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  1. Jurek Greinert

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    Thank you for appreciating
  2. Jurek Greinert

    Sea Vixen - riveting draw and 2" rocket pods

    Hello, the second question. Can any painting in Airfix be from stabilization and shielding missions in Africa or the Middle East?
  3. Jurek Greinert

    1/48 MOSQUITO PR.IV - Tamiya

    From the last... fuselage glass over lenses - OOB. Inside lenses - cut with opalescent foil (Nail Art Stickers Decorations Mirror Glass) About weathering, mostly I use AK wash, and the last one... Wheel bay- Aires4208
  4. As in title, My next project will be Sea Vixen from Airfix. Does anyone have plans for riveting? Secound question, any ideas for 2 " RN rocket pods? Resin or aftermarket? Thx for answer. Regards Jurek
  5. Jurek Greinert

    1/48 MOSQUITO PR.IV - Tamiya

    Combination of two things: Lens glass - Nail Art Stickers Decorations Mirror Glass inside - natural chrome hemisphere - 3D nail art
  6. Jurek Greinert

    1/48 MOSQUITO PR.IV - Tamiya

    Yes, but Taurus is not perfect. It is thick, clarity like Tamiya, It wins with no connections, and better bubbles.
  7. Mosquito PR.IV - 540 squadron, painting Xtracolor PRU Blue, finish - Tamiya LP23 plus some X21 matt base Added Eduard PE, resin wheelwells, vacu canopy from Taurus, some scratch with undercarriage, lenses, fuselage window, antenas etc. I invite you for photos Regards Jurek
  8. Respect, v.v. well done.
  9. Jurek Greinert

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    Well, fitting, fitting, fitting. Whole landing gear was ready sooner. Minimal errors improved the weight of the model.
  10. Jurek Greinert

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    At the beginning, thank you to everyone. Secondly: I straightened the wheels of the front chassis - sorry I saw only in the pictures. Abouth weathering - I blow AK or Mig wash from the brush with an airbrush without paint. Why wash - because it's fast, but risky method and I can always wash away. A few words about the model: 1.corrected crossing the hull-wing at the top 2.all air intakes and exit are corrected and grooved 3.added hinges on the engine nozzle cover. 4.added wires, cables and many details in bomb, breake, electronics and gear bay. 5.added mechanism of locks in cockpit. 6. corrected fuel drop nozzles on wing tip. 7.added surface details: antenas, Venturi, Pitot probe, holes and rods, and other 8.riveting all surface Aftermarket sets used: (without FOD and "weapons" set)
  11. Hi, After 3 months, I finished the model. In progress: http://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=86108 22/5000 I invite You to watch.
  12. Jurek Greinert

    TSR.2 - bomb bay photo wanted

    That's very, very good. Thank You
  13. Jurek Greinert

    TSR.2 - bomb bay photo wanted

    Thx, Yeap, I have CMK resin, but this is not enough
  14. Jurek Greinert

    TSR.2 - bomb bay photo wanted

    Please help, I'm looking for photos TSR.2 bomb bay in empty configuration (without fuel tank or electronics equipment) Regards Jurek