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  1. I have always wondered if this kit was all airfix or a reboxing to my surprise it a academy kit which I enhanced with mk1 wooden decks and pe railings.
  2. This is my fourth try at building the victory and I have finally succeeded the wooden decks are a set of scaledecks. I built her with gun ports both open and closed as I couldn't face all the guns.
  3. Another couple picked up on my travels
  4. This kit originally started as a bandia kit and a number of reboxings later end as Aoshima before works got hold of it. I am not used to this small scale and I always end up losing parts to the carpet monster so I brought a back up kit but I didn't need for a change. And a tamiya paint pot for size comparison.
  5. I thought I didn't take any but luckily enough I do have some it didn't come with any interior details but the bogies came from the dapol deltic so I probably use the cab as well.
  6. You've heard of a jack in the box well meet the cat in a box.
  7. Whilst on eBay I casually look for an class 50 kit not expecting to find one but I was surprised to find one not in the best of conditions but here's the results and the number 50031 is correct for Hood I am just awaiting the nameplates
  8. I found this lurking in the stash I need an excuse to build it.
  9. The Big multicoloured ones around the windows came in five parts and all the rest ie: the stars are all individual decals.
  10. Originally an old revell electronic kit but without the electronic parts but I did have an aircraft lighting kit so I had a go at fitting it and here's my effort I have taken a video witch I will eventually post.
  11. At the moment it's gone to the bottom of the pile lack of mojo and so many other projects on the go I hope I can complete
  12. airfixpeter

    Two words

    While walking past the Guinea pig cage and only two words sum up this picture. FEEEEED MEEEEE And by the way this is daisy
  13. I do trouble is it's half done mind you I could always take it apart and pretend it's not been started
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