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  1. I remember that Spitfire from the early 80's .. that was the first time I saw a Spitfire display, and I was amazed at how fast it was! Your build brings back good memories and looks great! kind regards, Gerben
  2. That's a very good-looking Harrier. The colours are spot-on, and so is the weathering! Kind regards, Gerben
  3. Thank you for your story Mark. Your model turned out very nice as well!
  4. Didn't know that expression, but it's a cool one!
  5. Thanks for the kind words. That must have been a great experience, flying those machines!
  6. One of the kits I would love to build someday.. You did a great job on that one! Kind regards, Gerben
  7. Wonderful fortress, and it must be quite a monster on your desk..
  8. My sons favorite helicopter is the Chinook, so I had a good excuse to build Revells (Italeri) Chinook HC.1. Also this brings back good memories to the days spent at the fence in G├╝tersloh, to watch the Harriers of 3 and 4 sqn, and the 18s sqn Chinooks. This is quite a challenging build, especially mating the fuselage halves was tricky. Not to mention the taking pictures without breaking off one of the tiny bits.. Kind regards, Gerben
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