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  1. Also wonderful work. We can never have too many obsessed Pocher builders...and yes, David's work is surgical.
  2. Staggering amount of detective work to uncover all the things that divert from reality. It speaks to the many hours of just studying the parts and comparing to references. Then you must figure out a fix. Enough cannot be said of your skills, tenacity and obvious passion for this project. To say nothing of your sharing and providing a road map for interested, advanced Pocher Alfa builders.
  3. Nice memories. Back in the day, my young son and I met Tommy Kendall and Dorsey Schroeder driving Tom Gloy Mustangs at Lime Rock. Like driving jets in a phone booth....and we crawled all over the cars in their pits. Great noise that fostered my love for my Cobra. What a great day. My little son is 43 now............... Thanks for turning on my memory machine.
  4. Great selections and great shots of all. Thanks Matthew.
  5. A staggering amount of professional work to get a prepped and correct Alfa 8C engine. It looks to far exceed a MFH intense project which all require extensive parts prep. You've done both so am I correct? Confession; although I've seen many beautifully assembled Pocher Alfas before, I'm ruined to ever accept a kit-built engine after this one - even one with added detail- again.
  6. Nut, I have enjoyed your 4-wheeled work for years. Stumbled across this and now fully know the depth of your talent. These A/C guys went justifiably nuts - I do too. Magnificent. ! C
  7. I'm back to scrutinize, criticize and drool............... Yes, noting you do looks what Pocher threw at us. Also happy to see you actually make plastic dust like we mere mortals. Suggest you paint the porcelains after melting in - there I go being a busy-body.
  8. Do not worry about translating - your work speaks for itself. And your clamps and stand are better than my models - ! BRAVO !
  9. Meticulous assembly and finish and tasteful presentation. Now build a 1/8 scale one !
  10. A wind deflector? A beautiful piece from your hand...
  11. Yes to all your questions and thank you for the compliments. The carpet came from a US dollhouse supplier whose link escapes me. It is a low pile velour because it's for 1/12 dollhouses - perfect for 1/8. Search the UK and if no luck I'll try again to look. Leathercord was extremely easy to deal with and they may ship to you. No help about the import police... EDIT: that's also leathercord piping on the carpet edge, same as roof but thinner - probably 2mm. It's been about 3 years since completion.
  12. If you can't find UK supplier, I bought here. Every possible color and size. I used 2 and 3mm:: https://www.leathercordusa.com/category/C1-3MM.html Seen here on seat base and roof trim:
  13. Shameless Confession: We're kindred souls: I wired the 22 bolts on the oil pan, scatter shield and the competition gas filler on the Cobra....
  14. Accurate safety wiring in 1/12 scale ----ON THE BOTTOM OF THE CAR no less ! You are a seriously possessed man ! BRAVO !
  15. This thread has become 'The Book' on building Pocher Alfas. The talent of David and the small army of experienced contributors has made it so. So much applies to constructing others, that all Pocher lovers should be grateful. My thanks to all for sharing advice and secrets...
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