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  1. Thanks Andy, I'm quite pleased with the way it's turned out, wasn't sure what to expect to be honest but it seems to have gone ok. Doing the snow should be interesting! thanks mate Ed
  2. Thanks John, hopefully it will be ok, probably need to seal first with varnish I suppose before applying any paint and weathering in case its bleeds through. If it doesn't work I'll do it again.. all the best Ed
  3. Hi there folks , a quick update, slowly coming towards the end of the model, just needing to do a bit more detail painting and adding bits to the model. I started to look at the exhaust system and I've noticed in my reference book and some photo's on the internet that the exhaust pipe is lined with good old asbestos. Miniart have provided the pipe just plain with no detail which is unusual for them. So I have decided to use masking tape to try to simulate the lining. As for the rest of the model, I have applied a pin wash on all the little details and have added some
  4. Beautiful work Simon, looks absolutely stunning.. Ed
  5. That looks brilliant Dan it really does make a difference, looks great Ed
  6. Very nice build indeed, excellent painting and finishing... Ed
  7. Beautiful work Stix, absolutely beautiful, the detail is amazing, figures look great, it's just cracking, well done.... Ed
  8. Well done Andy, looks really good. Nice weathering and some great chipping making this look superb. Excellent mate Ed
  9. Looks really good Stef, nice paint work.. Ed
  10. Nice work Dan, stowage look great, nicely painted... Ed
  11. It’s looking very nice, looking forward to seeing more... Ed
  12. Many thanks, much appreciated, thanks for looking in and commenting.. Ed
  13. Nice going Rob, some lovely detail here, it’s looking great... Ed
  14. Thanks John, there seems to be many different ways to do the white wash, I just wanted to try this one, hopefully by the time I finish it will look ok.. As always thanks for looking in and your comments Ed
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