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  1. It's probably sacrilege but I really like the Jango Fett Slave 1 colours - dark blue and yellow look classy and it reminds me of Britains Space Will
  2. Good stuff, I like how you approach the fabric in your painting. Will
  3. Nice textures, I think the hourglass looks great, as does the leather. Will
  4. Love these Ork vehicles - I've built this one but I'm not sure what my painting plan ended up being as there's so much interior detail. Will keep an eye on your sub-assemblies for ideas. Cheers, Will
  5. Thanks, I'd seen other people do amazing stuff with UHU and never tried it, but it turned out to be a lot of fun and less fragile (when bulked up with acrylic) than I was expecting. One of us! Look forward to seeing you apply your mad paint skillz to some weeny aliens, Will
  6. And another one done That makes four, of which one isn't from Dark Imperium. This one is probably the most enjoyable Death Guard model I've painted - not too difficult to reach the details and I enjoyed doing the conversion a whole lot. Cheers, Will
  7. Fantastic job. Love the face and the freehand patch, but his hand is even better. W
  8. I bought some Scale75 metallic paints before Christmas and this was a good chance to try them out: I based the areas with Citadel Iron Warriors and Screaming Bell, washed them with Contrast and then worked them up using the Scale75 paints (copper and gold) and glazed back down with thinned Contrast to get the mid tones. I think the bells are a bit dark but I'm probably going to leave them like that as high contrast is usually a good idea. Need to add a bit of gloss and gloop and repaint the base edges as I got the colour wrong, otherwise I think I'm done.
  9. Just brilliant. What an attractive ship to build as well. Will
  10. Very nice work and photography. Would it be fair to say you have a thing for non-trivial camo? Will
  11. Thanks Stephen, I think the thing I'm most excited about was how well he's come out for the time taken. Normally I spend ages fixing things but I'm starting to figure out ways to work faster. W
  12. That's really cool to hear. I think it's out of commission at the moment following a bad storm/landslide but not completely sure. I have acquired some baseboard materials and now need to figure out how to drive the points. The Tortoise motors used to be easy to get locally but have completely dried up with COVID shortages, so maybe I need to try micro servos as I can at least get hold of those? Cheers, Will
  13. I guess I should do some more on mine Thanks for the paint chip, I'm not sure if I'm going to follow the advice but yours do look very good in that colour. Cheers, Will
  14. Thanks! I really like it when I see other people's minis "warts and all" so try and do the same with mine. Plus it helps spot things I've missed, which happens quite a lot even with a magnifier. Will
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