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  1. I have learned that Mr Cox has received his leather order and that process will begin soon. Possibly because my whining has become unbearable. More soon as I get it...
  2. Can any Tifosi here explain to me, the whole 'oxygen bottle for driver' business on the 1:1 which Ron has painfully reproduced here? 1. I would hate to drive anything at 160+ MPH with a compressed volatile gas tank inches from my head. (Held on by straps!). 2. Said tank is also in proximity to a tank (maybe a bladder?) of race fuel. Ensuring a bigger KABOOM. 3. If there is a wreck, the driver would need extrication, rather than oxygen I would think. Am I just a worry wart??
  3. OK I'll start off with 'staggering'. More plumbing than a Turkish bath - all for a 3 liter normally aspirated engine. Amazing. What stands out is your determination to build every single detail of the original - and your skill at executing that. The cage in particular has such a structural look with perfect angles and joins. Ron you asked for what you may have missed but only a team mechanic would know. With proper backdrops and lighting this will be 'the real thing'. Bravo -
  4. McG is right Pascal - nobody does it better than Mr Clark. His follow-up thread is here and has more of his stunning work: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235082417-112-312t-1975/
  5. Don't give it up, you've done a remarkable improvement of a flawed kit. Speaking of flawed - that Protar Alfa is that too. I had it and sold it on.
  6. I also hate to say that I love the pallet almost as much as the whole lot...
  7. Your kidding right ?? - One need be a Scuderia mechanic to spot an error... This has now entered the 'tour-de-force' phase of your presentation. It's all coming together, layer on layer of detail and finish. You have demonstrated your 'balanced finish' goals. Something very few of us can achieve much less comprehend. Color, texture and complexity off the scale. You are pegging the talent meter. Now being an inveterate techno-geek, I have scoured the photos for any sign of 'model car' syndrome. What I mean is everything is constructed in an absolute real world manner with real world p
  8. postimg.cc/files Foolproof for three years and free. And you can't get much help here if you need it without pictures.
  9. Here's photo help: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235008824-how-do-i-post-pictures/ Here's Pocher Rolls help beyond the Koo CD: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235066099-a-big-rolls-royce-version-ii-1-7-2020/
  10. A 'What the heck??' update... As you have learned here, to build an advanced Pocher Classic, one must be part engineer, part Swami and part - blacksmith. Cox is certainly all of these. I received these cryptic images and only after hounding the absent-minded professor (he really was one) I solved the riddle. It started here: See? Blacksmith stuff. The clues begin: Test fitting: Some crimping and fiddling: And finally a dressing of the surface with files, and hangar brackets installed. Will it be polished?: But 'hold on'
  11. I can't even find him or it in a search! You got a phone number??
  12. Thanks for posting, I missed the cross bolt holes first time around. Here is an ancient shot of a '65 lowriser going into a Cobra. The gallery is just visible as a dark line above the cross bolts. I certainly cannot criticize the deletion of cam and bits but that crank is a work of art. Would dearly love to own it...
  13. Well I dragged out my old thread to snivel and whine about my absent, beloved Connie. There seems plenty of member interest but no manufacturer connection to get a new one started. And it appears the Admiral above has delayed or abandoned his plan to build a new one...so sad. Hoping for new info to come to light...
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