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  1. Sorry, I neglected to consider the context! I'll have to see what, if anything, I can offer...
  2. Which model, as they did change in detail from one to another?
  3. FYI, Out of curiosity I mocked up an order to Maine, USA. $109 pre-order, but the shipping was an additional (approx.) $25. Adding a second made the shipping $38-40, so not a dramatic "economy of scale". Perhaps I should inquire about getting a review copy! I'm not "complaining" about the price- I'm in the "buy it or don't buy it" camp.
  4. How so? Not that I doubt you, it just doesn't ring the "yes, I know that" bell.
  5. On the mystery of the registration, 'PK was written off in early January 1947, so certainly not your parents' mount, and probably not the subject for a photograph taken in 1947 (as someone conjectured).
  6. Or buy a couple more and do a squadron op!
  7. My impulse was to offer you one, but I think my stack is in 'deep storage'!
  8. An update of sorts... First of all, I hope I didn't sound arrogant with my comment about "what I didn't know"- it is just that, even though I would usually list the P-38 as one of my all time faves, in particular the "rugged, manly chin" late models, I haven't paid microscopically close attention to them for quite a long time. I've got a week and a half before the (regular) boat run shuts down for the season. Since May I've been working 7 days a week, between that and two other jobs. Needless to say, not a lot of time to even think about models. I'm still hoping to attempt a P-38D conversion, using the 48th Academy kit (possibly with some Hasegawa cross-pollination). These are the "obvious" modifications required to back-date: Modified nose gear, and longer door (sticks out a bit further forward) "Scoop" over the front of the familiar turbo-supercharger ducting (for my subject) Cylindrical "faux-guns" in place of actual 50 cal barrels- and the arrangement is slightly different, which may influence things like ejection ports, if they aren't just blanked anyway- which technically would still involve a wee bit of modification Perhaps some minor details in the cockpit/ under the glass, though I don't tend to get too fussed about such things (Edit) Oh yeah, remembered another: delete wing root cuffs. That could take some delicacy...
  9. About the production (or at least "constructor's number") sequence, the XBT-1 comes first, then A-17, A-17A, and A-17AS, THEN the production BT-1s, with another smaller batch of A-17As following.
  10. Funny, I'm quite sure (which means very little?) that elsewhere Tom Cleaver stated in no uncertain terms (as he is prone to do) that the interior of Glacier Girl was exactly the same paint as the OD on the outside. A comment (or two) about that conversion: it is intended for the Academy kit, which uses the separate front bits to form the front wall of the nosegear well, thus the way their parts are formed. I also notice that it claims to be "Suitable for all modellers," [emphasis added] so it must not be your fault!
  11. a) Yes b) don't know, but it seems too far outboard for the ID black stripe c) the sun is "full on" that side of the tail, so I'd agree the rudder is cocked slightly, and therefore "brighter". Note that this reasoning ignores the possibility of unit colour, since I'm not sure of the timing of such. There doesn't seem to be any special unit paint on the nose, however. Edit: No sooner do I say the last thing than I find an old thread where I suggested the opposite: (this gives a hint about the rudder, too)
  12. https://www.vintagewings.ca/stories/rose-of-york
  13. Welcome! Where in CT? I grew up in the north-east corner. bob
  14. Hey, that gives me an idea... (I've got a Revell 32nd X-1 that I've barely yet damaged.)
  15. Sounds like two depictions of one blade type.
  16. Thanks Rich, I'm enjoying the "research phase" (don't I always), and a bit startled to realize what I didn't know. There are some significant changes to make, but I'm not scared away yet...
  17. Sorry to be mysterious- I feel honor-bound to speak up, but as of this moment have NO idea what kit or subject I've got in mind. Maybe, just maybe, an early model in Army Maneuvers temporary markings? 48th, unless I foolishly decide to throw my 32nd Revell into the ring...
  18. Well, I'm sorry to be "that guy", but might the Thunderbolt's little brother, the P-43, be able to come along? Not that I don't have some P-47s to build...
  19. 1 May and 24 July respectively for the contracts (according to the book about Lend-Lease).
  20. Not sure if the seats are exactly the same - there are a couple of shots of a Vamp seat here somewhere. Edit: Here's a thread that has links to good photos:
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