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  1. Thanx! I never rescribe kits.. instead I use a black primer. After spraying the final colors I apply a nail polishing stick and polish the panel lines so that the black primer becomes visible.
  2. I think you're right, it's one of the Monogram kits errors. Pretty hard to correct, so I Just left it as is.. thans for the kind comments!
  3. I was lucky enough to see just a few operational French Crusaders in the beginning of the nineties. Especially a display of two of these ancient birds on the airshow of Brustem in 1994 made a lasting impression. The Revell rebox of the Monogram Crusader is a very enjoyable build.. Fit is very good and there's a lot of detail, especially considering the age of the kit. I used a Berna decalset, which was unimpresive: decals are very thick and not in register. I used mainly Vallejo and MiG acrylics for the finishing. Anyway, here are some pictures, hope you like them. Kind regards, Gerben
  4. Excellent Chipmunk! Especially admire your canopy masking/painting Skiles!
  5. Thanx! And true, I couldn't find any pictures of Danish F-100's carrying the Bullpup..
  6. Very nice build of one of the most unattractive fighters ever made!
  7. Always nice to see a Starfighter! And that lizard scheme looks wonderfull!
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