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  1. So with BULOLO off the bench and HECLA's Wasp now just waiting on the quarterdeck capstan which is still being turned for me by a friend on a woodlathe (he's on the 4th iteration apparently so far and they keep breaking at the final cut), thought it was about time to turn to something new. I've heard nothing but praise for Peter Hall's Atlantic Models cold war resin kits and have managed to collect a few over the last couple of years so it was time for one to reach the top of the hoist. Of the five kits I've got, I've served in all bar one so my logic was best to start with that because alth
  2. A few years ago when my old Lynx came up for disposal, I did suggest to my wife that we should buy it to go on our front lawn. Her response cannot be printed in a forum where juniors might be present!
  3. I had completely forgotten that - thanks for reminding me. I did read somewhere that one of the plans for Texas was to put her back in her recent berth, build a dam across the entrance to the creek, pump it dry and then fill it with concrete. No idea how true that is or indeed if even feasible, especially given the corrosive properties of concrete. Whilst I wouldn't for one minute disagree with that, there is also the simple factor that being berthed in the Thames, close to so many other very high profile tourist attractions, if any preserved ship in UK can survi
  4. I will always remember HERMES as she was at Portland in the summer of 1987, shortly after being sold to the IN and renamed Viraat . Part of the sale included a work up package under FOST staff and at the time, I am afraid to say, she was a liability, described by one senior FOST officer at the time as a danger to shipping. She failed just about every serial that she undertook whether it was engineering, damage control or simple bridgemanship and ship-handling. It was so bad that the Admiral ordered an RN bridge team be put on board and they took her clear of UK waters being lifted off by a
  5. Fabulous work Terry, especially after your reshaping of the propellor (or is it a propulsor given the number of blades?).
  6. Some absolutely first class modelling there Michal. The weathering is some of the best I have ever seen. Yes. All RN warships have an emergency conning position for just that purpose. I remember years ago in my first complement job as a bridge watchkeeper in a Type 21 frigate, that was my action station. In a T21 it was just forward of the mainmast and very exposed, a little like the one in COPPER CASTLE, and 7 hours at action stations up there in January in a blizzard during a Thursday War was not at all amusing. It made me realise what life must have been like in ships li
  7. Good progress Jeff. Especially nice touch to use the tubes to get the right curve around the forward superstructure. I shall store that idea for future use.
  8. Wakes and bow waves are so difficult to get right - I would argue that it is one of the hardest aspects of maritime modelling and if that's your first sea scape you've done a great job. Looking at the way GREY GOOSE is sitting in the water, it is representative of her moving at relatively slow speed (<10 kts or so). If she were going faster, as seen in this photo: you can see that the bow lifts up, the stern squats down and you start to get a "rooster tail" forming just behind the transom. These can get quite large - I've seen them rising to 20-odd feet high behind a Ty
  9. Is that any good? I used Corel 5 for drawing for years and it was excellent but it was incompatible with anything later than XP so when I went to Win 7 I bought the then latest version of Corel (9 I think, but may have been 10) and it was utter rubbish compared to 5. Overly complicated to do even the simplest task and unable to do many of the things that 5 could do. At that point I gave up with Corel and now use PowerPoint for drawing decals and plans, accepting the limitations. Would you say 12 is worth investing in?
  10. Naah, bit of Isopon 38 and a quick spray of top coat and she'll be right as rain... I'll get m'coat
  11. Agree with Jeff that this is seriously impressive stuff although for me the highlight is the water effect in the lit swimming pool in #39. That is so realistic. We were on a P&O cruise liner last year and out cabin was one deck below and immediately abaft the bridge. To be honest, the view forward was as dark as I would expect it to be in a warship
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