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  1. Jan issues are in at HQ I am going to get mine this PM. I will despatch Internet orders tonight Subs will leave PM but not sure what service will find out later.
  2. Can you back track through the thread and contact me on my email. Jan is printed Feb is going to be early next week and we managed to get an earlier than planned slot for March issue so that will go to press Monday week. But we are holding Jan at printers while we hold talks to find a way these can get to customers as another large loss of December reprinted issue once handed over to the postal service is looking likely after we had the false dawn of Novembers being delivered with only 1 loss due to water damage so far. i however have 500 copies in my garage (though they took
  3. Looking increasingly likely RM have done it again as some have landed as someone has posted on here but the majority have not. Collected from printer on 18th Feb some in Scotland and North but that is it. We are looking at moving to a new company who are based up North away from the Leicester NDC which is the common factor in all three losses to date. Though strangely only one November had to be resent and that was water damage so we thought we were through it.. If you have not got Decembers issue drop me a line, david@modelaircraftmag.com Header December issue and name address so I
  4. That is incorrect will get sorted. Jan and Feb are printed and are going to be shipped in two batches. I am expecting mine for Internet orders next week based on delivery time of Decembers pallet Which left on 18th 24 hour warranted by courier and promptly arrived on the 25th!
  5. The plan is from March issue at the end of this month though may slip to April as soon as 100% confirmed I will post should know in two weeks. Below is the new agreed schedule with the new distributor. (subject to Zombie Apocalypse 2 not happening) These are on sale dates in WHS and Menzies shop, small newsagent may be the week after. Hopefully if new system work subscribers will now get them the week before not week after from April is the plan. April Issue: 27th March May Issue: 24th April June issue: 22nd May July Issue: 26th June August i
  6. Still not got mine seems someone had kidnapped out postman now a weeks since any mail! They were posted separately but at the same time. if that makes sense.
  7. Yes they were collected by distributor last week, I have not had my sub copy and none of our 25 test copies have landed. But the pallet with the ones for our online stock arrived yesterday 3 days late via a 24 HOUR courier. I queried this last night and got an email today saying Royal Mail have confirmed in system and should be with customers any day. Though I have not had any post for four days now . Also If anyone in UK has NOT had November issue can you contact me .
  8. Sorry for delay in reply I have been a bit busy. Not sure why Feb Sami not up on website, I have been told to expect both Jan and Feb issues next week a week later than planned but I will send an email now asking why SAMI is not on there and see if we can get it on . My December issues turned up today from the reprint run as well as the new P-47 book so all preorders and internet orders for the December issue are packed and will be in post Thursday. Still waiting to see subscribers copies hitting the matt that left last week. But I have not seen my postman since last week either.
  9. Tell me about it my spare room/office is full of boxes of internet orders as I post them from here once we get our copies. The pleasures of home working. Envelopes all addressed and labeled, just need the magazines and I can see the floor again. And get to my wardrobe without doing a weightlifting workout. Though my clothing choice is limited to green uniforms or trackie bottoms and t shirts. On the plus side we have now sent March's issue to printer and I am halfway through Aprils, only plus side of being stuck at home with Covid for so long.
  10. Were due today to distribution, but the have slipped a week to 10 days. The plan is print run next Friday, but my experience is Friday runs rarely get collected until after the weekend as happened with the November issue reprint. Printer produces a large number of magazines not just ours and are really struggling to catch up delivering 100% more magazines a month than normal for most of us. I am hoping to get a more accurate info from the owners as I said in previous posts next week about the Jan to April issues and confirmation on P-47. Unfortunately I am now back on nights in
  11. December issue printed on time but picked up later than planned looking like Saturday to Wed based on November issues delivery times. Some subscribers got that on the 12th Feb but copies in UK were still landing on 17th. Sadly we have no tracking this time on Decembers except for test samples going to our team across the country. French subscribers started getting there's November's on the 18th. but no news from the rest of EU. And for those waiting for the P-47 book they pre-ordered, they are printing next week expected to us in next 7-10 days, will know exactly when on Monday.
  12. We tend to use tape for out giveaways on some of our magazines cover mounts as they are nice and flat. But this year we have gone with a set of sanding sticks from Shesto as we were told the supply of tape was uncertain.
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