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  1. As above I’m nearly there Tinners but life getting in the way. Mike
  2. Great to see the Phoenix rising back from the spillage looks better second time around Alistair Mike
  3. Excellent, still struggling to finish mine Mike
  4. Sad news indeed, I recall getting his illustrated co-authored book about The Red Baron from my local library as a kid decades ago. Mike
  5. Probably the best XVII I’ve seen BZ! Love the choice of scheme. Mike
  6. Special Hobby announced one years ago.... must be a jinxed type to manufacture? Mike
  7. Hopefully some Seafires are on the horizon Mike
  8. Good to see you’re back in the saddle with this one Alistair Mike
  9. I agree from what we can see here. Interesting that they have made the cowling bulges separate to accommodate the engine cylinder heads, might be a fiddle to fit though... The fuselage roof without the turret opens up a host of options and pleased to see they have included it here and not left it for a second release. Mike
  10. Cider and black obviously for those who remember such things Mike
  11. I think my brother fell for it too The proposed Gecko kit appears to have very similar decal options, is there any collaboration going on here with regards the kit itself? Apologies if this is general knowledge amongst those in the know on here. Mike
  12. At least we know it will be deeply engraved as it’s Airfix Mike
  13. They could at least have found a glass that is shaped like the Carlsberg one in the film, a cheap gimmick to attract sales... at least the Eduard glasses have a bit of effort put into them Mike
  14. Excellent result Rob, well worth the effort. Mike
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