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  1. Very nice work, looks great, coming along a treat.. Ed
  2. Good work Marco, looks brilliant, superb detail painting... Ed
  3. That's a beautiful model Nenad, very nicely painted and weathered with lots of lovely details to look at, really excellent... Ed
  4. Looks absolutely brilliant, the finish and the chipping is first class...well done Ed
  5. That really does look smashing, lots of lovely detail on that gun, the dry brushing has really worked out well... good job Ed
  6. Tremendous work on the gun and the base for the diorama looks fantastic, I need to look at your other thread to see how you carry on with this. It all looks brilliant.. Ed
  7. Beautiful work Kristjan, the interior looks fabulous, tremendous work... Ed
  8. Brilliant thanks for the information, I did wonder how long I could leave the paint on before attacking it, I'll do a few tests when I get the chance and see how I get on... good stuff, thanks for commenting Ed
  9. Good work, it all looks nice and neat and tidy... Ed
  10. Thank you John, appreciate that, looking forward to putting some paint on, it seems to have taken forever to get to this stage.. all the best Ed
  11. Thanks guys for your comments, appreciate that... all the best Ed
  12. Hi there folks, just managed to have a little time to do some more work, I have now pretty much completed the assembly of the tank, all that's left to be added are a few tools and the tow cables, I'll do those at the end. Since my last update I have made and added the brass tie down brackets and grab handles to the turret. I replaced the aerials with 0.4mm aluminium rod, which look a lot better that those horrible aerials included in the kit. Here are some views of the completed tank, most parts will come off for painting so are just held on for now with Maskol so you may see some gaps, but when I have finished, those should hopefully disappear. The next stages are to take everything off and start to mask the body and turret for the undercoat. Regarding painting, I think at the moment I am going to undercoat with Mig One shot Brown Oxide primer, which has a lovely brown colour, then I am going to attempt the hairspray technique and paint with Tamiya XF-59 Sand and start chipping. I have never done hairspray before so I will try a few times on some spare parts to see how it works and whether it gives me the result that I want. The first parts I will commit will be the wheels before the main body and turret as those would be easier to remedy than the main parts. So that's it for now, I will be back when I have more to show All the best and thanks for looking Ed
  13. That’s one very nicely built and painted tank, excellent job... Ed
  14. Looking really good Rob, engine looks great and a good start to the baseplate, this looks to be a cracking model, looking forward to seeing more... Ed
  15. Beautiful work Tom, lovely painting and weathering, a really stunning bit of work... Ed
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