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  1. I can't find fault with this kit on I enjoyed building on thing is I forgot to paint the white on the tail.
  2. Minicraft 1/48 Cessna 150 Not much I can say about this kit except I did my best on a kit that's a bit lacking.
  3. Sorry about the lack of finishing build pics but she's all finished and I have had the put it on a stand as it's a tail sitter with not much room for weights.
  4. I went rather mad on my purchases as I never buy three together.
  5. When I make anything large I always make sure I have the space ready before hand it's currently sitting on a shelf out of the way of fur and four legs.
  6. Finally got some color on and started working on the promonade deck superstructure.
  7. I have finally caught up with all my outstanding builds. It's one I have always to have a go and I didn't have any problems and also I had the eduard cockpit upgrade.
  8. I certainly will be as I love a challenge.
  9. Been sat on the shelf for a couple of years uncompleted so I took the mad fit and and finished it came out better than I expected.
  10. Put me down as I have all the bits and pieces to make a countryside halt dio I just need motivation to start it.
  11. If I have time I will pop this one in.
  12. This is my second go at building this one is the first kit Airfix brought out I did use the eduard cockpit upgrade and barracuda decals
  13. I haven't done a tank in a while and as I have a backlog postings to do here's my next build I would have liked a full interior but I am pleased with the results. And to add its my favourite tank
  14. I tried the old 1/72 once and I wasn't pleased with results so I jumped at the chance to try this one and I am happy with the results.
  15. Finally found some time to crack on with this one. I have fitted everything together and added the wheels and ready for a bit of paint.
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