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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Can you let us know when it does and if you have not got it by next Weds drop me a mail via the MA Publications web site and I will sort out.
  2. I got mine on the 25th, luckily I already knew what was in it May issue has gone out but non UK is taking an age, some in America still waiting for there March/April copies. And New Zeland post has a 5 week backlog to sort as they closed borders. For those who preordered the new Starfighter Datafile I am hoping to have them in the post next weds on 48 hour tracked so watch your email inbox for tracking number and all UK book orders via website or phone will now go tracked.
  3. Well I was the last to get a copy mine came yesterday! LOL
  4. 1. This is something that will be announced in due course, I have raised that point with the owners but just getting the magazines out and distributed is taking up a lot of their time thanks to a small bug. 2. The main reason is the previous owner wanted to retire and as MA had already purchased Model Aircraft Monthly it was the logical choice to take the rest of the titles. And neither of the editors have got there copies yet, but I have not seen a postman for 4 days here.
  5. If anyone has any queries or can update us on subscription received you can email david@modelaircraftmag.com so we can track what is happening. Though it may take sometime for me to reply at the moment Thanks
  6. Sorry I only just came on forum Emergency Service worker so a little bit busy. Yes all went out last weds some have touched down as I had an email on Monday from one customer but many have not including the check copies that are sent to the editorial team as we are scattered across the country. Royal Mail were chased and have said due to demand they will not investigate until 14 days after posting.
  7. Subscriber copies started to land Friday but both retail distribution and Royal Mail staffing are going to have an effect, the copies sent to me for new customers went AWOL for 24 hours. All purchases from the website and single copies, new subscribers and books are being sent with in 24 hours by me via My Hermes in the UK and it is working well with most being delivered 2 to 3days after collection. However the record is an order to Germany two parcels sent on Wednesday arrived on Friday!!! Though some do not liker MH i have only had 1 order damaged and no losses since I started using them for UK orders in Feb, plus as long as we have email you can track the orders progress. After the long gap between issues we know have a short deadline for Mays as it is due to press just before Easter. We have noted a rise in 3 to 6 month and digital edition subscribers, as I think many are hunkering down for the long haul.
  8. We are disappointed to announce that ModelKraft 2020 has been postponed following Government advice across Europe. The health and well being of our guests must come first. However, we will be back at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes for ModelKraft 2021on Sunday 9th May 2021. All club and trade bookings will be held for the new date unless you contact us otherwise. For more information contact Clubs & SIGs clubssigs@modelkraft.org.uk Traders & Manufacturers - We will contact you all directly but if you haven’t heard by 25th March use modekraft-traderliaison@outlook.com to chase us.
  9. It could spell the end of Modelkraft as the potential hit is over £7000 for a club with 34 members . But we have some cunning plans. I feel more sorry for the charities we support with out profit which they year may be a lot less than we hoped for if anything. But the main Image is Churchill in our poster and I keep saying what would he do? Keep calm and sanitise
  10. Tell me about it, I work for the Ambulance service and the good news is that time wasters have gone down.
  11. Milton Keynes Scale Model Club is actively monitoring the advice from Government and NCVO regarding events and hence whether to cancel or proceed with ModelKraft in May. We are still planning on holding ModelKraft on the 10th May 2020. Our primary concerns are for the health of the modelling community and of course the financial viability to our club. We are working on the assumptions that: We will have fewer than 1000 attendees at any one time with attendance spread over the opening hours. Most attendees will travel by car or in small groups on public transport. That public health advice to the population re self-isolation will be followed. The venue is well maintained with cleaning and hygiene regimes appropriate for the prevailing situation. We will of course update this page if any changes to our plans become necessary, check back on our Facebook page and web site for any further updates. JW – Acting Club Secretary 22:00 12-03-2020
  12. To be fair the new owners have had a horrendous start with a few issues totally beyond their control all happening at the same time as well as trying to combine assets and systems from two companies. Luckily they have some wonderful editors and studio staff ; ) The BIG April issue is ready and proofed and is ready to go OFF to the printers tomorrow PM for print run on Monday. As I have said once out gets to this stage I loose view of the process. But I know meetings have been going on with printers and distribution agents for last 2 weeks as a disruption to your on sale date has a lot of knock on effects. Once the owners are confident that nothing more can go wrong they will put the information out and I will post on here. I am sorry that so many readers have missed their magazine but it will be with you soon.
  13. Due to Corina virus, Have been trying to get to this show for 8 years bur always clashed with ModelKraft. This year trip booked and paid for and now this. oh well long weekend in Bratislava and Vienna instead with my best friend, could be worse. But this is getting out of hand for a bug that is less deadly than common flu!
  14. Straight from the horses mouth. Last Friday the decision was made to produce a combined March/April issue. The reasons 1. If kept to the normal production schedule the late arrival of the printed March issue would mean it would only be on sale at bookshops for 2 weeks before Aprils arrived. This would not cover the print run cost and would lead to a lot of waste. 2. We were planning a new look from April issue onwards for SAMi anyway. So we are reverting to our original print schedule which mean the bumper March /April r issue will go to press this weekend and in shops 5-7 days later. It will contain the articles that were planned for March and April All the first looks planned for both issues and an expanded news section. The only thing we will loose is the large listing of all the new kits planned for 2021. But if we cannot squeeze it in I will post it on the SAMi Facebook page. If I hear anything else I will pass on but once the completed issue is delivered to the art studio my job is done and I do not have anything to do with the distribution side of things.
  15. Under New Ownership! Following the successful acquisition of Model Aircraft Magazine, MA Publications Ltd are pleased to announce that Scale Aviation Modeller International, Scale Military Modeller International and the full SAM Publications range of books will be joining Model Aircraft Magazine over at modelaircraftmag.com! For the moment, the SAM Publications website will continue to run, however, you will notice many changes over the next few weeks and months! You are now able to purchase SAM Publications products at modelaircraftmag.com. If you are a current subscriber, your existing subscription will continue as usual. We are looking forward to sharing more with you over the next few months, starting in the March Issues! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kindest regards The MA Publications Ltd Team If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: Telephone: +44 (0) 1234 331 431 Email: info@modelaircraftmag.com Visit our website: modelaircraftmag.com
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