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  1. Sorry to resurrect this old thread! Has anyone tried adding the wings from the Airfix Spitfire Vc/Seafire IIIc (Kit 5110) to the more recent Vb fuselage?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know what codes Spitfire Vb W3828 would have carried whilst with 266 Sqn. I would like to know this information for the end of October 1941. The Squadron ORB does not help nor does the combat report filed on 27th Oct by Sqn Ldr Green who shot down a Do217 in this aircraft. Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. I was confusing the Gramd Slam Lancasters with the B.VI which did have four blade props.
  4. Am I remembering right when I recall seeing somewhere that these aircraft had four bladed propellers on their outboard engines?
  5. This is from Paul Bellamy who is something of an authority on this kind of thing. Can't reply as not a member, but have answered the same question with the same photo before. Pyrotechnic candle rack for mickey lead ship. Tail guns not removed, just lost in the shade of the plane behind.
  6. I have the Luftwaffe Crash Archive series which is up to volume ten currently. They are excellent and very comprehensive. I would recommend them to anyone with a serious interest in the topic. They are not cheap but then you get what you pay for.
  7. Mike M

    Hobbyboss Me262

    Hi, I have the 1:48 Hobbyboss Me262 A-2a model. In order to make it as a A-1a is it as simple as swapping the nose piece for the one with four cannons rather than two and leaving the bomb racks off? Cheers, Mike
  8. Hi, This is a massive long shot! Does anyone have any details of the aircraft flown by Oblt. Wolfgang Neu of 4/JG26 on 11th February 1944 when he claimed his ninth victory. I assume it would be a FW 190A-7 but would like to know what the code number was. If possible I would like the same information for two other pilots, Lt. Lange (6/JG26) and Fw. Mayer (7/JG26) also with regards to 11th February 1944. Cheers, Mike
  9. I am happy that BR250 is the Spitfire concerned. The combat was on May 25th 1942 and so fits with the history for that aircraft.
  10. Hi,I am trying to confirm individual letter for the Spitfire VI flown by Pilot Officer C.B. Brown of 616 Sqn during the interception of a Do217 on 25th May 1942. This was the first encounter with the Luftwaffe with a Spitfire VI. The brief encounter led to the Dornier being damaged but Pilot Officer Brown losing his eye when his canopy was shattered by return fire. Johnnie Johnson was involved in the combat but didn't engage the Dornier himself.The Squadron ORB is no help as no serials or aircraft letters are listed. This information is also absent from the combat report. Graham Pitchfork's book on 616 Sqn has the Spitfire serial as BP250 but a brief search through some of my reference material suggests that this serial was never assigned to a Spitfire so must be an error. I believe that this is a typo as BR250 fits the bill perfectly. I know that 616 Sqn aircraft letters are a bit of a black hole!It will be YQ-?, but what letter did BR250 carry?Cheers,Mike
  11. Thought I'd share this article as it has a good image of a 50 Squadron Lancaster. http://www.northantstelegraph.co.uk/news/top-stories/war-veteran-92-latest-victim-in-corby-car-park-controversy-1-7338061 Mike
  12. Did you get a reply mekon?
  13. I have the three volume set published by Classic Publications on the Fw190 and was wondering if anyone knows of any plans for a similar set on the Bf109?
  14. Try my website! www.20thfightergroup.com Mike
  15. Mike M

    616 Sqn question

    Thanks for this it is most useful. Wansford is about four miles east of King's Cliffe and the airfield is between the two villages. A number of RAF sources refer to the airfield as actually being called Wansford. If Davidson had taken off from the East/West runway in a easterly direction then any crash would have been very close to Wansford village. I didn't realise that the "The RAF's first Jet Squadron 616 (South Yorkshire)" book covered the earlier years of the Squadron, I assumed it was about their exploits with the Meteor. I'll have to buy a copy now! Mike
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