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  1. Bish

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    No, only time i spent in Germany was 5 days in Grafenwöhr.
  2. Bish

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    As a newbie, i was bricking it. Came straight from Bassingbourn with 3 others guys in the back of a lanny with all our kit. Gets there and a CSgt sticks his head in and says 'so are these the F***ing NIG's'. Next morning we were in the village. Welcome to battalion Yeoman, glad to meet another Pompadour.
  3. Bish

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    A Coy, Major Clements., i only joined a few weeks before we went to Londonderry, just as the company was going into the FIBUA village at lydd and Hythe. I went into 3 (MILAN) Platoon.
  4. Bish

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    Name doesn't ring a bell, but it has been a long time. I was originally in 3 Royal Anglian but i stayed on with the Kings Own when they came to Londenderry in 92.
  5. Bish

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    KORBR then 2 Lancs. I was in Catterick from 95 to 2007.
  6. Bish

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    Thanks viper.
  7. Bish

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    Cheers for lookin in guys. ivan, thanks for the heads up. I have the seat together but will do some dry fitting. I can see why you binned the pins. John, unfortunatly, yes i do. I was in an armoured Inf battalion for 12 years and while i was mainly a Warrior driver i was also trained to drive these. I much preferred the Warrior.
  8. My first armour build of the year is somthing we don't see often. As far as i know, this is the first kit in this scale in plastic of this vehicle. The only option before this was the Accurate Armour resin kits. The only extras i am adding as some metal tracks from masterclub and light guards from Accurate Armour. First look at this kit showed that the detail is superb, both inside and out. Whats there is spot on. Of course, as with any kit, there are isues. Most are minor and many people would probably not even notice. But, for those who may be interested, i will point them out as i go along. And one of those issues was obvious as son as i looked at the instruction. Step 2 has you fit the tillers, and they show them with the right tiller forward and the left tiller slightly back. They can be positioned in any position you like, but the instructions don't indicate this. Without a driver in the seat, the only way to show them for me is both back with the brakes on. Easy fix. I knew before i started that painting the interiour after it was built would be tricky, especially the driver/comanders compartment. Fortunatly the kit is made in such a way that sections can be put together and painted before fitting. In the hull, i added the panels on the lwer side walls as well as the panels around the back which goes around the fuel tanks. The first section i put together was the front wall of the main compartment with the left side of the crew compartment. As i mentioned, the detail thats there is first class. But one problem is whats not included. The box at the front should hold the drivers night driving device. This is not included. And for a vehcile in use in the 90's, there should be a stowage rack for the driver and commanders SA-80's. I had to scratch a lever for the gear range selector as the kit one flew off my tweezers into the great beyond. The kit does come with some pretty lethal looking pour stubs. Most are not an issue, but a few are. The are the upper sides of the hulls, the middle stub on the upper piece and the one on the lower piece are both in visible areas. As are theres around the hole for the rear door. Once cleaned up, the upper sides were fitted. Made a start oin one of the Masterclub tracks. These are nice and go together well, and the detail is perfect. better than Fruils IMHO. I have lost a couple of the resin tracks pins but hopefully have enough spare. And finally a small selection of bits and pieces that will be painted before fitting. The kit does come with parts which would allow you to build different configirations as well as vehicles from different times. But as with the tillers, the instructions don't tell you this. It comes with 4 radios, though they tell you to fit 3 but then tell you to fit 4 antenna mounts . I will just be useing 1 radio and antenna. Enjoying this so far, goes together well. My guess is that the issues will be down to the vehicle they used as a referance source, but they don't seem to have looked any futher. But nothing major.
  9. Bish

    Put a Face to your Name Mk.II

    That brings back memories. A med man ain't complete without at least one break down each.
  10. Bish

    Tamiya FW 190 D-9 Long nose

    Nicely turned out 190.
  11. Bish

    Dragon 1/32 Bf-110 C

    Thats really nice, don't think i have seen a 32nd built before. Really like the finish, very nice job on the scheme. And thanks for the info on the Revell release, wil look out for that.
  12. Bish

    Best 1/72 He111: Airfix or Hasegawa?

    I bult the Hase 111Z a few years back and will be doing the Airfix P in a couple of months, so i am keen to see how it compares. From what i can see in the box, the Airfix kit is very well detailed and first impression is that its at least a match for the Hase kit. Not that it can be seen, but the Airfix comes with the rear compartment, the Hase kit was almost bare in that area.
  13. Nope, 1/35th only for me when it comes to armour. wouldn't give 48th a first look in the shop let alone a second.