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  1. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    Thanks, we had a good time. My daughter and I both won certificates but missed out on medals, stiff competition this year! Here's my entry on the day: and Laura with hers - OK not a lot but it's 700% more models than she painted last year, and she was the only junior brave enough to enter After recovering from the knackering week last week, I'm back at work this week (yay!) but managed to get a few pics of the board as it was on the day. I'm going to do a bit more work and finish some things which didn't quite get done in time - mainly adding more graves, cleaning up the vegetation and maybe doing some new foliage for the big tree? The overall winner at GW Wellington was this huge collection of Eldar and Space Wolves which was one of those fun "each time you look you see something new" kind of deals. Cheers! Will
  2. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    No I didn't think I could finish that in time, so it's going to be a separate project where it can get the attention it deserves. The kitchen thing is indeed IKEA, and haven't I commented on a picture of yours with it in, or was that someone else? Wow thanks, I'm honoured! I hope you stick around, this is a cool forum. Also you may be disappointed in that I'm basically done - Armies on Parade is tomorrow so I had to finish it off tonight. It needs a good clean in the morning, there's lots of loose material to remove and I'll have to clean the water surface again. Unfortunately I broke (somehow) one of the tree limbs to the point that you could see the wire I've wrapped it in Tamiya tape and applied some tinted filler over the top as a patch. More seriously I bloomed the varnish while wetting the scatter, so I'll need to re-varnish it tomorrow. It's not super obvious but once you know what to look for it's everywhere on the plastic scenery I suspect it's the moisture as I used a water/alcohol mix rather than neat alcohol. Grr. Off to bed now, early start tomorrow to fix things. Cheers, Will
  3. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been madly trying to make a display board in five days, and I keep losing time to other things that aren't making a display board. Day one went really well, I went from a layout on paper to an assembled board in about four hours thanks to the miracle of hot glue. Day two was mostly work, but I did some filling and carving in the evening and it looked decent enough by Wednesday morning: Day three was cleaning up and priming the buildings which I'd done about half of a couple of years ago. I also made trees from wire and Super Sculpey for the rough form, with a layer of a gesso/PVA/paint/talc mix to add a bit more body in places and take some bark texture. And today I've been painting the buildings which I had clearly been putting off because I knew just how many skulls and roses there were. After painting them I can confirm it was a lot. Although blocking in all the wrought iron was probably worse! My assistant is working on her Tau in the background, she's painted a small unit of Kroot plus a battlesuit and a couple of Pathfinders to add to her existing single Pathfinder, and is looking forward to Parade Day. I should go and sort out the river and rocks so I can green it all up tomorrow. Cheers, Will
  4. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    The Incubi Darkness looks good, it's a lovely colour. I did a bit more on the metals last night, painting up the scythe blades and adding a bit more of a metallic gradient to the glaives: I added a blue glaze to the cleaner part of the blade but it isn't really reading in this photo at all. I'm sure I could see it last night Maybe need to strengthen that, or figure out a way to light it so it shows in pictures. Digging through my paints I realised I hadn't used Hashut Copper (nice bright copper) on the bells so I sponged on a bit of that. It needs some precision washes to tone it back down on the big one though: I also painted most of the metallic areas on the Guardian of Souls, who looks a bit cartoonish and unsatisfying suddenly His faceplate and crown are very much a work in progress so I'm hoping that if I get those sorted out, add weathering and glows to the lantern, and bring in some darker colours on his ectoplasm it might help things. Today's job is to lay out a board to put them on though. Cheers, Will
  5. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    I think he looks ace, and as someone who often copies the studio schemes I think you can't go wrong that way! Their instructional stuff is very useful and much less annoying than many other mini painting videos I've seen. I rather like the studio scheme for the Nighhaunt, the dark blue is really sexy. The only reason I'm doing the bilious green is that way they match some spirit hosts I painted a few years ago. Did you use the new technical paints/washes? If so, how did you get on with them? I'm not a massive fan of Hexwraith Flame but I like the look of the grey-blue shading from the other one. Cheers, Will
  6. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    I made a start on the metals last night - the easiest were the glaives on the stalkers as that's their only metal bit. Well, except for the fences that I forgot to paint... These are a thin coat of Leadbelcher followed by lots of Agrax Earthshade. When that was dry I stippled on Typhus Corrosion (the one with bits in) and thinned Ryza Rust across the back part of the blade. I blotted it with a finger to soften the edges and added an Agrax/Black mix to shade around it and blend things together a little. I re-applied highlights of Leadbelcher and a little Runefang Steel to the edges of the blade, but I think it might benefit from a wee bit more. And some gore obviously The reapers have had similar treatment with less weathering on their mail and chains: The bells (bronzey metal of some kind) are Tin Bitz with an Agrax wash and stippled/dry-brushed patches of Hashut Copper and Leadbelcher. I added some Nihilahk Oxide for a Verdigris patina and toned it down with black. I think it probably needs something else as well but I'm not sure what yet - maybe different green tones? I haven't started the metal on the Guardian of Souls yet but it'll probably borrow from the above, with a bit more detail and beaten copper plate armour? I also need to do the weathering on the scythe blades and a few other bits and bobs. Cheers, Will
  7. Will Vale

    Particle effects (smoke/gunfire/bullet impacts)

    "Particle effects" - I detect a videogames/CGI influence I've seen quite a few people in the fantasy figures line do droplets and airborne blood trails using combinations of clear plastic, bristles and resins which looked pretty good. For bullets you might be able to do something similar with painted wire or clear rod for sparks and tracers, and attach chunks of shrapnel to the wires by corners so they don't look too connected? I think the key would be to layer up the different "particle" types, just like CGI, and use either clever painting or LEDs to show the impact energy. I've seen (somewhere) a diorama of a D9 bulldozer smashing through a wall, which was really well executed - it looked like loose fragments of concrete, although I imagine they were wired to the blade and each other for support. I think it was called "Knock Knock" but I can't find a picture. (FWIW I thought it was in somewhat poor taste as I think it depicted house clearance In Gaza, but maybe that was just my interpretation.) I'd be interested to see what other people can dig up - I've got a figure that would look *really* good breaking through a plate glass window, but it would be hard to do it justice. Maybe 3D printing in a transparent material would work? Cheers, Will
  8. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    I finished up the non-shiny bits on the Guardian of Souls: I tried to paint the mystical flame with a purple wash over a white base, but it was a bit messy and I ended up painting over it. I'm still not a hundred percent convinced that it's smooth or vivid enough? I used some of the GW glazes to add a red-blue gradient, which part I do rather like. I think for now I'll proceed and see what it looks like with the rest of it in place. I also added basing stuff to the reapers: And I've since given them all a few coats of matt varnish. I used the Tamiya flat lacquer, which isn't as flat as Alclad Flat but pretty good. Then I mixed a good amount of lacquer flat base into the varnish and gave a couple more misted coats, which got them closer to the Alclad finish. The lacquer should be a lot harder (and quicker drying) than the spirit based varnish and it allows a little more richness of colour to show through. I may still go back and add a little Alclad later on the cloth areas. Cheers, Will
  9. Will Vale

    Road Warriors

    Thanks folks, the die-casts are quite nice once you get all the thick thick paint off. Although it does cover a multitude of casting flaws Will
  10. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    Tiny bit more work - I blended the edges in better and added a white ink highlight. Needs a tiny bit of softening and thinning, otherwise it's done and onto the lamp. Will
  11. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    While the scatter is drying on the reaper bases, I made a start on a couple of character models. These are probably easier to paint than the rank-and-file as they don't have robes. Just ectoplasm (lots) and armour on top. First up is the Guardian of Souls, a tall scary (not-a-ring-)wraith with a lantern: I'm partway through the blending at the moment, and I've added Golden retarder to my thinning mix so that it's now about 1:1:20 retarder/Liquitex flow aid/tap water. Makes a big difference to the blending as you can apply a thin layer and spread it out while it's still wet to remove any tide-marks. I didn't use it for the Ogryn Camo edges as I wanted more solidity and control, but I'll blend up inside those next to feather them in. For reference, the airbrush blend I started with looked like this: The other one I'm doing at the moment is also in the above pic, and has only had the darker colours applied - Drakenhof Nightshade and Caliban Green, to blend the ectoplasm towards blue and then black where it reaches the armour. These are two of my favourite models in the box (and the range, really) as they're so creepy-looking. I think it's the facelessness and the long thin slotted masks. Will
  12. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    Thanks! I missed posting a step yesterday so here's that one first: I highlighted the trim with Wild Rider Red and Lugganuth Orange, cleaned up with thinned Khorne Red and gave it a wash of Carroburg Crimson. I did the reds on the skeletons a bit differently (more orangey highlights, more blue shading) but I didn't want this to be too warm or dramatic. We'll have to see how they look together. I painted in the skulls, which are regrettably messy. They were going OK but one of the layers I added (a glaze mixed from Lahmian Medium and Seraphim Sepia) appears to have left clumps of matting agent. So I need to try and scrape those off and cover them up, which was the second part. After scraping with a cocktail stick and a repaint, they ended up like this. I did the hands at the same time, highlighted with Celestra Grey and shaded/smoothed/cleaned up with a mix of Loren Forest and some leftover blue shade that was on my palette. I hadn't spotted I'd made the last round of pics a bit contrasty, sorry about that. [Edit: Fixed the pics and re-uploaded.] Cheers, Will
  13. Will Vale

    Army of Ghosts

    I think I got the steps the wrong way around on the robes, or maybe just a bit too much dry-brushing at the end? So I'll need to do some tidying up in daylight to make things a bit neater without losing the texture and contrast. I also need to do the red bits and skulls. Still, not too far to go with these now. Two units in a week will be a record Cheers, Will
  14. Will Vale

    1/48 Patlabor/Bandai

    Love it, especially the low level photos which really sell the scale. Packed with detail too Kinda want to re-watch one of the movies now! Cheers, Will
  15. Will Vale

    Cars of the Apocalypse

    Busy with ghosts at the moment, but I scrubbed some paint off a couple of castings at the weekend: This one's from Hot Wheels and has quite a bit of plastic to go with it including a big spoiler. I need to file down a few mould lines but it's otherwise cleaner than it probably looks - naked Mazak isn't that pretty. The other two are from Matchbox (yay!) and I've noticed their paint is a lot more work to get off. Especially when coupled with the higher level of detail. The 6W truck probably isn't going to get used for Gaslands, I think It would suit a re-scale and some dressing to make It into a Judge Dredd-style Roadliner. There's a little cupboard door behind the cab that could be used to establish human scale and make it massive, especially with a wee etched ladder underneath. The 4W truck would be ideal as a rocket truck in the same green and yellow as Mortar-Della though Cheers, Will