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  1. very impressive building and fabulous painting, great work Ed
  2. Beautiful paint work, it looks really impressive, Brilliant!! Ed
  3. Thanks Andy, glad to have you along with the build, still a lot of work to do but it's coming along nicely, thanks Ed
  4. Beautifully made, painted and weathered, top class job both look amazing Ed
  5. Just a quick update, have now varnished body and turret, colour is now slowly deepening. Have added a few highlights to grab handles, clasps, bolts etc. Now need to add decals then do a general oil wash over everything, the wash should darken further.. thanks for looking Ed
  6. As a flat coat, interesting! will have to get some, thanks for that. Ed
  7. Thanks Tom, I'm hoping so, I'm looking forward to weathering it, hopefully it will turn out ok thanks for looking in Ed
  8. Thanks John, i bought both the grey and black primers, the grey comes out quite dark, much darker than vellejo, but both give a nice finish. Apparently reviews reckon that these primers are rebottled stynylrez. This is a review that prompted me to try these: thanks for looking in Ed
  9. Thanks Ernst Thanks Rob, it's actually quite nice to do, if you thin the top coat quite a bit you can just gradually add as much or as little paint as you wish. Quite interesting to do. thanks for looking in Ed
  10. Thanks Hewy, really appreciate you looking in... Ed
  11. This looks really interesting, looks like there's going to be some good detail, i like the work that you have done on the brass. The engine looks great especially with the wiring. Nice Ed
  12. Hi guys, finally managed to get some paint on the outside of this model. i started off using Mig one-shot black primer, I used to use Vallejo but if i had a problem and needed to do a repair by doing some sanding, the primer would just peel off. A little while ago i noticed that someone had created a post on primers and this one was mentioned in another article. The one-shot sands beautifully, i really like it. So photo showing primed body and turret. I then proceeded using white paint to try and give variations in the colour and slowly blend from dark to lig
  13. Beautiful work on this, the detail is amazing. It’s looking better and better. Lovely work on the brass... Ed
  14. wow, this kit looks massive, absolutely amazing detail, you have done amazing work so far Ed
  15. This is looking really great, love the extra detail that you are putting into this. Great work... Ed
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