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There's some great work going on here.

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Posted (edited)
On 4/13/2018 at 4:02 PM, mini man said:




Loved the film! Thanks for posting.


Now if you swap the Transit for a red Sherpa, that could easily have been me out on my RM box collection back in the 80s! :whistle:

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Now that I've cleaned all the drool off my keyboard maybe I write something intellegent......intelagnt.......smart now.

So, if a guy kinda went a little overboard with this LWB Transit, and wanted to put a motor in it, what would he use?

Did the LWB come with the V4? And is it the same one SAAB used?

I know I could use any motor, but what would be "correct" for a factory build?

As far as a cast tire..oops..tyre rack, that would be great. The question in my mind is, will it support 15 or 20 tyres?

I can see it now...all my built ups robbed of their rubber!

Thanks for your help in advance.

I'm just gunna go back a page and drool some more......a little bit.................maybe..........

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Here is some engine info, I don't know about any connection with SAAB - I thought they were all powered by jet engines?! 


"Customers buying a new Ford Transit MK2 had a choice selection of petrol engines and diesel engines. In the Ford range includes three petrol units and one diesel (initially with a capacity of 2.4L, and 2.5L face-lift). The table below we present the comparison engines.


1.6 OHC

2.0 OHC

3.0 V6

2.4 Diesel

2.5 Diesel

Engine (cc)






Power (hp)






Max power in (rpm)






The new Ford Transit MK2 was sold in several body versions. They dominated mainly vans and minivans. However, the design of this model allowed for any development of the body. As a result, Ford Transit MK2 could serve as a tug, ambulances, as well as a military vehicle. However, the most popular were fire engines, which have survived to this day. Transit MK2 was offered on 14-inch wheels."

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If I remember correctly.

The SAAB 96? used a Ford of Germany 1700cc V4.

I'm sure I remember Transits with a V4, but whether it was the

German one or the English 2 litre I'm not sure.


I found this which may be of use


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Yes it does help. Choices for V6 motors seem to be a little thin in 1/24, let alone diesel 4 cylinders. But I have to admit, I haven't looked yet.

That Transit fire truck has been for sale all over. I think I saw it on daBay out of Colorado some time ago. Interesting to note that bungee cords 

must be the battery tie-down of choice all over the world! 

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The V4 appears to have been in the Mk1, here are the engine options.


The first Ford Transit was produced in 1953, he wore a name Ford Taunus Transit. It was only in 1965, after the production of the Taunus decided to mark the new generation Transit abbreviated as "MK" (ang. Mark). Ford Transit MK1 was produced continuously until 1978 in several body styles:

  • modelemk1.png- Van - Classic van; 
  • - Chassis Cabs; 
  • - Chassis Cabs with Windscreen 
  • - Chassis Cab, 
  • - Kombi, 
  • - Minibus - Bus. 

In the model MK1 SWB had a choice of two engines - one diesel (diesel) and the second petrol (V4). In the LWB version appeared while two-liter petrol.


Petrol V4 OHV


Petrol V4 OHV


Diesel OHV



1.7L (1663cc)

2.0L (1996cc)

1.6L (1621cc)

Power (hp)




Max. Power (rpm)




Fuel tank capacity depending on the model was 35 liters (SWB) and 68 liters (LWB). Transit models are equipped with 14-inch steel wheels on the 5 screws, as well as a four-speed manual gearbox.

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Great conversion. I really must get on with the one I am making as my old van. 

The ex Ford V4 was used in the SAAB 95 and 96. With the 99 onwards they used a development of the ex Triumph 2000 engine until the next generation 900 series. 

My Transit had an ex Capri 2.0 with a fast road cam. Twin webber carbs and a four branch manifold and a few other engine tweaks. Also had a drivers seat from a Ford Granada ghia, spotlights, sunroof and.......rust. 


All the best. 



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Thinking of v4s,I was bored/mad a few weeks back and came up with this idea - a v8 to a v4!


Timing  chain cover removed and  the  inlet manifold cut down.

Exhaust  manifolds on.

Near  done.    

A  couple of videos.



Here is the v4  with valve covers and timing chain etc.     






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