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  1. Models For Sale have 11 in stock at £43.99, Free UK postage at that price
  2. Are you part of the EMMS Show, as they have on their website a request for contact details for Paul Davis. Paul has sent an email regarding the show but not had a response. Do you have any contact details for the organisers

    1. Alfisti


      Hi Cyberduck,sorry was not able to reply to your query,I was out of the country.



  3. When you take out the prototypes the 300 is almost 1 bomb per aircraft Vulcan 136 built including prototypes Victor 86 built including prototypes Valiant 107 built including prototypes V-Force 329 including prototypes
  4. I don't think they ever did, but given the diverse nature of Israeli procurement procedures at that time, how accurate would it be. They were modified before Israel brought them and you would need to check your references as to what they actually acquired and used
  5. I am also building one of these. There is an issue with the fin were it meets the fuselage. I shopped off a piece from a number tap from the sprue, and glued it to the end the front of the fin and then sanded it to blend the front of the fin into the fuselage instead of it ending abruptly.
  6. I have seen a picture of a P-51A with the 40mm guns of a Hurricane IID, so I don't think that this would have ever been considered
  7. When you say that you visited the Air Force Museum, I taken it that was in Singapore? The Singapore Hunters Hunter were designated as either Mk FGA.74 (ex-RAF Mk 6s rebuilt to FGA 9 standard) FR.74A (ex-RAF rebuilt FR 10s) or a batch of FGA.74B (8 ex-RAF F.4 airframes and 3 ex-RAF FGA 9s rebuilt to a common standard). Their were also two-seater T.75 and T.75A.
  8. Lancaster 617 Squadron Dambuster/Tallboy/Grandslam with markings for a standard Lanc on D-Day because all the parts are in the kit
  9. All the Roden kits are the same basic mouldings for a super VC10s (minus the wing refuelling pods for the civilian boxings). Both the K3 and K4 have no large forward cargo doors in the fuselage.
  10. Re-release of the Britten Norman Islander in Antarctic scheme and Shorts Skyvan (they should have done it this year as a Argentinian aircraft for the Falklands War) 1:72 Supermarine Seafire FR.47 1:72 Hawker Hunter F.4/F.5/J34 1:72 A-4N Skyhawk Israeli and civilian operators (new fuselage and canopy for the A-4B kit)
  11. I believe the question should be, I have a cheap Roden kit how do I make a VC10 C1 out of it?
  12. The Haynes Book on the Supermarine S6B (IBBN 9781785212280) covers all of the Schneider Trophy races from 1913-1929. It is well illustrated with all the participating aircraft, mostly black & white period pictures, but at least 1 colour picture of the British and Italians from 1929.
  13. What about the Hobby 2000 Va (ex Revell IIa with resin bits) as an alternative starting point
  14. Eduard did some plastic flight deck panels in the 1990s. Not sure if they did a Japanese one though
  15. Who is going to Hamex next week. Should be a good show and only down the road from Milton Keynes
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