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  1. All it needed was a simple personal message asking me to please remove unwanted emails in buy and sell; I would have done this and apologised. Instead of that I was VERY heavy handedly given a severe punishment that did not match the misdemeanour, I was given a 1 month and 31 minute suspension, made a restricted member and denied the use of Buy & Sell AND given a warning point that "will never be removed"! Does this seem like suitable punishment to you? Watch out anyone using buy & sell, one mistake and you will be hung drawn and quartered! dear oh dear oh dear!
  2. Want me to leave? I'm just waiting for the admins to open the door, then I'll leave. You're the admins, you do it! Come on then! Dont worry I wont come back.
  3. Used to be that I respected the admins. Now? Nah.
  4. I'm glad to be leaving britmodeller, its run by people who are supposed to me men; but theyre not. A little bit of power and their tiny minds went power crazy in their little kingdom, they became Bullies, Cruel, Heavy handed, manipulating, controlling. You're not running a modellers forum, you're running a regime in which everyone MUST bow down to the admins, Oh, the admins. A bunch of little hitlers; I dont need a place like this, I can carry on with my models in my own time - I have plenty of it. I dont have to conform to anyone, I dont need britmodeller to make models! It would have been good if it was run by normal people but it isnt. I have NO beef with any other fellow modellers (in fact I thank you for your supporting and constructive comments to my posts of my builds); just the so-called-admins of britmodeller. Rule with a rod of iron! What do you do if your kid spills his milk? Punch him in the head?? Nah, I dont need to be here at all now, but thanks for helping me to see it for myself! You can keep the money if it means so much to you, its money miss-spent now anyway, glad it wasnt a fortune! Time to go unless you would like me to hang around and embarrass you further? Members of britmodeller; please be careful, the admins here rule with chainsaw and axe and poison keyboard! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  5. I forgot to remove a couple of posts in buy and sell for which I was dealt with very severely, sledgehammer to crack a nut. I have tried to contact admin about it but they are ignoring my emails and personal messages. That’s why this is public. It’s severe heavy handed mess and victimisation.
  6. As no admins have bothered to reply to my emails or personal messages I am forced to reply in public! If I am not to be restored to Gold Member where I belong; I have paid a contribution to britmodeller, then I MUST be refunded and my account closed. I have been forced to going public as no admin has replied to any of my emails or personal messages. a 1 month and 31 minute suspension, a warning point that will never be lifted and banned from Buy & Sell; made a restricted member is a very heavy handed punishment for a simple case of forgetfulness. I have served the suspension but I don’t deserve the other excessive punishments. my position in britmodeller is now untenable and I wish to leave. I was forced to go public. No choice.
  7. Apologies folks, I was just a bit overwhelmed by the loss of the Stearman, I hate when stuff like that happens but thankfully it doesn’t happen much. I know it’s only a plastic model, but I’d taken a lot of time and effort on that and in the end it broke up. The Kingfisher is safe and out of the way in the cabinet for now until I’m feeling better, I have not been very well for about a month with the onset of colder weather with a chest infection and other symptoms. once I’m feeling better I’ll be able to complete the Kingfisher. Thanks everyone.
  8. I have nothing to do anymore now and I couldn’t make a model to save myself, I’ll stay in bed today I think. Find something else to do tomorrow. It’s just grim when this happens. I’ll take time out I think until I feel better.
  9. Thanks for trying to cheer me up. When I’m hit like this though, it can be difficult to get me out of it.
  10. I asked for the whole build of the Stearman thread to be removed because I feel such a big flopping failure, I won’t attempt to make another. I didn’t want a lot of talk about a model that no longer exists so I had it erased. I spent a lot of time on that model only for it to break up and I then crashed it into the bin.
  11. Thanks, but A lot of my models get overlooked. I thought I’d done pretty well right up to the Stearman, but that came to nothing when the wings collapsed. It was just a rubbishy little kit. it’s gonna take a while to get back to modelling after that. It’s just fate, it lets you go so far and then reels you back in because I was obviously getting ahead of myself.
  12. Wing floats are fitted but that’s all. Haven’t bothered to paint the stays so, as yet it’s not finished.
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