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  1. Ben If there are any extra details you need I might have a few photos that I have never seen published. I'm away from home until the weekend but feel free to ask. Hutch
  2. Hi Ben I'm in the same boat as MarcB having always wanted a IIIF in 1:48, so would be interested. Would you consider producing a bare kit without the decals, struts etc? It might be an option you could offer. I have a great interest in this aircraft as my father worked on them whilst on HMS Eagle during the 1930s. I've still got his photo album from his two year tour of China/Japan with a lot of details of IIIFs. His pilot (dad was an engine fitter) was Lt Williamson who went on to lead the Taranto raid in WW2. What was it that persuaded you to do a IIIF? I
  3. I've just watched this film and discovered the Tigers were in fact T-34s that were made to look like Tigers. Has anyone tried this conversion in a smaller scale? Hutch
  4. This looks fabulous Mark. Not seen a 'Buffalo' in this scale before but it really works. I've got this scheme waiting in my stash to go on one of the 'new' Airfix dak. You mention that you mixed the green but do you remember what paints you used? I've a real interest in this airframe as I've found out that it was worked on by my father in '44/45 whilst it was in 575sqn at RAF Broadwell.
  5. Many thanks Rob. Hopefully I'll be able to start my experimental time over the next couple of days. I'll let you know if your method works or it is your equpiment. Hutch
  6. Many thanks dromia, that is just what I was looking for. Hutch
  7. This will be my first go with this primer, so are there any issues I need to watch out for and what is the best needle size/psi combination? Many thanks in advance Hutch
  8. I'm about to begin the painting stage of this marvellous aircraft and want to paint the candy stripe tail rather than use the decals in the Airfix 1:48 kit. Does anyone know which shade of red the stripes are, and what paint will be a good match? I tend to use Tamiya acrylic and would not be adverse to mixing, although I do have quite a good stock of other paint manufacturers. Also, the aircraft only seem to have the black/white stripes around their fuselage so I guess they are not the same as 'invasion stripes'. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
  9. Hutch

    Mosquito question

    Hopefully a quick question to get a quick answer... What was the colour of the wheel wells of a PR XVI? Many thanks in advance. Hutch
  10. I love the paint work, it really has that faced look. Is there a particular technique you used? The markings are superb by the way. Hutch
  11. There's still a lot of experimenting to do before they will be ready but as I'm down in Wiltshire the postage will be minimal. If you carry on with the main build you can have the first 1:48 set off the printer; but only when I'm happy with them. The size is spot on but the finish is still not good enough. Hopefully the new machine at work, when I can get my hands on it, will sort it... Hutch
  12. He's done rather well so far... I've got a first print in my hands and it looks pretty good but I need to offer it up to the kit part to get a better idea but that's not at the top of my priority at the mo. I did mention your interest in a 1:48 set (are you scratch building or is there at 48th kit I've never heard of...?) and he's printed one of those as well. I'll try and get a photo on here over the next few days to let you have a look. The print quality isn't bad for a £200 printer but my workplace is just about to take possession of a sub-£3000 one in the next month so hopefully I'll g
  13. This has got to be worth following!!!!! I've a couple of these in the stash, and knowing how blown-away I was with your Dropship, it should be my inspiration to bump it up the 'to-do' list. I've also a few AEF marines to add to the mix, and my son is in the process of designing/printing some replacement wheels. The plan is developing as I type........ Just keep giving it some of that 'Kallisti -magic'...... Hutch
  14. If you had a choice to visit either of these museums which would you chose? Mrs Hutch has suggested a trip somewhere for my up-coming birthday and I feel a museum trip is a good option. Luckily, she is an aircraft fanatic as well so it's a win-win situation. SO, which one would you choose and why? I've never been to Aerospace Bristol and my last trip to Wallop was probably back in the 90s. Mrs H hasn't visited either... Many thanks in advance......! Hutch
  15. Andy, that is just perfect. Thank you so much. My lad has got the tread matching the ones in the film (the kit tread was a little off.....) but this will certainly help get the rest matching the kit. He will be able to work from these photos.... Hutch
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