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  1. 1/350 USS Grissom and a sequenced lighting set from Evans design (Highly Recommended) can not wait to start work. Will be building mine as Pegasus or Cochrone with full scratch built lighting rig but the hard works was going to be the sequenced flashing lights which is now sorted.
  2. We are trying as hard as we can as I said we have fewer tweaks each month which is good but still on a steep learning curve.
  3. Thanks means a lot, we are doing a few minor tweaks with Aprils but the feedback is that we have nailed it and if it is not broke don't fix it DF
  4. Sorry we ran out of S-3 Viking books but now have reprint in stock. All who have ordered over the last 2 weeks your copies went in post today and I apologise for the delay. And the F-16 Part One is 1 copy away from going out of stock. Again we will order a second run, but will be doing that with the F-16 Part 2 run to keep costs down so will not be restocked till mid April ready for the show season. We will be at Mosson in Hungary 23-34 April, Milton Keynes ModelKraft 8th May,Eastbourne 2nd July and US nationals 20th-23rd July and I am sure we are not alone in wanting to get back to going to shows.
  5. WE need to talk Canberra in July D
  6. Very disapointing .
  7. The FOX is a very pretty aircraft and I wonder were the Matchbiox moulds ende up. As for Norwegian download google translate and will become clear. Use it a lot in Czech and Slovak museums.
  8. Stonking, we have actually sold out in some branches. Phoenix Scale Models is slightly ahead of Phoenix Aviation Modeller on sales. And In our store we have almost run out of PAM and are getting a small second run printed to keep up with demand which will be in 7 days. It will take a few months while we fine tune numbers of each needed in each branch but we will always try to keep enough in our online store if the high street does run out.
  9. I will say I pinched myself when I saw them in our local newsagent. In our original business plan we did not plan to have magazines In the shops till summer 2024!!! And here we are 2 months after the first issue on sale in over 1200 shops across the UK. BONKERS
  10. We will not start taking preorders till we are 100% sure of when it is going to print. As for when, the plan is that we will have the F-16 pt 2 for the Mosson Model Show in Hungary on the 23rd- 24th April and if that event is cancelled we will have them for sure at ModelKraft in Milton Keynes on the 8th May. So I reckon we will open pre-orders around the 1st of April but keep an eye on our website and Facebook page
  11. We. are investigating how to get our phoenix magazines on sale in US, if. we were going to go into distribution there it works out far cheaper to have them printed in US lot less hassle and paperwork in the days of electronic transfer. .
  12. PDH's replacment is on way, a glitch in our system had stopped his name appearing on the subscribers generation so his had not been sent. Our fault and I have phoned him to explain. Still waiting to hear from John B so I can see if his is the same issue. Big Day tomorrow as the mags hit newsstand.
  13. Can you please contact me via email [email protected] as I have established an issue with the other missing order and I need your address to check if yours is same.

    1. John B (Sc)

      John B (Sc)

      Email sent David. Thanks.



      John B

  14. All PREORDERED ISSUES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS issues were posted on Friday at 2PM some arrived with customers the next day, a number appeared at customers on Monday the test copies sent to five partners based in Newport Pagnell, Bedford, Cannock and Wolverhampton all landed today. Richards as online above went RM 2nd class at 9am Monday and he got his today which is pretty impressive Contact me on [email protected] and I will check the Royal Mail manifest to make sure there is not an issue out our end and I will supply copies to customers to show the postage left us, we are honest unlike some. I always call customers iff I have a query on an order as I want to make sure we get things right but sadly I can not call all though we reply to all messages left on out answerphone as quick as my shifts in day job allows. Sadly Royal Snail is the one thing we can not do a lot about though so far they have been Stella for most customers. And while we are at it all preordered F-16 books are in the post in the morning on schedule. DF
  15. All subscribers got a gift, but did not know how many I would need. so only advertised it on the 3 month one as the longer subs get free months as there offer,. This will carry on till I run out and then will stop till I buy new ones. No subscriber will miss out on any freebies I can get.
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