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  1. Exercises are false because they are designed to provide training. I used to train ship's command teams and had to explain to them at the start of the training period that no matter how effective their tactics were in avoiding the potential enemy attacks, I would generate attacks, falsely if necessary, towards the end of each exercise in order that their operators gained the experience of tracking and engaging inbound raids as well. Let me give you another example. During one of the old JMC exercises in the late 90s, we were required to provide our planned nav track every day so that it could be passed to the submarines in order that they could pre-position to attack us so that both sides could obtain training benefit. By contrast, during the operations in the Adriatic at the same time, the Yugoslavians had, IIRC, 3 submarines at their main naval base. Through diplomatic channels they were told by the US that a intelligence satellite would photograph their naval base twice per day. Provided the 3 submarines remained alongside, not action would be taken. If it reduced to 2 at any point their naval base would cease to exist. Result: there was no ASW threat to either the UK or US carrier groups operating in the Adriatic.
  2. Built a lot of them about 40 years ago but have none in the stash and haven't even seen any for sale in the past couple of years. Plus I'm still trying to finish BULOLO that I started in the Pacific GB last September! Sorry.
  3. As others have said, its possible to make a half decent representation of FEARLESS or INTREPID from this kit with the WEM PE (you'll need both sets mind you to get both the guardrails and cranes etc) and some scratch building. The one bit of advice I would offer is do your research before you start to determine exactly which period in her life you wish to portray. Both ships had quite significant changes through their near 40 year lives and a lot of the photographs on the web are incorrectly captioned with dates etc. The Neil McCart book's quite good as a starting reference. Some photos of my attempt here:
  4. Chewbacca

    HMS Cornwall

    Just remember, a plan is a basis for change!
  5. Thanks for that. I do have that photo but mine came direct from the IWM website and the resolution is nowhere near as good so yours is very useful to show the detail. Unfortunately it shows that I missed two rollers per davit - the top one on the outside and the middle one on the inside!
  6. Thanks John, As you say, not great resolution but more than adequate for what I need. Thanks very much. Bit of an update on the Type 277 radar. I'm getting quite adept at making them now. There are three somewhere on the floor, a fourth where the antenna was a fraction too big to fit into the support cradle (or should I say, the second cradle as the first of those was also gobbled up by the carpet monster) and one that is awaiting the base to be constructed when I had to stop for the day! I just love the sweet trajectory they make as they ping out of the tweezers in an arc to oblivion!
  7. Thanks Crispin. My initial thought was that it was more likely to be a searchlight of some description but armed with the weight of evidence above, I did a bit more of a search and found several close ups of 277 (this one being the best) so 277 it is going to be. Now onto the next question. Does anyone have a set of Gold Medal Models 1/350 Liberty Ship PE in their stash? As I have said earlier, I am using it for a lot of the merchant ship specific elements but I have managed to misplace the instructions and cannot work out how to fold the liferaft frames. I've been in communication with GMM but bizarrely, although they have been very helpful, they don't have access to a scanner and are unable to email me a pdf. They have offered to send me a copy but to avoid them incurring costs for my mistake, they have asked that I I send them a stamped addressed envelope, which of course living in UK and getting US airmail stamps is going to be a little challenging!! So does anyone have a set of instructions that they could scan and PM to me? Thanks
  8. Truly stunning. I twice served in VICTORY as a young officer while on holdover between appointments and the only thing that said to me that some of those outdoor photos were of the model rather than the real ship taken from the dockside was that all of the masts and yards were present. With the rolling restoration programme I don't think I have ever seen VICTORY complete! As part of my plan to build every ship in which I served I must do VICTORY one day but I don't think it will ever look as good as this. Mind you, my starting point is likely to be plastic rather than the Caldercraft.
  9. Thanks for all of your replies and my apologies for not acknowledging - I've been away for work for a few days and my laptop had dumped my BM password. I'm still surprised because I wouldn't have thought that a Headquarters Ship would be a high priority given that she would always have escorts around her but I am convinced so will look to try an produce one of those this weekend. Best regards
  10. Surprisingly with the Easter break and so on I've actually made a fair bit of progress. I'll start with the base purely because you asked about it Steve. Having skimmed it with Plaster of Paris, I had given it a base coat of black followed by a Vallejo royal blue. I then followed up with a a series of light mists royal blue with increasing drops of black added before spraying a sky blue around the inside of the well cut for the hull. Here it is at that point with the model test fitted. I then tackled the bow wave and Kelvin wake with a very light spray from the airbrush - and it looked horrid. It just didn't work. So I waited a week for it to all dry thoroughly and started again, basically back to the point that it is above though this time I added more skyblue as a base for the stern wake. Having failed once with the airbrush, I then reverted to trusty hairy stick for the bow wave etc. Looks much better though far from perfect and still needs more work - sadly no photos of the latest version. Attention then turned back to the boats and I finished off the gravity davits from plasticard, the guardrails around the davits - the photo above actually was taken about 1/3 way through this process. The LCP(L)s themselves were finished off with some home made decals for their individual pennant numbers. Only task left for those now is to mount them on the davits and fix the appropriate rigging. Most recently it's been the foremast which I have started to scratchbuild. the lower section of this mast is a wooden skewer that I clamped into the Dremmel and fired it up to max speed while holding it in progressively finer wet and dry paper to get it to about the right diameter. I've also started on the mizzen mast using the same process but trying to get the taper on as I go. That's proving more than a little challenging! The A frame and lowest platform is plastic rod and plastic card respectively whereas the support frame for the platform is offcuts of PE. Sorry about the quality of the photo - I'll change it for a better one next time I get to the bench with the camera. Now a question. On the lower foremast platform, there is a quite prominent "thing". It shows quite clearly in the photo at the bottom of this page: http://www.clydeships.co.uk/view.php?ref=1769#v and in this one https://flic.kr/p/fcg9nz (where if I wasn't dreaming I would say it was a Type 278 height finding radar!). Could it be a Type 277 radar which was similar? I'm struggling tobelieve that in 1944/45 when even some major warships didn't have radar that they would have fitted a headquarters ship with it. But it doesn't look like anything else? I'm open to suggestions.
  11. I can't believe that is 1/700. the detail would put many a 1/350 to shame.
  12. Only just caught up with this. Don't normally go for floatie things with sails preferring the security of 20,000 shaft horsepower (but then the only ship left in commission in Her Majesty's finest in which I served has three masts and is in a dry dock in Portsmouth....) I look forward to following your alien progress sir. I know that we used to recruit from a younger age but if he's 51 now, that would have made Mr Thomsen 14 in 1982!
  13. I've seen some of Chris' results on various websites - absolutely stunning. For now I'm sticking with the Plaster of Paris on mine and will hopefully add to it with the Liquitex. Right now its drying after I rubbed down the top coast of PoP and sprayed some primer to get a better idea of where more work is needed. Unfortunately although I did run off a couple of photos the flash coupled with the angle from which I took them has made the base look very flat and featureless so little point in posting them. While that was drying I finished off the lower davits for the LCPs - here they are fitted on the port side - and started to cut out the upper sliding sections. They're ready to be fixed but I realised once the lower arms were in place that the angle at the bottom of the upper half is wrong so I will need to reshape. Also fitted the PE guardrails around the tops of the ladders. I was being a little lazy though as there were some sections in the Liberty Ship PE set that had about the right stanchion spacing so I used those but with hindsight I suspect these should be 2 bar not the 3 bar I've used.
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