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  1. Yep - check unsplash.com - Some of my backgrounds and roads I shoot myself around town but that concrete background came from there. You might need to tweak the photos a bit to get them square. I've found photos that I like and then I'll correct the perspective so that they work as a background.
  2. Thanks Jeroen, those are 4 minute exposures in a pitch black garage, bouncing a light off of a white ceiling and then turning on the LED headlights for about a second.
  3. Here's a build I finished recently for a JDM themed build-off on Instagram. I had only recently added this kit to my stash so the timing was pretty good. This was the stock Tamiya Honda NSX kit that I added a few modifications to. The base kit is pretty good, my only complaints being that the body was a bit wavy, and the A-pillars, which need to be the thickness they are to be in scale but that makes them incredibly fragile - fortunately I only broke one of them. I swapped the kit wheels to a set of Aoshima 19" Volk TE37s, added a front splitter and side skirts made from s
  4. Tamiya only made a 1/12 scale version of the 240Z Rally Car as far as I know - I did one years ago as a parts panel with everything painted and laid out in a 20" x 30" shadow box.
  5. Cool. For me personally, the hobby combines the creativity of what the model will be (colour, style, modifications, etc.), the craft of building the model, and then the photography to make it look as real as possible. Stoke is a reference to my birthplace in England, Stoke-on-Trent. My parents emigrated to Canada when I was 3 and I use the Stoke brand for a bunch of my personal projects as well as my Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/stokemodels/ Couple of other Stoke projects if you're interested: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57036183/Stoke-Car-Bra
  6. I'm usually super meticulous when it comes to removing dust before I shoot - you don't know how tough it was for me to have this much dirt on it!
  7. Thanks for all the great comments! There's so many ways to do a 240Z, I'll have to get a few more of these kits.
  8. I had started a WIP for this but spent more time building than taking progress photos so I've jumped right to the finished pics. This is based on the Hasegawa 1/24 Datsun 240Z Monte Carlo Rally kit but I wanted to go with an safari/overlander style version. Would it actually work? Who knows, but I thought it looked cool. I made a few modifications to the kit, widening the track and lifting it slightly as well as adding a bush bar out front and the roof rack, all made of styrene rod. I took it out to play in the dirt for a few pics: Some of those rocks might be out of scale. T
  9. Very cool! I've seen a few MGBs like this out on the wet coast of Canada.
  10. I missed the scale in the header and that last photo blew me away - I thought this was much larger - exceptional work!
  11. This looks really great John. I'm totally with you on the quirks of Ebbro assembly, but like this build shows, the end result is worth it. The extra detail you've added really pays off as well - can I ask what you are using for the seat belts? They look way better than the Tamiya photoetch ones I've been using.
  12. Ha! This diorama base is 6' x 4' at 1/24 scale, I definitely do not have space for an 18' x 12' table. I will for sure but there's a lot left to do - basically the base and the surrounding walls and fence are in but now I need to fill in the rest of the stuff and then add all the little bits of dirt and grass etc. to make it look a little more lived in.
  13. Thanks! I did thin the Tamiya lacquer at pretty much a 1:1 ratio with Mr Colour Levelling Thinner. For comparison, I thin the Mr Color GX100 at about 3 - 3.5 parts thinner to 1 part clear. So an 18ml bottle of GX100 thinned is equal to about 3, 10ml bottles of Tamiya clear.
  14. Thanks Keith. I did wet sand and polish the clear but I usually want to get it shiny enough that any of the areas that I can't wet sand, like intakes and vents etc. look shiny enough. I was pretty light on the wet sand and polish on this one as the clear felt a bit thinner than I've been used to with the GX100 clear.
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