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  1. Will Vale

    1/20 │ Scope Dog │ Bandai

    Well done Tolga, I love it. Will
  2. Thanks folks, I think speed definitely causes a few problems but it's nice to know I can manage it at times. I've posted some better pics above, and one more below. Unfortunately the Destoria class suffered a little battle damage which I need to repair hence the lack of follow up on that one. Will
  3. It seems unlikely to be much good for pushing doesn't it? I think I prefer the skinny one despite the 26 individual prickles I had to stick on to it. W
  4. Hi folks, I've been running around like a mad thing organising Scale Models Expo and haven't really had the mental energy to finish any of my ongoing projects, but I did want to build something new for the show. So I started these on Wednesday night and finished them before midnight on Friday. For me that's unspeakably quick I would have waited to take proper pictures but that didn't seem to be in the spirit of the adventure so here in all their awful glory are my mobile 'phone shots of the models on the table at Expo. (Kelkavia class High Speed Astro Battle Cruiser) (Destoria class Heavy Astro Battle Cruiser) No, they didn't win anything and nor did they deserve to! But they're big and green and they give my Cosmo Fleet something to shoot at. I will produce some studio pictures on Monday hopefully. Here are the promised pics of the Kelkapia (or is it Kelkavia?) class, unfortunately I broke something on the bigger one while trying to get the guns on the side better aligned. I've mended it but need to touch up the paint, and I'll fix a couple of other haste-induced mistakes at the same time. (click for more/bigger) There's a lot of dust on the surfaces, I think the varnish probably hadn't had time to cure before being introduced to the busy atmosphere of the show - I don't usually have quite this many problems. I cleaned them up as best I could and removed the rest in Lightroom like the dirty cheat I am Cheers, Will
  5. These are cool. And well-timed, I just watched Batman the other day. I really like the second one, I thought Keaton nailed the "efficient pugilist" bit of Batman in that opening fight, and both Penguin and Catwoman are great. Which reminds me - set up eBay watch for the Penguin (or better yet, Penguin Army) and Catwoman vinyl kits Cheers, Will
  6. Very nice! The colours suit it rather well as the standard Zakus are green and the special ones are often Red. At least Char's is And you've definitely captured the Slave One chipping style with the darker/lighter patches of paint. One minor thing - the chipping on the backpack seems a bit patchy and regular compared to the lovely organic chipping on the head and arms. Cheers, Will
  7. Will Vale

    Crooked House

    Thanks for the kind comments and suggestions, always appreciated You're right, I left off the tower because I thought it looked too heavy. It works fine from the angle on the box but seeing it in the round just didn't sit right for me. I guess I have sacrificed some precariousness for that! (It also had some 'orrible seams which definitely didn't affect my decision. Not a bit.) I'll be doing a pass of green stuff including moss after the basic paint is done, as part of bedding it into the terrain. I'm not sure about more washes yet, it feels more varied than it did when I made that comment I think? It might be that adding some external influences (moss, streaks of stuff leaching from the flashing, guano, etc.) will be enough? We'll see The nice thing about washes and filters is you don't really pass a point of no return. Cheers, Will
  8. Will Vale

    Crooked House

    Had a bit of a gap as I've been so busy with Scale Models Expo and some other life stuff, but I had the airbrush out today and put some base colours on the observatory: This is all Alclad so far - Exhaust Manifold with Copper highlights on the dome, and Brass with Pale Gold highlights on the other bits. I sprayed some Hotmetal Red to enhance the copper, and a little Blue on the brassy bits. Then gave it an all-over mist of Sepia. Lots to do yet! Cheers, Will
  9. Will Vale

    Lancia Stratos HF "Stradale"

    Such a pretty car. It looks great in the plain get-up too, lovely work. Will
  10. Will Vale

    What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    I can't decide if I like Kingdom Death or not - there are some amazing creepy models and it's not like I dislike titillation, but the ridiculous breasts and thighs are a bit silly. And that's before you get into the total lack of gender balance! Still, I'd love to see how your paint plan comes out, it sounds pretty cool. Over the weekend I completely resisted a load of heavily discounted Games Workshop stuff (so brave!) but I did acquire the Knight of Shrouds recently: He's built up but needs a seam on his back filling. Cheers, Will
  11. That's just lovely. Excellent work on the lights. Will
  12. Will Vale

    UNTAC C2 sidearm

    Thanks, it was a lot of fun to do. Many of the things which are bad in scale models are fine in 1:1 props Cheers, Will
  13. Hi folks, Our local Comicon-type thing is on this weekend so we've been adding to my daughter's Zombie Hunter outfit with a Nerf gun: (click for bigger) This started out as a Nerf Stockshot, which is a sort of pistol which converts into a stock for the Modulus guns. It looked a bit daft in the box, but had potential: Disassembly was just a matter of removing the screws and then un-clipping those very solidly attached white bits. After taking the back off with a razor saw I filled it with Milliput. I also filled in the top of the front extendy-bit to make it look a bit more solid/less injection moulded. L insisted that the logos be removed but wasn't keen on sanding, but it wasn't too bad with 180 grit paper used wet with a block. She did scuff up the plastic with a brillo pad though. I primed it all with left-over Chaos Black lacquer and painted the separate bits with Molotow spraycans (cheap!) The details are mostly decanted Tamiya lacquer, and we added some decals off an old Tamiya armour sheet. I weathered it with sponge and drybrush then sealed everything with Dullcote, which is frankly a bit crap after the Alclad varnishes, but it is nice and tough. Metallic dings are Boltgun Metal with a tiny bit of the Molotow chrome pen on the high spots. Then I did a bit of "film style" quick and dirty weathering with artist's acrylics, a stuff brush and a wet rag. Not much to it (I think we started at the weekend) but it was a fun little project and I kinda fancy doing one of the bigger ones. L enjoyed picking the colours and decals and it was only once we'd put it together that we realised it's the Bosch colour scheme Heckler and Bosch maybe? Thanks for looking! Will
  14. Will Vale

    Pacific Rim Uprising - Bandai Kits

    I think I saw some previews six months or so ago, but they do seem to have been quite quick to come to market. I still haven't made the one from the last film! Will
  15. Will Vale

    Crooked House

    I did a bit more last night/this morning, trying to get more areas to a state ready for detailed work: I touched in the bricks and flags that I missed earlier with the same glazes, then washed the lower stonework with Agrax Earthshade and Athonian Camoshade on the lowest bits, trying to create a simple green/brown/grey transition from the bottom to the tower. I drybrushed all this with Rakarth Flesh and Ushabti Bone on the warmer areas, Codex Grey and Celestra Grey on the cooler ones, and a bit of Castellan Green around the bottoms of steps and pillars. The remaining stone entrances are Mechanicus Standard Grey overbrushed with Zandri Dust and then highlighted as above for warm areas. Doors have some metal elements although one or two have wooden panels which I've attempted to pick out in dark brown. It's very fiddly getting a brush into some of the areas owing to all the protrusions and depth. I also picked out the flashings in Incubi Darkness, I need to added black to various other bits of strapping and metal on the frames. The bottle on the doorstep really needs doing as milk per GW's original cover artwork, but at the moment it's just blocked in with a bottle-green colour. Cheers, Will