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  1. Don't know if you saw these on scalemates, but Plus Model has a set of Ww2 German equpment. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/plusmodel-424-german-rucksack-ww-ii--234045
  2. Thanks Stuart.I was in 2 minds about putting them on yet, but its worked out ok so far. Its from a company in Italy called video aviation. http://www.videoaviation.com/ Mostly 48th and 32nd stuff, but some nice 72nd ones. I have been waiting for AIM to release theres, but could not wait any longer.
  3. Construction of the Shar is complete so ashide from masking the canopy and intakes, its ready for primer. After some advice from a member on another forum, i realised i had used the wrong intakes. Airfix offers 2 options but doesn't explain which option should be used for in flight or on the ground. While i was able to remove the intakes, i could not take them apart. So i ordered the resin Pavla set which was swiftly fitted. The doors and hatches will be done off the kit. And while its in the paint shop, i'l get to work on a tractor for the di
  4. The Harrier is now ready for priming and painting, just got to mask off the canopy and intakes. The various doors and hatches will be painted off the kit. While its in the paint shops, i will start on a weapons loader.
  5. Alongside the Shar, i am also doing a harrier GR.9A. This will be in the Op Herrick markings. I'll be adding a resin cockpit as wel as resin exhauts and intakes. First task was to fit the side to the pit and get all the pit parts painted. With the detail painting done the pit was fited into the nose which was then fitted to the main body of the fuselage. Then got the wing fitted. There is a large gap behind the cockpit, but thats a resin piece so can't blame that on th
  6. Thanks Hook, its all down to the PE. I am useing a resin kit on the other one and its not as nice.
  7. I have never built a Harrier, but i have 5 1/72nd Airfix kits in the stash so figiured if i am doing one i might as well do 2 together. This is the Sea harrier FA.2. I'll be adding an Eduard PE set and Quickboost resin exhausts. I started out with geting the pit parts prepped and painted. Not a lot of detail in the pit OOB, all the instruments are added with decals. After painting i just went straight to the PE. Then the pit was fitted and the fuselage put together. No fit issues here.
  8. Been a few weeks but finally got an update. In my last one i said that i was almost ready to primer the tower. I then made the mistake of checking my referances again and realised it needed some fixing. Unfortunatly photo's of the inside of towers are tricky to find. It seems that Revell mat have based theirs on U-995 which is on display at ladoe. But this is a late style tower. At the top front of the tower was a shelf which went full width and stuck out to far. This was chopped in half and sanded back. The Eduard PE set has a compass face which goes on this shelf, but that should
  9. The antenna's look about right. I use the carbon fibre rod from Accurate Armour which are aimed at British armour. They look about the same as yours.
  10. Is that what they recomend. It should be 82 and never less than 80. On the Academy kit i used Fruils and had to use 85. Thats come out nicely, nice clean build.
  11. Thats coming on very nicely. The track looks to tigt in your first pic, but that might be because its not sitting on the drive sprocket teeth. Its interesting that the kit includes features that are completly covered by the add on armour, such as the NBC filter dor and external fire extinguisher handle covers. This might indicate an un-armoured version in the future.
  12. Coming on nicely, the detail on this looks very good.
  13. Thank you. Thats good news. I was so dissapointed when i saw the error on the Academy kit, bt there was nothing i could do about it. At least if i decide to bild a 510 i know that will be right.
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