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  1. Chewbacca

    1/350 HMS BULOLO scratchbuild

    Thanks Jamie, I knew that if anyone knew the answer you would.
  2. Chewbacca

    HMS Eskimo

    Very valid point and one that I had overlooked in my fag packet calculations. At least your volume of BR67 confirms my hazy recollections on link length. I didn't think to look in Vol 2, I've got a copy of the later issue on my bookshelf.
  3. Chewbacca

    1/350 HMS BULOLO scratchbuild

    Bizarrely, owing to the fact that the next major part is to fit the decking over the quarterdeck that supports the aft end of the main superstrcture, I am going to have to start painting as once that deck is in place there is no chance of ever being able to paint the quarterdeck area. Which leads me onto a challenge. What colour should it be? I've got no colour references of BULOLO in RN service and even of the few B&W that I do have, even fewer of those are correctly captioned or dated. For example some photos captioned as being at Normandy are clearly entering Grand Harbour in Valetta. Based on my knowledge of colour schemes used by the British Eastern Fleet in 1945, I think this one is correct for that period: http://www.shipspotting.com/gallery/photo.php?lid=1511883 But the question then is what are the two principal colours in use? I'm pretty certain that that camouflage pattern, which was used extensively on Eastern Fleet and BPF ships, is overall 507C with a B15 dark panel on the hull. However, although I've got several references on warship camouflage which specify that scheme for at least cruisers, carriers and destroyers, reading some of the reports on here (and other modelling sites) there is doubt raised about the accuracy of most of them. I've had a look at Jamie's excellent Colourcoats website and although it gives excellent advice on the make up of the various colours, I couldn't find anything specific for Eastern Fleet colours. So I'm open to advice if anyone thinks that 507C and B15 is wrong, but I'll be priming today hopefully and starting with 507C tomorrow (subject to getting back from Bovington Model Show in time)
  4. Don't worry, I've already asked the question of him and will report back!
  5. Chewbacca

    Vanguard Class SSBN 1/350

    Very nice
  6. Better late than never they say. Jerry finally emailed over the only photograph that he still has of his time in command of WESTMINSTER. This was taken in the autumn of 1998 so a little later than when your Dad was on board but it does at least prove that 1008 radar had not yet been fitted to the bridge roof and gives an indication of the layout of the various platforms though not a great angle for that Hope it helps
  7. Chewbacca

    HMS Eskimo

    The ones that Stuart linked to (no pun intended) seem to look the part in the photographs . They don't have the central stud but I think they'd probably look okay. Problem is that despite the fact that I spent hours if not cumulatively days of my life stood on a wet, windy fo'c'sle entering or leaving harbour, I can't actually remember how big each link is. from my best recollection they're between 9 and 12 inches long (in an FF/DD) which equates to between 39 and 30 links to the inch in 1/350 The 40 to the inch would therefore appear to be about right but there are no photos of that size
  8. I'd be very interested to hear what you think about that when it arrives. I need some anchor cable for BULOLO
  9. I've just had a look at my copy with is the earlier 1964 edition (gave my 1975 edition away for some strange reason) and there are nice clear diagrams of a cruiser and destroyer fo'cs'le (though it doesn't state which class) but no frigate, not even Rothesay class. But if yours doesn't have the requisite information, I do have a very clear near vertical photograph of the fo'c'sle on the shipbuilder's model of DANAE that I fixed. I know its a photo of a model but being a shipbuilder's model it should be pretty accurate, albeit representing her as built.
  10. Chewbacca

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    I've had that happen but only to thin plasticard, not the thicker stuff on injected parts. Which filler were you using?
  11. Wasn't that basically what I said, although Paul explained it far more eloquently than me! Good luck with the spurnwater. Last time I tried fitting that to a model was a 1/96 ex-shipbuilder's model of HMS DANAE which had been trashed when a couple of Sea Cadets leant on the case it qas sitting in and it collapsed. Quite a lot had been torn away but due to the scale I could use very thin strips of stained balsa wood
  12. Chewbacca

    1/350 HMS BULOLO scratchbuild

    I'm not sure I'd quite take it that far! It's putting up a fair bit of a fight: Milliput not setting (I think it had gone past its best before date if Milliput can have a best before!), side plating breaking because it's too thin etc. But I'm not one to give in easily and so I have managed to get the main deck fitted tonight (which gives it a lot more rigidity) and a selection of GMM photo etch ordered that should hopefully come in handy when I get to that point. Daft thing is, all of the measurements around the stern match the drawings but the drop down to what I suppose could be deemed to be the quartedeck it looks too shallow - it looks more like I would expect in 1/600 not 1/350 so I expect some remedial will be needed in those areas to get the balance right.
  13. Certainly neither of my Leanders (ANDROMEDA and PENELOPE) had a generator up fwd and even if the earlier Leanders did, that vent looks too small for either an intake or exhaust. You can see the exhaust on ROTHESAY here: Yet the image in #83 does seem to show that it's a fairly substantial structure. I'm baffled.
  14. I've done a fair few GBs over on the ATF but never once managed to finish anything within the given time because they have a rigid 2 month deadline. Since joining BM, I've started three, finished two and the third is sort of on track to finish in December. I'm signed up to the F4 and Buccaneer STGBs planned for next year and I've just put my name forward for the KUTA GB to finish one of the kits I put down to start the Carriers GB back in April! They're sort of addictive. I really enjoyed this one because it gave me the opportunity to do something completely different to my normal modelling genre.
  15. Chewbacca


    This might be a good one for me to join as when I joined BM earlier this year, I set aside a number of kits that were on the go so that I could join in with the Carriers GB and have ended up going from one GB to the next so haven't managed to get back to any of them. So my choices would be: 1/600 HMS LONDONDERRY alongside in Gibraltar, Oct 1983 (converted from the Airfix LEANDER) 1/600 HMS ALACRITY in a force 12 in the South Atlantic, February 1984 on passage from the Faklands to South Georgia (though little chance of finishing this in the timescale given that most modelling time between now and Christmas will be HMS BULOLO for the Pacific GB) 1/48 Fujima Westland Wasp, being built as Wilbur, HMS HECLA's cab during her Operation Corporate deployment in 1982. Noting the fact that the cockpit is so open and the kit so limited as to what I offers, I put in a completely scratch built interior but it stalled owing to the trepidation of trying to mask it off for spraying. Or going back a few years: 1/600 USS FORRESTAL that I think I last did anything to in about 1978/79 1/72 Flower class corvette (similar to the FORRESTAL though not even sure that I have all of the bits anymore after the box fell over in the loft about 15 years ago!