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  1. Thanks very much Bruce and Gary! I might fix the gear when I have an idle moment but have moved on for now...a very undisciplined modeller am I! I really enjoy building the Kinetic Harrier family, they go together nicely. Cheers Shaun
  2. You've done an excellent job on your A4 and the zap is a real winner!! Cheers Shaun
  3. You have done a brilliant job indeed! Do you have a WIP thread for your build? I'd really like to see how you did the gear retracting and how you have fitted the acrylic pole. Cheers Shaun
  4. Lovely work there Roger! Cheers Shaun
  5. You have done a brilliant job on your Transall! As others have said, your weathering is fantastic. A fitting tribute to an old workhorse! Cheers Shaun
  6. Lovely build(s) there Ray...Your work on a tricky build (not to mention your scratch building) is awesome. Want to build mine for me??? Cheers mate Shaun
  7. A beautiful job Daryl! Cheers Shaun
  8. Thanks Nick I'll paint the nozzles and look for some numbers... Thanks again everyone for your comments
  9. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I have just noticed a couple if bits I need to fix up. Funny what you can see in a photo but not notice in real life! Hi Gazza Thanks for your advice...great suggestion.
  10. Hi all Latest completion- Harrier GR3 Another Kinetic OOB build- all good fun. Excuse the photography please. I haven't quite mastered the art of getting the main wheels and outriggers to touch the ground together- I've got plenty more Harriers in the stash to get it right!! Cheers Shaun Shaun
  11. That's not a problem...all you need is more decals and another kit...easy!!
  12. You link is to to #48067 not #48047...
  13. That has turned out beautifully! I wish someone would do a 1/48 kit... Cheers Shaun
  14. Harald at Hahen has confirmed that sheet #48047 has the decals necessary to make a Norm 83 scheme. Cheers Shaun
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