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  1. If you had a choice to visit either of these museums which would you chose? Mrs Hutch has suggested a trip somewhere for my up-coming birthday and I feel a museum trip is a good option. Luckily, she is an aircraft fanatic as well so it's a win-win situation. SO, which one would you choose and why? I've never been to Aerospace Bristol and my last trip to Wallop was probably back in the 90s. Mrs H hasn't visited either... Many thanks in advance......! Hutch
  2. I've been coming here since 2008 so it's about time that I coughed up a little something for the pot..... Should be somewhere in the ether between my account and yours... hopefully! Hutch
  3. Andy, that is just perfect. Thank you so much. My lad has got the tread matching the ones in the film (the kit tread was a little off.....) but this will certainly help get the rest matching the kit. He will be able to work from these photos.... Hutch
  4. I have a couple of these 'somewhere' in the stash and my son has offered to 3D print some 'accurate' wheels for me. He's already produced a 'more than basic' stl file for them (he works as a CGI designer/artist) but is there anyone out there able to measure the kit parts accurately for me? I'm looking for diameter, depth and any other significant dimensions. Many thanks in advance Hutch
  5. Hutch

    Spray booths

    Many years ago I built my own from a car radiator fan powered by a spare battery charger unit. To get the fan pulling instead of pushing I just reversed the connectors. It came with a fabulously shaped frame that vented a fair amount of air. It was also during the time of 'blowing yourself up' but I was then hoping it was fairly environmentally sealed. Multiple moves and a change of circumstances means it no longer exists but it certainly did what it said on the tin....
  6. The 'jetman' is a young man called Sam who was on the same design course at Loughborough uni as my son. To the best of my knowledge he went to gravity industries for his year in industry and helped to develop the flying units for his final year project. A lot of the pack has been 3D printed in metal... As a part of the end of year design show he flew it around the campus and got it shown on the BBC. He did look like he was enjoying himself at Yeovilton. They are all graduating tomorrow so I might go and introduce myself....
  7. Looking really good JB. I've got the same set of decals in the 'pending' pile as the history of the real airframe is an interest to me. My father was an RAF engineering officer at RAF Broadwell during 1944-45. The airframe was with 575sqn and he would have dealt with any issues it had as he was daily duty officer working with Daks. He missed out on D-day but was there for Arnhem, when he was awarded a MiD. I knew about the MiD but only found out about Broadwell 15 years after he passed away and whilst I was living 4 miles from the airfield. So, I'll be following this closely and hope to emulate it. Hutch
  8. A bit of a theme... Single: 'Antmusic' by Adam and the Ants Album: 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' by Adam and the Ants Hutch
  9. Hutch

    What's your day-job?

    After undertaking an apprenticeship at NGL/Westlands back at the beginning of the 90s i went and trained as a DT teacher and have been helping teenagers turn perfectly good timber into sawdust for the past 25 years. Currently working in North Wiltshire but have taught in a variety of schools, state and private, day and boarding and now seriously looking forward to a well earned rest and retirement in about 9 years time... My photo shows me in the art gallery at a particularly well known school (there is a certain world cup next year that is all about a sport that was invented and named at the school) showing my wooden 1:24 mosquito i built for the staff exhibition back in about '04. My modelling skills have worked both ways as I'm able to use them during lessons and also use the tools and facilities for my own benefit. Access to a laser cutter, 3d printer when it works,vinyl cutter and various casting processes is a real bonus. Just wish I had more time to work through my stash..... Hutch As for the ideal job - somewhere warm as an underwater archaeologist
  10. Stunning, simply stunning... I love the animated crew and the weathering is devine. I don't know how you did it but it even looks heavy... Best I've seen in a long time. Now, can I get my 1:48 tornado to be anywhere close
  11. Hi Galgos I hope you don't mind me asking but where in S Rhodesia was your father based? My father was also in the area during the same period as an RAF engineering officer working on Harvards et al. I also notice you are in North Dorset where I grew up many years ago. Small world? Hutch
  12. Mike You are a star!!! Simple things to please simple minds........ My 'Britmodeller World' is now complete and I can surf happily. Hutch
  13. Hi Mike I'm liking the new look apart from one 'lost' item; that is the numbering of the posts. Previously, when you were reading the comments, and surfing the different topics, you could tell where you were as each reply got a #number and you knew that there were 20 posts per page. Now I have to scroll to the top of the page to see how large the topic is and where I am in the conversation. Maybe I am the only one who is missing this, or even noticed but it does frustrate at times. Is there something that can be done to ease my navigation....? Hutch
  14. I might just do that. I've got Ripley(combat), Spunkmeyer, Vasquez (not sure which one - it's hidden in the stash!) and Drake so between us a good selection. I have a feeling that there is Gorman in my bag-of-bits and possibly Newt (have her body I think) as well as Bishop (there is a laptop in the bag). I'm surprised that there is so little info out there regarding these. Hutch
  15. Hi Kallisti I'm not sure as my bag of bits had about 25 sets of legs, 40+ arms and a whole load of other 'parts' (but no torsos or heads). I also have a few unopened figures in my stash but don't really want to open them in case I eventually sell them in a few decades time. I was just wondering if there was somewhere in internet-land that had scans of the set of instructions. Hutch
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