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  1. ...sounds like you have one on the bench.... And where is a certain Alfa you've kept from US?
  2. Pocher Benz by Dave Cox... As promised, here is the beginning of a different Pocher classic than the Rolls Royce-heavy content previously. Pocher had created a baffling array of these Benz models of the '30's and I am far less familiar with them than my Rolls. So I asked David some basic questions to clarify for all of us - he would know. In several places I reprint what he wrote me verbatim so as not to cause error. Here is a presentation of the original cars and as you'll see, MB produced many variations on this car's theme: "The 500k was a range of Mercedes straight eig
  3. Great link mate! Just what he needs (.25 mm) right on front page.
  4. The trick will be good references and getting the wire suitably thin for scale.
  5. Not quite so Andy. Think modern 'Hemi' with twin plug ignition. Although those were probably not hemispherical chambers. A strong family resemblance is seen in my P II of '29 - '35. But this is now a crossflow head, and the plugs fire simultaneously. The distributor is driven by gear from the water pump and advance/retard controlled (2 silver rods) from linkage on the steering wheel. Then linkage runs from the distributor, by bellcrank, across the front of block and back to the magneto (black long link) to synch it. The mag is driven by a driveshaft from the generator. The mag is mo
  6. Just had a bit of update but as usual with Cox, there's more than meets the eye. Some parts are being moved around but I don't have all the details yet. It is NOT a stock Benz kit build. But I doubt it will have artillery in it...
  7. Go through my pinned thread atop this page. Start at beginning. It shows how I did this and more:
  8. A thanks ... To all of you who wrote or sent 'Likes' on the posting of other models besides Rolls. As well as the popular posting of the Cox personal Rolls collection. Unseen, the other half of that shelf contains his own FIAT F-2, Bugattis and Alfas and maybe the red 540 if I remember correctly. He is underweigh with a customer Benz right now and although I don't have all the build progress pix, I should be able to wrestle some finished portraits when done and maybe some comments from him of the Benz kits in general. Stay tuned...
  9. I see by your modeling interests that you have no race car experience. You may still make an excellent model of one but I would advise you of some facts. There will be inevitable kit compromises which you will need to correct if you prize a high level of accuracy. You may not be satisfied with a possibly toy-like final product. Accuracy would demand very deep references. Seldom do these kits contain realistic plumbing, linkages, fasteners or accurate thicknesses of parts and panels - all highly visible on an open wheeled car. That's why the previous Hornby and some Pocher products have a
  10. I must say I feel for all you affected builders. This is a near $800 USD (last time I looked) kit, still in production - I think. These type of quality issues are terrible as such. Pocher classics of 4 decades ago are subject to warping but much less fit issues. The passage of time and storage by owners caused the most issues. But here, you are finding huge problems right out of box. Shame on Hornby...
  11. A staggering time investment resulting in a brilliant rendition. That is a genuine rolling chassis sitting out on the tarmac. I can't wait for the engine Roy.
  12. A look in the Vault... Wanna see over $50 thousand USD of Pochers in one place?? This is the Cox personal stable of Rolls-Royces. He spent the day off the Benz build by sprucing these up. I hope I'm in his will...
  13. My word - That looks amazingly like my Sedanca Rolls in many aspects ! Part Rolls, part Bugatti, distinctly Delage and all class and elegance. And I never knew of this car or model kit. !! I'd kill to have it in 1/8 scale and put aside all my ailments to achieve it.
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