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  1. Got the snatch painted up. Took a few goes until i was happy with the colour. After painted, it got a couple of coats of Alclad aqua gloss. And then the decals. These went on well, first time i have used AA decals. These were followed by some more Aqua gloss to protect the decals. Next up some weathering and detail painting.
  2. Thanks Ozzy. And thanks for the remindr about useing a bergan for the ECM. Saved a lot of hassle.
  3. Thanks Bull. They are nicely detailed kits, not easy bt worth the effort.
  4. Finally got a chance to get in an update. Been a bit of a struggle with parts fit, buts its getting there. Got the insids painted with some light wear. The instructions say to paint NATO green, but from my memory and pics i could find, these were darker than that. On the Airfix forum in an old thread about British Army colours, some one claimed that vehicles in Ireland were painted darker to distinguish ones used for internal security duties from conventional warfare. Not sure if this is true, but they were certainly darker. I made my own mix useing Tamiya's NATO green, Dark Green and a touch of NATO black. Seems pretty good to my eye. I addd some wear to the flor, mainly where the top cover would stand as well as in the front foot wells. The upper body was also painted and just got a light dry brush. Then the seats and belts were fitted. I also added a bergan on the ECM frame. Ozzy mentioned that they used to put there ECM in vehicles like this and that remindd me that we did as well. easier than trying to scratch a bit of kit. Also addd a set of rocket pouches. I went for the early 90's single colour packs rather than the DPM ones introduced later. I added some wire from the ECM pack which will be run up to the roof. This shows the colour much better than the previous pic. I then got the roof on being careful not to completly fill in the join. And the front of the cab with decals added. With all that, the body was fitted to the chassis, followed the the forward bulkhead, after front wind screns were added, and then the front of the body. Fit was tight, had to do some sanding, bending and clamping, but it got there. Got a bit of clean up to do before masking and painting.
  5. Its a blody long trip isn't it. We had to travel from catterick down to Brize, usualy sit there for half a day, fly to Calgary and then a bus to the base. first time was 96, then 99, 2002 and 2004. Last one i was driving on the range saftey team.
  6. This should be fun. Your lucky flying into Med Hat, we had to take the bus from Calgary every time i went to BATUS.
  7. That sounds the more likely explanation. Thanks guys.
  8. Thanks for the comments guys. Its going slowly but nicely. Inside is painted, just got to do some light weathering. Bozo, i have read on Wiki that it was called that because it was used by Snatch squads. But i was serving in Londonderry in 92 when it entered service and we knew it by that name from the start. And during my 4 and a half years in the provence, we never had snatch squads as the need didn't arise. Silenoz, given that a majority of my stuff is WW2 German, includeing SS builds, i would not think of it that way, but i can see that someone might, especially as we don't see many builds from Op banner. But, i do have plands for more. Thanks for the link ivan. I use that site for the Flightpath all the time but didn't think of checking for figures. Nothing there for the 90's but that Fusilier figure would go nicley with a Humber Pig. Will have to remember that.
  9. Thanks guys. Ozzy, thats what i was thinking. Just got to check what Accurate Armour kit i have. I was going to add a daysack or 2 in the back, other wise its rather empty. ivan, thanks, i will check them out. But the kit does come with the markings. I do notice that site has warrior number plates. They might come in handy.
  10. The Snatch is coming on slowly but its now ready to get some primer on. I am doing all of the inside before putting it all togther and then i will paint the outside. Its a pity there is no equipment to go on the inside. The mounting plate behind the front seats should hold ECM equipment (not a radio as the instructions say). I might try and scratch build something as the type of equipment that fitted there was just a metal box with a couple of switches. The mesh over the rear lights is rather nice. It is attached to the plate that glues to the vehicle and can be folded to shape but left open so the lights can be added later. No need for masking. I have fitted the mesh on the side doors, the glass goes in from the inside and can be fitted later. And the same goes for the front windscreen, the mesh is movable which is handy. Now time to prime and try and mix up some paint to get the right shade of green. Modern British army figures are pretty thin on the ground and seem to mainly aimed at Iraq and Afghanistan. Accurate Armour does have a range of 80's and 90's figures but i only found one which would fit N Ireland. Its not completly accurate as it seems to have body armour over the jacket when it should be underneath and is missing the ceramic plates on the front and back that covered the vital organs. But it does have the correct chest rig and an SA 80 so its close enough. Not the best resin figures i have seen but not to bad. The right arm is not a good fit, the pouches are molded to allow for the rifle which is nice but the arm does not fit to the shoulder, so needed some filling at the back. The muzzle on the SA 80 has come off but i managed to save it and will attach later.
  11. Thanks Terry, and i am glad i did the right thing. I didn't trim the rear ones and i still have visions of a joint giving way and the whole thing flying apart.
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