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  1. I've seen a 1/48 MIL MI-14 on Scalemates supposedly produced by a manufacturer called Top Gun with a release date of 2013. Does such a kit exist? Cheers Shaun
  2. Your Starfighter has turned out really well Pete. You should be very happy with the finished product. Cheers Shaun
  3. Thanks very much JayBee I have a couple of German Tornados in the stash, so the paint reference is very helpful too! Cheers Shaun
  4. Excellent Andre- thank you very much All the best Shaun
  5. Hi all I'm working on a Revell 1/48 Tornado to make a grey/green camo GR1 with the wings fully forward. Did all such era Tornados have the area which sweeps back into the fuselage painted light grey? While the vast majority of kits have that area so painted, I'm not sure all aircraft did. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you Cheers Shaun
  6. Lovely work on your CA Gannet- a very rare model these days. Cheers Shaun
  7. Thanks F-32 and Ad-4N I'm not a fan of massive levels of weathering (primarily because I'm not particularly good at it!!) Cheers Shaun
  8. Thank you James and Bertie I must admit I'm happier with my building than my photographing (from a mobile phone) but it is what it is... Cheers Shaun
  9. Thank you Exdraken! It is a great kit to build... Cheers Shaun
  10. Thanks SAT69 It is a nice kit indeed and I can recommend it. Cheers Shaun
  11. Thank you Toryu...It would be great to have seen them at the time.
  12. Thanks everyone-much appreciated. Nitpicking no...educating yes! Thanks you for letting me know, this genre is new to me and I am learning a great deal as I go. Thank you Cheers Shaun
  13. Hi all Some pics of my latest build- Kinetic 1/48 F-104G in NORM 72 camouflage. Cheers Shaun
  14. Hi Ben Thanks for your advice...will do. Cheers Shaun
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