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  1. I really like the work that you have done so far, such an interesting looking build, I'm looking forward to seeing this progress... Ed
  2. That's a smashing job, I really like the paint finish, well done...
  3. I really like that, that looks very nice... Ed
  4. That's very nicely constructed, It's looking fabulous, painting will really bring this to life... Ed
  5. Crikey, what a difference in the sets of wheels, I'm going to save this thread for reference later on as I'm really interested in doing one some time. Thanks for the info... These will be a fantastic addition to your model, good work... Ed
  6. Looking good George, It's coming along nicely, I also really like the figure, It will go great with the model... Ed
  7. Many thanks Wayne, you may well be right, I never thought of that, I just thought at the time it was a bit unusual for them to that as in all their models that I have done, this is the first time I've had to do that. Never mind I've done them all now without any issues. Onto the next bit now... thanks for commenting, it's much appreciated... Ed
  8. Thanks for that Trevor, I'm a glutton for punishment, so here I go... Ed Thank you Stuart, that's much appreciated, that's the first time I have tried that effect to seats, I quite like the look of the effect... Ed Many thanks, I really appreciate that... Ed Thank you Darryl for the kind comments.. " I never knew about the rear driver, you just know some joker would have tried to have a go whilst driver at the front was doing what drivers do! " I think that person would be me, I'd just love to do that and wind them up a bit... all the best Ed
  9. Hello folks, managed to do a little bit more to my Austin armoured car. Since the last update I started to assemble the flooring and front mudguards to the chassis. I have to say everything is a very good fit, no issues at all. Here are a couple of photo's to show where I'm at... I added and weathered the seats, steering wheels and foot pedals, also used a bit of burnt umber and some pigments in various areas to add variety to the colour... A few close up photo's, this one showing the engine assembly... The front drivers area... The rear drivers area... That's pretty much all that needs to be done to the chassis assembly, a few bits I've left off, like the foot mount to get into the vehicle, I've left this off for now as I would probably break it when installing the top body part. Also I left the bonnet stay's until later on... Now I started to look at the body assembly, I think Miniart are getting even more sadistic. If putting about 15 gates for you to trim off on a short piece of rod is not bad enough, look at the photo below... Miniart provide a couple of sprue lengths of rivets as shown in the bottom left hand corner of the photo, you need to shave these off and glue to the body shown on the right, you may just see some indentations from top to bottom on the extreme left hand side of the part. I don't mind doing a couple of these, but there are 38 to do in total, 19 on each side, I mean....really! Enough said, all the best, I'll be back one day, when I have finished the rivets..... (For anyone thinking of mentioning any riveting jokes... ) Ed
  10. The chassis looks even better now, I do like the way that the tracks sit, they look very nice... Ed
  11. That looks great, I really like the undercarriage, what an assembly, good work... Ed
  12. Very nice Trevor, I really like the work that you have done on the chassis, looks very neat, well done... Ed
  13. Such a lovely clean build, I really like this. I'm looking forward to the painting stage, If it's like the construction it will be excellent... Ed
  14. I like the look of that, will watch with interest your progress... Ed
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