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  1. Chewbacca

    Matchbox HMS KELLY

    My Grandfather lived in Hebburn all his life and worked at most of the Tyne shipbuilders over the years. I remember him saying that he worked on KELLY when she was in build and then worked on her again when she came back in for repairs but I'm not sure if it was after hitting the mine or being attacked by E Boats off Norway. The family connection was then completed when my father served under Lord Mountbatten in the Far East. Suffice to say I shall be tackling one of the Atlantic Models kits at some point.
  2. Chewbacca

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Will they never learn. They did this exercise in 2002 when they were looking to close one of SULTAN, COLLINGWOOD or DRYAD and they proved then that you couldn't fit all of SULTAN's training requirements into COLLINGWOOD. Fundamentally there are serious limitations as to where on the COLLINGWOOD estate you can build because the land on which it sits is quite marshy. They proved that when they built the swimming pool, filled it with water and the whole building started to sink. Logically back then, the one to close was COLLINGWOOD as DRYAD had the capacity to take about 70% of the training load with the balance going to SULTAN, but ultimately the people at the top responsible for taking the decision were WEs. Actually putting QE into Portsmouth was the sensible choice. She would never get around the turn into the Hamoaze to go into Devonport. The old ARK and EAGLE could only just make it.
  3. Chewbacca

    HMS Aurora (12); Flyhawk 1:700

    Superb finish
  4. Looking forward to following this as I have this kit awaiting completion to represent GLASGOW in 1997-99. Which ship are you planning to replicate and what period? As for Flickr, open the photo then click the "Share" button (the right pointing white arrow bottom right). In the op up window, select BB Code and then choose the size image you want to upload (which will depend on the size of photo you have uploaded to Flickr. I usually used 1024 wide). Copy that link and paste in the BM post. About half way along the first line of this URL you should see the text "[/img][/url][url". Delete everything after "[/img][/url]" (that then avoids a load of text being pulled across with the image) Hope that helps
  5. Chewbacca

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    Seriously impressed with the speed of this. That much work would have taken me at least a month. Interesting choice of scale. Was there a rationale behind that? I seem to recall my Grandmother saying that her Aunt and Uncle perished in Titanic but that her cousin survived so she must have been rescued by Carpathia. In their honour I shall be following this with interest.
  6. Chewbacca

    1/350 HMS BULOLO scratchbuild

    Hi Rob, I'm modelling her as she was in the Far East in 1945 just prior to the surrender of the Japanese in Singapore as that's when my father was on board. As far as I can tell, there are few photos of her during that period - the best overall one is this one below although I have got couple of others that show some of the upper deck arrangements when she had Dutch refugees on board after recovering them from Surabaya.
  7. This project started over in Group Builds under the Pacific War GB that finished on Sunday. Sadly, I didn't make it so I thought it best to carry on over here. Full details of work to date can be found here: This is basically where I'm at: Hull and most superstructure complete. Bridge roof ready to go on together with funnel and cowl ventilators then it's into the smaller upper deck details. I'm waiting on a delivery of resin boats anchors and searchlights from Starling Models. Need to make a plethora of single 20mm Oerlikons, scratchbuild the davits (although I cannot see clearly from any of the photos just how they mount - they look like an early variant of a gravity davit but I didn't think we had those until the late 1950s). Still lots of PE to go on plus some Shapeways Carley Floats and then its into the fairly complex mast/aerial array. Aft 20mm sponson just dry fitted; ready for primer Just found a super upper deck photo on the IWM website thanks to a link on Rob's Fairmile build thread although I cannot work out just where on board they are standing. I think that the large steel beam top left is one of the LCP davits so I'm tempted to say that it's up on 02 deck port side and that the round structure just above them is the 20mm sponson I've just made. But I don't think so! It doesn't quite match any of the other photos I have.
  8. Not sure how I missed this before Mike but this is incredible - a real artform. She'll be a real beauty when completed. I will be following it with interest as you have a much better construction method than I used in my scratchbuilt BULOLO so I shall adopt your technique for future scratchbuilds Just a thought but your last photo in #59 brought it to mind. Have you considered putting lighting into the hangars?
  9. Chewbacca

    1/350 HMS BULOLO scratchbuild

    So with less than 5 hours to go to the end of the GB, here is the current state of play. I suppose if I'd started on time then there would have been a reasonable chance of finishing but as everyone has said, no point in rushing it as I'll only be disappointed with myself. In any case, I'm waiting on some resin from Starling Models (anchors, signal lamps and LCPs) and they haven't arrived yet. So I'll carry on over in Maritime Work in Progress. thanks to everyone for your encouragement. I am sure that without it I would have given up weeks if not months ago. It's certainly made me think twice about the feasibility of a scratchbuild 1/350 (or even 1/600) ARK ROYAL IV. There have been some cracking build s on here - well done to everyone. Overall view, about an hour before packing up for the day Close up of the forward superstructure. This was as I finished; man difference between this and the above is that there's a little more PE added just forward of the bridge screen and the addition of the two accommodation ladders midships, coverted from the GMM Liberty Ship PE set. Close up of the aft well deck
  10. Chewbacca


    I think you hit the nail firmly on the head Marcus. With most of the manufacturers of good quality maritime injected moulded kits being based in the Far East, they cater for the markets that they know will sell, namely Japanese and American subjects. I am amazed that Airfix aren't all over this like a rash but then I remember talking to a representative from Airfix at a show about 5/6 years back just after the Type 45 had come out about producing some more RN subjects ( I was pushing for a Type 22/42) and I was told that at the time they had no plans to ever produce any new tool maritime kits. Since their focus ever since has been WW2 and early cold war aircraft which seem to be going down very well with the public, I see sadly little reason from a business perspective why they would wish to change that policy. I guess we will have to wait for someone like Atlantic Models or Starling Models to do her in resin. Personally I would prefer 1/600 or 1/350 but I doubt we will ever see a resurgence in 1/600 and 1/350 resin would be simply cost prohibitive.
  11. Chewbacca

    1/350 HMS BULOLO scratchbuild

    Although some progress has been made and I'm now up to 01 deck level all secure plus all of the supports around the stern, even if we cancelled Christmas and I worked on it solidly for the next week, I can't see it being done. So I'll post a "got this far" update next Sunday and then transfer it across to Maritime work in progress. I suppose it was a little ambitious to plan on something this complex in 4 months.
  12. Chewbacca

    KUTA XI GB Chat

    Gonna have to drop out of this I'm afraid. The BULOLO build in the Pacific Theatre GB is not going to be finished this week and I'd like to press on with that. Depending upon how much time work sends me to overseas meetings next month means there's a fighting chance that might be done by the beginning of February. but that's about it. Perhaps KUTA XII to get some of the ones above completed? Or maybe they'll be done by then anyway?
  13. Chewbacca

    1/350 HMS BULOLO scratchbuild

    As they say in all military circles, a plan is only good until first contact with the enemy. I am supposed to now be on leave until 2 January and with most of the family still at college or working until next Friday, I figured that gave me a good 3 or 4 straight days to really press on with this. unfortunately we've recently won a big contract at work and the first deliverables are due in early January so if I don't go in this week they're never going to happen. Thus a week's leave is cancelled and my chances of finishing this by the end of the month have just gone out of the window. I have managed to get some top coat colour on though so it is now starting to look like a ship. The final photo-etch is all here so as soon as I have got the guardrails sprayed they can start to be fitted and I can carry on working upwards
  14. Chewbacca

    County Class Destroyers, options in 1/600

    That's useful to know
  15. Chewbacca

    1/350 HMS BULOLO scratchbuild

    Second primer coat on and first top coat of G45. The primer (Halfords rattle can) dried really quickly between coats but the top coat (Vallejo acrylic) is taking ages due to the low temperatures in the garage where my spray shop is situated. The hull received its first top coat at around 1600 today and its still wet nearly six hours later. Hoping to get a little more done tomorrow night and then I'm off to Germany for work for a few days so nothing until next Sunday.