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  1. Great work. Looking really good
  2. As @bootneck observed in one of his build threads, this 3D printing malarkey can get quite addictive. Unfortunately the 3D CAD all takes time - especially when you're still very unfamilar with it as I am. Take for example a simple, 25 man liferaft container. I had a day's leave to fit in on Friday or lose it so I spent a few hours - about 3 in fact - trying to draw this from a couple of spheres, a cylinder and 5 pipes. It sort of looked okay bearing in mind the finished product is about 4mm long and 1.6 mm diameter, but I wasn't happy because it didn't quite look right and in an
  3. How true that statement is. Having successfully drawn and printed the bits for PUMA that I knew I simply couldn't scratch build to the standard with which I would be happy, I'm now looking at some of the others bits, mainly the white metal parts, that I'm not 100% happy with to see if I can improve on them. The first one yesterday was a 25 man liferaft container which on face value I thought would be very easy and in the end it's come out not too bad but there are some fundamental geometry errors in there that I've still to sort out. The fact that in 1/350 where the actual part is somethin
  4. That's seriously impressive work Pascal. The phrase that came to mind, to quote from Wayne's World where they fall to their feet in front of Alice Cooper, is "We are not worthy"! Wow! the detail that you are getting into your drawings meant that I thought you'd been doing this for years. "We are [even less] worthy"! I'd endorse the YouTube tutorials. I've only been using Fusion since Christmas and can honestly say that the software is very powerful but not intuitive and their own help forum and search engine are pretty awful. The search tool rar
  5. Hi Michal, Apologies for the delay in responding. Yes, the Cat class had Squid mortars. The first with Limbo I think were the Whitbys Should have waited and ordered mine from Mike! When I put the order in, he wasn't showing the Bofors Mk VII in stock so I ordered direct from Black Cat. Apparently they were despatched over a week ago so I suspect they're sitting in a customs warehouse somewhere because someone hasn't filled in a document correctly. Hopefully they'll turn up soon
  6. Great photos Michal Wimp! . At least if we did ever feel queasy we had fresh air and a horizon. The one time I went out in an O Boast I was parting company with breakfast before we got to the mouth of the River Dart from the smell of the diesel fumes (and before you say anything, yes I know the nuclear boats were very different!) Know what you mean Crisp. I was mostly okay with bad weather though sailing from Devonport into a Force 8 after a combined Trafalgar/Taranto night the night before in which we dined out my predecessor was a challenge fo
  7. Turns out that where I thought the gaps were solid, it was simply liquid resin that was being held in place by surface tension and as soon as I washed them off, it all became beautifully clear. I'm going to call this a result! Perhaps slightly heavy and I think the yardarm that holds it may be a wee bit long but I'm not changing it now (unless of course I break it off during handling which I think is a very distinct possibility!) If you look carefully at the top image, you will see on the left hand aerial that there appear to be a couple of
  8. Thanks Rob. I'm not the one to be giving tutorials on this - it would be a case of the blind leading the blind. I'm now up to V3 of the ACH aerial and I still don't think it has printed correctly. V1 just gave me a series of tiny blobs on the printing face. V2 at least printed some supports but not the aerials. I redrew it and doubled the thickness of the various components on the ground plane and something has printed though I fear the gaps between the tubes are solid. I think to be honest I am pushing the boundary of what my printer is capable of. But I'm not giving up. I still feel
  9. You did better than I did! There are a few there that I'm not sure about. The ones on the opposite of the Basin to the Head class look to me to have a black hull so I was thinking RMAS rather than Blackwood class though it could be a trick of the light. And looking at the Whitby, I thought that was EXMOUTH but I'm far from certain. if you look at the foc's'le, it appears to have a raised bulwark all around and a large black intake just aft of the funnel for the gas turbine intake.
  10. Having spent a couple of days doing battle with Fusion 360, I now think I have a fair rendition of the ACH aerial. Things I've learnt about Fusion 360: It's about as intuitive as trying to learn Mandarin just simply by looking at a Mandarin text with no dictionary or help guide The online help is no help at all and pulls up the most random solutions to what i thought were simple questions The "Move/Copy" tool doesn't offer copy functionality The built in version control is very good...apart from the fact that if you want to revert to a previous version, an
  11. Jeff, To avoid hijacking Michal's thread, I've just PM'd you with the links
  12. Have a look in one of the recent VICTORY build threads in Work in Progress (I cant remember which one and there are about 3) or the build thread for the original ARK ROYAL based on the REVENGE kit in the same place. One of those has a step by step guide for making ratlines.
  13. Look forward to following this. Never seen that approach to hull construction before but it certainly seems to have worked. Also never (to the best of my knowledge) seen a WW1 battlecruiser in that scale.
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