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  1. Planning on adding this kit to the stash so will be wathing with interest.
  2. This is my first helicopter for a couple of years. I am doing the British version based in Brunei with 7 Flight AAC.I had planned on doing it last year, but finally made a start on it a couple of weeks ago after picking up a Revell boxing which included a part i was missing which is not used in the Revell kit. I am adding an Eduard PE set to this. The instructions are a bit off in a few places, but fortunatly i can find some decent pics on line, includeing a couple of the aircraft i am doing on the 7 flight AAC twitter page from a couple of years ago. I started on the
  3. From what i can tell on the images i have seen of the Meng kit, backdateing it would be a really tough job. The model companies sem to be fixd on all things Afghan related recently when it comes to modern British subjects, but i hope they do back date it. While the Academy kit does have some accuracy issues, it is nothing that can't be covered with some mud and it is a nice kit. If Meng don't back date theirs i would get another academy kit to build a 510.
  4. Thanks guys. I had heard this things went through quite a bit of oil. I guess i will just add some oil and water cans, roll mats and leave it at that.
  5. Thanks guys, and thanks for the info.
  6. Been ploughing through with the Chieftain to get it done. I did some oil dot filters followed by AK Streaking grimes. After a flat coat, wet pigments were applied and the excess dusted off. Once everything was together, it then got a light dusting of dry pigments. I managed to solve my track problem when i remembered i have the Takom marksman in the stash. I raided the tracks from then and took one to fill the gap and 2 more for spares on the rear. I had bought the Master metal tracks to use on this kit but decided to try out the
  7. Nice job on this old kit. Despite its accuracy issues, it makes a good practice piece.
  8. As other have said, there's nothing much out there. Accurate Armours CETis OOP, but then thats been replaced by the terrier anyway. Their Spartan is still for sale if you don't mind a resin kit. I do like my German armour, but i have to agree we have more than enough Panther and Tigers, more modern British armour would be nice, and not just stuff from video games.
  9. Haven't seen one of those in a while. I don't recall seeing one actually used for its proper purpose. I just kept a couple of empty bottles in my drivers hatch for peeing in and just tipped it over the side. P-3's, just to pick up on one point. ''Traditionally, the most junior crew member is responsible for the AFV CES.'' This isn't true, certainly not in my battalion. The driver was responsable for the CES. He was the one who needed to know where everything was and that it was in good order. The vehicle commander would check and sign for it, but the driver
  10. This build is looking amazing, lovely work. I think you have really done a great job on the barrel, i can't make out any sign of a seam. For your info, the AA resin gun does not have any rifling either, so you have lost nothing in that respect.
  11. Thanks guys. ivan, i mainly followed the instructions as i could only find one pic of this vehicle. There is a lot of sand on it, though i agree the green on the side skirt could be a bit wider in places. I migt widen a couple of the green areas slightly. Wayne, i have a tad more sag in the track than you have, i reckon that would account for the gap. Well, i'm not going to try and remove any sag now, i'm sure it will do more harm than good. I had no problem with the barrel, i rather liked it.
  12. Some more progress to report on the Chieftain, i was slowed down some what by the paint. But before that i had to wrap up the turret with the addition of the TOGs. I painted the inside black before putting it all together, the clear part on the front has ha the lense covered with liquid mask. Than the painting. I decided to use MiG paints as that is the recomended colour by Takom and i didn't want to try and find a match for the sand colour. For the green, i usually use Tamiya NATO Green mixed with some field grey, so i ordered MiG's field grey set thinking i could use
  13. Thanks guys. ivan, in did it is. Scimitar, i never got to see it on acion. My battalion only moved into the armoured role in 95. But i did see plenty line up on one of the camps on the plain ready for selling off. A nice source of side bins to fit onto the 432's.
  14. Thanks guys. I need to check out the Mk 10 build.
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