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  1. Thanks, I didn’t spot them there earlier. Found them this time round . What is your experience in applying them and getting them to conform the texture on the surface (eg panel lines) you put them on?
  2. Hey guys, i got the uss Arizona, and I have for it the Eduard ED53069 and ED53078 sets. I noticed Eduard also has ED53016, which looks very similar to ED53069. Is there a reason why I should get ED53016 off I already have the other two? Also, where in the U.K. could I get a wooden deck for this model?
  3. Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting wood grain effect decals for covering parts of wings and fuselages of aircraft scale 1:32 and 1:48. does anyone have any recommendations for this? Any techniques to do this well, where would I be able to get such decals, alternative methods, etc.
  4. Hey guys I’m looking for high density foam for a diorama base. Any idea what I can get some for a reasonable price at short notice here the U.K.? Would places like screwfix or b&q Or hobby craft have something suitable, and if so, what do I look for? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, am working on a PLAN type 033 1/350 submarine from hobbyboss. As I tried to soak the decals they disintegrated spontaneously. Unfortunately the details they as are too smash to paint for me, so I was hoping if someone could tell me how to deal with decals that disintegrated, or perhaps knows of replacement decals of good quality.
  6. Hi guys, I’m looking for advice on my first airbrush. I’ve used a cheap unit that came with the compressor. I managed to use it ok, but I can feel the build quality is terrible. I can feel burrs on the needle and nozzle, and it clogs up quickly (I mixed tamiya paint with x20 1:1, pressure is about 22psi or 1.8bar). so I’m looking for something new. I’m thinking of spending around 150£ (plus or minus, I’m flexible). I like the option of changing cup size, and I’d like to have one that mixes internally. The one I used thus far I think has a 0.3 nozzle, and I like that, bu
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