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  1. I Can’t believe I haven’t updated this since August! Anyway using the images suggested by Steve and his excellent build I have totally rehashed the gun director on the bridge. Scratch built using Evergreen card and rod ( how come that stuff is soooo expensive!) this is my interpretation mainly based on Steve’s . I have added a door on the starboard side and the ladder up to it ( as seen in the photo Steve mentioned on the IWM site) using a cut down spare from the PE sets. I also put on a small horizontal platform/ grate at the top of the ladder to which I have yet to add a railing. I will put
  2. Out of interest Libor, how come I don’t see your work in modelling magazines anymore or am I not looking hard enough? Mike
  3. Honestly Libor, what’s the point in modelling something new when you know that you will produce a masterpiece when for the rest of us it’s a lottery as to the final result? Mike
  4. Jamie, I recently bought the Aviation News Vol 6 No 9 off eBay that has Ian Huntley’s plans in. Mike
  5. Brilliant work so far Neil, thought I might post some pics from Cosford to help if needed? Mike
  6. Immaculate...you need to make more aeroplanes Mike
  7. Superb Michal, close ups show your excellent finish to good affect considering how small this is even for 350th, hope mine turns out just as good. Any advice on your hull weathering techniques? Mike
  8. Hi Neil, yes 144 was a Hampden Squadron and as was often the case back then he lost his life in a flying exercise as opposed to enemy action and the cause was never really established. Good luck with the build, cracking progress so far. Mike.
  9. Neil, from the sublime (B17) to the ridiculous ! I too have one in the stash that I wish to do as accurately as possible as my Uncle served with 144 Squadron before being killed in 42. What may be of note is that you are using the current Warpaint plans by Caruana and I believe Melchie has the plans from Aviation News by Ian Huntley, the latter I recently got from a guy on eBay so maybe a discrepancy there too? Mike
  10. Superb stuff Neil, astonishing finish, don’t forget the yellow prop tips Mike
  11. I wouldn’t be too hard on Brett Green with regards the content of the mag bearing in mind the current situation. also back in the day I emailed Neil Robinson about articles being repeated in Model Aircraft Monthly, when he was editor, as well as the pointless articles on new diecast aircraft releases and he told me it was out of his hands? I subscribe to the digital MAI as it’s the best of a poor bunch IMO and have done for some years now but I still wonder how many times they are going to build Eduard 1/48th 109s and 190s ? Mike
  12. Excellent Defiant Tony, one of your best ever IMO Mike
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