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  1. If true, then that is good to hear as it would indicate that they are probably as mortified as the rest of us, more so I would imagine as I wouldn't want to be any of those parents right now. Steve
  2. Биоконструктор! From Melodia records 1987. I've been having a blast buying vinyl from Russia over the last six months, mostly stuff from the late mid/late 80s. There's some great stuff to be found, and musically for me, a great untapped seam of stuff I would never otherwise discovered. Today I am mostly spinning Bioconstructor, Alliance and Kino and leaning a little Russian along the way! Steve
  3. ...Along with the moral support also Mike. A link to this thread was posted up in the discussion on RMWeb to illustrate that all hobbyists were pulling together on this. Great that the total has hit the 50k mark!
  4. It will certainly be interesting to see what the outcome of this sad affair is. Am I right in thinking that those involved are under 16?
  5. I'm sure the lawyers will see to it that they get nothing more than a slapped wrist!
  6. £19, 648 now. It's going up by the minute. Seems to have touched a lot of people.
  7. Sorry! I should have included the link. Here you go... https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/market-deeping-mrc Steve
  8. Couldn't believe the senselessness of it all, and I really feel for those guys who have lost, in some cases, a lifetimes work. I read on RMWeb that one poor guy lost a layout and a £8000 loco. He has terminal cancer, so will never have the chance to rebuild what took him 25 years to build. Sickening! There's a crowfunding page set up. I felt inclined to throw a tenner in the pot (all I could spare) Steve
  9. I can't help myself, but I'm on one heck of a Devo kick at the moment!
  10. Wow! That's going to be more expensive than the Routemaster per week, and that has a lot of very chunky metal parts. It weighs a ton! I am inclined to agree with you. Wait until it's available complete from Model Space or someone like that. Far cheaper that way. Steve
  11. Thanks Phoenix! Ah! So it will be £4.99 for each consecutive issue then. The Routemaster was £1.99 for issue one, £4.99 for issue two then every other issue was £8.99. Mind you, it is one impressive lump so far. Very tempted by the X-Wing, and maybe a subscription this time as some of the extras look good. Even the poster looks nice and would be great framed. Tempted, tempted...yet certain death for me if I do!
  12. OOooooo! It's tempting, but I'm already building the Routemaster and I may get scalped by Commander in Chief House if I start another partwork! As usual, I'm having trouble finding the weekly cost and amount of issues! Steve
  13. Amen! I hit fifty this year. Still got more than enough band shirts to keep going and still have hair down my back. I suppose once 50, I will be expected to don slacks, brougues and a sensible pastel coloured polo shirt, but I don't plan on changing any time soon. No way! Now where's my "Sisters" T shirt. Steve
  14. I think I have most of the published works on Marseille. Certainly a colourful character who I have always put in the same mould as Kidd Hofer. I wonder how his career would have progressed had he survived North Africa? Steve
  15. I've never built a Starfix kit. I remember seeing them in cheapy shops back in the 80s. For some strange reason, I have the urge to build one now!
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