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  1. Instructions are here https://www.sampublications.com/zvezda-kit-instructions/
  2. Both at MK Marshall Arena 10th MAY 2020 9th May 2021 We will start taking bookings from traders and clubs end of September.
  3. Hi All I am pleased to announce that ModelKraft 2019 raised over £2100 for the Willen Hospice. A big shout out to Starling Models who had to pull out at last minute due to injury and refused the offer of a refund to add to out total. And to The Hobby Company UK importers of Tamiya , Zvezda, Dragon and Italeri for a large donation to our total. Tonight at the MK AGM we voted to hold another show in 2020 at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes. All I can say is that next year IT WILL NOT clash with Perth in Scotland so you have no excuse not to come as it will be bigger and better.
  4. Or get the Scots to choose a date that does not clash with us : ) As has been said there are a few stages we have to go through before we do another show 1. Club AGM in May, the members have to vote to do a show, bearing in mind a number of key committee members have said they are standing down 2. COST this year the cost of doing the show was over £8000 we need to try and get a good deal from the arena. They would not give any discounts this year despite us raising money for charity 3. Football Fixtures out late June/ early July, we can not have a show when Dons at home on Saturday or Sunday 4. MOSON Is the show we want to avoid so we can get more visitors from Europe 5. Perths date BUT the feedback we have had was so good in my view it will be hard not to do it again
  5. some links https://leicestermodellers.weebly.com/28th-april-2019---milton-keynes.html?fbclid=IwAR3B-yXfHpjDRU9iiwKKPSwvezih7Ngx2z1BTchVD83iFPvyjtW5xPzbh7E
  6. Trade descriptions as we advertise in the press we are the biggest we have to justify it.
  7. The tables were supposed to be further apart and it was an error in our floorpan. But by the time we had them all laid out and wanted to move them up on Saturday so many clubs and traders had set up it was too late. It is an error we will not repeat if we do another show at this venue.
  8. I too missed the bacon rolls but a McD is a short walk away and a sausage McMuffin filled the gap nicely. In fact the only food I got till about 3PM.
  9. We are listening to feedback. It was our first time in this venue and there were some areas that had to much space and others too little. The amount raised for the hospice is into four figures and we will know the full amount once we know how much is in the hospice buckets.I saw a number of £10 and £20 notes going in so thank you all. As for size in floor space, we are beaten by Brno and also they have over 1000 entries in the competition and at last show in 2017 they had 39 traders. We had 43 traders but only 160 entries in the competition. But they have only 8 clubs we had 96 clubs and SIGS so feel that our claim is valid also the number of visitors through the door in MK was more than Brno 2017. And was also more than attended the US Nationals in Phoenix last year over all 4 days if you include the members of clubs and SIGs who came to the show. We are unsure what will happen in 2020, first, the club has to decide to hold another show at our AGM next month. Then we will start talks with the Arena but we will not know dates until the 2019/20 Division 1 football fixture list is announced as we can not hold the show on a weekend when the MK Dons are playing at home.
  10. We actually think largest one day in World as far as floor space and certainly in numbers of clubs. The only one that comes close is ModelBrno which wins on competition as they regularly get 900+ entries compared to our 150+. But only ten clubs. You can fit the US Nationals in our venue, Twice!!! Next year depending on Football fixture list we are going to try and clear Scottish Nationals and Moson in Hungary so we can try and get the bigger Czech companies and some from up North. But it will mean the show has to move every year due to easter and fixture list. But first we need to get this one out of the way and turn a profit, all off which goes to the Willen hospice. .
  11. Not sure where that info came from we had two traders cancel because of Scottish nationals but added five so we now have 43 traders and manufacturers including Copper State Models from Latvia our furthest visitor as well as Czech and Holland. See the full list on the ModelKraft website. Never thought we would fill it and now we have also added the two balcony areas as well as the arena main floor and we are turning away club and traders.
  12. Modelkraft 2019 28th April 2019 Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes. Today was our last walk around of the venue before the big day. The stats are stunning 3500 Parking Spaces 560 Tables 47 Trader and Manufacturers 94 Clubs 4 Classic Cars 1 Military Vehicle 1 Glider 1 Hotel 10 Restaurants 1 Cinema 15 Major shops All we need now is you! Please spread the word as all profits are going to the Willen Hospice and kids go FREE photos at https://www.facebook.com/groups/80380300988/permalink/10155768602470989/ www.mksmc.co.uk
  13. Deleted - Link
  14. Was told at E day that progress is ongoing for a late 2019 release
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