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  1. Hi, this time I would like to present the way how wheels are planned for this model. It is really odd. The set is equipped with a "device" to produce it. As spokes can be done by using any wire of color you wish, steel, cooper, etc. Turning it clockwise, and flipping up and down you have nice alloy with spokes The you put inner rim and some spokes from the inner side The tires are really hard so it is a challange to put it on. Once it is placed, remaining parts can be fixed. Some initial attempts to creat this wheel failed. I wasted a lot of wire as the manual instruction is rather poor. But finally I found the way. The outcome is fantastic and looks really realistic. Several years ago I bought a set of Revell for few dollars with missing parts of engine. It was waiting for complete one. Later I got Entex. So I have spare alloys from Revell, harder that Entex. During wiring I broke first one of Entex, that when I tried to put the tire, I broke another one Entex too. So I decided to use the Revells'. It was a good choice. The set of Revell is much better than the Entex one as less parts are chromed and not so fragile. So If you hunt for this Mercedes, look for the Revell production. Regards
  2. Hi, some progress. engine put into frame Front suspension with handbrake parts added As plastic rods were unacceptable, curve and too short (!), I ve replaced them with steel ones and attached them I have brushed some rust as well as the car is under restoration but including original parts (almost 100 years regards
  3. Engine ready for the frame (pending). Other equipment will be added once it is mounted. Regards,
  4. Oh, I see, You mean to keep the original black/white style of chassis? hmmm.... I've been thing about black/onyx blue... from ZP
  5. Hi Guys, now it is time for my favourite scale for vehicles. It is an old kit of Mercedes SS 1928. The set is not bad. It requires a lot of stuff from the scratch. As you can see the basic set is pretty poor (~20 parts). Here are the out of box engine parts: I have started to production, fitting, upgarding and slowly assmbling: As of today it rather less than more of final shape of the engine: I use a lot of sets from Hiroboy nuts, bolts, rods, cables, and miliput & other pieces of whatever to supply (already >100 parts). Painted with acrylic, enamel, C1 metalizer, oil and dirt fluids, etc. My objective is to have fully restored car (ready for auction but with some visible usage) See you soon!
  6. Hi Guys, I must admit that "eclectic" is the best word for the situation on the deck. During assembling, I was wondering, which planes to chose, earlier ones or later. But finally I decided to put a mix of them to present different types from different times to have them all. So lets keep the version that my model is from 90's having modern planes on the deck with some guests from the past visiting the ship again @ Chewbacca, I really envy you the opportunity you had in the past, I am sure that she must be impressive!
  7. Hi, I do admit, that there is a crowd on the deck but.... complete hangars' cleaning was announced by captain
  8. Hi Everybody, That's USS Nimitz 1/350 with WEM PE parts full set and Starfighter decals for planes. Almost a year of work to depict the most famous aircraft carrier. I like the most models presenting models that is why I do not use weathering, rust, or worn out effects, only line effect to get details. I have placed also some pictures of deck vehicles and planes. She must be very impressive in real life... Now it is time for 1/16 car See you soon (hopefuly
  9. Correct, you are right, I will turn the flags to keep it up with wind
  10. Hi Guys, I've just completed assembling this nice model. I used cotton sails and wooden blocks. Ropes are as well outsourced. It was a nice work but very small so sometimes I considered it a bit frustrating. Some details are not correct or some ropes should be fixed in other place, I know. But at the end of the day, there she comes. Comparing with Constitution at the same scale, one must admit that Darwin and his team were really brave :)))) it looks really tiny & funny and rather as a toy-boat than a ship for 3-year ocean journey. Enjoy and feedback kindly welcome, salute to All!
  11. Hi, moving forward with foremast almost done. All ropes and wooden blocks are out of the Revell's set. Still missing some rigging but once the main mast is ready, those missing ones will appear, regards!
  12. Still ahead, now the hull incl. equipment is ready. Bowsprit placed and all supporting ropes. In net there are a lot different pictures or drwings of Beagle, so I tried to keep closely to "Anatomy of the ship", though some scale and skills restrictions limit detailing. The inside instruction is very poor. The final look I consider as acceptable. I replaced plastic blocks and deadeyes with wooden ones to make it nicer. Regards to All
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