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  1. Thanks, hope you get some paint on yours before too long. They're a lot of fun and less difficult than I was expecting. W
  2. Stunning! I remember the start of this but obviously missed the end. I really really like how slab-like it is, a huge brick with tiny flippers, like an elephant seal of the skies. You can see the McQue connection but it's its own thing too. Will
  3. Cheers Andy, it was a very low number of colours overall to keep it all tied together. I'm just starting the spindle drones (weird three legged biomechanical things with HAL 9000 eyes) and trying to get a shellfish look. Will
  4. Thanks, the hand was predictably the most fun bit to do. Plus I keep wanting to say "Bloody hand" in the style of "Bloody eye" from Cowboy Bebop @Andy Moore here's a pic of the back. I didn't take the spots very far down as the "panels" got smaller and smaller. You can see how chunky and un-blended my white highlights are on the darker areas. That's partly why I didn't highlight the legs at all. Cheers, Will
  5. Thanks! I don't have any extra pics but I'll see if I can take some tomorrow. It doesn't go very far down the back though. Haha, it's supposed to be rubble but it's a bit unconvincing I needed to hide the gaps around the feet as the figures are on tabs (stupid slottabases!) I think for some of the other figures I'll cut the tabs off, fill the slots, and pin them instead. I used crushed coal to get some crystalline structure, but once it's matted down it loses most of the magic. Probably some chopped up plastic in larger pieces would work better. Will
  6. Too cute. I fear for the rest of the modelling world now you're equipped with 3D printing goodness. Keep us posted on progress, but so far this looks great! Will
  7. Hi all, Quick project this week - I started painting up some of the opposition from Blackstone Fortress. These are Ur-Ghuls - they lurk in the shadows and are generally sneaky and menacing. I started on Monday, did an hour or two per night and they were done on Friday morning, which is very quick for me. It helps a great deal that they don't have any detail on them - it's just skin and teeth - so none of the messing around tidying up edges and the like. They don't even have eyes! I painted them with thinned Contrast paints with white ink highlights, and did the gore with stringy UHU glue. Once that's started to set you can thicken it up with an acrylic like Blood for the Blood God. Fun stuff The reason I haven't painted any of these before was that I wasn't sure how to deal with the bases - I ended up trying to make them match the tiles, with scraps of styrene cut in geometric shapes and painted with a grid of purple lines. I think they turned out fairly well and I have some ideas on doing it better next time (as ever!) Cheers, Will
  8. Super diorama, the bigger scale is really worthwhile as it's so much sharper than the (already very good) vehicle model version. I was a bit confused by Rogue One when it came out as it wasn't really what I was expecting, but it's grown on me a lot. The new trilogy films are fun popcorn movies like Mike says above, lifted up by Rey, Finn and Kylo. I think Solo's my favourite though, it's got solid characters, a real sense of fun and no real need to take itself seriously. Will
  9. There's a hand axe and pickaxe too, and something that I couldn't identify. With little straps! I was surprised too tbh. They lack squareness, but there's so much detail that it's hard to see just how bendy or offset some of the casting is. Me too! Imagine trying to make eight the same The plastic ones are nice and hopefully less likely to snap their glue bonds as they're lighter. It's quite agricultural in its gaps, isn't it? And it needs quite a lot of infilling around the plastic chassis, plus new bearings for the lifty bit. I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually. I was very excited to see that the inlay card in the box is the one I remembered from my childhood Epic purchases in '89 or thereabouts. I suspect it would look a lot better with smaller crawler-crane style track units, but I'm not sure what would work as a donor. Will
  10. Thanks, these ones were pretty simple: * Tear up some scraps of cork and stick down with CA. * Build up "ground" around cork with texture paint (I think I used the GW Armageddon dust one) leaving some gaps. * Push some stones into the ground (e.g. Woodland Scenics Talus) * Paint crackle paint into the gaps. * Sprinkle with a very small amount of a fine sand/grit mix. Then prime, paint with mainly Steel Legion Drab (edge colour) and Zandri Dust and lots of washes and dry-brushing. And finally attach some foliage (e.g. Woodland Scenics ground foam) with matt medium and seal with Dullcote when dry. The ones I did for knights and the like are a bit more involved, with concrete and pipes, but there's no room on a tank base Will
  11. Hi folks, I managed to get the missing missiles primed and painted at the weekend so was able to finish off these artillery pieces today. They're "Epic Scale" (6mm-ish) white metal kits from Games Workshop in the '90s, from sealed blisters I picked up on our local auction site. A bit of a learning curve to clean up and assemble the metals, but with a thin coat of etch primer and two of Tamiya lacquer primer I haven't had any problems with paint adhesion. They're airbrushed with Tamiya lacquers and then everything else is brush painted with acrylics including the weathering. I guess I did use a bit of graphite powder as well. The siege mortars are Colossus Bombards (I think) and the rocket artillery are Manticores. I replaced the metal rockets (which were OK) with some brand new plastic Manticore rockets from the Aeronautica Imperialis ground targets sprue. They fit the rails nicely and I can find something else for the static launchers when I get to building them. I lettered one of the nosecones T.F.U.2 in honour of one of the best episodes of Spaced The mortars are out of the box. I think they came out quite well and I've got my eyes open for e.g. Leman Russ tanks or similar. I have an older Hellbore tunnelling machine, which I've started to clean up and then I realised it was lead and I should be a bit more careful about how and where I did that... It's not as sharp as the tanks but it's very cool and I will get to it in due course, probably with a few extra details. NB: For sizing, they're on 40mm bases, from memory the Chimera chassis are about an inch long but the dozer blades and other bits overhang to the point where they really didn't fit on a 32mm base. Cheers and thanks for looking! Will
  12. Have sorted out the rockets and finished the weathering, so these are done Will put summat in RFI shortly. W
  13. I didn't have a good way to get the blends (without glazing over and over at very low opacity levels, for which I don't have the patience!) but now that I've got an answer to that it's much more attractive. Will
  14. I like the ragtag fleet aspect, I can definitely see the BBTS vibe. Will
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