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  1. No just new matrix for hirers, we think they just did not want us.
  2. This year, ModelKraft 2022 was the 19th Show organised by Milton Keynes Scale Model Club (IPMS Milton Keynes). It would have been our 21st if Covid had not caused a cancellation of the show in both 2020 & 2021. Milton Keynes Scale Model Club (IPMS) would like to thank all the Clubs, SIGs and Traders who supported and played their part in making ModelKraft 22 the most successful show we have ever run. The main aim of the show this year was to raise money for two charities, our local hospice at Willen and Medical Detection Dogs UK, both of whom had a tough time during Covid. We are pleased to announce that we will be donating a record breaking £6000 split between the two charities. And this is in addition to the money that they raised on their stands during the show. Sadly, after the show the Club was dealt a massive blow when the Marshall Arena more than tripled the costs of hiring the venue making the total cost of putting on a show in 2023 well in excess of £20,000. This would make it unrealistic for us to hold another ModelKraft event of that size and keep prices reasonable and raise any money for charity. And, as no other venue of a suitable size exists currently with in the local area, we have no option but to “call it a day”, making ModelKraft 2022 our last large scale model show. Ceasing to put on an annual model show is not a decision the Milton Keynes Club has taken lightly. The feedback we received told us that many of you enjoyed your day and have indicated that the show is highly regarded by both the traders and exhibitors as well as the visiting public So that is it and we hope we bow out having left our many visitors and traders with great memories of the largest one-day model show in the world. And we left with a bang not a whimper who could want a better ending. On behalf of the Committee of MKSMC
  3. Medical Detection Dogs UK have confirmed they raised over £250 from the buckets on their stand and would like to thank everyone who attended the show for filling their bucket.
  4. Telford at least three or four time larger in a pre covid show with all the foreign visitors and traders.
  5. And we raised a phenomenal amount for the two charities Willen Hospice and Medical Detection Dogs UK , we will know exactly how much at the AGM in May but to looks to be well over five thousand pounds plus everything in the show buckets received directly by the two charities So a big thank you all for attending the show and we will let you know asap if there will be a ModelKraft 2023 probably after the AGM in May.. D
  6. Mc D right outside the venue but food is supposed to start at 10.
  7. So is the £7000+ it cost to hire the halls and tables this year with an increase next year which may put the future of the show in doubt. Bear in mind this is the worlds largest one day show in a large arena not a school hall. How much is a cinema ticket for a two hour film or a ticket to a Football/Ice Hockey game in MK they are both well over £10! And yes there is a competition judged off the club sig tables and a special table for those not part of a club. WE have the same medals and Trophies (Again costing over £200) as always and no fee to enter. An all profits are donated to charity so the club. makes nothing out of it other than a lot of hard work and a major sense of achievement. .
  8. Just to the right as you come through the doors. WE have a Top Table in the new small hall were modellers will be asked to bring their medal winning models and from these will be selected best in show. There is also an award for best stand. If we hold another show the new hall will be the new old style competition area as it has a lot of natural light.
  9. As has been said no kit swap. All another reason is that we are raising money for charity and a large chunk of that comes from traders. Selling under tables doe not benefit our traders at the show or raise any money for charity which is the main reason we hold the show each year.
  10. We are trying as hard as we can as I said we have fewer tweaks each month which is good but still on a steep learning curve.
  11. Thanks means a lot, we are doing a few minor tweaks with Aprils but the feedback is that we have nailed it and if it is not broke don't fix it DF
  12. Sorry we ran out of S-3 Viking books but now have reprint in stock. All who have ordered over the last 2 weeks your copies went in post today and I apologise for the delay. And the F-16 Part One is 1 copy away from going out of stock. Again we will order a second run, but will be doing that with the F-16 Part 2 run to keep costs down so will not be restocked till mid April ready for the show season. We will be at Mosson in Hungary 23-34 April, Milton Keynes ModelKraft 8th May,Eastbourne 2nd July and US nationals 20th-23rd July and I am sure we are not alone in wanting to get back to going to shows.
  13. WE need to talk Canberra in July D
  14. Very disapointing .
  15. The FOX is a very pretty aircraft and I wonder were the Matchbiox moulds ende up. As for Norwegian download google translate and will become clear. Use it a lot in Czech and Slovak museums.
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