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  1. I shall pop into that GB and have a look. I don't think there is a great deal of difference between RLM 70 and 71, just as there isn't between RLM 72 and 73. It appears that way in all the Luftwaffe camo books I have with paint chips. I think it is meant to be subtle, although in that case, why did they bother when one colour would have done the same job.
  2. Thanks Tony! I must have ten tins of Humbrol gloss 15 (don't ask!). I'll attack the Hellcat with a tin of that and a hairy stick.
  3. Thanks Tony! Agreed. This bloody GB has also cost me a packet and bought Kingkit a Caribbean island. Do give the Arado a try though. It's a nice kit. It is a splinter camo in RLM 72 and 73. The difference between the two colours is not vast, and the lighting was not great when I took that photo, but this one shows the camo a bit better... Biggest problem I have is an area in which I can set up somewhere to use an airbrush. I do have a house move planned, so hopefully that will solve my problem and I can get using my airbrush. (Incidentally, I bough it in 1989
  4. I hope so Jeroen, otherwise I've wasted the last 40 years. Mind you, I really do need to get over my fear of the airbrush. I think not using it holds me back.
  5. Thank you sir! The clear parts in the kit were very good. The were a few blemishes here and there which I was going to try and polish out, but a closer inspection looked as though they were in the plastic and may not have buffed out. This is one kit where you can go to town on the interior and it will still be seen. Steve
  6. Another one done! I've really enjoyed building this Heller Dewoitine D.500 and I wanted to get at least one French type into the GB. This is another kit I built as a teenager back in the 80s and was probably the third or fourth Heller kit I bought. I don't think this will be the last one I build either. No issues with the kit at all, but the aftermarket decals gave me a few frights. They were ok, but seemed to be a tad oversized for the kit in places and the white was quite translucent. Something I discovered once the cockerel decal had set over the diagonal stripe down the fuselage. Ho hum. A
  7. The Arado 196 is finally finished! Not sure why, but this one seemed to take a long time. No major issues except when fitting the floats. The struts were warped in my kit, and although I thought I'd got them together ok, one of the outboard V struts broke at the weakest point. This is where a pin fits the strut to the wing. I think the warping meant that the pin wasn't going to reach the hole, and this broke trying to get it to fit together due to the excess stress on the plastic. I'll try and fix it when I get a chance but there is a 1mm gap that won't meet up so it will require a repair to b
  8. Thanks Wez! Any recommendations for the best match blue from the Humbrol range? Steve
  9. @Wez Thanks Wez! Not sure what the date is on this kit. Scalemates don't have the info on the initial release date, but I'm guessing mid 70s. The Hellcat seems to have traits of both Heller's earlier kits, and the later 70s stuff. Some details are quite fine, while others are a bit clunky and lacking detail. The engine and tailwheel are examples of this. They seem very basic and clunky, while the cockpit seems more in line with the later stuff being quite reasonably detailed. I always thought it was interesting that Heller chose the -5 Hellcat, the variant used by the A
  10. Great looking Viking ship and nice to see a curve ball in the GB. Nearly there too by the looks of it. Top work Sir! Looks to me like you need to keep an eye on Luka the kitten. Before you know it..... Kattegat? See what I did there
  11. Yes! The clear parts are safe and sound. Just forgot to include them in the photo. First thing that pinged from the box and ended up on the floor when I pulled out the sprues were the clear parts. So I bagged them up and put them in a box where I keep all my ongoing build's clear parts. Cheers Steve
  12. It probably was the reason, but it certainly gives it the look of a twin seater.
  13. Nice job! The Heinkel looks superb. Love the colour scheme Interesting to see the side on profile of the He-112. That seems to be an excessive amount of canopy behind the pilot!
  14. ....And I've still got loads in the stash. Shame the GB doesn't run into Feb 2022! I do have one floatplane, the Arado 196. I've literally just finished it. Photos tomorrow! ....My work here is done!
  15. Looking great! Love the colour too. Must say, the R30 has certainly grown on me. It's a nice looking car.
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