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Team Aer Lingus

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  1. Team Aer Lingus

    1/72 Heller Boeing 707

    Beautiful finish captures the classic lines of the 707 brilliantly thanks for sharing Eamonn
  2. Team Aer Lingus

    1/96 Vickers Viscount Duo Frog & Glencoe

    HI All Time for an update Apologies for the delay in restarting as those of you who know me I've been undergoing chemo lately thankfully all good at last so I've decided to continue with this WIP. If you will indulge me with a addition I picked up from Nick Webb (Classic-airlines ) fame @ LGW 2016 pics to follow I will be using Nicks conversion for the Glencoe kit to a 800 so this double will become a triple build in the coming weeks Any help advice tips gladly received & hijacks too !!! regards Eamonn
  3. This is my first WIP so be gentle I'm average enough Background growing up as a kid lucky enough to have a dad who worked in the hangars in Dublin and spent a lot of time mooching about Collinstown I developed a real love for the Viscounts Aer Lingus operated and always wanted to build one, Missus and myself went to Telford last year and spoke to a number of decal makers about getting sheet for a Viscount 808 to go with a Frog kit (long family story about this kit I won't bore you here involving a git in Beatties in Birmingham lol ) that she picked up for a song on a certain website. We approached a number of decal makers who all said they could help and to contact them directly in the end the only one who replied was the wonderful Nick Webb from Classic-Airliner.com who made me a sheet. I already had S&M beautiful sheet for the earlier Viscount 707 to go with the Glencoe kit so I thought a double build might be in order As always any advice or help will be appreciated
  4. Looking forward to RIAT 2016

    1. Class377fcc12


      Me too! Can't wait for the F35 AAR display!

    2. Steve Coombs

      Steve Coombs

      Can't make it this year, next year doesn't look too good either, But I am determined to be there in 2018 - the RAF Centenary is bound to be something special.

  5. Team Aer Lingus


    Superb shots as usual thanks for sharing Eamonn
  6. Team Aer Lingus

    Etihad Airbus A380 -800

    Welcome back Rich she's a beauty Thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  7. Team Aer Lingus

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Went out to photograph a Malaysian A380 when two RAF Puma's popped up @ Brompton Barracks now low level heading towards London magical stuff regards Eamonn
  8. Team Aer Lingus

    RODEN 1/144th scale 720B

    Beautifully finished model no chance of that one ending up in a bin as one critic suggested. lol excelent work thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  9. Team Aer Lingus

    Funny Looking Wessex - XL722

    Beautiful line up very nice and interesting subject you've done a great job on this one thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  10. Team Aer Lingus

    1/144th British Airways 787-8 G-ZBJA

    Super looking plane in that colour scheme Nicely built thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  11. Team Aer Lingus


    Very Very nice build well done thanks for sharing Regards Eamonn
  12. Team Aer Lingus

    Frisian Flag 2016 - Leeuwarden Air Base

    Fantastic pics really nice work thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  13. Always good to catch up with friends @ LGW time to build something now!

  14. Team Aer Lingus

    AIRLINER- airfix 737 ryanair

    Nicely done Karl thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  15. Team Aer Lingus

    Roden 1/144 720

    The Welsh set are worth investing in Eric I'm currently doing EI-ALA myself regards Eamonn
  16. Team Aer Lingus

    aircraft carrier deck 1:144

    I'm Lost for words this is simply stunning work & a real lesson for all modellers at what can be achieved nowadays. You have taken it to another level Thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  17. Team Aer Lingus

    Roden 1/144 720

    The 720 Caesar Chariot kit gets a good review inside this months Mag
  18. Not sure if this has been asked before so apologies in advance Is this a reboxed Revell kit or new tool? regards Eamonn
  19. Team Aer Lingus

    1/144 ATR 72 decals

    Hi Paul Likewise Aer Arann blue Scheme if possible please regards Eamonn
  20. Team Aer Lingus

    Piston Provosts

    Excellent work on both really well finished nice contrast between the two kits. thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  21. Beautiful finish as always Alex Thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  22. Team Aer Lingus

    Roden 1/144 720

    The Roden 720 gets a good review in this months Airfix Model World Eamonn
  23. Team Aer Lingus

    RIAT 2016

    SWMBO & Myself will be in the FRIAT enclosure looking forward to this year and finally seeing if the F-35 lives up to the hype. Eamonn
  24. Team Aer Lingus

    Gloster GLadiator, Irish Army Air Corps....

    Noel as the four aircraft were delivered before the "War/Emergency", were the radios part of an upgrade during the repainting? regards Eamonn
  25. Simple stunning models hats off to your dad Thanks for sharing regards Eamonn