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  1. That looks fantastically detailed! Nice work on the decals too
  2. Those wheels look so much better without the chrome. Bonnet looks like a good fit to me, I always sand away a little more as I know I’m quite heavy when painting
  3. Such an eye for detail! I’d just stick with pretty but inaccurate interested to see how this comes out. What did the Tamiya injection pump look like?
  4. This looks like a very detailed model coming together. Nicely done & looking forward to your next update
  5. Good choice to remove the leather from the seats. The paint has worked really well! I’ve never tried Zero’s textured paints. Did you spray or brush?
  6. I used to have a corgi lotus 72 when I was very little. I wish I knew where it is now, I bet it’s in worse condition than your £1 wreck! Beautiful restoration. Those decals have come out really well. very crisp & looks like a perfect fit
  7. Even at 1/12th scale this is really impressive. Those hose clips look spot on!
  8. This is so impressive. Wasn’t sure what to expect when I clicked on this thread, didn’t think I’d be so interested in an engine by itself, but I’m blown away! You’ve created a real work of art
  9. It seems a bit weird to like this post, but it’s interesting to see the comparison. Are you planning to build the Pocher version?
  10. Nice to see this car done differently. Nicely done
  11. I would say that’s a pretty impressive job for a bad kit. Very crisp & paint is nice & shiny. Except for the odd looking wing mirrors, it looks pretty good
  12. Nice build, colour looks great. Kit looks well detailed. I’m really struggling to see any misalignment too!
  13. I’d suggest millput too. Easy to get from Amazon or Hobbycraft. I’ve not noticed any shrinking, it goes into little gaps like that well & smooths easily with a wet finger Engine looks great, looking forward to seeing this come together. Good luck!
  14. I was just about to say exactly the same thing! I bet you spent ages removing any over sized rocks. Great pics and very well done model. Nice details on the roof rack & great shine to the paint
  15. Great car, I’d like to build one at some point. Really impressed with the white. No sign of the red plastic at all!
  16. It’s amazing how much detail there is in such a small model! This is really impressive
  17. What an excellent end result for such a troubled build! The colour is perfect for the car
  18. Love these 50s Grand Prix cars, I think you can get an Alfa Romeo from the same year too. Very clean build. I think if I was to build one of these, I would consider aftermarket wheels though
  19. This looks like a fantastic kit & you've built it well. The Gold Leaf is my favourite livery, the colours look great on the race cars and the road cars
  20. I love this rusty look, but can’t bring myself to hurt a classic like that! I think you’ve got just the right amount of rust, so it looks salvageable. Great finish on the soft top, the slight mould / mossy look adds an extra layer of realism
  21. This has come out so well! Really nice detail & the I can’t believe how good the decals look after seeing the issues on your WIP
  22. This age of mustang is probably the least appealing, but you have really given it some loving attention. The end result is fantastic!
  23. Anither very unusual kit well built. The weathering on the rollers looks so real!
  24. Some really nice details & decals are perfect! I know it’s a photo backdrop, but I’d like to think that you really have that Lotus Europa behind the door
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