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  1. Wow that’s quite a get away car... Did he use actual wood I. The interior?
  2. Looks fantastic. You really brought to life the legendary bull
  3. I had a question on of our your earlier posts. What did you use for the nuts on the PE parts below? Are those MMC simulated nuts or did you a rod and nut to create? Capture by Car Models, on Flickr
  4. The Kevlar decals look great! You applied them flawlessly. Are they water slide? Is the green edge also a decal or paint? Rich
  5. Really nice work. I will be following along
  6. Your work is excellent. That is a perfect fit between the cowling and floor! How did you get such tidy results on electrical connectors in post 20? Did you drill the brass to let the wire in and then seal it with the shrink tube? I have had mixed luck with the shrink tube myself - resorted to CA to hold it all together. The shrink tube didn’t shrink as much for me as it did for you
  7. This is spectacular work. I am glad you are back at the bench working on this one. Thanks for all the detailed explanations and pictures. This is a treasure trove of info for future F40 builders in any scale!
  8. Wow that is really incredible. I just have headed your warning. I need to learn more about this printer ha
  9. Glad you figured out the clamps Wayne! the engine is really starting to take life now. The water pipes look nice
  10. Every time I see an update on this build it brings a smile to my face. Excellent work as always gentlemen. It is a pleasure seeing this one come to life. Happy holidays Rich
  11. That is an incredible paint job - very impressive! How long did you wait between applying coats? Rich
  12. I am so glad that you, Ron and Mr. C are continuing with this build. It will be a wonderful tribute to Paul. The attention to detail is incredible. I agree with Mr. C it looks like jewelry! Rich
  13. Thanks for relaunching this project on the forum. I will be following along. Thank you for posting so many details too - this will a great reference for other Alfa builders! Rich
  14. thanks for the before and after shots. It is hard to imagine that the big hunk of Pocher nylon plastic turned into that beautiful frame. Incredible work and determination Wayne.
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