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  1. The publisher/owners are on Holiday till end of next week.
  2. I apologise for not replying to your post but to be honest I have no information to give except one. In this and other threads I have tried to give you my view of what is going on based on what information I was given or surmised at all times. I have answered honestly and with candour all questions I have been asked and helped as many as I could to get a resolution to the issues they had.. And I thank you all for the support I have received over the last six months Now for the hard bit for me to write On the 1st of July my freelance contract with MA publications ended after 25 years contributing to SAMi and its sister magazines. To say I'm heartbroken is an understatement. I have worked with an amazing team of editors over the years starting with the late great Alan Hall for the other SAM and then moving to SAMi with Richard Franks, Gary Hatcher, Neil Robinson, Mike Jerram and Andy Evans and for the last 3 years unbelievable I had my dream job as Editor and in that time have led a great team of contributors sadly to many to name but some who I am now proud to call friends. As to the future of magazine before I left both June and July21 issues had been completed and delivered to the Publishers ready for press but in the last two weeks I have had no answer to my request for updates on when that print run would happen. Personally at this stage my own future is unclear, as many of you are aware, I wear a number of hats outside of the model world so I will still be keeping myself busy But I do hope to return to the modelling world in some form after a short break away from the stress of the last 8 months and all the issues this has brought to the publishers. D C Francis Ex Editor SAMi
  3. That sound like an Alan Hall quote founder of the original Airfix Magazine and SAM as well as my model club which met at his house for the first few years.
  4. That is a side effect of giving information and one of the reasons it is like getting blood out of a stone. The publisher do not want to give out dates until they were 95% sure they are correct but then as I argue it is better to get information out and change it if something happens damned if you do damned if you do not. They thought after May that were were back on course as we were only two weeks behind original pre covid publications. But the issue at printers pushed us back again with no firm commitment until yesterday as to when it would go to print. For all the editorial and art studios team who have been hitting our production deadlines month after month without fail it is equally frustrating.
  5. Here is an update that I got this morning that was sent to subscribers yesterday. Though many will get the mass mailing blocked by their ISP as SPAM including BT Internet that I use. Dear Readers Over the last 8 months we have faced many challenges related to the Covid pandemic in supplying out titles to our subscribers and stockists around the world for which I sincerely apologise. Traditionally we have always released our magazines in the last week of the month before the cover date. So as an example, the September issue is released in the last week of August. The latest two-week delay in printing the June issue due to circumstances beyond our control means that we are now almost a month behind our pre-Covid printing schedule - a state of affairs that I sincerely want to correct. So, with the agreement of our distributors, we have made the decision to use this enforced delay to return our three-monthly titles to their pre-Covid schedule. This regrettably means that we have made the decision that the next magazines to be printed will be the July 2021 issue which will be on sale in the UK from 30/06/2021 The June issue will still be produced as a limited print run on 02/07/2021and will initially be supplied exclusively to our subscription and digital subscription customers. A small number of excess printed copies will then be made available to purchase on our website and from our stand at model shows. I am hoping that with the pandemic hopefully behind us, that taking this action now will restore the regular and reliable production of Scale Aviation Modeller International, Scale Military Modeller International and Model Aircraft Monthly each month as so many readers have requested. Yours sincerely MA Publications Ltd
  6. I do not give excuses just explanations, do not want them do not read thread and thank you for your custom
  7. Des I think he was aiming at me not you. And the libellous claim has now been removed by the author. Trying to compare a large player like Key to a company that is at the end of the day in a very niche market and and a lot and I do mean a lot smaller is pointless . (To give you an idea just one of Keys large portfolio of titles has a worlwide market equal to all three of our titles combined.) Larger customers with print runs of tens of thousands of copies will always get priority in both material and print time slots when both are short.
  8. I know why now and has nothing to do with us as I have been told the printers have a difficulty. I still do not know when, though the latest was a hope that it is this week. But not sure where it is going to be printed. This issue is effecting shop and subscription sales. As soon as a date is 100% the latest issue will move to June on the web site. Ironically as we have all through the editors are on deadline and have just had the July issue signed off and are now working on August issues. And to clarify everyone who took out a subscription has had their copies all but late and we are now getting only 1 enquiry a week about back issue losses. As far as I am aware only two May copies have not been delivered and were replaced in the UK which is slightly better than our normal loss rate of five issues per thousand units. D
  9. A quick update something wrong at printers delivery of June issues all 3 titles delayed, not sure what why and when. Will update as soon as I find out anything.
  10. OK i was wrong last night I said we had them in stock, . I went to go to start packing June magazine orders this morning but the boxes delivered to me yesterday were a restock not June issues . Apparently June delayed till Monday/Tuesday due to quality issue with printing. I apologise I did not look after my shift last night just saw I had ten boxes in garage when I put my bike away. Went down this morning to start packing and turns out were F-15 books and a box of May issues. That will mean IN WHS/Menzie end of next week., Sorry my bad but I was very tired after 12 hour shift.
  11. In fact ignore that. I have just checked and a shipping instruction was issued at 06.48 AM Saturday It was sent yesterday as 09.26 AM by Royal Mail so quoted delivery time up to 28 days. D
  12. You have not sent an email to me ? Can you forward me ALL your sent emails to david@modelaircraftmag.com. But I am on holiday from Monday so do it quick or you will have a week delay. D
  13. I got the email you sent copied to me and Mark at 10.57PM this evening. We are not a 24 hour operation so I doubt Mark will reply to this till the morning, It is now 2AM and I am only awake as I am on nights for the Ambulance service. . D
  14. This was the first time they sent from the office in over 5 years and no one there had done it before. Meaning they had a SNAFU moment and are having to do the whole lot again. The good or bad news is that I may be being involved with the June send to ensure it is done correctly. As I said right at the start if want a job doing get the modeller involved just hope my day job shifts let me do it.
  15. If you could pleases ASK them to contact mark@modelaircraftmag.com Mark says has already sorted the issue for at least 15 customers from NZ and Australia Same issue as here just takes longer to appear due to long postage times and same for resoloutions. D
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