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  1. I don't know how you do it Fuad. The quality of the models and the rate you work at is phenomenal. I have no idea how it's possible get a tiny 1/72 Me109 cockpit that crisp. I bow to the god of 1/72.
  2. Ah yes I see what you mean! Yes there are certain panels and strips picked out in bare metal foil, and I'd intended to do quite a bit chipping on these, but decided against doing too much in the end. Flap levers are made from simple plasticard additions as well. It's just the camo pattern from the box, but the grey and brown look a bit darker and duller than they should after weathering.
  3. I didn't document the build, but perhaps I can explain what I do for older raised kits like this one. I sand off all raised panel lines, then mark with a pencil where I'll be scribing. I use the excellent Tamiya scriber and a small 6inch metal rule to create new panel lines, and the Rivet-R (fine riveter) for rivets. I do the wings first (before joining to the fuselage), but scribe the main body after building, filling and sanding. For more difficult areas like curve of the fuselage I scribe with the help of plenty of Dymo tape. Just go slow and don't rush, and get a very good lamp!
  4. You're being a bit harsh on yourself! Weathering and washes do wonders covering up mistakes and imperfections.
  5. It's really not too tricky, just airbrushing freehand. Take it slow and let patience be your best friend!
  6. Another golden oldie that some of you may be familiar with... Heller's classic 1/72 Lioré et Olivier 451 French WW2 bomber. A good level of detail for a 50 year old kit, but suffering from badly aligned parts, particularly wing and fuselage halves. She needed quite a bit of teasing into her original shape, and I think she deserved a rescribe and rivet. There's a fairly accurate scratchbuilt cockpit and wheel wells in there, but no photo etch additions, simply because not much exists for this old kit when it comes to aftermarket detailing! Anyway - as always, any feedback and your positive constructive criticism is much appreciated. Cheers, Andy
  7. No problem - it's the Peilgerat radar antenna, used on some Ju88 and 188s.
  8. Thanks all. You're a kind bunch!
  9. Thanks Paul - I would never have known that! I just stuck 'em where the instructions said. Probably not the correct decals for the paint scheme as I liked the 388 prototype scheme and wanted to see what it would look like on a 188.
  10. Lovely kit. Your rescribing and riveting is perfect, you must be a very patient man. Plain old VVS greeen that certainly isnt. Thank you both. I've grown to appreciate the art of the rescribe and love those in the model cabinet that took the extra effort just that little bit more!
  11. I love the realistic grimimess you've achieved and I know the effort you must have put in to get such a good result. I've a real soft spot for the Ju88 family, and for these older Italeri kits - you've done both proud! Thanks for your comments on my 188 earlier my friend.
  12. I can't actually remember - I built this about a year ago and the historical info with the instructions went out with the box at the time... but I'll certainly look into it. I seem to remember that it had a choice of decal and paint options - I just chose the one I thought most appealing at the time - it made a change from plain old VVS green!
  13. That's just amazing... and no I'm not counting the rivets, but it certainly looks like they're all present and correct!
  14. Beautiful builds - how did you find assembling the Dornier? I've heard it's a bit of a pain in the backside!
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