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  1. Will Vale

    Pteras of the Helic Republic

    Thanks! They were the things I dithered over longest but I think it was good to add them. Will
  2. Hi folks, This started off as a quick project, and building the model itself only took a couple of weeks really, but then I made a base which sort of spiralled, and then hit a decision point and stuck on it for about a year. But now it's all done (It's a bit goofy in pics, it's hard to find a really good angle that shows the whole model.) It's a Kotobukiya kit of the Zoids Pteras, which I've modified a bit - mainly leaving things off and cutting down the legs quite a bit. Stupidly I cut the legs down so it looked better in-flight, and then made it a base to stand on. Ah well. The back view is more coherent in a way, because the wings look better from there. But the details have come out well. The figure is an Italeri gladiator with some modifications, and the goat started off as a Hornby farm animal in soft vinyl and has had new horns added from wire and CA. I also quite enjoyed painting all the characters on the prayer flags. I was trying to get the feel of some of the amazing Japanese diorama builders like Naoto WildRiver Arakawa, where the machines always have humanising elements to give scale and context, and also a lot of wires and cables I did a Photoshop composite too but the lighting is a bit flat - I shot a different image with careful key lighting but the focus was off when I downloaded it, and I didn't have any more cloudy light. I like the framing of this one a lot but a rim light or something would give it a bit more life: Thanks to everyone who chimed in with suggestions and comments on the WIP thread, it was really helpful! Now maybe I should finish another abandoned project?? Cheers, Will
  3. Will Vale

    Sci-fi miniatures 25mm

    Very cool, nice work on all those fiddly highlights. W
  4. Will Vale

    Something strange going on?

    FWIW the snow is causing the fan to spin up on my Surface Pro 4, even when running on mains power. It's using 50% CPU, which is really wasteful. Is there a way to turn it off locally? [edit: adding "snowstorm-min.js" to my AdBlock filter removes the snow, yay!] Thanks! Will
  5. Will Vale

    Robo-pterodactyl (Zoids Pteras)

    Bit of a long gap there, there have been two local orienteering events per week lately (or so it seems) and a lot of end of year work stuff. But I think mostly I've been afraid to finish this. Partly indecision about the vegetation (how much, what kind, should it even be there?) and partly fear of finding something else which I need to do which will stop me drawing a line under it. Anyhow, today I added some more vegetation (grass tufts top and bottom, and tiny spots of scatter and Silflor in the cracks) which isn't entirely correct for the prototype but does help tie the different areas of the scene together: I also weathered the tail joint and built up the oil spill under the Zoid and around the refuelling hose attachment, the latter mostly to hide a small gap in the heat-shrink. Hopefully that's it, unless I spot something bad in the photos. I feel like there should be more weathering but I don't *really* want to do it, and the cleaner yellow contrasts quite well with the natural stuff, so time to stop. I'll take some final pics if it's cloudy tomorrow. Cheers, Will
  6. Ooh, you were quick off the mark with this one! It looks look a cool kit, especially with a one piece nose Cheers, Will
  7. Just bear in mind that many of those bargains will be recasts of existing kits. If you're not familiar with recasting, this piece is pretty old but worth a read: http://www.gremlins.com/kitbuilders/recasts.html It's a sobering note that pretty much all the garage kit producers mentioned in the article are no longer in business NB: There's a whole different argument about whether or not kit producers should be making unlicensed designs from other people's IP. It frustrates me how many of the people who argue in no uncertain terms that recasting is an evil blight on the world are totally fine with intellectual piracy. But maybe that's a story for another time. Apologies for rambling derail! W
  8. Looks awesome all together. W
  9. Don't buy a set of colours unless it has colours you know you want. You're probably better off choosing a skin tone plus black/white/red/blue/yellow to shift it around and create highlights, shading etc. (You could mix a skin tone from primaries but it's often easier to have at least one pre-mixed colour so it doesn't change between sessions.) I would get some primary colours and have a play on paper or plastic spoons to get a feel for it. Good paint ranges depend on what you want to do - I like the Citadel paints as they're easy to get hold of where I am, others swear by Vallejo. Artists' tube acrylics are excellent too. HTH, Will
  10. Will Vale

    Robo-pterodactyl (Zoids Pteras)

    Cheers Here it is stuck on, I've just been brushing a little matt varnish here and there to fix some difficult-to-reach shiny spots like between the claws. The cables run down to logger sitting on the back corner of the refuelling platform. I guess a camp table might've been more appropriate but I think there's enough stuff on there already. Some vegetation tweaks and maybe some gentle detail weathering on the Zoid and that should be it! Will
  11. Will Vale

    Lancia Stratos completed

    Lovely job on a lovely car (and in the best livery too!) W
  12. Will Vale

    Robo-pterodactyl (Zoids Pteras)

    Here are said shoes and the logger, the former especially looking a bit rough at X-TREEM MAGNIFICATION. Will see how they are on the model. Cheers, Will
  13. Will Vale

    Robo-pterodactyl (Zoids Pteras)

    I haven't forgotten this build, but that suggestion (which ties into things I've wanted to do and maybe mentioned above) stalled me rather. I wasn't sure how to do or justify the cabling. I thought for a while that I wanted to have some disks attached to the model a bit like ECG electrode pads, with the cables leaving those. And then I'd need something for them to plug in to like a laptop? And I didn't think I had any small enough round enough parts. I've been musing about this on and off for a week or so and decided that I could swap things round, and use a round part (tank hubcap again) to be the data logger and drill out/cut down some 1mm styrene strip into little blocky "shoes" that can be attached to the Zoid as sensors. I've just built all that and it looks like two Xerox Alto mice wired to a portable George Foreman grill, so I'm quite happy need to let the varnish dry and glue the sensors to the model then I can put it all together on the pad. Cheers for the suggestions Will
  14. Will Vale

    Tamiya Pearl Harbour Zero

    I'll take a pic but it's just not very exciting! I realised it was going to be almost entirely hidden so I haven't put much effort into it. W
  15. Will Vale

    Tamiya Pearl Harbour Zero

    Thanks folks, I have since joined together the two fuselage halves (wow!) and cleaned up the seams, but I need to paint the inside of the coaming before I can put that last panel on. There's a very slight gap/wide panel line at the wing roots, I'm not sure if I should try and fill it or not, or maybe slip a sheet of paper-thin styrene in there? There's also a very slight step where the rear of the wing meets the underside fuselage, but there's a panel line here on the real plane so I think I just need to level one side slightly and glue it carefully to preserve the line. Will