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  1. Codger

    Revell '68 Dodge Charger

    Wash the parts in Dawn and water to get the mold release off before painting. Also dry test fit everything.
  2. Codger

    Scrap Yard Aston Martins & Lagondas

    Sadly but comically, some shots of the cars in line resemble Onslow and Daisy's front yard. Was a pooch living in one?
  3. I surely like the work you're doing. But am much happier that you're well enough to do anything. I am hoping this work will help your 'rehabilitation' happen quickly. C
  4. Codger

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    You've said perfectly what I struggled to convey. Thanks Mate C
  5. Codger

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Some thoughts on Paul – and Sam. As we near the conclusion of this project, several things have occurred to me. Most based on my sadness of missing Paul. I'd like to think he would be pleased on the completion of this complex and beautiful car. I've no doubt he would have built the crown jewel in his small model collection and achieved great satisfaction from it. I've come to realize that we were watching Paul advance in a creative sense. Possessing an art and design background, he had an eye for mechanical beauty. He wanted to realize it by model building. He started by climbing out of his comfort zone and tackling the Profil 24 Maserati – a beautiful thing itself. A multi-media, cottage industry, low-volume resin kit is not exactly a 'glue-A-to-B' type affair. He came here and asked questions and showed his work which endeared many of us to his skills and methods. He absorbed every contributor's words with grateful demeanor and marvelous skill. After completion, he then challenged himself further by selecting the gorgeous Gurney Eagle from MFH, a company now known for museum-quality results from all its models as his next step up. And a quantum leap upward in complexity with new and more varied materials. He began in earnest and quickly established and organized the more advanced methods required for the task. He had big plans for that level of excellence based on his growing arsenal of skills. It was a pleasure to watch and share tips and advice. But as with all of us, the clock ticks only so much and The Lord determined that Paul was required in a Higher Place than our humble world. To the great sadness of many of us. And then there is Sam; a man possibly sent by Heaven to complete a task in the memory of a dear comrade. Sam willingly and with great personal sacrifice accepted my plea to complete for Paul's widow and family, this token of our respect for Paul. A great difficulty for Sam was to start with another modeller's work but not alter in any way by improvement or personal taste, the original artifact. We all have standards to which we work and Sam embraced the standards Paul began. He is that skilled a modeller to be able to do that – successfully. He did much to rehabilitate the state of a partially completed project before he could actually proceed with construction. Missing parts and the delay of shipment from MFH added to his frustration. Tiny parts needing polish or paint were patiently completed despite personal and family illness and the press of his livelihood. He has done all this at his own personal expense for tools and parts, refusing any cost sharing. Not enough good things can be said about Sam or what he is accomplishing. But I know Mrs Calvert is fully aware of Sam's efforts and will cherish the result of his and Paul's work. I apologize if I have imposed my thoughts on this group unnecessarily but, having occurred to me, I felt the story as I know it should be presented to any here who call themselves Friends of Paul. Your support has been a wonderful tribute to both men and you'll get to see another marvelous model take its place among the finest presented here. C
  6. Codger

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    This is exciting! I have no doubt that this will rank with the other really fine MFH builds shown on the forum now. The difficulties involved which you have solved are evident by the really fine-point tweezers shown holding tiny, perfect parts. Beautifully finished by you. This is now entering the realm of watchmaking ! A tribute to your skills is that you are completing what Paul started without modification or personalization - just tedious and meticulous preparation and assembly. I owe you a great debt for such noble work my friend. And any admirer of Paul's work will be greatly pleased. Thank you. C
  7. Codger

    Trumpeter 1:12 Ford Gt40 Mk2

    Before you button that up you may want to adjust the front ride height lower. The 1:1 is not like Trumpeter thinks:
  8. Well-meaning advice; When completely done, make a workstand for the beautiful drivetrain and photo it in a well-lit, uncluttered area. Like the front porch:
  9. I think we're all more eager to see progress on your medical recovery. Thierry, I've come late to this news and am distressed to see the severity of your condition. Lord willing, you had as excellent a surgeon as you are a doctor and model builder. Godspeed your complete recovery and continued spectacular model building. I look forward to both. C
  10. I'd like to see your skills on the Pocher 1/8 version Matthew. Any chance for that? I don't know why but no one seems to build the Pocher Lambos anymore...
  11. Beautiful model with many similarities to our MFH Eagle project. They would be marvelous together in the same display.
  12. All of you guys have uncovered and contributed great reference for all Alfa builders. David is doing ground-breaking work, as has Jo on this subject. A huge thanks to you all for the knowledge shared.
  13. Codger

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    So very true. Harvey this has all the makings of a true 'museum piece' exactly because of the hand-crafted nature of your work. It has real 'charm', something only artifacts have that have not been assembled from prefabricated parts but that sprang from each and every piece having come from your hand. I struggle to articulate the exact nature of what I'm thinking but this work is definitely not merely 'model building' - but true art. I know it when I see it and many of the rest of us do too, realize it or not.
  14. Yet another complex problem being systematically thought-through. Great work David.