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  1. No problem at all. I just noticed you said Sd.Kfz. 250/10, not 251. So this changes my suggestion to Dragon, as AFV Club doesn't do one. Dragon has some discrepances in it's running gear though.
  2. I personally wouldn't build one of them out of the box, but for some versions you even have to buy aftermarket stuff and/or scratch build. I marked the ones I just guessed from seeing superficial reviews with an asterisk. All other suggestions are not based on how easy they are build and how good they are engineered, but on accuracy and overall dimensions. Mk II Matilda IV CS: Tamiya Mk II Valentine II: AFV Club Pz IV ausf. G (late): Dragon Mk I Universal carrier: Riich* Opel Blitz 36: Tamiya KV-1S mod. 1942 (late): Trumpeter SU-152 (KV-14) mod. march
  3. There is a very interesting vintage training video on ditching in a B-17. You might enjoy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4xTjvtS5W0
  4. First of all, I want to say I'm very happy about the many contributions! It's not solely about finding a model for my model kit, but it's a very interesting topic in general. While reading through the new comments chronologically, I was surprised and happy how seemingly easy the main question could be solved - now we know it wasn't. I think Seahawks thoughts are very reasonable and legit. Therefore we still have no photographic example of a Meridian Hellcat yet. While writing this post, I found a build report of a 1/72 Eduard Hellcat, wherein the author deals with the same "5◎
  5. Hello Scimitar I'm right now mainly focused on the WW2 Indian/Far East theatre, but the more I know about it, the more I want to know about related topics. For example the usage of the Fairey Firefly during WW2, but particularly during the Korean War already begins to attract my interest. Maybe something I will go into in the future.
  6. Are you sure you can determined from the FAA roundel alone, if Operation Outflank accounts as a BPF action? To quote Wikipedia (not the best piece of evidence of course): "Operation Outflank was the first combat operation of the British Pacific Fleet". The mentioned book "The BPF: The Royal Navy's Most Powerful Strikeforce" also accounts it as a BPF action. In the book is a picture of a distant Hellcat, which looks to be coded K◎6K, and, according to the author, was taken over Medan during Op. Robson. This, if the author located it correctly, is the closest shot to the Meridian action I
  7. @Grey Beema Yes exactly. No, I didn't, as I don't know about them nor do I know where to find them. But this sounds like a good trace! In relation to your first reply: The BPF was already founded then, but you are right, it's a gray area, as Sumatra does not border the Pacific. @Graham Boak Thank you! It looks more and more as if there weren't any photos taken during the timeframe surrounding the raids. But I haven't give up hope yet. Them just beeing Mk.I doesn't clearify the question about the cowling, but the registration does. I wonder where they go
  8. Yes, I know the article you linked. Thank you anyway. It was actually the foundation of my research. The book "The BPF: The Royal Navy's Most Powerful Strikeforce" linked there, I have read since. Both sources are essential if you want a bigger picture, but do not answer such specific questions.
  9. Hello everybody, I'm in the process of building a FAA Hellcat Mk.I used during Operation Meridian I/II. Many questions on details I could solve myself while analyzing, I think, nearly every picture and video accessible on the Internet, or by reading books and posts in various forums. Only one very important question I couldn't solve to my satisfaction at all yet: Which specific airplane I'm building? Of the many pictures I looked at, most were seemingly taken in 1944 (many pics are dated definitely wrong throughout the Internet) and I don't like to guesstimate if the aircraft
  10. Hello Forum! I quickly want to introduce myself to you, after I finally registered here. Why I say "finally"? Because I stumble over this side for years now, nearly every time I look up something hobby related. I'm pleased with the high quality of the content - highlighting especially the reviews. This and the fact I'm very interested in the FAA lately, made me finally register myself. I'm from the old continent, so English isn't my first language, but please feel free to correct me if you find a blunder in my posts - I always want to improve. That's a good point to say that I'm a so cal
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