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  1. The model is ok, the hardest thing is to put landing gear together.
  2. Thank you, could be worse, could be better 72modeler-thanks, I know the websites, I've been using them quite a lot, but thanks for interest Thank you all for your nice comments
  3. Hello everyone I'd like to present my latest model Kit Eduard overtrees Decal & mask my friends Mr. Decal & Jacek. Paint: Alclad. Model Master enamel. Enjoy the photos.
  4. The model is the F16 Hellenic Air Force, I don't know if the producer changed anything, I'm not into the topic very much. Thanks for your interest Thank you Thank you
  5. Hi Stix I'm glad you like my model; it's nice to hear from you
  6. you have to measure well, match the pieces together well, then it's ok
  7. A few drops of Tamiya clear orange x-26 added to shiny varnish MR Hobby, painted at a low pressure with an airbrush. Not always done at the first try, you must practise
  8. Hello It's not my main interest but I built something which hasn't got a propeller. Supposedly it flies model- Kinetic + Aires cokpit + exhaust nozzle Eduard-Sniper+ air brakes+ wheels+ GBU- 12 Master- Pitot tube &AOA probes+ static dischargers Decals Techmod Enamel Model Master Enjoy the photos
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