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  1. Hi Guys, an update on tank no polishing was needed and with pipes Best regards an tbc...
  2. Hi Guys, a short update. I wanted to add something special to this model. So I have completed the speedometer and starter... and put key with HD emblemat into So now it will be ready to "Kickstart my heart" jut at the beginning and hopefully or somebody's else later! I have added an ignition coil with cables And something special for future owner if he/she wants to have a cool bear after a joyride... I dont know yet where to put it into frame but no hurry, this will be decided later
  3. Hi Guys thanks for feedback the work goes on.... First comment to the wheels. It is pretty easy: 1. just cut of plastic spokes and make holes 0,8mm instead in rims and 0,5mm in center pieces 2. glue both rims of alloy together and paint as you wish 3. put the tire on, before spokes. 4. cut surgical needle 0,8mm and put them into holes in alloy; they must be enough long to pin them into tire from inside 5. cut and put steel cord 0,5mm inside needle, longer as well to reach the tire, bended 90o to fix them in the center part. 6. Smile Now battery The colour, paint with one clear cote before polishing. I am waiting for decals, so once they are added, final clear cote and polishing will be done. And it has just started to look like a Harley the rear wheel is on, but just to keep it verticaly and to avoid colapsing Cables will be adjusted off course... Regards and TBC...
  4. Hi Guys, as last year I have started a new project for our charity auction event. Last year it was Triumph: It was a great success, almost 550 GBP was donated as highest bid! So this edition will be based on civil version of this legendary bike. As of today: 1. front suspension 2. wheels 3. engine Best regards and tbc...
  5. Hi Guys, as of to day it is as it is, i mean foremast is equiped with sails and 90% of ropes and other stuff. The rest, like brasses will be added later. Now I have to make a break for another project, kindly wellcome to civil vehicles workshop Best regards and I think in Janaury tbc
  6. Hi Guys, few steps forward with foremast, Regards, tbc See you sooner or later ;)
  7. Hi Guys, the deck is ready, including bow rigging. Now it is time to go up! Rear railings are missing. They will appear once mizzen mast is fixed. Some hanging ropes from the bowsprit wait for the foremast, TBC... Regards
  8. Hi Guys, an update with bow part of the deck and a witch with horse tail Regards and tbc
  9. No, the glden details are PE. You can find it in the net.
  10. Hi Guys, an update, but at the begining a short tutorial, to respond to michaele. Ho do I convert plastic into wood: 1. a set of paints I use. You can take different browns of both acrylic and vangoghs, depends on what final effect you want to get. If oak-like I use these, if mahogany, I use very dark brown of VanGogh. Definitely you have to put first acrylics (2-3), than oil vangoghs (1-2) and gloss or semigloss or flat acrylic one at the end. 2. Primary version is poor 3. First step, ochre brown by aero and orange brown with dry, stiff brush 4. Then other parts painted with acrylic as VanGoghs are oil so later 5. Now first VanGogh, light one (semi dry brush) 6. And immediately the darker VanGogh to mix them up. With ear pick I smoothly make final moves and remove too much oil paints, esp. at the curves or edges. Then immediately I put acrylic semi gloss to get emulasions between VanGoghs and this clear acrylic. Once it is dry (3-4 days as these oil dry very slowly), I painted knobs with flat black. 7. Here you can see different details to be add on bow part of deck And here it is front part of deck with above details Regards, tbc...
  11. Hi I will be grateful for photos of bowsprit with all ropes and chains as I have some doubts how to fix them all. The manual is pretty poor on this. I've made an overview at some forums but I've not found now detailed pictures of them. So far Regards
  12. Hi Guys, I ve started her as it is one of my favourites tall ships. as of today hull and deck. and a wooden deck, finetuned with acrylic grey crayons, and painting converting to wood with my method I've described before. I ve replaced plastci parts with wooden accesrories and all in place Regards and tbc
  13. Thanks for all good feedback, yes the helmet is in the set as it is military version. there are even side bags and machine gun
  14. Thanks, as mentioned at the beginning of work in progress, this project is for charity auction. So I hope that the new owner will be double happy, with this eye catching Beauty and support he/she delivered by it to kids. I will be for sure
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