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  1. Many thanks for your kind words! Not only the fit is generally bad (and adding the ill-fitting Aires items didn't help) but also many areas need improvement (thinning all trailing edges, rebuilding of the exhaust, replacement of all wings and fuselage lights by transparent parts, lot of work on the windscreen and canopy, etc.). The overall shape is good, except for the radome which was reworked the best I could. I intend to build other Convair machines, namely a 106 (from Trumpeter this time) and B-58 (Monogram), but...later. Tristan
  2. Hi All, This is my Revell-Monogram F-102. Engraved, Aires cockpit and wheel bays, Reskit wheels, Master pitot, F√ľndekals. A lot of work to make it look decent. This plane was based in Langley during the late 50'. Tristan
  3. Thanks for your answers. Actually, I've identified I think 3-4 different propellers that goes with this spinner and I wanted to be sure which one is on JXW. But Indeed the odds that the propeller is the same as on Z3897 are high.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for photos of Hurricane Mk IIc JX-W Z3899 (1st squadron, Tangmere). I could only find the below image, which is a screenshot of a movie. Nothing else in my references. I'm more specifically interested in a photo of this machine engine off as I'd like to identify the propeller type. Many thanks for your help!
  5. Thank you all for your kind messages! Tbolt, It took only a little less than forever to rivet her. Jens, I own a Silouhette Cameo 3. I think any Silouhette cutting machine will do the job. Cheers
  6. Hi all, Here is my latest bird. This is the well known Hasegawa Dora, here upgraded with some resin goodies. For those interested, upper wings are RLM76/82, fuselage and upper horizontal tail 81 and 82, underside and sides are 76/ bare metal. Engine covers are 76/71. Ailerons (underside) and rudder are 65. Paints are Gunze but I made my own mixes for 81 and 82, the rest is "out of the jar". The spinner spiral is copied on the one shown on "Schwarz 1 + I" of the same unit. It is a Fieseler built machine with an unknown Werknummer, so I've opted for something plausible (600378). Markings are a mix of self-made masks (thanks to my new Silhouette cuting machine, I strongly recommend it), wet transfers and decals. You may click on the photos to enlarge them. Cheers Tristan
  7. Hi folks, 3 models completed in 2014 for me. Tristan Estoppey P-47D Hasegawa 1/32 HE-219A7 Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire MkIX Tamiya 1/32
  8. Hello, Thanks a lot for your kind comments! Much appreciated. @Pacificmustang: exhaust stacks were painted using my airbrush. Small dots/lines were made with a watercolor pencil. Wing roots were weathered with watercolor and silver pencils. @426: there is indeed a WIP here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=51966
  9. Hello, This is my Tamiya Spitfire MkIXc in the markings of SAAF Lt Eric Robinson. Aftermarket parts include Barracuda wheels and some of their cockpit items. Montex masks and HGW wet transfers were also used. Overall an exceptionnal kit that you must build, if not already done! Happy new year and all the best! Tristan Estoppey Late addition... And a few build pics
  10. Hi all! Here is my Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk24. Out of the box except for the Quickboost guns, Squadron canopy and Eagle Strike decals. This aircraft was part of the allied occupation forces (80 Squadron) in Germany in 1949. Sorry if already seen on Hyperscale/Europeanmodeller forums but I thought a Spit might be of interest to you! Regards,
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