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  1. tango98

    Mike McEvoy

    A true gentleman indeed. Rest in peace Mike. Dave Wadman
  2. Hi again Jack. Sorted out now so you should be receiving my reply. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Jack, I’ve been trying to reply to your message but the reply isn’t going through as the message reply feature is just going round in circles! If you’d care to email me at: wadman.dave@gmail.com I’ll send you my reply to your message. Cheers Dave
  4. FWIW, The late Michael Payne was fortunate enough to have been able to see and note the colours and markings of many of the 109E's which were brought down over SE England during the B of B and used these in his creation of the many profiles which he created for numerous publications over the years. In referring to his notes and drawings (which I am fortunate to have copies of) he clearly identifies the 14 as having been red. Incidentally, the wings in the second last posted image in Vonbrauns post may not necessarily have originated from 14. Cheers Dave
  5. Alan, From the relevant Hurricane Mk I 'protective finishes' documents: Cockpit interior - grey green Tubular framework within cockpit - aluminium Pilot seat - aluminium Rudder pedal heel boards - black or plain aluminium These interior colours remained in effect for all UK built Hurricanes until PZ865, the last Hurricane built (a IIc) Also, wheel wells - aluminium HTH Cheers Dave
  6. Hello Richard, Jim is correct in saying that the Ju 88S were high speed bomber versions while the T versions were reconnaissance aircraft. The T versions of the Ju88 were essentially rebuilds/conversions of the Ju88D-1 but with the camera locations remaining unchanged from those of the D-1 and were powered by a pair of BMW 801D engines while the Jumo 213A powered T-3 had the same camera installation. This provided room for three cameras to be carried although this was usually restricted to one or two depending on the mission type, requirements and distance involved. Hope this helps. mfg Dave
  7. Hi Gary, The Herndon 109E has, since the original canopy centre section went ‘walkabout’, has had a couple of canopies fitted for display purposes over the years. When this was the subject of a discussion a few years ago it was pointed out on good authority that the canopy section currently fitted came from a non- flying ‘109E’ featured in the Battle of Britain film of the late 60’s. Dave
  8. Coming on nicely Johnny.............but don’t forget to remove that small scoop on the side of the left-hand cowling panel eh? Cheers Dave
  9. You’re doing some nice work there Jon. Now I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet but if you are going to finish it as Pascoe’s Desert Rat P-51D-5 or not but the early D’s did not have that small scoop on the left hand cowling panel just above the leading edge of the wingroot. If memory serves this scoop was only added when the battery location was changed on the later airframes (-20 and above IIRC) Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the finished product. Cheers Dave
  10. Excellent presentation of a 'Rocket City" F-8 Gunfighter Russ. Well done Cheers Dave
  11. Bullseye do 1/48 decals for 44-13586, Richard Peterson's -5 (without the fin fillet) with green upper surfaces and aluminium under surfaces with D-Day stripes while Eaglecal have markings for his later -15 44-14868 in bare aluminium finish with a yellow rudder. HTH Dave
  12. Werdna, My colleague David E. Brown has extensively researched the 262s of JV44 and is also a member here on BM. It's quite possible that David may see this thread and respond but if not, you could always send him a PM with the chance that he could help out. AFAIR, the only known photos of Steinhoff's 262 are those taken following his near fatal crash. Cheers Dave
  13. Another first rate job Randy, very well done. Cheers Dave
  14. Dave, Dipole = my bad choice of description. Other images I have of the a/c show nothing protruding antenna-wise beneath the port wing in that location; I’ll play with the image and see if more detail is available. Cheers Dave
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