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  1. Wonderful! I'm building a 1/48 desert Hurricane and hope it will be as nice as yours.. Kind regards, Gerben
  2. Very, very nice! Love the weathering, which on most other subjects would be overdone, but not on the Danish Starfighters.. Kind regards, Gerben
  3. That is a very good looking Mustang, beautiful paint job. Which brand of paint and which colours did you use? Regards, Gerben
  4. Although I would always make a high-viz Tomcat (there are so many great markings to choose from...) your cat really looks the part. Stunning build!
  5. Great Typhoon! The paintjob looks very clean, like it should on such a modern jet, and I love the way you made the exhausts shine! Kind regards, Gerben
  6. Lovely Draken, that kit is high on my 'I want to build that-list'.. Remember seeing those jets in the '80's at airshows in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Germany. Also there was a squadron exchange of Esk725 with 315 sqn at Twente in 1987 where I saw them.. A great jet, and you made a very nice model of it.. Kind regards, Gerben
  7. That looks really nice, especially like the very clean natural metal paintjob! (and the fact that it's a Mustang)
  8. Good work! I am building the same kit at the moment, and I think you did very well with the intakes, which caused me a headache really.. Lots of seams, filling and sanding in my case. And I agree, shapewise, the Monogram kit is very good! Kind regards, Gerben
  9. That looks pretty neat! I didn't know that plane, so thanks for sharing!
  10. That's a good looking Hunter! Looks to me, the Hataka colours are spot on. Kind regards, Gerben
  11. This is my 1/48 scale Revell Mustang MKIII, which is actually the ICM Mustang. I built it OOB and used Vallejo and Mig acrylics for the paintjob. It was an enjoyable build, I think Mustangs are some of the nicer subjects to build.. even as a plastic model, it just looks and feels right. Hope you like the pictures. Kind regards, Gerben
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