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  1. Nice paint job. Looks ultra smooth. I’ve never used MRP paints before, would you recommend?
  2. Thanks @Bughunter I may have to have some practice at this. Yours looks fantastic
  3. Love the painjob. Why can’t you get new cars in two-tone.
  4. Looks pretty smooth to me. No sign of mould lines on the pics
  5. Nice colour choice. Looks like the paint went on well
  6. That looks Like a tricky dash to get right. Good luck & I’m watching with interest
  7. Nice start. Looking forward to see8mg how this goes
  8. A deserved winner! What a stunning model. What technique do you use for the wood effect?
  9. Great models of a great car. Love seeing these racing at Goodwood. Pictures show up fine for me. The smaller scale one looks just as good as the bigger one
  10. Really stunning. It’s hard to believe that’s 1:32 scale, it’s come together so well (the dog is the icing on the cake!)
  11. Hi Mike, I Land Rover marine blue colour code is 006. If you ask someone like Zero paints, they’ll mix the right colour for you airbrush ready. Links below: Paintref Zero paints Hope this helps! cheers, Paul
  12. Very cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the mk1 spitfire outside of a car show (loads of newer ones) it it looks so small in that parking space!
  13. Those seats have come out really well. Nice paint job too
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