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  1. Codger

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Wayne is exactly right here. But it's still a difficult proposition even with much advanced planning. In my case, I had a very good idea of what I wanted my Rolls to look like - a Gurney Nutting coach P II. But had no idea a Pocher could be pushed-around enough to make such radical modifications to what Pocher gives you. Only studying the techniques of Dave Cox did I learn the methods to achieve this. But by then, I had many of the main elements constructed, and as Wayne says, I had to de-construct, saw-off and throw out (to replace with scratch built) parts and details - some more difficult than others. This is how you wind-up with a 38 month build. Our friend David is demonstrating the 'proper' method for advanced modifications and more accurate models with his radically altered Spyder. Much advanced planning and measurements. A very good road map for any Alfa builders. Along with Wayne and Jo NZ's help, you benefit from a lot of smart, experienced work. In your case, much effort will go into correcting and shoring-up damaged parts and poor assembly practices. My advice - don't get over-whelmed or over-ambitious. An excellent model can be built from it without being a 'life's work'.
  2. SURELY you jest...shade guys don't know from measurements like 'point 24 mm'...........
  3. Codger

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    A very ambitious project due to the poor starting condition but your ideas and skills seem up to it. R/C is a good training ground for repairing car models - I did that frequently for my then-young son. Carry on and have fun. Plenty of help and advice here; Endeavour is doing a master-build in his 'Sectioned' thread below. But don't get discouraged, get inspired...
  4. Massive improvements after massive amounts of work. Will you alter the hood panels or scratchbuild new? It may actually be easier and thinner material can be used - like brass.
  5. A master class. You're doing a huge service to Alfa builders by just IDENTIFYING the problems and differences plus all the measuring to get these shapes and true dimensions. I for one appreciate you making this available.
  6. I love your MFH Alfa build but am so glad you are bringing this along as well. Few may go as far to alter the Pocher into an Alfa. But it is a definitive statement on methods for serious alteration of any large scale model. It all starts with precise measurements and you and Roy V have proven leaders in that field. Thanks for sharing - Pocher addicts are along for the ride.
  7. Ahhhhhh-Pocher classic activity again.... Two wonderful examples shown here by expert builders. Plenty of Pocher tips and wisdom will follow. Both are obviously past wheel-solving problems but I would just throw in that I epoxied the Pocher base jig to a small plank of 1/8 steel which stabilized it and was a big help. The soldering iron trick brought back the tremors and sweats.....but the results always worth it when the model stands on these gems. David is doing a radical correction to the fantasy Spyder that Pocher created; I know this will be a far more accurate 8C - after buckets of Milliput and dozens of saw blades. But David, why SEVEN wheels? Triple spares?
  8. Codger

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Yes it is. Also Brilliant to have you back!!!!!!!! Now crack the whip on these guys!
  9. Codger


    Message sent.
  10. Codger


    Dear Zoe, I am stunned by this turn of events. Like Mike and any of us who have enjoyed Paul's work, , I pray that Paul can stay in contact with us. I am also amazed that our communications have had such an impact on Paul that he wishes to extend his magnificent work, now in the form of this gift, to me. I must digest all this unexpected and troubling news then I will shortly contact you by Private Message. Please convey my best wishes and thanks to Paul and hope his care can improve his well-being. C
  11. Codger

    MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    This proves you get what you pay for in a MFH kit. To a great extent that was true for Pocher classics too. Given they were done with the technology of 40 years ago.
  12. Codger

    MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Perfection in line and form - you had great vision in choosing this subject. It is proving well-worth the relatively small tribulations you had during construction. Much left to be done but the reward will be the daily satisfaction of just seeing it in your privacy. We are fortunate you are sharing with us. Excellent planning the case at this time - I find them as vital as the model. Bravo David !
  13. Codger

    Rolls Royce phantom 2.

    Here's what an Allison in a Phantom is supposed to look like. And you need to change the steering to LHD with chain drive to the steering box. Pocher Sedanca by David Cox: http://
  14. Codger

    MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    I just tried the site and got this: We can’t connect to the server at postimg.cc. I hope it's temporary too as all my stuff is gone also...
  15. Codger

    MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Nice progress on the tank finishes. With skiving leather, I've had success as follows. Leave the leather oversize - do not cut the actual shapes yet. Tape down one wide edge and then pressing down on that to keep the skin taught, rub the skin away from the held edge with 100 grit on a block. Measure thickness every so often. It's messy and takes good effort but does get the thickness down evenly.