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  1. Beautiful work TiG! That camo and weathering is top notch!! Cheers Shaun
  2. Sorry Julien...for some reason my "n" dropped off!!
  3. That's great thank you Julie. Cheers Shaun
  4. Hi all I'm guessing this has been asked before but I can't find the answer! Is there a lacquer model paint equivalent of BS381C 113 Deep Saxe Blue out there? Thanks for any help Cheers Shaun
  5. A brilliant conversion indeed! The 2 seat Jag is a very sleek aeroplane isn't it... Cheers Shaun
  6. The conversion was pretty user-friendly. I messed up the placement of cuts to the donor fuselage, resulting in a gap at the lower join. This wasn't such a drama as the join isn't in a particularly obvious place and is easily dealt with. I was pleasantly surprised at how workable the vac form canopy is. I don't have much experience with them and found this one good to work with. I don't think there was anything else about this build that was particularly nasty. Go for it if you've got one to do!! Cheers Shaun
  7. Your Sea Fury is absolutely brilliant Ben! Your chosen scheme really is striking. Keep 'em coming!! Cheers Shaun
  8. You've done a lovely job indeed! I've a couple of Mach 2 kits to do but they never seem to get to the top of the stack! Maybe they will now... Cheers Shaun
  9. Thanks very much everyone! The thing I really enjoy about this site is people's' willingness to share their knowledge and contribute. You guys are great! Cheers Shaun
  10. Hi all I'm planning to build Phantom FG.1 XV571 in 43 Sqn colours circa 1989. The decal sheet I am using depicts it with the fin tip RWR fitted. I assume that it would still have slotted elevators (or whatever they're called)?? Thanks for any advice Cheers Shaun
  11. Thank you everyone for your comments. I have a couple of Aerocraft/Airfix conversions to do too so it'll be interesting to see how the different kit/conversion combinations go... Cheers Shaun
  12. Hi all Here's my latest 1/48 Hunter T8 conversion, which is a combination of Heritage Aviation T8 conversion and Academy single seater. A fun project!
  13. Thanks very much to all I see that my options are 5 or 11 Sqns and LTF so shall use the Airfix decals after all!! Your help is much appreciated Cheers Shaun
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