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  1. Wow, I missed heaps of progress. Looking good, still much bigger than mine! It's weird seeing all these familiar shapes forming out of the raw stuff of creation. Will
  2. That's great, I have recently acquired one of those as well, after admiring it for aaaages. Partly spurred on by the Namarti archer as they go together. Look forward to seeing yours in due course, lots of potential for crazy fish schemes Cheers, Will
  3. Hi all, Finished my orc-in-progress, only the one picture at the moment but I'm hoping to make a spinny video when I get time. A fun thing to paint but I keep being surprised at how much detail there is. At least it's nicely sharply moulded - I was even able to highlight the lower eyelids which are usually a disaster for me. Cheers, Will
  4. Painting in all the metal bits is always more work than I think it will be, and they tend to be very hard to read especially if you work in the evening. In the light box the different paints show up quite clearly where I didn't blend them, whereas in person the "glint" will hide that. Which is to say there's probably some smoothing required. The small, softly molded bosses on the armour are particularly tricky. Pretty happy though! I need to do a bit more weathering to tie things together and then call it a day. Cheers, Will
  5. I developed the metallics on the base, building up highlights with lighter silvers and then knocking it back with some dark brown lining and dust. The water has had a coat of X-22 with a bit of Warp Lightning (green) swirled through it, and then another coat after that for extra shine. Will
  6. Gradually closing in on "all the bits have colour on" as I've painted the base. This is to go with the "sulphur swamp" ones I did for the hobgoblins, although there's a big moulded piece so I didn't add much. I did spread a bit of texture paint around to get some fine gritty surface over the slightly odd-looking moulded "earth" lumps. The dead Stormcast has had some basic colour - dark steel and a mix of Nuln Oil Gloss and Agrax Earthshade over the top - but I won't add any detail until I've done the flat varnish as it'll kill all the metallics. More excitingly, I painted the shield. I like the yellow option from the rulebook and then realised it might clash with the base rather. I thought about changing but decided to stick with it. Lots of fun to paint! The blue-green bits will be metallic, so they're also waiting for varnish. Cheers, Will
  7. Thanks for the kind words folks. It's a hard choice with the underwater elves - some people paint/base them as though they're underwater, with corals and caustics. But they're supposed to be able to come out of the water and bring a sort of magic "ghost of the sea" with them so their fishes work properly. I'm not sure how to show either of those so settled for "on a beach" W
  8. Thanks Ross I used to be quite sniffy and dubious about edge highlighting but I seem to have adopted it wholeheartedly over the past few years. I did a whole round of neatening of the highlights and detailing the leather: and last night spent an hour (ish) on his face, skin, and nails. All twenty! There aren't any moulded details for the nails but I think it adds a slightly creepy touch so I tend to paint them in on orcs and goblins and the like. Cheers, Will
  9. I've not been very good at posting WIPs recently, but as I'm on a bit of a roll of starting things and finishing them, here's one: It's a random Killaboss from the Dominion box that came out last year for Age of Sigmar. Tall thin orcs with stumpy legs that live in swamps and are cunning and such. The paint is based on lots of drybrushing with glazes over the top, both for speed and to get some natural texture/untidiness in the skin and cloth. I previously painted these hobgrots/hobgoblins with similar techniques but a warmer finish on the skin: I'm not quite sure where the Killaboss is going yet, but hopefully it'll work out. Cheers, Will
  10. Gorgeous, I like the older models with lovely new paint. The bases are pretty too. Will
  11. Thanks The shading on the face is mostly from the wash, I didn't have to darken anything after that, just build up the mid-tones and highlights. The colours were inspired by the GW Briomdar scheme, I really like it. The bow is mine though, based on the Spindle Drones I did a while ago. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Namarti-Reavers-2018 I think if I ever get around to doing some of the fish, the pearl will look good on the howdahs and saddles and things? Cheers, Will
  12. Hi folks, This month's free mini from Games Workshop was a Namarti Reaver - they're elves that went wrong (with no soul, hence no eyes) and went to live in the sea rather than being destroyed. They come out of the ocean to steal souls from coastal communities, and the lack of eyes makes them easier to paint (click for bigger) The skin is thinned contrast glazed with regular paints, and I used similar techniques for the cloth as well. The mother-of-pearl bow and weapon details are done by dotting glazes into wet medium so they spread and create very soft blends. I think she came out quite well and at three evenings' work rates as only moderately time consuming Here are the elf factions I've touched so far. I don't have any of the tree ones (apart from a tree-man I guess!) Cheers, Will
  13. Made some drone bases last night, gluing cut down flying stems onto normal 32mm bases. W
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