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  1. I think the "moral support plane" or "masthead protection plane" did not fly
  2. Chinese food with additives. Correct model, you only need to be careful around the main engine nozzles. Camo "83" obtain by Ukraine after the collapse of the USSR. Severny base, Kirovskoye, Crimea 1993. Earlier, the plane was tested by the Soviets in landings on the civilian container ship Nikolai Cherkasov and prepared for the service Tbilisi (Admiral Kuznetsov).
  3. Thank you very much for your comments Some WiP photos
  4. No problem, But something is wrong. Normally vectors don't fit in covers. They are made 1: 1 with the original.
  5. Mars Model 1/48, full riveting, added some resin. Camo Molotow Cruiser - Black Sea Fleet P.S. fuselage window mask removed
  6. Well, I call it brush spit. You take wash (Dark Wash with AK in this model) for the brush and blow air out of the airbrush. A quick but risky method, but you can easily remove wrong dots because it's wash.
  7. Black basing at all Tamiya X-1. Top Tamiya XF-82, down MrHobby H315
  8. Model GWH in 1/48 plus add-ons. Camo Ensign George Gay, the only survivor of the entire VT-8 crew at Midway.
  9. I just see .... but the lens was sticking out and it had a cover (like in Pavla)? or "smooth" wing, or another blister?
  10. Hello, I have a technical question for experts on the subject. Based on Eduard overtresses, I would like to make an early PR out of this set: The first painting in Camonint green is quite clear, although I have doubts whether to use the late Mk.1 As for the second painting, i.e. Mk.4 from Palestine, I have more doubts than knowledge. The four was probably based on the Mk.V - without weapons, with a D-type wing (fuel tank in the caisson / wing tips). Whether and what frames to use ???? Didn't the D patch have a different drawing of panel lines in relation to the fuel tank
  11. Hello, I am planning a Mk.2 with an AlleyCat conversion. I am looking for documentation or photos of how the bomb compartment was modified (modification 423) to hang 4000lb Cookies. Can anyone help, I would be grateful Best regards Jurek P.S. This topic I know : https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234952742-type-423-modification-for-the-wellington/&tab=comments#comment-1504071 and https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235000409-wellington-mkiii-with-4000lb-cookie-bomb/&tab=comments#comment-2319239
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