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  1. mick b

    The New HMS Forth and the small HMS Magpie

    Blimey has it got to the stage where we are putting white ensigns on little grey tenders? Black Swan class sloop to this? Nice pics though Mike
  2. mick b

    Airfix 1/24th Typhoon IP

    Thanks for the response Lawzer, yes I can see the reasoning for providing the depth but just wondered why from clear plastic when you paint it and the decals go on top? Nice work on yours by the way. Mike.
  3. mick b

    Airfix 1/24th Typhoon IP

    Hi, Just perusing the instructions for this kit prior to starting and unless I am missing something, can someone explain why Airfix chose to produce the back plate of the instrument panel in clear plastic when it is essentially covered in instrument decals and recommended to be painted in Brett Green’s build guide before applying said decals etc? If it represented the glass of the instruments then fair enough but it doesn’t as the decals aren’t designed to be put on the rear of it ? Rhetorical question maybe but curious? Mike
  4. mick b

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    Is it known whether Trumpeter intend to release the kit in its 1942 fit sometime in the future or if the Very fire set will include this option? Mike.
  5. Great thank you for the info, very useful. Mike
  6. Yes I am well aware of the shortcomings in the Italeri Sunderlands and I have bought both the MK1 and III versions as it is one of my favourite aeroplanes of all time and I will endeavour to produce as accurate a model as I can given the models and aftermarket spares currently available and I welcome your posts regarding areas that need addressing but as I would like a Sunderland on my shelf I will not postpone buying such a kit as by the time a truly accurate model appears that has no faults or shortcomings whatsoever inherent due to the restrictions of cost and manufacturing processes, as I will surely be six foot under by then? Agreed the kits are expensive hence I waited until they were offered considerably cheaper on eBay and recently half price in a local hobby craft shop. I have the white ensign PE set, what is your opinion on that? Regards Mike
  7. Thing is; when a model is sat on your shelf or a table at a model show or even a competition table does it really matter how accurate say a PE interior is given that nobody really cares or is knowledgeable to know otherwise but the builder has had the satisfaction of using said PE to refine his model however accurate and only you and a few other experts will know any better? Mike
  8. mick b

    Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk 1 - No. 57 OTU

    Apologies if I’m missing something here but Humbrol do both a trainer yellow (24) and an insignia yellow (154) the former being somewhat paler than the latter so could this be the answer? Or am I mistaken in thinking the insignia yellow is aimed at RAF machines? Mike
  9. mick b

    Model Aircraft Monthly no more?

    Ok sorry for jumping the gun but thought it may have folded once again, wasn’t aware of website revamp. cheers mike
  10. Just looking at SAM publications website and noticed there is no longer an option to view latest issue of MAM. Although I haven’t bought this for years since Neil Robinson was at the helm but was its demise announced? Mike
  11. mick b

    Airfix 1/24th Hawker Typhoon

    Hi Chris, Great, thank you for taking the time out to respond, very useful info and at least some dates to work around. Cheers Mike
  12. mick b

    Airfix 1/24th Hawker Typhoon

    I recently bought the car door version of this kit greatly reduced on that auction website and I have a couple of questions that I hope may be answered here , although I realise Chris Thomas maybe the man to ask directly... They are both linked to dates and maybe specific batch serial numbers as to when certain modifications were carried out? The kit includes early and late type pilot seats for which the early basic seat applies to only one of the four decal versions provided, so what batch serial numbers were the early seats fitted to or when did they change to the later cushioned type or did they just stay as fitted at build? The tail reinforcement plates: from what date were they retro fitted and at which date had all operational Typhoons been successfully altered? Finally were the early bare cannons all eventually shrouded and again any idea of dates? Cheers Mike
  13. Chris I looked at the new book by Wingleader on the Blenheim at the Bovington show today and there are a number of images of 601 Squadron Blenheims in there. Mike
  14. Hi Jonners, How about a centre line cut in the lower wing section say about half way from front edge to that first panel line, and then press down to meet the cowling as this would be less stressful for the wing section ? If you get my drift? Regards Mike
  15. mick b

    Getting PART photo etch in the UK?

    I used to use Modelimex, also in Poland I think but usually very quick dispatch.. mike