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  1. Thank you John for your comments ref this kits suitability to build a RAAF Demon...we shall wait patiently! Regards Shaun
  2. I may well be wrong but looking at the Hart pics, there are two different upper fuselage sections for pilot and gunner. To my hopeful mind it appears that one may be for a Demon. Can anyone shed any light?
  3. Beautiful work there Bruce. Anyone would think you're trying to hide it!! The photography is outstanding too...wanna teach me how? Cheers Shaun
  4. That's turned out just beautiful Calum. The photography complements the model very well too. Cheers Shaun
  5. Thanks very much Tony I think I have all the info I need to have a go soon. I really appreciate your time. Regards Shaun
  6. Hi Tony Thanks very much for the photos. I can't enlarge them enough to clearly see the squadron insignia. Did you have a reference picture to go from? Thanks again Tony Regards Shaun
  7. I am researching a 1:48 RN FAA Helldiver build and have seen one such model. Can anyone point me in the right direction for decals of this aircraft? I have seen them in 1:72 scale (in a Yanks with Roundels set from memory) but cannot find them in 1:48. Any help wopuld be much appreciated. Regards Shaun
  8. Hi Fernando Thank you very much for your guidance. Regards Shaun
  9. Hi Troy Thank you very much for your comprehensive response! I will most certainly chase up the book you have suggested and the other references. I have a feeling that I will be making many visits to this site... Thanks again for your help Troy. Regards Shaun
  10. Hello all I have a number of WWII 1:48 RN FAA aircraft to build of both US and British origin. I am having difficulty in establishing if the camouflage demarkations are hard or soft edged and the model paits which best match the actual colours. I would appreciate any guidance on these points. Additionally, does anyone know of a good reference source (hard or soft copy) for camouflage colours and schemes etc? Thank you for any thoughts. Cheers Shaun
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