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  1. Hi there Old Man I sent you a messag 18 december and see that you might have missed it. Would you mind letting me know please? Thanks in advance !  

  2. That is coming along great in the home stretch. I use EZ-Line myself, and it can be painted once on. I recall painting some pale blue on a French Great War build. Adhesion is no better than on old Airfix figures, but the stuff doesn't move and isn't handled either then.
  3. That looks great, Sir. Very impressive. You have put together a fascinating collection of aviation during the Indo-China wars.
  4. That's a really great Walrus, Tony! It's an especial touch that it's a China Station machine, that was always a strange posting. An odd patch of 'air control' suppressing piracy, that got very dicey during 1937. Wish Airfix would do this in 1/72. Even just re-issue the old tool. Thought that kit was a wonder back as a kid.
  5. Nicely done, Sir! Looks like that built up a treat.
  6. Great start, Sir. Those are good looking machines.
  7. I was pleasantly surprised when I came back to the hobby and found a kit had been made of Wellesley. One of my all-time favorite oddities. The white was an RAAF recognition marking, which they kept in home-based units as well, though no Japanese machine was likely to be aloft anywhere too near Australia when this Spitfire was on training duties in late 1944. It is a good look, I agree.
  8. That looks a much better kit than their YP-37 I did a while back. An excellent subject for a model. Best of luck with it!
  9. Thanks, Adrian. They will go back to the side for a bit, as I have three current projects, including the Martin 'flyer' El Sonora. But I will do a bit on each of these each session at the bench. All that is really left is undercarriage and detail work.... Congratulations on reviving the Long Range Monoplane.
  10. The 'Warpaint' is not much help on either question, I am afraid. This old thread is worth a trawl, though. At least some of the ones with extra armament seem to have had an extended 'glasshouse' canopy.
  11. A good subject. I have the Warpaint number on the type. By the time they were down there in action, the green had probably been replaced by something resembling Light Earth or Middle Stone, it seems. Opening up the beam is a good idea. The side windows fit well enough, but I dreaded knocking one loose to rattle inside while masking and handling the beast.
  12. Well, got all the clear bits on last night. The stares are little less accusatory, and I am getting to another project today. Here is the Wellesley, with a coat of Tamiya matte, and its motor on as well... Fit on the pilot's canopy is pretty decent. I fastened down the front first, and then the rear, which needed a little push to get lined up right. The rear canopy is pretty poor. It is too narrow for the opening, and on the sides some of the painted frame at the bottom disappears into the hole. I will be doing a little touching up there, but t
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