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  1. Excellent result Dick of an unusual subject. Which make of paint did your use for the SBG overall? Mike
  2. Looking great Tony, I too would be tempted to put the codes and roundel on the starboard side? Mike
  3. mick b

    Jack Charlton

    I was only thinking of him the other day when one of those rewind games was on tv showing his Republic of Ireland team in action. Sad news RIP Jack.
  4. Lovely job! I have one in the stash and hope it comes out as well as yours! Mike
  5. Great work as ever Tony. I have the Italeri Mark I and III in the stash, bought a while ago, and I think the Lego look of them isn’t helped by the fact that both recessed lines and rivets are moulded thus accentuating the affect? I thought maybe the laborious task of filling the rivets but keep the panel lines would ease the problem ? Mike
  6. For those who missed my previous post here is the link to the excellent DVD series by Roland Smith. https://www.simplyhe.com/products/a-sailors-view-complete-collection I have no link with this company. Mike
  7. Excellent as always Tony, I wish I had half your mojo to get things finished ! Mike
  8. Very nice, makes you want to go and buy a corvette for them Mike
  9. Superb result, what is your choice of paints out of interest? Mike
  10. As I draw close to the painting stage of the Ekins I ordered the US colour coats for Measure 22 as suggested earlier ( thanks Jamie, excellent service) as this seems a plausible scheme. However as this colour quandary continues I wonder what is thought of the following tonal comparisons? Our Ned kindly provided links to the IWM collection of other Captains serving in Harwich at the same time and showing a similar scheme (measure 22 demarcation) but now that I have the US paints in my hands I can’t believe that the lower panel is weathered 5-N navy blue? HMS Ekins: HMS Curzon with pale pennant HMS Fitzroy with dark pennant Any thoughts guys? I assume the deck colour would still be the original US colour. Mike
  11. Hi Harry I could never get on with Squadron putty as it seemed to tear away from the model when sanding but probably my fault. I use Milliput for major gaps and depressions ( easily moulded into shape with wet knife blade) and Perfect Plastic Putty for minor gaps where excess can be removed with the swipe of a damp cotton bud. Mike
  12. Thanks Paul Cheers Neil, to be honest painting this monster is going to be the biggest hurdle! Mike
  13. Hi All, Some minor progress but getting close to finishing... Finished fitting the HGW seat belts using gorilla wood glue, modified the Eduard securing point on the turtle back by replacing their belt with spare HGW strap. Aerial fitted and having looked at a couple of photos decided the lamp in the kit was too puny so I cut a section off the clear sprue in the kit and shaped the top and polished with sanding sticks, painted a black band around the bottom and glued in position having removed the supplied option. Also the gunsight is painted having had mould lines removed and sanded and polished. Currently painting the two doors, so next stage is fitting of the windscreen, rear canopy and port door ready to begin the enormous task of painting this beast. Belts complete, gunsight fitted. New lamp fitted HGW belt used to replace Eduard PE strap. Belts will have a wash applied to reduce their brightness in due course. All comments welcome Mike
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