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  1. Jaw dropping! How much of the overall shape was done by ‘eye’ and how much was precise measurements?
  2. HT leads are such a pain, but really adds to the realism of an engine. Nice detail, can’t wait to see more!
  3. Nice smooth paint job. Are you going to add the black bits to the front grill & wheels?
  4. That vinyl roof looks great and those seats must have taken hours! I’ve just caught up it’s this build & glad I did
  5. Nice smooth looking finish. Interesting colour choice. Interested to see how it looks with a clear coat
  6. That looks fantastically detailed! Nice work on the decals too
  7. Those wheels look so much better without the chrome. Bonnet looks like a good fit to me, I always sand away a little more as I know I’m quite heavy when painting
  8. Such an eye for detail! I’d just stick with pretty but inaccurate interested to see how this comes out. What did the Tamiya injection pump look like?
  9. This looks like a very detailed model coming together. Nicely done & looking forward to your next update
  10. Good choice to remove the leather from the seats. The paint has worked really well! I’ve never tried Zero’s textured paints. Did you spray or brush?
  11. I used to have a corgi lotus 72 when I was very little. I wish I knew where it is now, I bet it’s in worse condition than your £1 wreck! Beautiful restoration. Those decals have come out really well. very crisp & looks like a perfect fit
  12. Even at 1/12th scale this is really impressive. Those hose clips look spot on!
  13. This is so impressive. Wasn’t sure what to expect when I clicked on this thread, didn’t think I’d be so interested in an engine by itself, but I’m blown away! You’ve created a real work of art
  14. It seems a bit weird to like this post, but it’s interesting to see the comparison. Are you planning to build the Pocher version?
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