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  1. Very good representation of this beautiful aircraft. Thanks for sharing the pictures
  2. I like the metal finish on this shiny airplane. Thanks for sharing with us your outstanding work.
  3. The elegant design of this aircraft and the choice of color, coupled with good modelling skills, makes this model able to steal the show.
  4. The camouflage turned out pretty good and suits the airplane very well. The size is also impressive. This jet has a very nice form too. It definiately steals the show
  5. I like the paint job on it, thanks for sharing.
  6. This model has the feeling of the original deadly warmachine. Superb job
  7. This model is well built, look pretty nice, the beer mug on the tail is also very cool. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  8. Great looking Intruder! Would gladly have this one in my collection
  9. Nice work, I like the look of this aircraft and your model truly captures the feel of the original.
  10. This is a very beautiful model of the Spitfire, I would gladly have this in my display area next to my Lancaster.
  11. I like the used, worn out, dirty look of this soviet aircraft. I looks exactly as if it had served in the Algerian Air force for several years.
  12. This is very good looking, I wish I had this model in my display area. Nice
  13. I like the realistic look of your model. Good job
  14. Well, I think it's an acceptable variation, it's in the limits (as you said, it's not green and purple), because a layman would not know that it has the SU-33 colours but it's actually a SU-27. They are very similiar jets. Only experts would notice. If I showed this model to the average Joe, even a modeller, it's unlikely he would notice the paint job is actually Russian Navy colours and not Russian Air Force colours. Also its more complicated, because it has also grey, light blue and dark blue, not just light blue and dark blue. Anyway I like it this way, and I was aware that it's not 100% accurate, but we could imagine a machine like that easily, maybe at one point the russians painted one SU-27 like this, who knows, they have built many hundreds of these and they served 30+ years. Here is how I did it: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zk7DyN7dnLjo3gRJ7 Additional pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dvdn3Cf2H9wmbifQ9
  15. I have bought the Ammo of MIG SU-33 Colors
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