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  1. Do not waste your money. Revell would do better selling their box art instead of the 'model'.
  2. So happy you brought it here and thank you Dan. Your body bucks alone are worth the price of admission - something seldom seen. / C
  3. It's pure 'coachwork' - this is how bodies evolve and are made. Just great Dan.
  4. That is not the message I wished to send Terry. Good that you evaluate what it will take to get a model worth finishing - saving funds is most important when you begin with someone else's bad start. But there are no 'Pocher shows' and superiority was never a game I played. I offered my stuff as possible help for any type builders. I hope you find some things of value should you continue with this build.
  5. Well Terry I've concluded that I'm of no use to you for help. You are in deep waters and I understand you're trying to salvage the wreck caused by others. I will tell you (again) I scratchbuilt three sets of doors before getting acceptable results. I also completely changed the door hinging (and latching) system - all out of necessity. But if I read you right, and you CA'd the hinges to the doors, my method is gone by the boards. And if you get that far, you'll have hell's time painting the car assembled like that. My hinging avoids that. I do hope you manage to get a representative
  6. You lads are building some really nice Porsches here. However, don't fear large decals. Just set up carefully, use moderately warm water and bring the backing as close to the model as possible before sliding off. These layed-down perfectly - in 1989 !
  7. Very smart use of the magnetic closures Matt.
  8. You have consistently raised the bar with this build and comments are barely adequate. A fine member posted in my Rolls thread today a kind compliment but he apologized for having 'nothing to add'. I believe that's the situation here for you; many look and learn but feel they are unable to attain this skill level or present meaningful dialog. I also believe that like me, you put your work on display so that comment and constructive criticism may also be a learning experience for you. Success or tragedy, you do a great service by bringing us what is always your best effort. I gre
  9. I guess that means I talk to much ! Thank you HP, very kind. But my hope since 2014 when this began was to share my meandering journey and hopefully get others to be 'brave' about trying to push their envelop to build what their vision is. And I know these Pocher crocks are not everyone's cup of tea. But much of this can translate down in scale size and complexity. I urge you and others to speak your mind, good or bad and not worry about 'adding anything'. Unless it's a better way than something I showed because I'm much more eager to learn rather than 'teach'.
  10. Thanks for the positive sentiment Roy. Yes Postimg has been a very good host with only occasional technical glitches. But the prospect of re-creating a whole thread again gives me a headache. And I doubt the admins here will tolerate further horseplay by me. They have been marvelous in creating this one.
  11. Ron, with 20 people following and over 5200 visits in just more than a month, you have made quite an impact with this project. I think here's why; you have successfully (although not finished yet) crossed that Rubicon between 'scratchbuilding' and 'model building', something I attempted a few years back. Uniquely, you have added superb art finishing skills to those other two. The result has become 'reality' in 1/12 scale. I think this may be the premier F-1 build in this scale here on Brit. I have no doubt you could do it no matter the subject and indeed I know you do this routinely in t
  12. I'm calling the Louvre right now to make space for this.
  13. Protest all you want Dan, but I imagine even Wingrove himself would admire your work. And others here seem to be leaning that way....
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