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  1. And following up my earlier post, I'm also definitely up for a set, in probably both 48th and 72nd scales.
  2. I don't want to put a spanner in the works but I think the fuselage band is the wrong colour on S1474. Red is for HMS Furious, whilst S1474 was with 824/825sqn on HMS Eagle (black band) after serving on HMS Hermes in 440 Flight (white band until 1933, green from 1934); I don't believe it was ever on HMS Furious. This aircraft has always been a part of my family history as it was the one my father worked on whilst he was on a two year tour of the Far East on HMS Eagle during 1933-35. I still have his photo album from the time and have a few of '74', including most of those taken during the 'pirate' hostage incident on 20 june 1934 (as published in 'The Fleet Air Arm in Camera 1912-1996 by Roger Hayward pages 50 - 53)... So, my belief (and please correct me) is that the band should be black for option E. I'm not sure about the blue colour of the float rudders but there is certainly a different 'tone' in the photos. However, I'm happy to stand corrected Hutch
  3. I'm saying nothing about the Mac.... I'm currently using an old cardboard house-moving box and as I am just reorganising my garage/workshop, feel it's time to take the plunge and find something I can vent outside. Hutch Cheers Colin It's always best to check and not rely on onscreen data. Hutch
  4. Many Thanks Colin Like you I'm a little concerned with the size, and the ads on Amazon don't seem to be consistant with their dimensions. Some say 48cm wide and 42cm deep, and others are 42cm wide and 48cm deep. I build 1:48 so would tend towards the slightly larger one if I can guarentee the blurb. Hutch Or even two at £70 and clip them together as you have done.... Just need to check how much space I have....
  5. Mornin' all I'm about to buy a spray booth and need some advice. When looking on the site named after a large river I can see that there are several collapsible booths at a range of different prices (£70 - £200) BUT they all look the same. Does anyone have any suggestions why, and which would be the best/most value for money? I don't have the budget for much above £140. Any other suggestions for booths and/or places to buy would be appreciated. Ta muchly..... Hutch
  6. Hi Nigel Try www.myminifactory.com I use it a lot at the school I teach in. It has some excellent pieces and they seem to guarantee that they will print, unlike those on thingiverse...... Hutch
  7. If you put 'modelling explosions' into Pinterest' you get images like these. Do they help? There are some amazing ones out there, including U-boat, Star Wars vehicles etc.... http://warzone40k.com/explosion-imitation http://www.forocoches.com/foro/showthread.php?t=1381513&page=46 Hutch
  8. Ben If there are any extra details you need I might have a few photos that I have never seen published. I'm away from home until the weekend but feel free to ask. Hutch
  9. Hi Ben I'm in the same boat as MarcB having always wanted a IIIF in 1:48, so would be interested. Would you consider producing a bare kit without the decals, struts etc? It might be an option you could offer. I have a great interest in this aircraft as my father worked on them whilst on HMS Eagle during the 1930s. I've still got his photo album from his two year tour of China/Japan with a lot of details of IIIFs. His pilot (dad was an engine fitter) was Lt Williamson who went on to lead the Taranto raid in WW2. What was it that persuaded you to do a IIIF? I thought you were a Spitfire fanatic... Hutch
  10. I've just watched this film and discovered the Tigers were in fact T-34s that were made to look like Tigers. Has anyone tried this conversion in a smaller scale? Hutch
  11. This looks fabulous Mark. Not seen a 'Buffalo' in this scale before but it really works. I've got this scheme waiting in my stash to go on one of the 'new' Airfix dak. You mention that you mixed the green but do you remember what paints you used? I've a real interest in this airframe as I've found out that it was worked on by my father in '44/45 whilst it was in 575sqn at RAF Broadwell.
  12. Many thanks Rob. Hopefully I'll be able to start my experimental time over the next couple of days. I'll let you know if your method works or it is your equpiment. Hutch
  13. Many thanks dromia, that is just what I was looking for. Hutch
  14. This will be my first go with this primer, so are there any issues I need to watch out for and what is the best needle size/psi combination? Many thanks in advance Hutch
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