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  1. Academy P-39Q/N 1/72 scale. Sorry, no pictures, i dont have a photo host now and i wont use Flickr since they lost all my pictures but didnt bother to tell me.
  2. Love your profile pic! Slackbladder and Bottom are my favourites!
  3. Yes I like Revells iron for engines so I can highlight the bright silver parts on them. I sometimes use it on undercarriage legs and then highlight the piston part in bright silver; I always highlight pistons but I know that some models have undercarriage in a different colour. looking great
  4. I wanted to let everyone know that i am feeling much better now, and a BIG Thank you for everyones support! I found that while i couldnt do any modelling i had nothing to do so maybe its been some kind of message for me to go out and do other things; and i have. I've replaced doorframes, painted the same, painted a shed, and a bit of gardening and landscape for my long suffering wifey! (deserves a BIG round of applause for putting up with me and because she's a home carer with the local council!), my next task will be mostly painting; i have to paint the outside of the house so i ordered an easel! I have the equipment just waiting to be used, i just need to watch the weather as it was far too hot to do any painting today; instead i had a bonfire in my dustbin incinerator of all the garden rubbish, prunings and old bits of wood etc, all gone up in smoke! I have been doing some modelling too! I'm most of the way there with a Hawk 81-A-2 and i have been doing little bits and bobs on the private ear, the cockpit glass is now on and happy, i filled a low point just behind it on top of the fuselage and shaped it, fine papered it and gave it an undercoat, i just have the paint to touch in round about it; and the wing goes on now! I resisted the urge to bin it because i have spent alot of time on it so far; it will be finished, when i'm ready to finish it but it will be little spells of work as and when. As for my way forward i will continue to buy and make the smaller kits but have a larger kit on the back burner to work on as and when. When i were no'but a lad i could knock out a spitfire in a couple of hours, now it might take me a couple of weeks or even mumphs depending on quality; i'm using my die cast models as the bench mark; the only way you would know a die cast in my collection is because they are all on their stands (i dont like sitting die cast models on their u/c because being made of metal they can buckle the u/c with their weight), all my built kits are sitting on their landing gear. I finally managed to get contact with community mental health who put me in touch with my consultant; he has put my dose of uncle depressants up again and i am feeling the difference for it now, (and its still early days)! Thanks Everyone!
  5. I didnt read that right first time and thought you said the Fishnet obsession continues! The Eduard kits look very good, The Academy kits are very good too, nice details, absolutely NO flash! No deformed parts! Good choice, Me Hearty!
  6. Keep them moist and clean, they’ll burst in a few days!
  7. Goidloines it is then! hahahahaaaar! Whoiy duz they call us pirates? Because we just Aaaaaaarrr!
  8. Sounds to me like it was about time you had it! There y'are!
  9. Absolutely spot-On! Thank you! Id seen the pictures of this one but NOT the interior pictures, so a BIG thank You!
  10. Normally for fine gaps I use PVA as it can be great for just closing a line, I also use it for gaps in clear parts and even for fitting them but in this case there was a small step just behind the cockpit canopy on the Private ear, and I wasn’t keen on just filing it down as it’s nearly 1mm. Once that’s dry I’ll shape it and sand it and prime it before I paint the top coat on the area. Thanks everyone!
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