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  1. Hutch

    "Famous" ancestors

    My 5th-great grandfather was a Dorset farmer called Benjamin Jesty and he successfully innoculated his wife and two of his sons (including my 4th-great grand pa) against smallpox by using cowpox 20 years before a certain Dr Edward Jenner did it and subsequently received all the praise. I guess the fame and headline story of a high flying doctor sounds better than a lowly farmer. Jenner got the £10000 prize and Edward got a 'well done' and a portrait painted during a visit to London.... Only found this out about 18 months ago as my wife is heavily into family history and the link appeared one evening on her computer screen. That, along with the fact that we are both related with a common ancestor back in 1620...... At least we married late in life and don't have any children! Hutch
  2. Hutch

    What's your day-job?

    After undertaking an apprenticeship at NGL/Westlands back at the beginning of the 90s i went and trained as a DT teacher and have been helping teenagers turn perfectly good timber into sawdust for the past 25 years. Currently working in North Wiltshire but have taught in a variety of schools, state and private, day and boarding and now seriously looking forward to a well earned rest and retirement in about 9 years time... My photo shows me in the art gallery at a particularly well known school (there is a certain world cup next year that is all about a sport that was invented and named at the school) showing my wooden 1:24 mosquito i built for the staff exhibition back in about '04. My modelling skills have worked both ways as I'm able to use them during lessons and also use the tools and facilities for my own benefit. Access to a laser cutter, 3d printer when it works,vinyl cutter and various casting processes is a real bonus. Just wish I had more time to work through my stash..... Hutch As for the ideal job - somewhere warm as an underwater archaeologist
  3. Hutch

    1/32 Revell GR4 Tornado

    Stunning, simply stunning... I love the animated crew and the weathering is devine. I don't know how you did it but it even looks heavy... Best I've seen in a long time. Now, can I get my 1:48 tornado to be anywhere close
  4. Hutch

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Skunk Anansie - 'Charlie Big Potato'
  5. Hi Galgos I hope you don't mind me asking but where in S Rhodesia was your father based? My father was also in the area during the same period as an RAF engineering officer working on Harvards et al. I also notice you are in North Dorset where I grew up many years ago. Small world? Hutch
  6. Hutch

    New Forum Software Update

    Mike You are a star!!! Simple things to please simple minds........ My 'Britmodeller World' is now complete and I can surf happily. Hutch
  7. Hutch

    New Forum Software Update

    Hi Mike I'm liking the new look apart from one 'lost' item; that is the numbering of the posts. Previously, when you were reading the comments, and surfing the different topics, you could tell where you were as each reply got a #number and you knew that there were 20 posts per page. Now I have to scroll to the top of the page to see how large the topic is and where I am in the conversation. Maybe I am the only one who is missing this, or even noticed but it does frustrate at times. Is there something that can be done to ease my navigation....? Hutch
  8. Hutch

    AEF Aliens 1:35 figures

    I might just do that. I've got Ripley(combat), Spunkmeyer, Vasquez (not sure which one - it's hidden in the stash!) and Drake so between us a good selection. I have a feeling that there is Gorman in my bag-of-bits and possibly Newt (have her body I think) as well as Bishop (there is a laptop in the bag). I'm surprised that there is so little info out there regarding these. Hutch
  9. Hutch

    AEF Aliens 1:35 figures

    Hi Kallisti I'm not sure as my bag of bits had about 25 sets of legs, 40+ arms and a whole load of other 'parts' (but no torsos or heads). I also have a few unopened figures in my stash but don't really want to open them in case I eventually sell them in a few decades time. I was just wondering if there was somewhere in internet-land that had scans of the set of instructions. Hutch
  10. Does anybody have scans or links to the instructions for these figures? I have obtained a large number of 'spare' body parts and would like to know who they are from. Hutch
  11. Hutch

    RIAT Surprise!

    Here they are 'Head in the Clouds' I wish I had the SD card in for the first few as they would have been even better as they were closer and more over head. Numpty!!!!! Hutch
  12. Hutch

    RIAT Surprise!

    It was buzzing around for about 15 mins and I got about 10 shots after I realised that I didn't have an SD card in my camera!!!! There are a couple of photos I've put on the 'whats flying over my house' thread but I'll put the others up in about an hour. Weather wise it was better than Fairford yesterday... Hutch
  13. Hutch

    RIAT Surprise!

    I live about 3 miles from Brize and I was surprised to see it in holding over my house along with the F-15s it displayed with. I got a couple of photos but will look forward to seeing yours (and all of the others that will appear on BM). Amazing aircraft...! Hutch (who went to RIAT yesterday...)
  14. B2 and 4 F-15s in holding for RIAT at about 1430ish. They were at about 800-1000ft as the cloud base was a little low so we had a good show. If I could sort out the photo issues I'd put a couple up!!! (sorted it!!!!!!!!!) I was at RIAT yesterday and realise I should have been there today as the weather is much better and a full flying display (no Raptor yesterday but it displayed today). My wife is working there with her Air Cadets and has had a most wonderful week so far and will be there for the departure tomorrow. I did phone her and give her the heads up on the B2 as I believe it was not mentioned in the flying programme... Hutch (who wishes he bought tickets for sunday rather than saturday)
  15. Mike Really enjoying the new site and, after being 'off-grid' for the past two months it was quite a shock to the system when I logged in yesterday... The only, slight niggle I have is the lack of numbering system to the posts within each topic. The old system gave you a 'clue' as to where you were in the topic (ie. #25, and 20 posts per page) so it was quite easy to follow but now I find myself a little lost when clicking onto a topic. Am I near the beginning, the end or somewhere in the middle....? However, loving the new look (as soon as I sort out how to get a UK date) Hutch