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  1. Oh I do like the look of that kit I wonder if Sword might release the 125 thanks for sharing Eamonn
  2. late to this one but delighted to see a new Puma kit looking forward to watching you work your magic as always regards Eamonn
  3. Simply stunning model really impressive with the additional load thanks for shring Eamonn
  4. nice looking model of a very pretty airliner thanks for sharing Eamonn
  5. Hi John Yet again you've tamed a beast of a kit ! excellent work as always thanks for sharing Eamonn
  6. Beautiful looking model excellent finish thanks for sharing Eamonn
  7. Simply lovely looking model really impressive work thanks for sharing Eamonn
  8. Tony You've an amazing collection there beautifully done I have to say I really like the Mossie & Whirlwinds in particular thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  9. Brilliant work TC I've peeked over the hedge at Manston a few times always makes me a little sad especially the Tiger squadron F-4 looking nearly intact. You've done an amazing job capturing the Harrier and in the large scale kudos to you thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  10. Pat Thats one great looking Islander fantastic work, I was lucky enough to see her spectacular departures from Manston a couple of times one very tight left hand low level turn stands out. You've captured her well thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  11. John you've done a cracking job really turned out well thanks for the kit build advice too. I've two of these on my to do list kindly supplied by Ray at his great price thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  12. Dermo thats a Beautiful finish really great looking Thud thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  13. have to get a couple thanks for the heads up
  14. great sets of pics we Spent a brilliant week @ FRIAT nice catch on the NH90 colour scheme its not the easiest to pick up !!! regards Eamonn
  15. Nice work on the cheatline Eric regards Eamonn
  16. According to AFM first one has already flown I suppose there is the possibility of it being displayed at RIAT next year the two PC-9s looked lovely but no one around them Friday or Sat at least the Casa is usually opened up to have a peek! Be interesting to see the plush ministerial seats
  17. nicely finished model very impressive thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  18. Brings back happy memories of building one glue and finger marks all over it more years ago than i can believe! Thats a nice looking model thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
  19. Noel The S-92 were to be troop transporters not SAR which bizarrely CHC use currently showing exactly what the IAC missed. Sikorsky had a mock up done at the time in standard army green with a large Tricolour on the side of the fuselage, Until the Eurocopter agent got involved I believe the initial order was for three and a down payment had been made. In regard to the Casa & Helicopter off licence trip one must remember our betters deserve to travel in style befitting their status. PC-12 decision was disgraceful but in lieu of a nice juicy A319 & lack of a Gulfstream it makes sense to our pampered elite. Meanwhile the defence forces are underfunded with lack of decent kit and are still being sent overseas on vanity UN missions. regards Eamonn
  20. Walter Nick Webb of Classic-airlines does a nice Viscount 800 conversion if you are unsuccessful finding the Authentic Airliners one. regards Eamonn
  21. simply gorgeous scheme which I requested Nick to do! You have done it full justice that's a stunning model love the exhaust stains excellent finish thanks for sharing regards Eamonn
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