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  1. No sanding needed, fits perfectly. The engine is from the model, the cover and the propeller are 48003, 48002
  2. The most important Polish defender in September 1939. Back then, already outdated, but bravely fought the fascist attack. Camo - 142 Fighter Squadron 1938, side number 64, which has a well-documented 4 machine guns. In September 1939, probably used by Lieutenant Stanisław Skalski, great fighter ace off WW2. WIP: https://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=91008 Arma Hobby with many extrass: Bitskreig resin, Master barrels, Part PE, Techmod decals.
  3. A great model, at my workshop ..... but with accessories from BitsKrieig it is brilliant http://quickwheelstore.com/bitskrieg.html
  4. Pierre Clostermann camo model - autumn 1945. Markings and colors of NV724 selected after consultation with modelers from France and Belgium (thanks, gentlemen) Model - profipack from Eduard, almost OOB - added Master barrels.
  5. Yes, she was ... Unfortunately, I already threw her out.. Sorry
  6. Yes, a nice model but with minor bugs https://modelwork.pl/topic/40085-polikarpov-i-152-special-hobby-i-polikarpov-i-153-icm-148/
  7. VH-101 - first captured I-153 during the Winter War - spring 1940 Utti Air Base. Many things corrected: landing gear bay, protruding panels, engine cover, exhaust ... Invite..
  8. Thanks for the comment, but I have no secrets here. I work with a magnifying glass, I paint in parts, I support myself with PE
  9. The Kinetic model in the Israeli painting from July 1967, when during the Six-Day War, instructors from the Hetzerim school on armed Fougas successfully impersonated close support missions. I invite...
  10. Wonderful riveting, gives effect. I have this model, the frames look like a Matchbox. Yours looks like a faithful copy of an airplane
  11. I think the "moral support plane" or "masthead protection plane" did not fly
  12. Chinese food with additives. Correct model, you only need to be careful around the main engine nozzles. Camo "83" obtain by Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR. Severny base, Kirovskoye, Crimea 1993. Earlier, the plane was tested by the Soviets in landings on the civilian container ship Nikolai Cherkasov and prepared for the service Tbilisi (Admiral Kuznetsov).
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