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  1. Great minds and all that . it was availability really. Spotted it on Amazon. And it’s about half price of the mk1 and Pontos sets. one thing I’m still trying to find is a set of dkm flags. I know Eduard had some PE flags, but I’m not sure I want to use PE for flags. I much rather use decals on aluminium foil.
  2. Hey guys, I’d like to get my hands on a WW2 carrier flight deck, or contract one from scratch. I’m thinking of starting with the Akagi. I’ve seen plenty of flat prints/vinyls that can be used as base, but I like my bases to have genuine texture. I’ve not find any real wood decks for scale 1/72, 1/48, or 1/32 soo far. So if someone knows of something, I’d love to hear. if I need to build from scratch, can someone tell me what the board sizes were on the Akagi deck?
  3. Ended up ordering the Graf. It’sa little more expensive than the Peter Strasser, but simplified the build process a little using the mk.1 design set. I received the Graf last night, and the kit looks good! The mk.1 design set is held in customs - I’m in Germany at the moment - (can of worms, don’t get me started on that process). The Scharnhorst I should be getting next week or the week after. I ordered a flyhawk detail set for it, but won’t get that until august most likely. That’s ok, I got a ton of models to work through.
  4. Thanks for that explanation! Look forward to see those pics
  5. I’m about to get either the Graf zeppelin or the Peter strasser. The price is quite different between the two, so I’m suggesting if there’s any real difference between the two kits justifying the price difference. Does the graf come as a better kit? I’m planning to use the mk1 set for detailing and deck, but that’s for the Graf. Maybe it won’t fit on the Peter ?
  6. I like the 1:32 because of the size. Less straining on the eyes, and details show up much more. Of course that also means flaws show up much more. last time I build a revell kit was about 35 years ago, and back then they were rather shoddy. I heard good things about the recent revell kits, especially the platinum editions (I got myself a u-boot platinum edition), so I know they can pull it off. I hear the size and associated display issues. I’m sure I’ll run into that as well. I’m not planning on any dioramas at the moment, just a plinth with a blueprint of the airplane and the flag of the country. (Ships will have a plinth only). so it sounds like both directions are good options. Thus I just need to make a decision…
  7. Hey all, I’ve been eyeballing the heinkel he-111 in 1:32 (revell). It’s rather hard to get, and I don’t really know the quality of the kit. I know there’s PE sets from Eduard still available for it. I’ve been wondering if maybe I should get it in 1:48 instead, but again, I don’t know the quality of the offerings. Can anyone recommend a kit 1:32 or 1:48 that stands out in quality and with PE sets available?
  8. I’ve been thinking about those too! I’m not limiting myself to the German fleet, I am also doing IJN, RN, and USN. Less interested in the USSR and UK ships to be honest, but that’s just personal preference I have my eyes on the Akagi, but I found the hasegawa PE sets for it to have become unobtanium. I have quite a list actually, but also a wife that limits my spendings :-D
  9. by the way, I noticed that detail sets are very hard to get these days. Lion roar I cannot find anywhere. Flyhawk I can find but with 2 month lead times. Pontos is sold out everywhere, Eduard has some stuff, but isn’t as extensive as some of the other sets available.
  10. I heard of the platinum editions of the Tirpitz and the Bismarck! Would love to get my hands on either, but it seems they are in stock for about a week or so never to be seen again. Those platinum versions rock. I got myself a type vii a while back. Plan to do the same as Tristan Reidford on YouTube. flyhawk has an extensive PE kit for the Scharnhorst that looks good. Just need to find a wooden deck for it. I’d like to consider Pontos, but they’re rather hard to get, and really confusing to decide which set to get for a given project. They have like 5-10 versions for one specific ship of one specific brand. for those that have the platinum Tirpitz or Bismarck, would you say a Pontos or flyhawk set (maybe Eduard) would get a standard version to the same level (not considering costs)?
  11. Different topic: I’ve been contemplating a German battleship. I was considering the Scharnhorst or either the Tirpitz or the Bismarck. there’s a lot of options for the Tirpitz and the Bismarck, and I was curious which kit is the best one as a basic kit. I’ll be getting PE as well, but it would be nice to start off with getting a kit that’s really good. any suggestions?
  12. I noticed that currently Hasegawa has two versions of the IJN Akagi on the market. The 1941 version from 2008 and a more recent version named battle of midway. The latter is supposed to have some parts changed. I heard the only part that has changed was one of the stickers. Is that correct? Also, there’sa lot of PE available. Hasegawa themselves release a complete set, a set A, a set B, a set C, and a wooden deck set. Then there’s offerings from Eduard as well. so was wondering, which PE set(s) should I get for it (besides the wooden deck)? Is the complete set a combination of A, B and C, or is it separate? Do the Eduard PE offerings to the Hasegawa PE sets or are they supplementary? Any suggestions?
  13. Yeah I found those too. i also found that the Fletcher class destroyer once upon a time was also used by the Germans (after the war), but that doesn’t help me now. Maybe I have to revise my plans and go for a different diorama. Maybe a dock scene, or a stormy sea setting.
  14. Hi all, Does anyone know of kits in scale 1/144 of German navy vessels? I’m looking for a destroyer, supply ship, support vessel, of some sort to create a diorama of a u-boot being supplied. All I can find is u-boots. thanks
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