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  1. I didn't start it! I did look at this thread recently and think "oh dear, better do something" but I'm in the middle of figures at the moment. The AT-ST is gathering dust and needs final paint and weathering. Cheers, Will
  2. That was rather a big gap between gitz, we've had a lot of orienteering stuff on and I don't always want to paint when I'm knackered. Plus I hit my head on a tree and had to get it glued back together! Anyway, back in modelling world I've got another three gitz painted up and based. That completes the gitz except for Zarbag who I guess should be next? The arrer git and net git are just making up the numbers really, but the git with the ball and chain is a goblin fanatic. Drunk on madcap mushroom juice, he whirls around smashing into friends and enemies alike and generally making a mess. The Shadespire card has him as "Snirk Sourtounge". I wanted to paint a spiral on his eye but knew it was going to be impossible, so I started making it into a starburst and ended up with a gem-like effect. I'm not sure it really conveys the drugged-up-ness of Snirk but I think it looks quite nice. They're starting to make a nice little posse really. I've also primed Mollog the troll but I suspect I'm going to leave him for last as a reward. Cheers, Will
  3. Nice to see this again, and very brave of you to paint over the glazing but it seems to have paid off nicely! NB: Pics two and three show a bit of the cyclorama at the top RH side. It's almost invisible but it shows up on my desktop monitor which has a broader gamut I think? Cheers, Will
  4. Those are all cool choices, I have the old Delaques and the new ones creep me out! Looking forward to seeing how your Reavers come out, the traditional paint is quite dark for those, but they did some interesting bright "gang colour" versions when they issued them in a mini boxed game. I've prepped a load of them but they're in quite a few parts still as I wasn't sure if I could paint them otherwise. Another project I need to come back to eventually I have recently acquired these guys: and also Leena Stormspire as our GW has finally re-opened in a new and hopefully-less-vulnerable-to-earthquakes location Cheers, Will
  5. That looks really rather nice, I'm sure your paintwork is a big factor over and above the sculpt. I liked Alien 3, it was awesome to have a sci-fi film with a decidedly northern bent. The "assembly cut" version (which I'm pretty sure I watched last time around the Alien movies) is probably better than the theatrical release. But then I liked Resurrection as well (The Betty! Underwater Aliens! Wise-cracking!) even though I can see that it's probably just bad, so take any recommendation I might make with a pinch of salt... Will
  6. Thanks, I really like squigs too but embarrassingly had never painted one until now! Although there's a box of squigs vs. tree-elves coming which looks promising, I could split it with my daughter who is into the woodsy elves It's autumn here on the far side of the world but that seems very apt for squigs - the bush is full of mushrooms of all different colours so lots of inspiration! W
  7. I wanted to paint more squigs so assembled and painted the two from Mollog's Mob. They're accompanied by a big troll and odd mushroom thing which I haven't started yet. The above is a Stalagsquig, which I basically treated as a rock with a little Squig Orange blended in to the grey around the face to give it a bit of a blush and a hint that it's not just a rock. The below is a Bat-Squig, which is essentially a mouth with wings. It's done the same way as the other squigs, but without the pale belly as there was so little space to fit it in. They weren't a whole lot of work but I've had to fit them in around other things, of which there have been a lot in the last few weeks! Now back to the goblins, probably, or maybe Mollog's weird mushroom friend. Cheers, Will
  8. The metal looks *fantastic* Stefan, especially the chest & shoulders - really believable. But I do worry that it's quite close in hue and value to the skin, it'll be interesting to see how it looks with the other colours in place. I just scrolled back up to the factory paint - night & day difference, yours is much more atmospheric! Cheers, Will
  9. Nice additions, I love the little thrusters in the back of the knees. W
  10. I like the shaded edges, that's cool. Will you be adding any chipping or dry-brushing to pick out the shapes further, or is he going to be pretty clean? Will
  11. Love it. Not many models that big have such cool action poses. And your pred's face is to die for Will
  12. Wow that's lovely, so much detail and I still wasn't prepared for how huge it is! Will
  13. Thanks folks, I was very pleased with how the glows came out as I wasn't sure how to approach the smoke/glow transition at first. Four more goblins to go then I can have a break, although I've spent the last couple of evenings cleaning up and building some other figures as a bit of light relief. I think I might try and put some paint on the fanatic (ball & chain guy) today though! Cheers, Will
  14. Had another busy week so poor Drizgit didn't get any metallic bits painted until Sunday night I think. Took a couple of evenings and a bit of time today, but he's finally done! The armour is Boltgun Metal highlighted with Mithril Silver and a little bit of Stormhost Silver. I added quite a bit of shading with Agrax Earthshade, black, and Skrag Brown to try and sell the shapes and age it a bit. The pot I decided to make cast iron so gave the black a very heavily thinned coat of Boltgun and then stippled it with different browns and black followed with a couple of glazes of black all over. Not entirely sure the "magic knife" works - he's not really a shaman type, but it seemed like a fun thing to try. Maybe he found "Sting" lying around in a cave? He definitely looks a bit world-weary, I think herding squigs is probably not the boingy fun we might imagine it to be Cheers, Will
  15. Looking beefy, all those curves are interesting. Maybe adding some Ma.K/helicopter-style lumps and bumps would be good? I look forward to seeing how you approach the joints. There's some interesting stuff in the recent Thunderbolt kits where Bandai provide thin plastic sleeves that you wrinkle up and slide over the relevant internals. They also don't look like cloth, but they do look a bit like those mylar insulating blankets so quite appropriate for space. Cheers, Will
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