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  1. I really like the background to this, and the way it combines Ma.K shaping with Star Wars details and just a hint of the Liberator too. NB: When you posted the WIP I went to read more about Vaurbian freighters because I'd never heard of them, and then realised they were entirely your invention Nice work! Will
  2. Amazing! In a lot of ways I think aircraft carriers represent the pinnacle of the craft of modelling - a combination of the variety, large size, small scale and general level of fiddly detail. And this is a stunning carrier. Love the PE work under the flight deck, that must've been quite the mission. Will
  3. Good stuff, I really like the idea of this mini as a haunted suit of armour and it's great that your photo captures the air gap at the thigh. Tidy work on the gems and things too. How was the model to paint - did you use any sub-assemblies? I've not built mine because I can't quite figure out how/what I want to do with him yet. Will
  4. Thanks folks, it is a bit weird isn't it? Normally I like my models but this one is a bit grim. Although I do wonder what other Tzeentch creatures would look like in a similar style? W
  5. Is it ironic to resurrect a thread about the undead? I painted a Grave Guard model this week as it was last month's free GW miniature and I thought it would sit happily with my existing skellies. I think the Grave Guard are probably not as nice as the skeleton warriors - they have a lot of vampire bits like bat wings on their helmets, and their forward-leaning poses seem less varied. (I don't know if this will work as an embed, but if you click through it spins around!) But it's still fun to paint skeletons Will
  6. Very desirable! Just watch out for any marauding Brian Blesseds who are the scourge of teleport bracelets everywhere. W
  7. Hi all, Been a bit busy with work the last few weeks so while I have painted some bits and bobs I haven't updated here much. To remedy that, here's a Pink Horror (lesser daemon of Tzeentch) which was the free Games Workshop model a month or so ago. I started it really promptly and then got stuck on the fire and put it to one side for several weeks so didn't manage to finish in the same month I started. Pink Horrors are supposed to be roiling flickering creations coalescing out of chaotic magic, and they normally get painted some variety of bright or pastel pink. My daughter suggested an iridescent oily look and I thought that was a cool idea but I wasn't sure that I could pull it off. Instead, I've gone for a "raw plucked chicken" look and tried to make everything look very grounded to play up the horror aspect a bit. I tried to keep to a fairly limited palette of pinks and reds for the horror, and greens/yellows for the fire. I was really stuck on how to approach the latter as it's not very realistic in that it sort of comes out of the metal icon and has strange magical jewellery floating in it. Ended up going for a sort of dank marshy witchfire with Tzeentch eyes floating in it. The metals and ornamentation I tried to keep quite dull and tarnished apart from the gems themselves. NB: The original model's staff was probably an inch longer than this - I shortened it and changed some details, and re-posed one of the arms to take it out of the plane of the mould somewhat. https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/catalog/product/920x950/99129915032_PinkHorrors01.jpg So I'm not totally happy with the result (there's no angle where it looks just right in a photo which is extremely irritating) but it was an interesting exercise and I think the non-staff-wielding horrors would suit this pale pink veiny skin look quite well. Cheers, Will
  8. That's very nice, esp. the new hydraulics which add a great deal. I like the purple bit down the gun too. Cheers, Will
  9. Love the attention to detail in recreating something that in real life was presumably a couple of stackable plastic storage tubs stuck face-to-face I also suspect from all the sanding that 3D printing is not for me yet, at least not if I want to get the kind of finish you're achieving. But it's cool to watch from the sidelines. Cheers, Will
  10. That's really nice, the colours work very well and have quite a gritty Star Wars-ey feel. In terms of '80s callouts, the striping on the rear flanks suggests BA's van? (The display has a hint of DRADIS about it too, but I think that's a coincidence?) Cheers, Will
  11. Ah that's lovely, it looks great in the outdoors like that. I was too chicken to weather mine when I built it but did fool quite a few friends with a pic of it outside my garage. Midlife crisis ahoy! Will
  12. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone. You've put a smile on the face of my dino I will never cease to be amazed at how a coat of paint hides the problems in all kinds of sculpted detail! It has integrated well despite the difficulty in tapering/feathering the stiffer Tamiya putty. Will
  13. Cheers, I wouldn't have thought of the jaw on my own so credit and thanks for that one to Bonehammer Thanks, and thank-you for providing such a treasure trove of dinosaur inspiration with your various builds. I must give some of the smaller Tamiya dinos a try at some point. Cheers, Will
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