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  1. Hiya nailmhor4942 Good question storage is always an issue .. and I am fortunate in that I comes a barn Next door with also has a collection of classic cars and nice got a the corner .. where my armour is stored away in big plastic tubs with lids on and then in racking ...
  2. Hi all Highbridge somerset .. about 15.30 ..and airbus A400m ... heading towards Yeovilton about 2000 foot any one else catch it ?
  3. Hi all I will be in Cyprus ( paphos ) only for a week ..with the plan to move to Cyprus late 2016 ... Is nick's model shop still there and are there any updates to who,is still open or closed or if in deed any new models shops ? Iain ...
  4. Hi all Not sure about this at all so I though I best ask here ..as it seems so far fetched but it's been posted on fb a retailer ...saying there is a 1/48 C5 galaxy on the way ... Personally I think or feel it''s an early April fool .. but .......
  5. Hi there I think it's a dodge ' beep ' WC 62 OR WC 63 6x6 airfix did a kit many years ago in 1/32 and re popped by italeri ... a fab kit by the way
  6. Hi there I am in Somerset...seen wildcat lynx and pumas and chinooks ...and army but not navy merlin and one bae146 all close to Yeovilton On fr24 I have been able to track some and not others
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