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  1. Thanks, been rather busy with various work/real life things so not much happening at the moment on the modelling front. But Armies on Parade is coming and I quite fancy doing some Titanicus stuff for that. Unless I plump for goblins... Oh yes, and there are now planes in the Titanicus scale courtesy of the new Aeronautica Imperialis which a) look cool and b) could maybe land on those landing pads. Although they might be a bit big! Not yet, see above. W
  2. Looking good! I do like SPACE MARINES although I hardly ever seem to build or paint any... I think you've got the hardest bit nailed - picking out all the details against the power armour. The chest eagle, kneepad and crux terminatus on the shoulder look excellent. The edge highlights on the bolter look really good too, they're very sharp. For the face, you could try mixing a little grey with your skin tone and glazing over the jawline and top of the head to add a bit of stubble? Keep the paint quite thin for this and unload your brush on tissue like you were applying a filter rather than a wash. Cheers, Will
  3. The prep for 3D printed models is definitely the bit that puts me off, but that came out really well. The black infill in the panel lines and vents is really neat and tidy. I think if you added the tiniest bit of battle damage (e.g. a couple of diagonal scratches from one of the panel lines and a few buff splotches along the lower chest edge) then any imperfections in the armour would recede into invisibility. [NB: The reason I say this is that I tried to build a resin robot kit from a 3D printed master a few years ago, and it was just too hard to get all the surfaces smooth without destroying detail - I added weathering to make the smooth bits seem smoother by contrast.] Cheers, Will
  4. Nice shaping, the back/underside looks convincing and I like the engine pods. I wonder if the front/upper fuselage needs something to disguise or smooth the donor shape a little more? I'm getting a Dune vibe from the cockpit (yay!) which I *think* is down to the Slave 1 engine fairings looking like the wheels on the old Dune buggy kit? Will
  5. Bit late to the party as I found this through your signature (see, they do important work!) but this is such a cool build. Clean and tidy and weird. You could leave it black and say it's the Red Skull's escape vehicle from the Captain America movie Will
  6. I think they are a good bit more saturated than other GW paints, for one thing I keep finding that when I try and edit my images to just clip the black point, it feels like one or two channels hit zero long before the last one does. I'm pretty sure that used to happen less often with standard Citadel paint - probably because the deepest shadows would be from black lining or Agrax Earthshade or similar? They may not be as much of a revelation for you as you already use glazes a lot, but I prefer them to glazes I've mixed myself. IMO the consistency is better and they tend to flow out a tiny bit on the surface giving a nice blend of controllable edges and feathering. It's definitely made me less quick to pick up the airbrush for blends and the like, and although I think I'm sacrificing some quality (neatness is hard) it's just really fun stuff to play with. On the sculpts, I'm tempted to try and find some of the Shardwrack Spines which are another part of the Deathworld Forest releases. They don't have all the filigree leaves to clean up which is a bonus Cheers, Will
  7. Hi all, I found some Warhammer scenery the other day while I was looking for something else - it's the set of Eldritch Ruins from one of the Kill Team boxes, and I put it aside originally because it looked like a lot of work to clean up. It's from the scenery range so made in China and not *quite* as nice as the stuff from Nottingham. It turned out to be better than expected with nice detail in hard (almost vinyl-like) styrene,although there were a lot of edges to scrape down and I ended up covered in a thick layer of pale green styrene shavings. Interestingly it has the look of being hand-sculpted which is unusual as most of the recent scenery is digital & complete with tooling contour lines. It's painted mostly with the contrast paints plus some normal stuff for details. I wanted it to look desertey rather than jungle, and also wanted to avoid using any green at all for the plants - they're all shades of red instead. I think the Saim-Hann rune (above) is my fave of the two pieces. I tried to get the runes to look Eldar - they're presumably made from wraithbone which is a sort of organic material potentially full of souls. It started as a pale tan and I highlighted with white ink, but then worked a lot of yellow-green into the corners and finally added some pale blue in the damaged sections. The big flower I left til last and blended through yellow/orange/warm red/cool red/dark brown. It looks quite aggressive but I don't see how it's going to catch anything other than very slow and stupid birds. Last thing was to add some moss from red flock and matt medium. It looked a bit so-so but shading around with Agrax and drybrushing with scarlet and pink has lifted it a bit and I think it works. It's been a pleasant digression - painting scenery is messy fun and it only took a couple of days. I will get back to the Titanicus buildings soon Cheers, Will
  8. Thanks all, haven't quite started painting yet but I have primed them. I was going to use GW's new Wraithbone primer (cream colour) but couldn't get any so settled on an old can of Tamiya Red Oxide. Which really is lovely stuff - this is the result of two medium coats in a cardboard box in the garden on a windy day: It almost looks like a render! I did take the time to add a few extra details to the big building, and washed everything with a toothbrush and soapy water so it was in a good state to being with, but I'm still pleased at how clean it looks. That said, the joins on the tallest spire will need putty, and there are a few spots on some of the corners which could do with attention, as well as the balustrade joins. Still, not bad. I'm not sure what colour now - I was thinking creamy sandstone but now I see the red I keep thinking about Liverpool cathedral - maybe that warm pink would be interesting? It needs to look OK against a ruddy brown ground colour as shown above, but the buildings will have roads and things as a buffer between them and ground in most cases. Cheers, Will
  9. Finished up another couple of buildings - I built these a while ago but have added the spires and details today. The big one is a temple (probably) and the small one I'm not sure - maybe a school or light industry? The roof tank is a Stryker wheel (maybe a bit obviously so) plus some other bits and a sprue corner for the angled pipe. Cheers, Will
  10. Hi all, I've made and painted some of the knights from GW's Adeptus Titanicus range and posted my doings on here earlier in the year. While I haven't started painting a Titan yet, I have built some: Unusually for me I've actually played a game of the new Titanicus rules too! Our local GW was running demos and my daughter and I had a go. It's pretty good, the big titans feel very ponderous and there's a lot of raising shields, cooling the reactor etc. Like submarine warfare with legs. It was very easy to find yourself making the relevant noises which is probably a good sign. Bad sign? Not sure! Anyway, I was lucky enough to pick up the big box of modular building parts half price a few months ago, and I've since acquired the set of spires they brought out afterwards. After some playing around and some smaller buildings I came up with the following: The lower part of the building is from the Civitas Imperialis modular sprues, and the upper part is mostly the spires. I bashed some of the roof pieces into landing pads and used flying buttresses to add "princess towers" to get a silhouette that looks a bit more like some of the old Hive City illustrations from e.g. the Necromunda rulebook. There are a few additional parts from N-scale Green Max kits (ladders, pipes) and my stash of sacrificial Trumpeter bits (antenna and some other small details). Held together with scraps of styrene where necessary. I'm not quite sure how to paint it, but I guess I want to match the feel of the Knight bases, so a slightly overgrown look? Having an excuse to add some green flock is a) always welcome and b) very handy for hiding joins, but I don't know if the Imperium will stand for it? Cheers, Will
  11. Nice, I like the interior. My offspring had one for Christmas and it did quite a bit of bouncing around saying "AMURO AMURO AMURO" W
  12. I loved seeing this pop up almost fully-formed on Flickr, such a tiny jewel of a thing. I'm off to read about the weathering now having done some experiments in that direction recently. Cheers, Will
  13. This is really stunning, your best PG yet I reckon. Although I do really like Stardust Memory which might colour my opinion Will
  14. Yeah they do, I quite like the blue wings but I've used blue/teal for the poison colour on one or two other models, so I think something else pale might be good. In the meantime I had a good three hours of painting time on Friday night and added the chips and rust and weathering stuff I was threatening before: The chips are mostly sponged on with Dryad Bark plus a little bit of brush work, and the rust is the contrast orange, either neat or diluted to a very thin glaze. I found it was a bit too pink so I ended up glazing over those areas with very thin yellow to warm them up. I added some green to the skull on the knee to suggest that it's a bit more alive (or at least further gone to seed) than the rest of the armour. And because I liked the look of the yellow over the rust I glazed over a lot of downward-facing surfaces with the same mix. Hopefully it reinforces the original clear orange airbrush layer. Last of all, I painted most of the details on the backpack - this skull I've tried to make look a bit more alive. I made a bit of a hash of the tentacle and horn and lost a lot of the smoothness that was there, but hopefully the tentacle at least will look better with some glossy varnish at the end. Weirdly I added edge highlights to the main horns and that came out really well, I'm not sure quite what went wrong on the other one - probably painting with something that was starting to go off a bit and get sticky on the palette. Ah well. Cheers, Will
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