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  1. I ran across this the other day on TheBay. At less than $10.00 US I couldn't hit the "buy it now" button fast enough. While probably more common in Europe, they are exceedingly rare in the U.S.. This one is only missing a tail light. And the box! (Some assembly required!)
  2. At the risk of sounding like a noob, what is the significance of Airfix "red stripe" kits? Same kit as the non-red stripe version?
  3. https://dmodelkits.store/collections/vendors?q=Merrikits This will get you there. While I applaud Merrikits efforts to kit the current R5 rally cars, I question their judgement to not include decals at that price point. Also, thick cast resin and white metal bits equal expensive shipping. Pity, I wouldn't mind having some of them.
  4. I would think part of the issue is the injection molded spoke wheels. Also traditionally, I don't think bikes have held a big enough market share to warrant manufactures going down that rabbit hole today. Look to the 3D print guys for some incredible 1/24 motorcycles.
  5. I'm sorry I have forgotten what years they are. I'm sure some of you know. From left to right; Smica, Lancia, Osca. I wonder if any of them have been done in 1/24.
  6. Got another look inside my neighbors secret garden of exotica. Can you name them? I didn't know, I had to ask him!
  7. I just ran across this while surfing, (the internet that is ) I hope it's not duplicate information. https://www.flickr.com/photos/96346904@N05/
  8. Ask and ye shall receive: https://www.facebook.com/2202593959983015/photos/1961-chevy-corvair-station-wagon-65-shipped/2239845486257862/?_rdr
  9. Good eye. Yes it is. It is a parts car that belongs to the property owner. Not a lot left to it.
  10. Rusting in peace, or pieces, not far from my house. Sad sight as it's almost 100% complete. The interior is a mess, but it's all there.
  11. Great news for us, bad news for our budgets. Thanks for the info Marco. Now knowing there is a Rover on the way, I can finally lay my ill-conceived, forever project to rest. Speaking of Rover, check my "Spot of the Day".
  12. Boy that thing is just so wrong on so many levels, but it is cool looking. I'll give them that.
  13. I bought one of those many years ago from Ait-Trax in Finland(?) for about $90.00 U.S.. It took a little finessing, but it wasn't a bad little kit. With full interior and engine bay! No PE, but PE wasn't a big thing back in the . . . . aaaah . . . . olden days? My decal options were Tour De Corse and Lombard RAC. This is the 3ed time I've seen this kit offered by as many resin casters over the years. Can't remember the other one at the moment. And you all are right, the price is a little out of range. Yea really gotta want it!
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