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  1. Cutter duly rigged. Not sure why but this was considerably more fiddly that the whaler - I suppose it was because the deck houses got in the way. And mounted to the base. You'll recall if you read this WIP from the beginning that I forgot when set up the plaster of Paris sea that I did it the way I always do it which was to leave sufficient hull below the waterline to embed in the sea. But of course this was already separated at the waterline and so by pushing her down into the sea, it made her look seriously overladen and thus I had to try to build up the internals of the base to lift her up by 2-3mm, and that in turn has left a large gap all the way around the ship. Once the white glue is dry, I shall start to fill that with Liquitex. But that's a job for next week - off to the "smoke" tomorrow for a week at DSEi on the company stand. Looking forward to that...not! And finally, don't think I've put a picture up of the completed 3D dockyard crane so here it is. Though looking at it I realise I have mounted it the wrong way around because the cabin door is on the opposite side so there's no way to get in from the access ladder...
  2. Thanks - that makes sense. I think I was thinking that her progression was like HMS FURIOUS when she started off with a flying off deck for'ard before the landing deck was added aft and only afterwards was she completely rebuilt to have a full flight deck. Langley was certainly the first US aircraft carrier. HMS ARGUS predated her in UK by a couple of years IIRC.
  3. Missed this when it was first posted and I must say that even if there had been a ton of entries in the aircraft carrier class, it still deserves to have won. That really is stunning. I struggle to paint cockpit canopies in 1/48 and there you are doing it in 1/350! The weathering actually looks very realistic in comparison to some of the photos I have seen so I wouldn't say it is underdone at all.
  4. That's a really nice finish, especially the sea scape. A couple of the photos taken from above had me doing a double take whether it was the model or the real ship I was looking at so BZ. I remember the exercise that she was doing off Norway - Ex Teamwork 88 - though we (PENELOPE) were withdrawn early following a collision with the Canadian tanker Preserver
  5. That's a lovely build and the PE is exquisite. I must confess I've seen lots of pictures of Langley but only from later in here life when she had a full length flight deck. The immediate thought when I saw this was "what fool designed that with a mast directly ahead of the flight deck? Clearly not an aviator!" It then got me thinking. Could they strike that mast for flying operations as they often did with aerials in RN WW2 carriers?
  6. Followed the WIP with interest but missed the RFI so glad it bounced back up to the top of the page. Beautiful job Jeff.
  7. First class finish there - very representative of the realistic weathering that these boats used to suffer.
  8. Excellent work on what really s a very tired and clunky kit!
  9. I've got the original WEM BRAVE in the stash which is basically the same kit. I was her Flt Cdr 1990-1992 and my avatar is getting airborne from BRAVE in Feb 1991 in the middle of Op Granby. Sad thing is, though I remember taking hundreds of photos of her, I've actually got very few that I can lay my hands on. There are a few here which might help including hangar interior shots: https://www.flickr.com/photos/16607344@N04/albums/72157680128660613
  10. Coming together superbly. Looking into one of those bays it was hard to tell that I wasn't looking at the ship herself. And loving the Tuggs
  11. Fascinating set of photos. Thanks for posting
  12. Simply superb. I hope you have six separate barrels in that Phalanx though!
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