I thought I'd try to keep an Airfix build on the boil as I tackle more complex builds for therapy? This was a Christmas present last year. Santa brought this this year A little research on the interweb led to this and this They came in the same box so they're getting built together. Plus it will help clear out the 1/72 kits in my stash. (I'm going 1/48th for all my main builds) Now seeing as how I'm under a ban on German (ahem) tail markings (which is quite ironic as I'm the one with the Jewish ancestry) and how I like to bring in the slightly esoteric if possible, I've decided to convert the Stuka to an A model in either Spanish Civil War colours or possibly Japanese (hence the K, the designation for all export models), the Gladiator was always earmarked for an Aircorp build, just not sure which of the two possible schemes I'd do, but I'm veering towards the green and silver one. Comparing the Stuka to the plans, it will need new spats, some work on the rear decking a new canopy and some remodelling of the chin radiator with perhaps some other small work. the Gladiator will just need a paint job. The cartoon pig on the spats is Jolanthe btw, this was actually the Luftwaffe nickname for the Stuka So to work, first order of business is to make a blank to mold some spats. Here it is prior to some filling to close the woodgrain. It's a sandwich of Balsa and card with the centre pieces double sided taped together so will be easy to split for molding once I get the shape right.
  13. Hi all, below a Sabre which, while not quite a shelf of doom/KUTA candidate, took me far too long as it had perched at one corner of my workbench for an age From the Academy double boxing with a P-47. Both really simple, clean models to build so there is no justification for dragging the build out so long I realise the decals over that yellow wing flash has cracked on the bend (despite liberal microsol) but wanted to share pictures before I botch retouching those bits
  14. Hi all. After watching this YouTube video I find myself deficient of a Fighter Bomber Sabre in my growing collection of Sabres in 1/72. Firstly, can anybody tell me where the bomb pylon would be located as I have heard/ read and seen different things. I've read that due to fuel tank plumbing, the bomb pylon is located further outboard but the video shows it located inboard of wing tank? Does anybody have a better image of the bomb pylon? Does a decal sheet exist for Fighter Bomber Unit from Korea, for an F-86 Sabre? Hopefully @Sabrejet, @Tony Edmundson and other helpful fellows will bale me out. Stuart
  15. So, seeing that quirky/inspirational thread titles are all the rage recently I thought I'd join in... However having been told a few times about my sense of humour, I myself will keep this thread serious with no banter. What you guys do is out of my control. Nor will I distract or diverge with history as I am no expert in that area. So will just keep it modelling JKIM. Anyways back to why we are here... (JKIM) I had planned these spring build spitfires for a while, with some overtrees to use up the foreign options from my Royal Class boxing. (Anyone who has seen my stuff lately will know I like doing things in bulk - the tomcats got ignored/postponed for the Christmas wip, then F-16's and now these) The quattro I had planned from the Royal Class decals was going to be the US/French/Soviet and Israeli ones. However the french and soviet ones were done very recently by @Procopius and the US and Israeli ones are quite common too... So I trawlled the net for lesser spotted spits and found some interesting decals. The project then grew from a quattro to a sextet. (Also because I had more paint shades to try) So the builds planned are 3 C wing and 3 E wing planes. C's Serb - Mr Paint Greek - Ak air US and A - Mr Color E's Norse - Hataka Lacquer Line Turk - Colourcoats Russian - xtracrylix The builds will be pretty basic as they are overtrees with no etch and no stencils etc. I have a couple ideas to compensate for etch and the like. Also not worried about lack of stencils as they are all foreign or postwar so most stencils will be worn or possibly not replaced after a repaint... I did get some techmod ones to do the odd one here and there. I will be using some masks too for the paint jobs to speed up the project, apart from the serb and yank which will be freehand as they have non standard patterns or areas of repainting. The paint manufacturers chosen have been allocated to help this work best. Lets get to it. Note, American and Russian decals still inbound. Mr Color and xtracrylix not shown. I only have the day fighter colours from @SovereignHobbies, no interior shade so will use some alcald paint to keep that build enamel themed. Also can't wait to try the orange line by @HATAKA OFFICIAL, and the blue line (brush) bottles will used to detail paint all builds. Thanks for looking!
  16. AZ Model is to release 1/72nd Supermarine Spitfire Tr.8/.9. - Ref. AZ7478 - Supermarine Spitfire Tr.8 Source: http://www.azmodel.cz/product_info.php?products_id=741 - Ref. AZ7479 - Supermarine Spitfire Tr.9 In Dutch service Source: http://www.azmodel.cz/product_info.php?products_id=742 - Ref. AZ7480 - Supermarine Spitfire Tr.9 IAC & RIAF Source: http://www.azmodel.cz/product_info.php?products_id=743 V.P.
  17. "Hauptmann Tietzen, my Staffel commander alone has nineteen [sic] [aerial victories]! I witnessed most of his kills. It is fantastic, the way he shoots. He is the boss, he moves us into position and selects the victims, and we have to do little more than cover him...During the last few days the British have been getting weaker, though individuals continue to fight well. Often the Spitfires give beautiful displays of aerobatics. Recently I had to watch in admiration as one of them played a game with thirty Messerschmitts, without itself ever getting into danger; but such individuals are few. The Hurricanes are tired old 'puffers'." -- Leutnant Hans-Otto Lessing, II.JG/51, 17 August 1940 When they finally come to destroy the earth They'll have to go through you first I bet they won't be expecting that -- OK Go, "Invincible" On 18 August 1940, the Battle of Britain's hardest day, when the losses for both sides were heaviest, seven Hurricanes of 501 (County of Gloucester) Squadron and eight more from 32 Squadron attempted to break through German fighters escorting 58 Dornier 17s of KG2 over Herne Bay. It was an unequal contest. Four jagdgeschwaders of Bf 109s swept in to attack the RAF fighters as they climbed to meet the enemy; Flight Lieutenant George Stoney, leading 501 into action, was separated from his comrades and shot down and killed, one of nineteen members of 501 to lose their lives during the Battle of Britain, more casualties than any other participating squadron. Severely outnumbered, the other Hurricanes were unable to cut their way to the bombers. But they did not leave empty-handed. Pilot Officer Pawel Zenker, who had flown fighters in defence of Poland in 1939, where he had shot down a Henschel 126, headed straight for the escorting German fighters and got behind a Bf109. In his combat report, he wrote that the Messerschmitt "turned back towards France and I chased him as he climbed firing from 300 [yards] and closer ranges and about 10 miles over the sea I saw smoke and fire come from the fuselage and he rapidly lost height. The Me 109 did not adopt evasive action but flew straight on until it crashed into the water somewhere near the North Goodwin Lightship." Hauptmann Horst Tietzen, Staffelkapitan of 5./JG51, the fourth-highest scoring pilot in the Luftwaffe, with seven victories over Spain and twenty more claimed since the start of the war, was dead. Pilot Officer Stefan Witorzeńć, who had been a flying instructor in Poland in 1939, was flying as Red 2 on F/L Stoney's wing when he was bounced by two 109s. Throwing his Hurricane about the sky, he outmaneuvered both of them in a diving, turning fight that dropped in altitude from 14,000 feet to 10,000 feet. As he regained height, he found himself below and abeam a 109; he gave it a long burst of fire from the Hurricane's eight machine guns, at 150 yards. The 109 tried to turn away in a shallow dive, a fatal mistake against a Hurricane. Witorzenc followed hot on its heels and gave it another long burst from dead astern; it burst into flames and crashed near Wingham, where it exploded. Leutnant Hans-Otto Lessing, with four victory claims, had written a letter to his parents the day before, describing the RAF's Hurricanes as "tired old puffers". Now he was dead. Pawel Zenker was last seen chasing a an enemy aircraft out to sea on 24 August, 1940; aged twenty-five, he never returned to grow old. Perhaps he waits in Avalon with Arthur to this day. Stefan Witorzeńć survived the war and, after a period of imprisonment, served with the postwar Polish Air Force; he died in 1994. I'll be building three Hurricanes from 501 Squadron using the new kit from Arma. Unfortunately, decals for Zenker (possibly P3208/SD-T) and Witorzeńć's (L1868/SD-D) machines on the day aren't available, but there was a fair degree of mobility in the squadron, and it's likely that of the three decal options I have for 501 (two in the kit and one in the excellent set of Stanislaw Skalski decals), Zenker and Witorzeńć probably flew in at least one of them once. In any case, the aircraft in question have distinguished pedigrees regardless, having been flown by the Polish aces Stanislaw Skalski DSO DFC (18 victories and offficially Poland's highest-scoring ace) and Antoni "Toni" Głowacki DFC DFM (8 victories), who famously became an ace in a day after shooting down three 109s and two Ju88s on 24 August 1940. Skalski died in 2004 in Poland; Glowacki, in 1980 in New Zealand. It would perhaps be foolish to think that building what is after all a plastic toy could be in any way a meaningful tribute to the men and boys who flew the Hurricane in the Battle of Britain, whether they were a thousands miles or more from home or whether their parents saw them fight and die in the skies above their childhood homes. But howevermuch an act of love and admiration it can be, let this build be that. If you wish to hear George Stoney's voice seventy-nine years after his death, he gave a short talk for the BBC on 3 August 1940: He was twenty-nine and had fifteen days left to live. I just received my first order of kits from the mailroom here at work. Shall we begin?
  18. Hi all, this is my first finished model of 2019. It's the ju 88 g-1 r4+ac flown by major Paul Semran gruppenkommador of 2/njg 2. Based at Kassel-Roth spring 1944. Major Paul Semran and his crew (obfw Hantusch, fhr/obfw Behrens.) were killed in a ju 88 g-6 while landing after a maintenance flight near Twente (Netherlands) on the 8 Feb 1945. He had 46 kills at the time of his death. The kit is a conversion of revell's ju 88 c-6 z/n. Kit no 04856. This is the 3rd conversion I have done of this kit. The engines are copied from the hasegawa ju 88 g-6 kit. Lower fuselage gun pack are copied from the modified kit parts I did for my ju 88 g-6 conversion. Tail, wheels are resin. Quickboost- mg 81, mg 151 gun barrels (gunpack), pitot tube. Schatton modellbau- mg 151/20 nightfighter barrels (nose). Barracuda- props and spinners (fw 190). Marsters- sn2 aerials. Scratch build radio alter meter aerials Radio aerial stretched sprue, d/f loop, aerials copper wire. Dicals are aims.(experten) Paints are xtracolor rlm 66,02,76,75. Vallejo varnish. Weathering is done with pastels. Exhaust stains are mrp exhaust soot. (1st time I have used the mrp soot.) Airbrushed with a Badger 200 g. Thank you for looking, comments are welcomed. Nick These are the other conversions I have done of the revell ju 88 a-4 /c-6 kits. Ju 88 s-1 Ju 88 g-6
  19. Rejoining with this Spitfire22. Following the canopy loss from my Fiat. Parts, canopy safely in that bag. This option, if that's OK. This one cost me £6.99 on Amazon in Sept 2013. I've got another that cost £2.99 from Home Bargains - and an idea to swap the laminar wing onto a highback Gryphon fuselage for a Spitfire 21.
  20. Just finished this one, Hasegawa's 1/72 Ki 61 Hien or Tony. Originally released in 1973! the Hasegawa kit has fine surface detail on the outside but the cockpit was a seat base moulded to the floor and didn't even have a control stick. Used Eduard photo etch (long out of production) for the cockpit and Rising Sun's decal set with ski conversion (also out of production) Considering the kit was older than my wife it built up pretty well, the plastic was quite hard compared to more recent kit's I built but cant tell if this was down to age or how Hasegawa made it. Time had not been kind to the kit decals and could only use 4 of them, everything else just broke up when being moved. The kits canopy is very finely molded and crystal clear. The aircraft represented seems to have been a test aircraft as I have only managed to find one picture of it which shows it in pristine condition hence the models un-weathered finish. Painted using Tamiya acylics. As usual any comments welcome. IMGA0727 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0728 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0729 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0730 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0731 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0732 by neil Connor, on Flickr
  21. Hi all, my second ju 88 build of the year, in the markings of lt. Udo Cordes. 6 (Eis) kg3 Poltava may 1943. By April 1943 he had distroyed 63 locos and by May 1943 he was also credited with 8 bridges, 19 tanks, 32 artillery pieces, 96 trucks and 9 complete trains making him one of kg3s most successful pilots. He was killed with his crew on 15 May 1943.while flying ju 88 c-6 w nr 360366. By this time he had destroyed 81 locos and 2 aircraft. The kit is revell's ju 88 c-6 kit no 04856 Quick boost mg 81's & pitot tube Resin wheels Scatch built radio altimeter aerials Streched sprue radio aerials Aims decals. (as most references state codes are 5k+rt. I changed the 5k+et codes on the aims sheet) All paint are extacolor rlm 02, 66, 65, 70, 71, (humbrol 154 for the rlm 04 theater markings) Weathering was by pastels and mrp exhaust soot. Thank for looking, as always all comments are welcomed. Nick
  22. I have decided to start a new thread for my Frog Blenheim Mk-1. I have removed images from the Typhoon tread and put them here. This is an old Frog Russian kit that was totally covered with flash. I spent a lot of time removing it and digging out the engines. This is the result. I have also used the Eduard PE in the cockpit. This was for the Airfix kit. There is also some resin parts in there too and a scratch built back wall. This is the main parts together with my first attempt of scribing. The first wing side was terrible the last side was ok. I learnt a few things along the way. The plastic is very hard, so it wasn't easy. Wings and tail are now attached. I had problems getting the left wing fitted because stupid me forgot I had added the cockpit rear wall. The wing tab was hitting it. After trimming the tab all was well. I had to fill some of the damage I caused to the wing joint.
  23. GrimReaper09

    2x 1/72 Airfix Spitfire Mk.1a

    So, having recently re-discovered a passion for model aircraft, I decided to start again with the first model I ever bought myself when I was about 8, the Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk.1a. I fully intend to build 1/72 kits to every (or as many as possible) aircraft that has served on 39 Sqn but to start I needed to break myself in slowly! It's taken me a full 3 weeks of trawling this forum for ideas as there is such a wealth of information (and it's so easy to get side-tracked by some amazing unrelated builds like the scratch built HMS Eagle in 1/144 which blew my mind!) As it's been about 20 years since I last built a model, so I've been scouring Hannants for extra decals, etched cockpits and new canopies which I certainly never had previously. I came across 2 of the new Airfix Mk.1a sets for stupid cheap and have bought Hataka Acrylics to brush paint them (I've never airbrushed but that's next on my list). I'm still researching which aircraft I will model them on but I'm drawn to doing a couple of 54 Sqn aircraft from summer 1940 ish. Any advice for a complete beginner (it's been that long and looking at the builds on here, I feel every inch of one) and any pitfalls I should avoid?
  24. Hello again. So.. This Hunter thing. It's Revell. It's a nice kit and looks quite good, but maybe we shouldn't look at the shape too closely just in case. I'm glad it's better than the Matchbox and Frog Hunters I did when 'I was a wee lad' which was the last time I built one of these. I expect I didn't get some of the lumps and bumps quite right for this mostly OOB representation of a No.8 sqn RAF Hunter based in Khormaksar, Aden 1963. The instructions show optional parts so it's up to us to do the extra research to see which fits what. I didn't go the extra mile because I wanted to crack on and get it done as fast as possible (within reason), and while I had the time. I threw a resin seat and wheels on there for a bit of extra interest, replaced the plastic blob of a fuel vent on the rear of the fuselage with a short piece of aluminium tubing (diameter of which I have forgotten), and drilled out the pipes for the spent cases. There's also a couple of strips of stretched sprue for the antennae under the fuselage. Finished with some panel line wash, post shaded and weathered with filters and some oils. This is likely to be my last finished build for a little while as I'm actually having to get on with RealLifeTM and go do some paid work after an enforced break. I hope you find this one pleasing and thank you for looking. Hunter_01 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_02 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_03 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_04 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_05 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_06 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_07 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_08 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr Hunter_09 by Jonathan Macauley, on Flickr
  25. The Royal Australian Navy operated Wirraway trainers from HMAS Albatross, Nowra from 1948 through the 1950's. This is the Special Hobby "First Blood over Rabaul" kit with the "Boring Old Silver" decal set from Red Roo Models. It's basically out of the box apart from scratch-built undercarriage doors (the originals being rather thick). This is my first completed model in well over a year.