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  1. Wow that is really incredible. I just have headed your warning. I need to learn more about this printer ha
  2. Glad you figured out the clamps Wayne! the engine is really starting to take life now. The water pipes look nice
  3. Every time I see an update on this build it brings a smile to my face. Excellent work as always gentlemen. It is a pleasure seeing this one come to life. Happy holidays Rich
  4. That is an incredible paint job - very impressive! How long did you wait between applying coats? Rich
  5. I am so glad that you, Ron and Mr. C are continuing with this build. It will be a wonderful tribute to Paul. The attention to detail is incredible. I agree with Mr. C it looks like jewelry! Rich
  6. Thanks for relaunching this project on the forum. I will be following along. Thank you for posting so many details too - this will a great reference for other Alfa builders! Rich
  7. thanks for the before and after shots. It is hard to imagine that the big hunk of Pocher nylon plastic turned into that beautiful frame. Incredible work and determination Wayne.
  8. It is amazing how much planning needs to go into this build. You almost have to go through every step of the instructions and mentally build the whole car. Hopefully the body modifications are not severe and can be easily touched up. It seems like this will be pretty well hidden on the final car.
  9. Ron I am sorry to hear about this. Your build was the finest example out there. I hope things turn around soon for you.
  10. Very meticulous work there Wayne! It really is a lot of material to remove but the final product will be worth it. I didn't appreciate how extensive the modifications are to the frame. I like your reference bible. With a build this complex you need lots of pics to figure out where all the PE/struts go. Unfortunately there is no Paul Koo DVD to guide builders. You have to create your own
  11. I am looking forward to this build. The F1 is one of my personal favorite cars. Your first build was great so can’t wait to see what you do with the second. Rich
  12. Interior is Done The build is not dead, just moving at a glacial pace. With all the various interior pieces complete, it is time to fit them all together one last time. Everything went together well until I realized I had glued the seat stand on backwards to the driver seat. The map pocket was facing the interior and not the door... I was able to chisel the CA and get the stand off the seat without any damage which was a small miracle. Here is a shot of the complete interior.
  13. Looks great Wayne! That is a Herculean paint job. You would never know it didn’t roll out of the factory gloss black
  14. What a great thread Roy! Your research and presentation is incredible. It has me really thinking about what my favorite 1/8 kit is. Rich
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