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  1. Take a look at this thread. (Not necessarily providing THE answer, but relevant.)
  2. Hi Jim, Measuring the one-piece closed clear, 2 1/4 inches. It took me a while to find my kit! (That's with the top roughly parallel to the scale.)
  3. I can't decide if it is superbly built, a nice eye-catching scheme, or just very well photographed. I think D, all of the above.
  4. I confess that when the answer appeared I realized I had forgotten about this query. Mine's still on sprues, though, so would have been somewhat difficult to measure.
  5. It looks surprisingly like a Mustang now! Awfully narrow nose, though...
  6. On a D I can understand, but an A-36 without stores pylons just ain't natural!
  7. You sure it wasn't the Vampire? You DID leave those clusters of garlic around the door and window, didn't you? Wow John, I just came here from the Gallery- you didn't mess around, did you? I have to say, all these 72nd Airfix Ds I've been seeing certainly look well formed!
  8. Ooh, somehow I think I missed this one. And I'm relieved that it isn't until next year, because I'm behind enough already right now!
  9. I confess that when I saw the thread title I thought of London buses followed closely by 747s and Stratoliners, etc. Maybe certain rolling stock, too. Oddly enough ships didn't suggest themselves until now, probably because that's too obvious. Anyway, heck yeah, you can put me on the rolls. Even if you restricted me to 1940 I'd be fine, because then I could do the Norwegian Gladiator (the plane, not the Roman fighter!)
  10. I was trying to think of a paraphrase of the "Spanish Inquisition" skit, because that's very much what my "themes" or "influences" are like. To be honest, what Alan said in post 5 also summed me up quite accurately. My bullseye, I suppose, is 1/48 WWII (plus and minus), with an emphasis on fighters and sleek twins (A-20, 26, B-25 (well, sleekish!)), and also heavily leaning toward "Allied", especially British, aircraft. But there are many MANY exceptions, and bottom line is I get what I feel like getting- I'm not the rigorously self-disciplined type. I'm also not very brand loyal- quality talks! Having said that, though, I'm rooting for Airfix. I've bought an alarming number (or "mass") of 1/32, which started only for certain special subjects, and I'm not entirely comfortable with that! (I do think that it is the right scale for the few WWI I desire- mostly Sopwith- and also for civil, so I've got Revell Super Cubs and sailplanes and wish there were more similar things.) I've also got a 1/72 theme of transports and other large aircraft, which evolved rather than was planned, and a few of Airfix's more recent releases, darn them! I'm really trying hard to resist this scale, though- one has to draw the line somewhere, even if it is a fuzzy, sometimes dashed line. Heck, I even have a couple of 1/144 kits, but I REALLY don't see myself falling in love with that scale in general. I have virtually no interest in the traditional "Armor" category. I do have a handful of cars, mostly only in scales that go with aircraft (48th and 32nd) and only types that I like, and I have one, maybe two 1/35 military trucks that I got in a stack and thought were kind of intriguing. Plus that funny Czech "Turtle" armoured car, just because it is so Jules Verne/Steampunk I couldn't NOT get one. No interest in space/SciFi, either, though perfectly comfortable with the occasional WhatIf that tickles my fancy. Oh, and lest I forget, I've also bought some "military equipment" sets for the animals- first horses, then Tamiya's barnyard animal set just because, and also the Finnish ski troops with reindeer. My wife's Finnish, so when I saw that one I kinda had to. Mind you, I haven't "built" (painted/completed) a single one of the critters yet. (Human-ish figures I'm not very interested in, partly because I have no faith that I can do them at all well, and/or because unless done superbly they tend to break the illusion for me. Having said that, though, I can definitely imagine trying to create some sort of vignette sometime. In fact, on the back cover of one of the modeling mags I was looking at the other day was a 1/35 "French Farmyard", and I thought it would be the perfect place for the 1/35 animals (including the one I mean to do as our (real) horse) to live!) Which reminds me- there's that 1/35 Case Army tractor that I read a review of and, to my own surprise, have been jonesing for ever since. Ah yes, boats- Trumpeter 1/350 Schnellboot because I saw it in a shop one day and it was only $10 and I thought it was nifty. Not sure I have any others right now, but if the right thing came along (or the wrong thing at the right moment...) Hmm, I wonder why I have a "stash"? p.s. While the subject matter usually drives my interest, truth is I also just like "miniaturization". p.p.s. Yep, got a couple of helicopters, too, but they don't do much for me in general. With some exceptions, they're sort of the Gundam of the aeronautical world- and now I've brought up one category that has utterly failed to attract me.
  11. Very nice result, and I'm impressed by the painted-on markings, particularly where the insignias cross the wing fold!
  12. Pretty much what I was thinking! (Originally I was wondering why they'd chosen 72nd, but I was also enchanted by the teensie-ness, so no regrets.)
  13. Love that last shot- as if, while in the meadow, you just held out your hand and it landed there.
  14. If you can find an early (unprotected) windscreen, say from an Airfix Mk.I boxing (?), that might be easier to "de-frame". Or just face up to the vac! (Or try the vac, knowing you can always go back to your "real" plan...)
  15. I haven't built it, but looking at the instructions the wheel and cover (gear door) both mount on the basic gear leg, so I'd probably see if that assembly- the three pieces together- would sit well in the right position. You could also then do away with almost all of the engine/mount/etc to make life much simpler! I'll be doing mine gear down, but also fully cowled, so will see how little engine I need. Maybe I'll build up a Gipsy Major engine for my eventual Airfix Tiger Moth!
  16. Glad to see another start! According to the decal art, no mast, so that's half the battle won
  17. Comments: 1. The XIVe wing structurally still had the gun bays, etc. I think sometimes "solid" plugs were used, but other times the usual patches (perhaps the plugs were lost?) 2. No, the outer position has the cannon set further back, so it looks rather like the Mk.V cannon fitted to the inner position (as in some Seafires) 3&4. agree these suggest "day fighter" scheme. I tried zooming in, and still couldn't convince myself that there was a (stub) wingtip on the port side, so Dave may be right.
  18. Lovely looking result, and photographed to do it justice. Considering I've got a B-36 at my elbow, the 707 isn't THAT big ! No, wait, I've got a KC-135 (thus far in the stash)- it's pretty darn big.
  19. Good guess- from an interchangeability chart I have, it appears that A-35 Vengeance main wheels/tires are the same as P-38's mains.
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