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  1. striving for perfection, are you one more time and you are... About He 111, Ju 88 and Umlaute :-) regards from Basel, Rolf
  2. Tony - if you are going to tackle the Mach2 Tornado you might want to have a look here: http://hyperscale.com/features/2004/rb45crb_1.htm Rolf
  3. Hi Mike. After some head scratching remembered a thread on 72nd which might help you to compare and motivate tackling the 410 - modified or unmodified see: http://z15.invisionfree.com/72nd_Aircraft/index.php?showtopic=5013&st=0 have a look and enjoy if you want..... Rolf
  4. Part of the problem with the FineMold engines is that they are oversize. Also part of the problem is the orientation of the "firewall" and corresponding orientation of the gondolas in front and behind the firewall. FineMold has the engines perpendicular to the ground while in fact they should be perpendicular to the wing data line. I did modify my Me 410 B-3, using modified engines from the Matchbox kit and correcting the orientation as far as possible. But you know what? comparing the finished model with Wolfgang Henrich's superb unmodified FineMolds 410 A doesn't really show that much of a difference. Edit: and the same holds true when I look at Duncan's fine rendition ! So you really don't have to despair.... If I look hard enough and if Photobucket plays along I might be able to show a pic or two if interested.... Rolf
  5. Superb work and collection - full acclaim ! I'm always chuffed when somebody also presents "collections" showing the evolution of a particular familiy of a/c ! Rolf
  6. Congrats from Central Europe and another ReccePhan ! Rolf
  7. Congratulations on finishing such a demanding job to such a striking result !!! Rolf
  8. Duncan, Warpaint # 24 contains decent 1/72 plans by Chance - at least I was not able to find someting better.... Just in case you would like to spend some silly money I think I might have one or two resin rear fuselages still available .... and you certainly remember my WIP on 72ndScale Cheers, Rolf
  9. . Some time since the anouncement .... has anybody been able to inspect the kit/kits and would be willing to report in greater detail Rolf
  10. . Let me just say: what a stunner it would have been if you had lavished that much on a Hasegawa 188 Rolf
  11. ... helps small parts dropped just to jump to far corners and hide in chinks
  12. . Admire your diligence and another top scoring model ! Really hope for a chance to see the complete collection in real life !!! Looking fwd to your next project, Rolf
  13. . I would very much like to grow my modelling skills to the level you attained with this model Rolf
  14. Besten Dank, cheers, Rolf @ popeye: The answer to your question is very simple: The entrance into the cockpit is the former lower rear weapon station (C-Stand). There, the entrance ladder is attached.Cheers Kai
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