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  1. More great detail Nenad, it’s looking better and better... Ed
  2. Very nice neat work Kristjan, the PE looks fantastic, beautiful work... Ed
  3. You have made a lovely job of this tank, the build and painting has been absolutely superb, as Bertie has just mentioned it would be nice to see some interior after all your hard work. well done Ed
  4. Many thanks guys for your kind comments, I'm looking forward to finishing this off now, as you said Ade "quite a long journey", it certainly has been, but it's been a really nice build and I've tried a few new things in the process which has probably meant that it has taken a little bit longer to build... thanks Ed
  5. Cheers John , thanks for your comments, I think I'll give the M51 a miss, It's already taken me months assembling this thing I don't want to go through a re-assembly Ed
  6. Thanks Darryl, much appreciated. The Su-122-54 is one of many Miniart kits that's still on my list to get and do. One day!!! thanks Ed
  7. Many thanks chaps for your kind comments, one more push and it will be done... thanks Ed
  8. Again another beautifully finished model Wayne, a real smasher... Ed
  9. Hi there everyone, I have now pretty much assembled everything that needs to be assembled and glued into place on this tank, this includes the hatches, tow cables, tools etc. A few pictures to show where I'm at... The only other additions that need to be made are the two antennae, the DShK gun, and spare tracks to be placed on the turret and on the front glacis plate. I now need to add more weathering, now that I have got everything together, with some more detail painting and adding some sand coloured pigments around the body and to the wheels and tracks etc Then I think that will be it, hopefully the finished article.. I'll be back when I've finished. as always thanks for looking in Ed
  10. Very nice all round from lovely painted model to great looking figures and a very nicely done base. Superb, well done... Ed
  11. Beautiful work Igor, very nice painting and weathering, really excellent... Ed
  12. Brilliant, thanks John, I have to say they do look good... thanks for the info, I'll take a look Ed
  13. Hi Stef, somehow I missed a lot of this and just caught up. Beautiful work, the paint and camo looks brilliant, its will look amazing after weathering I'm sure... Ed
  14. Beautiful work as always John, really does look good, fabulous detailing . Where did you get your MG from? I'm thinking of a future build here... Ed
  15. Excellent work Vytautas, looks really good... Ed
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