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  1. I've no stance on what's happening other than to show that there are some mags outhere my CO bought this for me earlier when she was out shopping and I thought I'd let you know WH Smith In Gillingham had three copies this morning. Regards Eamonn
  2. An absolute beauty Chris she'stunning very well done mate It's been a pleasure watching you building & finishing this beast. Thanks for sharing Eamonn
  3. Another absolute stunner Tom outstanding work as always very well done thanks for sharing Eamonn
  4. Outstanding little gem Mate she's a beauty very well done lovely finish, looking forward to seeing the rest of them! keep up the good work Eamonn
  5. Tony Taking a very difficult kit and producing this beauty is a little modelling magic in my eyes & I'm now thinking of taking one of my numerous Airfix Hudsons out of the stash and making a half as good model as yours! Never knew they were flown on special ops so that was a surprise and the Turret looks fantastic cant wait to see the Lysander mate Keep those elves busy Eamonn
  6. Simply stunning Tony it's been a real pleasure watching you work your magic and learning something new very well done she's a beauty. thanks for sharing as always Eamonn
  7. Fantastic work Chris that Flycatcher is beautiful taking shape very nicely & the Firefly is outstanding very well done mate thanks for sharing Eamonn
  8. Simply outstanding work mate on a very difficult kit looks the business in that scheme too Tony very well done its a beauty Thanks for sharing as always Eamonn
  9. Fantastic work Chris really taking shape now outstanding mate thanks for sharing Eamonn
  10. That's one Beautiful looking model Neil very well done thanks for sharing Eamonn
  11. Just catching up with this one Chris outstanding work so far your Firefly is stunning Thanks for sharing Eamonn
  12. Outstanding work so far Tony really impressive very well done mate nearly makes me want to start mine but I'm not that brave thanks for sharing Eamonn
  13. I shall take a seat in the front row on this one if I may Tony new info and pics on another unsung type and a build of a difficult kit whats not to like look forward to seeing how your elves get on ! Thanks for sharing as always Eamonn
  14. It's been a pleasure to watch you working on this Matt Outstanding looking model great save on the decals very well done Thanks for sharing Eamonn
  15. Fantastic scheme beautiful finish very well done thanks for sharing Eamonn
  16. Fantastic looking model beautifully finished very well done thanks for sharing Eamonn
  17. Outstanding work so far Laurie really beating it into shape your a braver man than me very well done regards Eamonn
  18. Apologies for the thread drift Einar please keep your stunning Shamrock models coming, they bring back some very happy memories of my time working at DUB. regards Eamonn
  19. Another fantastic model Einar in a very attractive scheme ( but then I'm biased) very well done thanks for sharing Eamonn
  20. Top drawer model Another stunner Alex beautifully done as always very well done Thanks for sharing Eamonn
  21. Fantastic looking model an absolute beauty very well done thanks for sharing Eamonn
  22. Beautiful looking model and pictures thanks for sharing Eamonn
  23. Fantastic pics nice collection JF Thank you for sharing Eamonn
  24. Stunning fantastic finish very very nice thank you for sharing Eamonn
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