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  1. Alongside the Gladiator, i am also building the 1975 boxing of the Mosquito. I did this kit years ago as an all black NF aircraft, but that was lost. So interesting to be building this alongside a new tooled kit. One really interesting addition in this kit is a small label that we never see here any more. And while it may have been made here, it was sent to me from across the pond by a friend from FSM a couple of years ago. Unfortunly the decals are a right off. But in my search for replacments i found some decals for aircraft operated by BOAC flying between Scotland and Swedan, so i'll be doing on of those. In additiong, i am useing an Airwaves PE set, pretty basic but its better than what the kit has. I also have some resin wheels and a vac canopy. The pit soom went together and got painted along with some PE belts out of the spares box. And the fuselage went together and the wings added. Fit isn't perfect but better than the SM.79 i built at the start of the year. Should also have the paint on this soon as well.
  2. Next up i am building 2 Airfix 1/72nd aircraft at the same time. I started both and the weekend and progress is going quickly. First up, the new tooled Gladiator Mk II. I am adding some Eduard PE and a few Quickbost resin set. I'll be building an aircraft from 1401 (Met) flight as part of my Norfolk airfileds project, decals will be Print Scale. The pit was quickly ready for paint with both resin and PE added. After primer and paint, i added some light flory washes and some dry brushing. After this i could add the pre coloured PE. And then the fuselage was put together and the lower wings and undercarrage added. Don't think it will be to long before i get some paint on.
  3. Thanks guys. Adam, no i haven't posted them there yet.
  4. Nice work so far, i'll be following along. Going to hang onto mine until the AM comes out, but does look a great kit. I think we can be certain of an RAF version next year. I did built the fist Phantom last year, my first of the new breed of Airfix kits. I loved it, didn't have any major issues. I already have the FGR.2 and am awaiting the RAF FG.1.
  5. Cheers guys. I do like doing the splinter camo, i agree that tapeing the straight lines is easier than many other schemes. My biggest issues always comes with weathering, i tend to lose the 2 greens, but fortunatly it didn't happen on this one. Steve, from what i understand, that was a problem for the Condor, there are several piucs of aircraft where that has happened. Time to wrap this up. I got the Condor finished last weekend. Undercarrage, flaps and other bits were added. I gave it a light Flory wash and some exhaust staining. Really pleased with the end result, for once i haven't completly blended the 2 greens. Then spent last week finishing off the vehciels and figures. I do like those Academy trucks, its my second this year. The Kubel is Hasegawa and the figures all Airfix. Thanks for following along. All comments welcome.
  6. I seem to have missed an update. I had the pre paint pics taken and loaded onto Flickr 10 days ago but seem to have forgotten to post them. So a double update this time. Got the underside gondola masked up and fitted. And the same for the pit canopy and upper turret. After some primer, the paint. RLM 65 underneath and 72/73 on top. This ofcourse included the best bit of painting German aircraft, masking for the splinter camo. And then the decals. I do like Xtradecals, they lay down nice and i have never had any issues with them. Just somelight weathering to add, going to give it a wash with flry and some exhaust staining.
  7. Cheers guys, sorry for my tardiness in geting back to you. Mike, it is a nice looking aircraft. I am not sure i have room for one of those given the vast amounts of coffee i drink Hoping to get an update son as i have since primed painted and decaled it.
  8. You have the option to glue them or leave them so they can be removed. But they still need sanding for a good fit and it would be to awkward to remove and fit them once secured to the base.
  9. Was that the Trump 48th kit? I have their 72nd C-3, that loks a nice kit as well.
  10. Thanks. I have the Edurad mask set so it was pretty easy to do the windows.
  11. Next on the bench is my first German 4 engine build. I have done a 3 and a 5 engined subject but not a 4, the Revell 1/72nd Fw 200C-8. I'll be adding an Eduard Big Ed Pe set for this. And i will be useing Xtradecal Am decals. I got the decal set for the Trump C-3 kit but it included a C-8 which, like the one in the kit thats featured on the box art was used against the Finn's in 1944. But unlike the one in the kit the AM set does not have the wave pattern scheme which i am not ready to do just yet, so i took the easy route. The kit has quite a nice interiour for the front and rear areas and the eduard set adds quite a bit of extra detail. The radio compartment won't be seen at all once doen but i put it all in anyway. I got the fuselage closed up and that went well. Then in my haste i got the wings on before taking pics. The fit is very good and there was not much to clean up on the fuselage seams. The forward gun position was then fitted along with the horizontal tail surfaces. And i primed and painted the underside where the gondala will go along with the wheel wells. The Eduard set includes PE flaps. I have been at these for about 2 nights, its a lot of work but worth it. The upper sets are fitted, i still have a bit to do on the lower flaps and will leave those off for painting. Thats it for now. Going to get the flaps wrapped up then i can finish off the final bits before masking and painting.
  12. Nice looking 432. Your a braver man than me going for that scheme, i just went with the green and black.
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