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  1. Don't blame you Andy my friend, I do like the Eduard kit's they are smashing to build, may try again one day once I get to do all the Miniart kit's I have in my stash... all the best Ed
  2. Nice job Andy, I've not done a wingy thing for ages, but yours really does look a cracker... Ed
  3. Very nicely built, painted and weathered. Well done, really excellent... Ed
  4. Looks interesting Wayne, I have never tried resin, so will look with interest to see how you get on with this one... Ed
  5. Hi Wayne, thanks for your kind comments, I agree it’s an interesting subject and a bit different to the norm. I just liked the dozer blade and the blue colour of the body, it’s just different, that’s what I like all the best Ed
  6. Thank you Darryl, appreciate you looking in and commenting... all the best Ed
  7. Really nice work John, I like the alterations that you have made, it's coming on nicely... Ed
  8. That looks a real cracker Tom, absolutely gorgeous. I really do like the painting and the subtle weathering. Good choice of photo's as well showing all that marvellous detail... Well done Ed
  9. Very nicely painted and weathered, looks great... Ed
  10. It's looking better and better, the Master barrel looks tremendous... Ed
  11. Very nice smooth paintwork, this is going to be an absolutely gorgeous model Ed
  12. Thanks Lee, "Something different" it certainly is, It's nice sometimes to try something different, I appreciate your comments and thanks for looking in... Ed Hi Vytautas, It certainly is a separate model, so much detail Miniart have added to this, It's really quite nice to build and paint.. all the best Ed
  13. Thank you LM I appreciate your comments... Ed Hi Bertie, Thanks for your comments, I found it easier to apply weathering doing it this way so will be interesting to see on your M3/4. I have applied grime to the bottom part of the engine, it doesn't show so much in the photo's but I haven't added the oil leaks which I usually do, so thanks for the reminder... Ed Hope so John, as always thank you for commenting It's really appreciated... all the best Ed
  14. The detail on this is fabulous, I really like the work that you have put into those pipes, they really do look good... Ed
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