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  1. Sounds reasonable, Graham. It does make for an odd look, though, which of course we modelers do love....
  2. Again, Gentlemen, thank you very much for your assistance. So it would seem this picture was taken no earlier than some months into 1945. Someone misread a CU abbreviation as Communications rather than Conversion. There's no particular reason to connect the aeroplane to the Digri base. How long did the SEAC roundels linger post-war? The thing which puzzles me even more now is why the does the machine retain the turret? Hard to see any use for it in such a rear echelon unit.
  3. Again, gentleman, thank you all very much. As you may guess, this is a modeling project, and the subject in the photo is just too weird to pass up. Late service, odd finish, and still with the turret, operating in an out of the way patch. I'm not trying anything too detailed, just a pretty much OOB pass at an old Airfix Anson. So, there was no such unit as 1331 Communications Flight, but there was a conversion unit of that number. There was an umbrella Communications Squadron, whose machines could be anywhere in theater .... and possibly operated detached flights? Would a facility like Digri operating multi-engine machine have use locally for transitioning pilots to multi-engine operations? Though I can't see a lot of similarity between an Anson and a B24....
  4. Thank you, Geoffrey. Glad to have the service dates, and further details.
  5. Thanks, Tony. The picture is a bit fuzzy, and I'm glad to see confirmation the old style cowlings were still in use. Your picture gives a good look at the oil coolers added later to the type.
  6. Thank you, Graham. Seems to be the usual can o' worms. Glad of the help sorting it out.
  7. This picture appears in the 'Warpaint' number on the type. It is captioned as EG645 of 1331 Communications Flight at Digri. All I can find about this unit is that it received a Harvard trainer in 1943 while based at Risalpur in the Northwest Frontier. I would like to know more about the unit and if possible the machine. Digri in Bengal seems to have been a base for RAF Liberator bombers, some of which did 'special duties' rather than bombing missions. EG645 was built as a Mk. I, and to my eye in this picture seems to have the tear-drop bulges on the cowlings.
  8. Thanks a lot, Paul. Learn a new thing every day. I'd never heard of it, and there were a lot of those built.
  9. I was thinking something based on a 504 K, myself. Glad I wasn't alone....
  10. Saw it on a social site that has nothing to do with aeroplanes or modeling, so no caption information. It baffles me.
  11. These came out of the factory in a handsome scheme: aluminum dope fabric and pale grey metal surfaces.
  12. Nicely done, Sir. Whatever might be said of the kit's accuracy (and trust me, there's lots) this old Heller kit is so superbly engineered I would far rather build another one than any of the new modern ICM kits. Great model.
  13. Definitely still interested --- it's pretty much my favorite patch, and just about my whole stash. I agree with broadening the scope to bring in more people, a general 'anything between 1919/1939' will still keep the focus where desired.....
  14. Thanks a lot, Russ! I'm fairly chuffed about the camouflage on this myself. Soft demarcations are a kind of holy grail when you paint with a brush,
  15. Thanks, Steve. I appreciate your tracking it down. I'm glad you liked it.
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