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  1. Despite the problems you encountered, the result is very good!
  2. Very nice Tornado! Brings back good memories from the times when this was the RAF's strike backbone..
  3. Great work! Indeed one of the best-looking piston-engined fighters.. I have one in my stash, and cannot wait to start building!
  4. I am not a big fan of 'what if', but this one looks absolutely stunning!
  5. Wonderful Lightning! They looked good in every colourscheme they wore, but I like the one you chose!
  6. Absolutely wonderful, and done with great skill!
  7. I remember that Spitfire from the early 80's .. that was the first time I saw a Spitfire display, and I was amazed at how fast it was! Your build brings back good memories and looks great! kind regards, Gerben
  8. That's a very good-looking Harrier. The colours are spot-on, and so is the weathering! Kind regards, Gerben
  9. Thank you for your story Mark. Your model turned out very nice as well!
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