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  1. Harry, you might find this of use? https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/5/5/4/102554-59-instructions.pdf regards Mike
  2. Painting has finally begun in earnest, started by applying a rattle can base layer of Humbrol Sky back aft on the fuselage and then brush painted Xtracrylix Sky over that before masking off for the tail band. The reason for this is that I will later be attempting to airbrush on the markings using Montex Masks and will use Xtracrylix Sky for the codes. I then applied the Medium Sea Grey from a Tamiya rattle can (not photographed) on the undersurfaces, mainly the wing tip ends outboard of the ailerons, fuselage and tailplane before masking off those areas ready for the w
  3. There aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe how fantastic a level of modelling this is ! Mike
  4. Stunning replica Nick, did you get to see the example at the Bovington Tank Museum for reference? What did you use for the chrome on the tank? Just seen the price for this online...ouch! Mike
  5. Superb and a fitting tribute to Jim Clark. Should find space to display instead of hiding in a box? Mike
  6. Goffy Models did a range of sets, wheel wells, cockpit etc for the Trumpeter and Classic Airframes Wyvern which you may still find available? If I recall somebody like Pavla or Aires also did early Martin Baker seat. Mike
  7. Very neat progress Tom, could you have something in one of your future pics to size compare? Cheers Mike
  8. Superb Dave, which brand of paints did you use? Mike
  9. Superb Harrier Rene. I have yet to see a review of an Aires set that says it actually fitted easily?! Mike
  10. Hi Ian, perhaps some gentle annealing of the etch would have helped them conform? Excellent work so far and very informative, I am tempted to get one! Mike
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