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  1. tango98

    Ju.88T in Italy

    FWIW, on Ju88 and 188 aircraft powered by BMW radials exhaust staining was very apparent and markedly stained both upper and lower surfaces of the main wings as well as the upper and lower surfaces of the tail planes. An example of the extent of this staining on a 188 can be seen on page 72 in vol.2 of Aufklarer in the Classic Colours series. Cheers Dave
  2. tango98

    Airfix Bf 109E-3

    Martyn, Although only a late and partial answer to your initial questions, the only difference between the E-3 and the E-4 was in the wing armament; the E-3 being fitted with 20mm MG/FF cannon while the E-4 was fitted with the 20mm MG/FFM cannon; the difference only being in the ammunition used by each type. The squared off canopy style was not an indicator between an E-3 or E-4. As a quick example, the E-4 flown by Viktor Mölders when he was brought down in early October 1940 was fitted with the earlier rounded style of canopy. HTH Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Christian, Although you haven't mentioned which kit or scale your D VII is, if you go to the Wingnut Wings website and look at their D VII kit instructions at http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/modelkitsets you will find a fair amount of information in their instructions as well as suggested paint brands. If necessary, you can also download the instruction booklets in pdf format. While their D VII instructions may not feature the same marking that you have for your kit, the information they contain will provide a good starting point. HTH Dave
  4. Excellent link back to the days when Britain actually had an Air Force. Thanks for posting. Cheers Dave
  5. The colour image shown above is a reconnaissance Ju 88D of the (F)/123 in the Mediterranean theatre circa 1943 when the unit painted some of its aircraft in an overall pale blue colour for over water operations. HTH Cheers Dave
  6. Thanks Tony, So aside from the cockpits it looks as though the jet pipe set is also something to consider and as I still have two of the Echelon kits it looks like I'll be ordering two of each set. I'd already built one back just after they became available and thoroughly enjoyed it and then, after reading through John Wolstenholme's impressive build a few months ago on ARC, decided to now build the other two once my current projects are completed. Cheers Dave
  7. Nice one Paul which reminds me that I really need to get my act together and get back to working on my 1/32 and 1/48 Dragon kits. Cheers Dave
  8. While the replies from Troy and Mike are essentially correct regarding the D variant, for the purposes of modelling the 1/32 C variant there's simple modification required for the right fuselage half. If you look along the fuselage half to a point immediately aft of the rear of the cockpit opening you will see a small scribed circle with a centre point. then, if you look just below that you will find a small raised square about 2mm x 2mm, this will need to be sanded down and the surrounding scribed outline and rivet representation filled with your favourite filler and sanded smooth. Then, immediately to the left of this on the next panel over is a small oval hatch that needs to be filled/sanded etc and replaced by a small scribed circular panel of approx 2 to 2.5 mm diameter. These changes are needed as the raised square panel did not appear on the 110 until the E variant while the other, oval panel mentioned didn't appear until the 110G. Other than that there's no other real changes required unless you're an utterly dedicated detail fanatic. However, there is one thing missing from the rear cockpit which, IMO should be added and that is the oxygen set up for the observer/gunner. On the C/D variants this was fitted on the port side of the floor immediately aft of the main spar. It was identical to that used in the Bf 109E so if you have a spare laying around from a 1/32 109E kit you could use that. There is one word of caution regarding this kit though, be sure to read through the instructions very carefully because the original kit instructions were pretty vague/frustratig in places so hopefully Revell will have re-vamped them to a more user friendly format. HTH Cheers Dave
  9. If I remember correctly there was an article on this particular Bf110 in an old issue of Scale Models (or perhaps Scale Aircraft Modelling) back in the late 1970’s. Unfortunately I no longer have my 1970/1980 copies but perhaps one of our other members has a copy of the article that they could scan for you. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Cheers Dave
  10. Jack, A quick scan through my Hurricane files more or less confirms what Smithy has posted. incidentally, what was Browns’ claim(s) for on 17th May? Cheers Dave
  11. Mark, It's many moons since I last saw an ID Models Lightning and like you, I don't recall seeing anything published on the ID kit but if it was then there is the possibility that that something may have appeared in the Scale Models or Scale Aircraft Modelling or even the IPMS UK mag issues of yesteryear. If I come across any info referring to the ID kit I'll let you know. Cheers Dave
  12. If ever I can find out I’ll be sure to let you know. Cheers Dave
  13. Gents, Do any of you happen to know if the Aires resin a/market sets i.e. cockpit, tailpipes etc are suitable for use with the Echelon Lightning? TIA for any info. Cheers Dave
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