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  1. Privateer. This is a very hard kit to make, its taken me months and has fought me ever inch of the way, unless you are well qualified do not buy or make this kit.
  2. No worries, there wont be any new RFI's from me now anyway.
  3. My latest read is Eisenhower by Stephen Anbrose. excellent book and I’ve read it before but it’s a book I have always enjoyed!
  4. You have obviously done this before! you are well organised! Welcome to Britmodellers.com!
  5. The bay, just use the title of this post/thread and search.
  6. Some cracking details on this build! I too am interested in real people and events; when i read i'm not into fiction at all, i'd rather read a bout real people and events, I have a book by Neville Duke in the loft (must get it down and read it - again), i also have a book called John Derry, about, John Derry, very good book, Managed to find it on 'the bay' at a very low price and i'd read it before when it was in my local library; Neville Duke was the next display to fly right after John and his copilot were killed at Farnborough. I have a die cast all black Hunter F6 on display in my room too, lovely aircraft. Keep up the good work, and please take care. Mark.
  7. Have you seen the F1 documentaries on Netflix? maybe that will help!
  8. WOW! that'll be pretty large! I know i have an rc Tiger tank in 1/16 and its a fair size and aircraft tend to be a good bit larger than ground hugging vehicles!
  9. Have you tried a quote from the couriers? Likes of UPS etc? these guys are actually quite reasonable price wise these days, that said my Mariner i bought recently went by US Postal and then Royal Mail and it was here in just under two weeks.
  10. I like this! its like, "forgive them, for they know not what they do", a nice way to put it!
  11. We dont know each other, but i am so sorry this has happened to the degree it has, the virus situation has cost so many people so much; i for one am affected due to mental health reasons, I thought i could get through it all by building models but my illness put paid to that, i have to rest often. Do take care of yourself, and stay safe; hopefully we will see you again next year, so sorry.
  12. Looks very neat and tidy! I'm building the Tomahawk also, but known as the Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2 just now (waiting for paint to arrive!) but its rather different in build to yours; is yours a 1:48 scale? Looks nice! Mine will be painted in the AVF in China livery.
  13. I’ve always used Humbrol Matt 31 for interiors.
  14. All Tamiya tapes are brilliant, I have 2mm, 3mm and 6mm, the first two are VERY good for all uses.
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