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Will Vale

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  1. Will Vale

    Build the terminator.

    "Might" hahahaaaaa! If I read it right it's ~1500 Euro. Which is probably not bad for what it is, assuming it fits! Pretty cool I'm glad these are almost never available in NZ so I'm never tempted... Will
  2. That's lovely Jo, no idea how I managed to miss this entire thread for two years or whatever it is. My humblest apologies! ISTR telling you (but my memory is a bit dodgy) that one of the things I'd really like to do was turn the Airfix Bentley into The Swiftmobile from School for Scoundrels. Although it is a bit sacrilegious! Cheers, Will
  3. Will Vale

    1/35 shed...

    That's really lovely, especially in the outdoor setting, It's all very organic looking. Will
  4. Will Vale

    Imperial Knights

    I find a size 0 brush is good for getting coverage in between the bits of aggregate... W
  5. Will Vale

    Bandai 1/100 Ez8 Gundam

    Nice, I really like the pose where it's carrying the rifle by the handle. Will
  6. Will Vale

    Imperial Knights

    I've been working on the Cerastus (tall skinny) knights to try and get those done this week: I started with enamel washes (MIG dark and rust) applied quite liberally and then blended/streaked away with a damp brush. I also used some Tamiya panel liner colours which flow slightly better to fill in panel edging where it had gaps. After that I got the acrylics out to highlight various features on the carapace with Loren Forest and Elysian Green: I also added some chips with Vallejo Camo Black Brown, which weren't on the smaller knights, and some acrylic rust streaks from Ryza Rust and Seraphon Sepia. I'm currently tidying these up and painting the hoses which I find a bit irritating. At least the larger knights are less well supplied with hoses than the small ones. Oh, and I touched in the edges of the banners with reds and oranges and glazed the highlights to saturate them. But like the hoses I haven't taking a picture of that bit yet. Cheers, Will
  7. Will Vale

    Predator Confrontation kit

    That looks so cool! Hope it goes together alright. By strange coincidence I went to find my Exec Officer Kane 'cos I'd enjoyed your build. It was at the bottom of the pile, and removing it caused the shelves in my stash cupboard to collapse - old small brass screws just sheared off. I've repaired it and in the process been through all my precious treasures and found a couple of Andrea metal figures which look very similar. They're boxed separately but go together to make a vignette with not-Arnold up against a stump being menaced by not-Predator. Sorry for the digression! Cheers, Will
  8. Will Vale

    Some GW figures from the vault.

    Nice work, I found some old Skaven (ratmen) the other day and have put them in my cabinet to represent times past. I think the shaman is from the Albion campaign? He represents our damp and boggyily scepter'd isle. W
  9. Will Vale

    MiG-15 (Lim-1), Eduard 1/72

    Nice job on the painting, and sorry to hear you've had fit problems. Are you aware that there are two versions of this kit? Eduard re-issued it (and replaced original sprues if you asked) to correct some kind of fit problem (I think) so it might be interesting to find out which one you have. I can't find the page on their site describing the differences anymore unfortunately. I've built the not-corrected version since I got it cheap, and I remember the cockpit being a bit fiddly and needing some fettling, But the issues were smaller than the ones you've come across. There are some pics here if you're interested - I had a small step with the cannon insert and managed to get a gluey mark on it which I cleaned up later, the worst issues for me were a small gap at the wing roots, and that it was difficult to get the tailplane fitted neatly. In your first pic of the cockpit assembly it looks like one of the sidewalls is slightly proud of the rear bulkhead top, that would mean it was sort of rotated from where it should be, which would make it wider as well as taller, maybe that was the root of the issue? Hope the rest goes well, take care fitting the u/c! I found that very fiddly and the attachment points were rather vague. Cheers, Will
  10. The new colours on the plants are great, they add loads of life. And you were never going to pass up the chance for some Unit One purple/green were you?? W
  11. Brilliant, thanks so much for showing those off! Is that a Sigourney-as-Gatekeeper I see?
  12. NB: If anyone's thinking of building the kit there's a killer reference gallery on RPF: https://www.therpf.com/forums/media/categories/prop-store.428/ 70-odd high res sharp well lit photographs of the screen-used suit belonging to the Propstore in London. There are some zoomed-out pics (with warm colour cast) and notes on the Propstore's site as well. https://propstore.com/blog/prop-store-collection-presents-kane-alien-spacesuit/ NB: The backpack and wrist thingies are reproductions. IMO the painting on the backpack looks pretty ropey, I assume it should be similar in style to the other "bronze" parts. HTH, Will
  13. Love it, all the textures and finishes are so rich. I'd love to see a pic of your collection all together in one place, it's very far-reaching. Cheers, Will
  14. Will Vale

    Knights of House Cadmus

    Thanks chaps! I dug in my bag of assembled-but-not-painted titans last night and tweaked the leg angles on one of them, but it was really too hot to concentrate. I will say that the magnetised arms and weapons on the larger models are very satisfying to play with. Cheers, Will
  15. Will Vale

    Imperial Knights

    Thanks Andy, weirdly painting concrete is my particular joy Just like real life it's so varied and random. More for my notes than anything, before I forget - the recipe for these started with a couple of thin coats of Rakarth Flesh (pink-grey) over grey primer. Then I added sharp marks in sponged or stippled (Castellan?) green and applied several thin washes of paint (can't remember the colours, but I'll wager I used Agrax Earthshade and Screaming Skull) and blotting them off again with a sponge or tissue. The markings were painted very sketchily with thinned Screaming Skull and then I picked at the edges with a wet cocktail stick before the paint cured. I gave it all a very thin wash of the earth colour (Steel Legion Drab) and a drybrush with Celestra Grey (light opaque blue-grey) and white to bring it together, and then sanded the surface lightly with 1000 grit paper. There's a bit of MIG rubble dust in there as well but the matt varnish meant it ended up very subtle. Bad for scale effect but good for robustness and "gameyness". I want to try one with hazard stripes at some point, I think a touch more colour would be nice. Cheers, Will