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  1. If it does cause you pain to work, your skills will give you the old satisfaction of beautiful results.
  2. Dear Thierry, I too am sickened by this sad news. I remember the first wedding and now an angel granddaughter has appeared. Plus a new marriage will bring more joy to the family. And hopefully offset the current difficulties. But suffering by your lady and associate plus severe pain daily for you is just a terrible set of circumstances. My heart goes out to you all. Conserve your strength my friend and keep your morale up despite the troubled times. Know that many of us have enormous respect for your accomplishments, abilities and kindnesses to all of us. -And Thierry, there were NO bad parts to the Bug.
  3. Can't say enough good things about your work 'Nut. Especially your drawing skills with decal and 3D softwares. You raise this car to another level. But I can ask some questions because I notice particularly fine work and your skills provide leadership. A. Both paint jobs; you say you used a 1:1 spray bomb for each but got a beautifully even gloss and 'thin' coat on the skin - especially evident on the louvers and nose . What helped you achieve that? B. The semi-black on areas like the fenders especially nice. What brand was that? C. Observation - both cars look terrific without clunky Tammy muffler hung on side. Are those little fours deafening with just an open header collector? Like mine? D. Ever a thought to lower the chassis by cutting one coil from each spring unit? E. Why headlights and fog lights on race cars? A class requirement? F. What is black finish on floor and rear bulkhead? - it's beautiful. If I've exceeded my allotment of polite questions - I apologize. Please don't ban me from the thread........
  4. You are a staggering craftsman my friend. Machining, casting, joining plus correct scaling of all parts. Bravo - ! If you ever plan an auto, I vote for a Bugatti Royale.
  5. If I'm being honest, I'd say the wheelbase appears a bit short. Being further honest, that is a wonderful job of carving ren with a beautiful surface finish. Superb scratchbuilding. In all a great smorgasborg.
  6. Delicious - wonderful rework. It looks like armor because you are indeed the 'master blacksmith' I labeled you ...
  7. Andy - if you painted for the factory, they could throw out all their robots..........
  8. I'm going to pick the same nit I did in your '40 pickup post Chris. You do very nice foil and paint work; a tiny detail could push it over the top for 'realism'. Get rid of the black, overscale antenna. The real ones were about 3/8" stainless telescoping tube. That's .007" in 1/25 scale. Look for a rod or tube that's close to that, drill a hole and mount it. Very easy. And when you build, even OOB, search the web for pix of your subject and be conscious that all models usually have the wrong thickness of stuff. You do everything else really well.
  9. You should - beautiful finish on a careful build. Now replace that V-radiator brace with metal rod, like paperclip od and realism jumps off the scale.
  10. LeGrand offers a '76 version in lime green or yellow which is not part-work and approximately $800 USD.
  11. Gregg as owner always had financial struggles carrying the magazine and site as well as his own physical disabilities. Things got much worse with the passing of Harry who was essentially the entire editor of both. Very sad.
  12. Serious question; where do you Iron Men go potty during 12 hour marshalling??
  13. It pains me to see you must remedy the miscalculation Harvey, but I feel that beautiful tail cone must be preserved. The shape and louvers - just perfect. Hopefully, a bit of solder to close the split is all that's needed. The tank is more involved. But I would grit my teeth and attack it with an eye toward the greater good the result will bring. Once again I must rave about how the rawness of the materials imparts such an old-world museum, hand made quality to this. Really 'Industrial Revolution' look. Far beyond mere model building. This is a metal sculpture and I love it.
  14. Whether you choose to detail as accurately as possible or not, it pays to see the real thing to help you decide. Searches for 935 parts are easy. There are many components on this one site: https://msroadrace.com/Porsche-935-Brakes-Front-93535153702-93535153802-Rear-93535253702-93535253802
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