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  1. Hi John, when can we expect to see a list of traders attending on the website? Mike
  2. And it’s a Spitfire Mark I...as seen on Aeroscale Mike
  3. Best Beaufort seen and unlikely to be bettered, superb! Mike
  4. Excellent Hellcat Don, which paint did you use for the SBG? Mike
  5. Would be nice if Alistair at Aerocraft was in a position to reclaim his cat? Mike
  6. Superb result and fine photography, congratulations ! Mike
  7. I was surprised to see Alex Scott wasn’t in it Mike
  8. Very very nice and takes me back as had this as a lad way back when. I seem to recall the undercarriage being said to be too long but looks ok here. Mike
  9. Superb result especially as it’s in 72nd! Mike
  10. One of my favourite aircraft and an excellent result! Mike
  11. Somewhat unfortunate that the designer said he made extra effort with regards the undercart in the YouTube video Mike
  12. The local rag must’ve read my comment: https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/19525779.confusion-cycle-lane-wider-half-adjacent-road/?fbclid=IwAR0Hu2JkG1BuvGC22DPWHElG3W38yNvfyzqpjusldbWZkM3_V23AJQ4wTF8 I rest my case Mike
  13. I’m sure it will be cheaper than the Oz Mods conversion kit and AZ Models photo etch I forked out on some years back Mike
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