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  1. It was an Accurate Miniatures kit. I did a bit of modification to get the Observer's station fitted and found some bubble windows for the fuselage.
  2. So true Julien...along with the Neptune
  3. Will do Blacktjet...thank you very much. I am intrigued about your project too...any photos to share?? How are you finding the KH kit? Cheers Shaun
  4. Well Bruce, that's a "Mighty Fin" !! (apols to Mr. Dylan) I understand what you say about "get home-itis" but can't see it here or on any of your other builds. Your weathering is just beautiful...How did you do the chipping on the leading edges? What about a family portrait of all your Tornados together?? Cheers mate Shaun
  5. Hi all Some pics of my 1/48 Grumman Avenger converted to a RN FAA type- so not sure if it's an Avenger or a Tarpon...
  6. I've just heard from Sophia and she's seeing if the factory has one in stock...fingers crossed!
  7. Your Sea King looks fantastic and fits in beautifully with its stable mates-lovely job!! Cheers Shaun
  8. Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried Future and, while the crack was masked somewhat, it is still pretty obvious- still that may yet be my only option! Cheers Shaun
  9. Thanks Des I have just sent another email. I have now tried 3 email addresses, left a comment on the FB page and sent a FB message to Sophia. I wish!!
  10. I have sent emails to the three email adresses suggested in various forums and the one to 'SophiaLynm@gmail.com has bounced as "invalid recipient". I will also try and send them a FB message... Have you tried any other contacts means?
  11. I have just used the sophia@ email and it has bounced??
  12. Hi all In keeping with the trend of my Kittyhawk Jaguar build, which is lurching from drama to drama, I have now cracked the windscreen while masking it and am wondering if anyone knows of a vacform Jaguar canopy. I have had a fair search and can't find anyone who makes one... Thanks team
  13. I found it on Ebay...and some beautiful 1/72 RAF Sentry decals by the same manufacturer...just sorted my own Christmas present!
  14. Thanks everyone for your help. I have sourced a Combat Conversions Airseeker conversion with some beautiful decals so will begin dismantling my AMT RC-135V in anticipation... Cheers Shaun
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