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  1. Very nice build Kristjan, tracks also look great... Ed
  2. That's a super looking Lee. Very nicely painted, well done... Ed
  3. Very nice John, looks fabulous. Nice painting and weathering, nice looking figures and terrific base too. Splendid work... Ed
  4. That looks brilliant Stef, it really does. The painting of the model and the stowage just looks superb. Well done... Ed
  5. Many thanks Stuart, appreciate your comments Ed
  6. That's the one I'm thinking of... https://vanguardmodels.co.uk/product/saucy-jack-barking-well-smack/ for a little change. I've still got 8 Miniart kits to build
  7. Many thanks Bertie, I appreciate you looking in and commenting. It’s coming along slowly, too many distractions at the moment. I’ve been interested in your wooden ship building, in fact I have one in mind for next year after I’ve done the armoured car group build. all the best skipper
  8. Hello there folks, a little update on my progress so far. After the base coat I sprayed the model with a satin varnish, then proceeded doing a pin wash using Burnt Umber oil paint. I wanted to distress all the panels, so I applied small dots of oil paint, namely White, Yellow Ochre, Prussian Blue and Olive Green to small areas at a time then blended them all together. That's now the base for all the other work to follow from now on. I then added a matt varnish to seal everything and to give a good surface for all the other effects that I want to apply. Here are a few photo's So I can now continue with rust, scratches and other detail painting. I'll be back when I have more to show. all the best and as always, thanks for looking in. Ed
  9. It looks great Ian, the weathering and dust effects are spot on, well done... Ed
  10. Very nice Nenad, beautiful painting and weathering, really does look excellent. Well done... Ed
  11. Very nice indeed Darryl, cracking looking Sherman, really nicely painted, the figures just finishes it all of superbly. Well done... Ed
  12. That really does look gorgeous, I really like the way that you have painted this with nice variations to the main colour. Top work, well done... Ed
  13. Wow, that is unusual, lovely looking car, beautifully made, painted and weathered. The vignette just finishes it off brilliantly. Well done... Ed
  14. I really like this, I've been following your work in progress and this has finished to a wonderfully little tank. excellent work... Ed
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