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  1. I think the look is popular but also the cost of show quality paint jobs is pretty high these days.
  2. Thanks for the great comments - appreciate it! The door handles are the kit pieces with the panel liner wash on them and the key holes are molded into the body, I just added Bare Metal Foil and then drew the vertical line in with a fine tip black felt pen. I shot the picture of the pavement and sidewalk and found the graffiti wall photo on a free photo site online. I print them out and then shoot the car in front of them - no photoshopping required.
  3. Hey all, here's my latest build. For some reason, it seems the only American cars I build end up with a patina finish - well, 2 out of 3 anyway. This is the recent reissue of the Revell 1/25 56 Chevy Delray. I wanted to do this as as worn patina finish on the outside with a nice shiny restored interior. The exterior was painted using a salt chipping technique I learned from YouTube. I started with Mr Surfacer Black Primer, then Vallejo Dark Rust, then splotches of Vallejo Light Rust. I masked the white half, brushed the body with water and added coarse and fine salt. I pa
  4. Victoria - why don't you send me a direct message here and we can figure something out. It's the envelope icon at the very top right.
  5. The Museum Collection decals were pretty good - nicely printed and they went down smoothly. Here's a shot to show which bits of each I used: And here's the colour difference between the two:
  6. No, sorry, no build thread on this one. I've tried to create a couple of WIP threads but get too distracted by actual building!
  7. I've got this shot of the resin wheel out of the printer after washing before painting: Note that the black tire is a rubber kit piece, whereas the grey tire is printed for a different model. I modified my 3D model after this print to make the barrel shallower. I don't have a macro setting on my camera so it's tough to get right in to show close-up resolution but like I said in the post a couple of coats of thin primer leaves a very smooth surface. I would recommend the Elegoo Mars - the resin cleanup is definitely more of a pain than my FDM printer but being able to create p
  8. Hello all, my latest project was a pretty simple build after participating in another online buildoff. The Tamiya kit is very simple but pretty well proportioned. The body on the kit is one piece except for the mirrors, so all of the bumper, wing and window trim has to be masked after the body was painted and polished. I went for a metallic brown that I mixed out of Mr Color Copper, Brown and Black. The biggest issue for me with my kit was that I had stolen the wheels for a BMW 2002 build I did a while back. I wanted to replace them with RUF wheels as they were al
  9. Yep - check unsplash.com - Some of my backgrounds and roads I shoot myself around town but that concrete background came from there. You might need to tweak the photos a bit to get them square. I've found photos that I like and then I'll correct the perspective so that they work as a background.
  10. Thanks Jeroen, those are 4 minute exposures in a pitch black garage, bouncing a light off of a white ceiling and then turning on the LED headlights for about a second.
  11. Here's a build I finished recently for a JDM themed build-off on Instagram. I had only recently added this kit to my stash so the timing was pretty good. This was the stock Tamiya Honda NSX kit that I added a few modifications to. The base kit is pretty good, my only complaints being that the body was a bit wavy, and the A-pillars, which need to be the thickness they are to be in scale but that makes them incredibly fragile - fortunately I only broke one of them. I swapped the kit wheels to a set of Aoshima 19" Volk TE37s, added a front splitter and side skirts made from s
  12. Tamiya only made a 1/12 scale version of the 240Z Rally Car as far as I know - I did one years ago as a parts panel with everything painted and laid out in a 20" x 30" shadow box.
  13. Cool. For me personally, the hobby combines the creativity of what the model will be (colour, style, modifications, etc.), the craft of building the model, and then the photography to make it look as real as possible. Stoke is a reference to my birthplace in England, Stoke-on-Trent. My parents emigrated to Canada when I was 3 and I use the Stoke brand for a bunch of my personal projects as well as my Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/stokemodels/ Couple of other Stoke projects if you're interested: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57036183/Stoke-Car-Bra
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