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  1. Thanks Ed, yes after the Catalina set as I mentioned earlier, guess I will just have to bite the bullet Cheers Mike
  2. Thanks Colin, I was just hoping to avoid the postage !
  3. Cheers Mark, not sure how I missed that ! Unfortunately the 72nd Catalina upgrade isn’t listed which is what I’m after. Mike
  4. Does anyone know of a supplier of HPM products that is nearer to the UK than Singapore or Australia? Cheers Mike
  5. I spent an enjoyable time at the show today and it was nicely relaxed and friendly with the reduced admission fee as Chris alluded to. Nice selection of traders although one is still not putting prices on his kits which I believe is in breach of trading standards hence he got sod all of my money… Some of the tables let down by poor lighting, reminded me of the good ole days at FAA museum … Then came outside to find some idiot had nearly boxed me in with his pants parking Mike
  6. Great work Chris, you are making it look a far more modern release by the quality of work and finish! My brother bought me this as a birthday present centuries ago and for that reason I will build it eventually Mike
  7. Hi Chris I see Hannants have the Berna 32nd decal sheet for the Sea Venom back in stock or are you sticking with the kit ones? Mike
  8. Blimey, I must have been asleep to have missed this excellent WIP. Brilliant result as ever Roger! Mike
  9. I may be out on a limb here but I never seem to get the excitement generated by a Mark IX? If Airfix had pushed the envelope a little more and produced a high back XIV or a really accurate V then I for one would be interested as the choice of markings etc is far wider than with the IX. Still I cant knock Airfix for their impressive work in producing such detail in a kit and I genuinely hope that those that buy it enjoy the build. Mike
  10. Well I know of one trader who definitely only attends on Saturday so the option is there surely? Mike
  11. As noted above a number of traders were missing at yet the IPMS President said there was an increase in traders in his opening piece in the show guide? Mike
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