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  1. Done a bit more on this today. On the Academy kit there are two holes to fit drop tanks; I filled these in, no drop tanks required. I used a needle file to open the machine gun ports and make them circular in appearance and used the pinnace to drill and open up the air intakes under the wings. I have done a few bits and bobs on the fuselage too; I glued in a plastic tab to block the hole for the stand (the academy kit comes with a stand), and extended the slot under the rear of the fuselage backwards so that the under-fin lines up with the rearmost of the rudder edge, fitted the under-fin and again fitted a plastic tab in the resultant slot in front of it to block it up; I'll spread some filler and rub both areas nice and smooth. I did some careful shaping for the centre between where the two wheels would have been, all smoothed out, much tidier. A detail I'm always conscious of on a model is the engine exhausts, and there were just two circles marked into the plastic so I found two short pieces of WD-40 straw and drilled two appropriate sized holes to put them in. The ring around the front of the engine cowling has a little air vent in it so I drilled that out too! Just needs a final rub with 2000 grade. The engine exhaust ports are now drilled out. I always open up things like this. I wanted this under-fin fitted as far back as possible. It left a small space in front which I glued in a plastic tab into. I have also fitted and glued in the little pipes for the exhausts, I'll give them a trim tomorrow and cut them in line with the underside. The little tab in front of the under-fin will be cut off tomorrow and some filler spread on the area. I also started cutting the beaching wheels out of the sprue and tidying them up ready to be painted, and filled in a small line between both halves of one of the sponsons, there was a gap there. My final task was to start preparing the tailplane, both of which have a small outriding auxiliary fin and rudder attached. I was considering using the Amodel parts for the tailplane but the surface details on them were not as good as on the Academy kit and the fit was different too. I carefully cut a slot in the end of the tailplane pieces and gently filed it open so that the fins and rudders will fit nicely in there when ready; one has a little bit of wire in it, it will keep the fin in a straight line when I come to glue them. I may fit the horizontals to the model and fit the verticals later, I have some work to do in lining up the legs for the sponsons to do yet. This part is an Amodel tailplane; the Academy parts have better detail on them and a different fitting too. These are the Academy tail parts. The wire is to keep the fin sitting straight in the gap for when I'm ready to glue these, more a reminder than anything else; if there is any slight hole or gap left I can take care of it with a little PVA on the end of a cocktail stick. I like to do all these little preparatory jobs while there isn't much more I can actually do on the model itself, its always good to be able to fit on a parts thats been painted up and glued. Got plenty of fettling and fiddling done today, I'm rather pleased.
  2. Here we are with another coat on! (warm in here innit?) This time I reduced the amount of thinners and allowed the paint to go on a little thicker, better coverage, one more coat like that I think, and when its dry I can start masking for the upper 'arf!
  3. Yeah mine says intermediate blue but I’m not convinced, i think it’s too dark; I think I’ll use the blue/grey for the uppermost. Will go with Gull grey for the undies.
  4. Yours is looking great! Did you paint yours with intermediate blue, or blue/grey? i’ll have to cut two little slots out of the tail plane to fit the little rudders, I can’t see it being too much of a problem really, I’ll just take my time with it. Thanks for sharing the picture of your Catfish! Now I have an idea what mine will be like, cheers.
  5. Got some work done on this today, painted the interior and inside the cowling, glued in two very small squares of the little tabs with numbers on that you see on the sprues, just to cover the two little holes above the wheel recesses on the inside of the fuselage and later on I put a little bit of filler in on the outside. I painted the pilots seat and the joystick and painted the engine, cut off the tailwheel coz I wont need it, and shaved a long slot under the rear of the fuselage for the lower fin extension, that will be fitted once the fuselage is closed over. I also assembled the halves of the wings together. I'm hoping to close the fuselage tomorrow. The engine is now all painted and assembled, just a couple of touches to do. I painted the insides. These are the two little 'squareas' I filled in, I want this done before I close up the fuselage. I'll smooth them tomorrow. Its moving, steadily. (I mean the model).
  6. Gave the underside another coat this morning, looking good but needs a rub back here and there before I put anymore paint on it; it does need another coat but I think this time I'll put a little more paint than thinners, its a good paint, plenty smooth and easy to paint on but I think it needs a tad less thinning.
  7. Have been listening to The Smiths of late, very much enjoy them; I like Morrissey too but I prefer The Smiths, they were actually a very good band, especially for the 90's and the past couple of days I've been listening to The Cure, another very good band, like The Smiths, plenty of variation in their music, Alice Cooper has been getting some ear time too!
  8. I’m painting the model blue/grey so the spinner is now black, it’s been painted and I need to put the yellow tips on. It’s just a patience building exercise while I paint it (especially the white, lol). I quite like the patience building in thinning the paint and obviously some colours are easier to colour fill than others, but the patience part also helps me in many other areas of my life; I’m a lot calmer than I ever was and this really helps me and the people around me. Modelling is very beneficial for me.
  9. I see, mine is a white framed glass cabinet, with only 3 shelves, but I’m managing it with Perspex risers and bridges, does fine.
  10. Excellent! I rather like the ol' F4's, more so the ones that the RAF used and fitted the Spey engines into! Always loved the ROAR when they took off!
  11. Very nice job too! I always remember this kit with the two tailplane parts having those little cams on so that the tail could tilt up and down! Ahh, Memories
  12. Can I ask what display cabinet you have? I have a couple of theirs but they say one of them doesnt have the option of additional shelves, just curious.
  13. Time for a Kit-bash! Last time I did a kit bash was such a great success that its time to do another one! I made one good kit of a Helldiver out of two kits that had different things wrong with them. A couple of years back I bought the Amodel Wildcatfish kit , I started to build it, assembled the fuselage and went to fit the wings only to find that one wing is lower than the other! Since the wings are attached to the sponsons (and vice-versa) this would leave the whole model sitting cockeyed. Look at the wing roots. I was a little annoyed but I thought about it for a while and kept the kit anyway, decided that I could always base a conversion around an F4F fighter kit, so I bought a little ol' Academy kit for about £2 on eBay and put both away for now. That little Academy kit might be quite basic but in fact it has some very nice panel features on it! Now I have had some success with the Sword Seamew kit; its now had two coats of Insignia White on the underside, (needs a couple more), I thought it was time I got this little project started. The Amodel must be an early kit; its terrible, but I made a start anyway, I'll just merge the two kits together! I already have two little F4F models as diecasts so there is no point in having a third just now, but I could make a 'special' seaborne version of the Wildcat. The parts for both kits. I'll build the Academy kit and just transfer the parts for the other kit into that, I wont need landing gear as it has two large sponsons instead although there is beaching gear for it. Getting started wasnt as easy as that though because I needed to blank off the landing gear bay before I start assembling the fuselage! I got started on that today. I opened up the faulty fuselage and I saved the ventral fin and the pilots coaming on the Amodel is better so I cut that out too and the two blank panels covering the landing gear bays. I used the latter to blank-off the landing gear voids. I also had to rub the two circular panels thin around the edges so that the panels will sit flush. I needed to use these as they had the correct curve of the lower fuselage in the plastic, saved having to try and bend little plastic circles! In between painting the Seamew I'll do bits of the Wildcatfish too! I'll have to improvise most of the way because the parts are transferrable but the setting/mounting holes are on the duff kit.
  14. I primed the underside of the floats in white primer and everything else in light grey, the grey kinda took over though.
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