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  1. Main fuselage constructed and surprising for me everything is square. Also I have made up the rudder tail and main wings.
  2. I have finally summond up some courage to start starting off gently by having a go at the vac form wheels and then building the main keel and formers.
  3. Rigging is almost done not much left to do.
  4. I found this one on my travels its more my thing so I will be entering it but I will probably replace the decals.
  5. I was thinking of half skinned and the other exposed but I will decide as I go
  6. So am l and I'm the one who is building it.
  7. Masts finished and the first part of the rigging completed
  8. Time to add something completely different I don't normally have good luck with this type of kit and I will try and do a covered version as the tissue is supplied.
  9. Moving on a bit finished off the deck structures and mast just need painting and soon be ready for rigging.
  10. I have made a start it's going to look something like the beagle paintwise other than that I will build roughly on the same lines as the bounty.
  11. As well as my plastic one I am going to be doing something different.
  12. I have just seen a few reviews and I suppose revell thought if it looks good enough nobody would notice that the Hull is hms bounty I am going to build it but I can't call it hms beagle because it ain't.
  13. Right chaps I won't be building this one for a simple fact that the Hull halves are hms bounty I thought it was just bad luck that I had the wrong Hull halves but having a good Google its revell have cheated as building would result in something inaccurate. Where are the gun ports because this is definitely hms bounty. Here is hms beagle. I suppose I could name it hms boulge
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