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  1. There were two prototypes. First flight 1938 and January 1939. One destroyed at Warsaw Okęcie Airport september 39. Second nazi exhibited in a museum in Berlin during the war
  2. Elephants with P-36 CP decals. The sign on the fuselage is a self-made mask. I was suggest on the decals from Kora
  3. For a few dozen years old model it is very nice ... Apart from the radiator. I did a scratch (tried) but recently I saw Czech 3D printing at a competition. I don't know the quality
  4. Seats in the relaxation version ,,,,, but seriously Harrier had it
  5. Hi , ejection seat from the box but with eduard PE belts
  6. Hello, I am a poor reviewer. I've made all sorts of weird models in my story. Resin, vacu etc. People are complaining about Kinetic but it fit me fine. I was afraid of the central section (intakes, gear bay and cockpit mixed in one place) but surprise, everything fits perfectly. On the downside - the system of moving nozzles is a failure - it does not work .... anyway, it does not matter, no one is playing with it
  7. added Eduard PE, scratch vacu canopy and oil cooler
  8. OOB plus riveting - Thailand painted plane - ordered and finished in the USA. It never arrived - the planes were taken over by the National Guard
  9. Ardpol resin 1/48 - polish prototype of multiengine trainer - 1939
  10. They will appear on January 1. Unfortunately, I am exceeding the transfer and this is an old model. Enter your email, I will send the originals
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