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  1. Thanks guys. It is a nice kit. I have heard good things about the Revell kit, i am thinking about getting the NF version.
  2. Been a couple of weeks but finally have somthing to show. I got the wings on and have then been working on the engines. You have to fit in the front and rear sections so even though most of the engines won't be seen, i decided to build them both up and paint them. Paint is Alcla and Tamiya acrylics. Most of the fit on this kit has been good. I can't say the same for the engones. There are 2 locator pins on each side of the engines, front and rear whoch go into locating holes in the covers. But putting the pins in place caused a gap of about 2mm in the bott
  3. Time for another update. I got the cockpit fitted which go in from underneath. It was a very tight fit and i had hope to dry fit. But i couldn't remove it for risk of breaking somthing so i ended up clamping it in place as it could have done with some sanding down. One very nice touch on this kit is the addition of the pilots target viewing window. Its attache to a box structure which i had not seen before. I can find any pic of a B pit where you can see it. But i did find an image in a new book i recently got which show in from a training manuel. What is mssing is the external cover to the wi
  4. I'd bought quite a few Voyager sets before i even used one, that was back when i was just buying AM for the sack of it. I have found their sets to be the most wasteful, i always have loads of stuff left over, and even in sets that are meant for one certain kit, its clear there are parts of it for other kits. My go to sets have in the past been Aber followed by Eduard, but there is a lot more choice out there now. When useing any PE sets, the main trick is knowing what not to use. As in armour PE you get flat handles, on aircraft PE you get flat brake lines and pipes. Sometimes they
  5. I use it a lot, even on 72nd aircraft. Try fitting control levers in a 72nd pit for small. Each to their own of course. I have toned down how much i use, especially on 35th armour. There was a time i got every set i could, but after doing a couple of newer Dragoin kit, i realise i didn't always need complete sets. But i still use thing like tool clamps and a few other bits.
  6. Thanks Ian. I've got the 24th kit in the stash as well, i'd like to do that, just not sure where i would put it.
  7. Thanks Greg. They are very nice.
  8. Start this a couple of weeks ago.This is my 7th 72nd Ju 87. While i do like the Fujimi kit, this new Airfix one is clearly a step up in detail. I know the Fujimi kit is a little oversize, i have not yet compared this one to scale plans but i will at some point. Going over the kit, there are a few things i think they could have done better, but to some degreee these are largely personal preferance. As its a Stuka, i do tend to be a bit picky. I will be ading some Eduard PE and Quickboost resin. The first thing i checked when i got the kit was the supercharge
  9. Started on this one a while back, Trumpeter's 32nd Me 262A-1a. This is my first Trump aircraft kit and all the reviews say its a great kit and the detail looks amazing. I'll be adding Eduard PE, HGW belts, metal barrels from Aber, resin wheels and EagleCal decals. I have been getting the interiour together ready for priming and painting. These are mainly cockpit parts. The guns together along with the metal barrels. The inside of the fuselage with the none coloured PE added. And some more i
  10. I use strips of wod formy ship builds. This is an S-100 i did last year. I'm doing the same for the 72nd U-Boat i am currently working on.
  11. There is quite a bit of AM for the S.2C, PE and resin. I'm sure the sets for the B will follow soon.
  12. So, about 11 days ago i said i would be starting on the oil canning that weekend. Didn't quite work out like that. I spent the best part of a week, starting at the front and going along one side and then repeating on the other, blending in the edges of the PE and cleaning up where i had filled flood holes and other bits. Going the check pieces was tricky as it mean filling PE and trying not to lose rivet detail. But it feels and loks like it has paid off and i think its created an oil canning effect at the same time. Still need to fix the 2 drain holes at the front.
  13. This is very good news. Been after a Lakenheath F for ages, and haveing cartograph decals is a nice bonus.
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