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  1. This level of modelling is simply orgasmic Mike
  2. Clear Prop announced they were releasing one in 2020 but I guess delayed? Mike
  3. Blimey that’s good! The close ups show what an excellent finish you have achieved! Mike
  4. Utterly superb model and interesting back story Mike
  5. Excellent result Chris, superb finish after some serious masking! You should be delighted with how it’s turned out Painting yellow propeller tips alone does my head Mike
  6. Me too, hope they make a BE2 at some point as well. Mike
  7. How do you know? Excellent news though Mike
  8. I think you may be confusing Alistair from Aerocraft who used to be alley cat and has been ill with COVID, with the current owner but maybe you know otherwise. Mike
  9. Don’t hold your breath Mark, emailed him months back and still no response. Mike
  10. Superb stuff Allan and takes me back to my yoof! FROG producing yet another variant way ahead of anyone else. Mike
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