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  1. Birmingham IPMS is going. Who else is going to be sent to Coventry
  2. The only AEW in RAF service at the time was the Shackleton. This did not have the range to get to the South Atlantic. Have a read of Harrier 809 by Rowland White, who cover the subject of the lack of AEW.
  3. Bovington Tank Museum has announced their South West Model Show on the 19-20 February 2022
  4. The Airfix stand has in the past has been a large magnet for crowds. That and the Kit Swap. It appears that these are not present in this years show and so if everyone acts sensibly, and moderates their behaviour we should all have a safe and enjoyable show
  5. If anyone is in South Wales for the weekend and looking for something to do
  6. I wonder if they could have gotten hold of the Aeroclub molds, and be doing something with them. That was a largely injection moulded kit with a vac form canopy
  7. I built one some time ago. The fuselage comes in for parts, the drooped noose, the cockpit area, the passenger area and the tail. I would suggest that you build each side first and the join the two halves together. The drooped noose mechanism does not work and I would suggest that you abandon any idea of getting it to work. The fit of the wings to the fuselage needs to be approached with care and on my kit the engines seemed to be designed to fit in a hole in the wing that simply did not exist. The was a set set of replacement wheels produces by Airwaves which I used and this avoided the rubber tyres. I believe that there was another set produced by another company (possibly Reicast?) and they are worth getting. As long as you are careful it can be built into a reasonable, and quite large model
  8. As it is a Police Training Academy, this could be a useful exercise for the recruits in crime prevention
  9. Anyone noticed the South West Model Show at Bovington Tank Museum next weekend 4-5 September 2021. It looks as if the annual passes are being accepted
  10. Here is something from inside the Toybox, 35 mm wooden cubes. https://www.babipur.co.uk/plan-toys-wooden-toys/plan-toys-entire-range/plan-toys-learning-play-wooden-toys/plan-toys-15-cubes.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw95yJBhAgEiwAmRrutD0cMOINkxMsGfaq8FtKSFX06rZMGxIbZG11aRmv4zMPiLsvsjy3_RoC6ngQAvD_BwE If you want supports you just need to drill holes and add rod from anywhere
  11. Check their website to see if they are still having tours of the Conservation Centre. There is a viewing area in one corner where you can look down on the reserve collection, but in the past people have been able to go down into the storage area
  12. With all these bad jokes you will get BAAAH'd
  13. I don't believe that Airfix has done any new 1:72 toy figures sets since the 1980s and maybe earlier that that
  14. Nicely done. Unfortunately, the Airfix toy solider figures have to use a soft plastic to comply with UK/EU laws. Some hard figures are available in the various Airfix vehicle sets
  15. I have rechecked the details on the F-111c and the F-111C is a hybrid of the F-111A, F-111B and FB-111A. The F-111C had the 8 F-111A pylons mounted on the extended wings of the F-111B with the reinforced undercarriage of the FB-111A. They had the TF30-P3 engines, the same as the F-111A, EF-111A with the Triple Plow I intake system. The General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark book by Don R Logan published by Schiffer Military History ISBN 13: 9780764305870 has a whole chapter on the F-111C with a picture of each aircraft, but pictures of the bottom of the fuselage are limited
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