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  1. Beautiful build Wayne, absolutely beautiful, the painting and weathering look extremely good, fabulous finish... Ed
  2. Lovely work on this Milan, I really like the detail on this kit, it looks fabulous, paintwork looks great ... By the way I really like the look of the Lanchester, I was thinking of getting that one myself Ed
  3. Very nicely finished tank, lovely paintwork and weathering, looks great... Ed
  4. Beautiful work Matt, amazing skills your showing through your work, really excellent... Ed
  5. I've totally missed this somehow, lovely work you have done so far, so many nice details you have put into the model, looks really first rate.... Ed
  6. Thank you John, yes, no problem I'll let you know about the tracks, from what I have read you need to make sure that the holes are clean by running a 0.5mm drill through them as any little obstruction will bend the soft resin pins. Ed
  7. Beautiful paintwork, it's a joy to watch... Ed
  8. Beautiful work Marco, the work that you have done is stunning, really excellent, looking forward to seeing more... Ed
  9. Cheers Matt, yes exactly that was my thought at the time, with the weight of the links you just know that some will come apart just as you get to fit them onto the model and they crumble in you hands... Ed
  10. Thanks for that, I know what you mean, I had those on the T-55A and Panzer III and they are horrible. I have recently purchased the T-54 Dozer Blade with full interior, it has the same awful swing arms. What I will try to do is to drill a hole in the arm and add a pin then drill a hole in the corresponding wheel, hopefully for a better fit. thanks for commenting Ed
  11. Thanks Peter, yes I have seen that one and it may be one for a future build, at the moment I still have a few interior builds to start which will take some time to complete I think... thanks Ed
  12. Thanks Wayne, I totally agree, the tracks look interesting, looking forward to doing those, if they come out ok then that's it for me, I will buy on all future builds, not that I do that many per year... all the best Ed
  13. A new update just to keep things moving, I seem to have spent quite a lot of time constructing but with little to show for it. Anyway I have now started to add items to the body, first of all adding the suspension arms, no real problem there just a mini assembly for each one. I also decided to replace the plastic grab handles with copper wire. The tie down brackets were PE and flat, so I also replaced these with copper wire... Then I started to add the front mud guards. This was my first problem, I glued these to the front plate so that I co
  14. Looks nice Carius, good job so far, looking forward to seeing more... Ed
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