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  1. Engine Check-In I have the engine largely built up. Apologies for the poor pic. I will need to snap some better ones. The engine is sprayed Tamiya Silver Leaf and the covers are Krylon Matt Black. All of this painting was done back in August/September before the cold set in. I am currently cleaning up a bunch of parts and getting them ready to prime and paint in the spring. I will temporarily add the engine to the frame along with the doors and hood before attempting to fix the ride height. I still plan to replace the kit springs up front and will acquire some plastic tubing as @D
  2. Did you finally get all the missing parts from Hornby?
  3. Where’s the fun in parts fitting after all!
  4. Thanks. Those are the offending lines I was thinking about... is that the plastruct coated wire? I may have that in my stash somewhere. I will look up the dimensions you provided in your earlier post for the tubes. This is a really brilliant solution Pocher added lots of radiator and engine plumbing to the Huracan kit that was largely missing from the Aventador. The only issue is it doesn’t fit as Dinky has shown. The pegs and holes are wildly different in size.
  5. @Dinky you had previously showed some plastic tubing that you used for the radiator hoses to improve the connection. Did you something similar for the small rubber lines that fit on the engine? Some of those connections are really poor - will add some pics later
  6. RC shocks are an interesting idea Ron! @Fozz thanks for the spring info. I will look into those for the front shock and see if they work for the rear. I would like to try your suggestion on shortening the travel on the shock by blocking the channel before I cut anything. agreed Wayne. I will add as much of the body work and plastic parts s possible before I make any final adjustments. This was a preliminary test to see how far off it was to start. And it’s far of....
  7. Found these springs on Amazon. Hopefully this close enough to what you found Fozz. I was able to open your links and study your shock diagram in more detail. I didn’t realize the kit springs were 4x the required strength! https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Diameter-Length-Compression-Spring/dp/B076LPNB8H/ref=pd_gwm_rtpb_0?pf_rd_s=blackjack-experiment-2&pf_rd_t=Gateway&pf_rd_i=mobile&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pd_rd_wg=RGGYa&pd_rd_r=9QRFJ018NBXJ8QSQXGZJ&pd_rd_w=BNvza&pf_rd_r=9QRFJ018NBXJ8QSQXGZJ&pf_rd_p=ede78da4-93cd-4cb5-a1fe-722b8816e647&ParentWidgetId=mo
  8. I mocked it up and am very glad I did. The shocks are way too long. I will take them apart and try to adjust the length by shortening the travel length. These springs are also very firm. I need to find the springs Fozz suggested somewhere in the US
  9. Brilliant work Ron! Looking back at your boot tool, how did you heat the shrink tube - soldering iron?
  10. @Fozz the revised ride height looks much better! I am working to get the car on its wheels to see what I need to tweak with the shocks. I am a little nervous about fitting the body panels. I will need to study the Koo DVD and the posts from @Dinky on paint thickness
  11. How did you disassemble the shocks? Did you push the pin out?
  12. @Fozz that sounds like a great plan. Do you have any WIP pics of the shock fix you did? Did you lower both the front and rear? also curious to hear more about the new shocks. Is it a full retooling or a spring swap?
  13. Great progress there Ron! When using the multiple shades I assume you are applying while the layers are wet so there is some paint mixing on the part?
  14. Dinky thanks for all this great material. The diagrams and pics of your model are really helpful. I am excited that we picked up a few more builders to the thread. welcome aboard @Mark_1984 Thanks for chiming in @Roy vd M. Your insights are always appreciated. Your Delage build is awe inspiring. I am working to clean the flash off the metal frames to get clean joints. Nothing too exciting but important work if I want to get the ride height corrected. More coming soon
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