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  1. ...Or perhaps it's just the photo, much like the 1/72 Revell Ju-88A1 at Nurnburg that looked all wrong to some until better photos came along.
  2. Thanks! It's been a while since I looked online, and didn't realise there were a load of reviews and unboxings to be seen. Wow! It certainly looks like an amazing kit, and it's heartening that Trumpeter listened to the Titanic community....even crediting them on the box lid. That bodes well in my books. Now, can I afford it and how the heck would I sneak that into the house? Steve
  3. Was it the Titanic you bought? If so, how does the rake of the bow look? There seemed to be some discussion about this when the first photos were seen. Steve
  4. This is going to be a divorce maker, and my wallet isn't going to like it either.
  5. Yes! 322nd and 323rd marking options! I'd love three, but I think I would need a re-mortgage. Steve
  6. Thanks Richard. I didn't know that. I do have a couple of the Arados, but looks like I'm off to eBay for a P.11! Steve
  7. I know! Great isn't it? I've already got a healthy stash of Heller kits, but there are so many more thankfully available again so trawling eBay isn't so necessary. I hope we see the Arado 96 and PZL P.11 again, and the Siebel sounds interesting too. Spoilt for choice for the group build! Steve
  8. Same here. There's not many Heller kits I'll turn my nose up to. Glad to see them back.
  9. Which is interesting, as the Airfix 1/24 Spitfire I was rummaging through the other day (it's a 70s boxing in the white plastic) has raised rivets on the rear fuselage and a few overlapping panels. Seems it was doable 40 years ago. Another kit that springs to mind is the Revell 1/32 P-40. That has very nice overlapped panels...and how old is that? It will be interesting to see if Eduard replicate this detail on their new Spitfire. Steve
  10. @Antb; Have you checked out Kits World selection of decals? They've got a fair few B-17 sheets. If you want a red tail, how about something 381st Bomb Group? There's the 91st of course, but everybody does that group. 401st would be nice as you don't often see their aircraft modelled, but of course, you want something that covers an early production G model, so it's going to be a case of checking those references and going from there. Steve
  11. I might drop Paul Bellamy a line. He'll be the man that knows as he does the guided tours of the airfield. I'm really hoping to get there in the spring for one last look. Steve
  12. @Ratch I love visiting Deenethorpe. Haven't been for a few years unfortunately. Have they started developing the site yet? I hope I can get one more visit in before it disappears under the new "garden village"! Steve
  13. No worries! The Breaking Bad reference: One of Katy's regular crews was that of Capt Richard McCord. His co-pilot was 1st Lt John R McMurray, who later had a film career as Richard McMurray (Raging Bull etc). His son is Sam McMurray, who has had a long acting career including the role of Dr Bravenec in Breaking Bad....Walt's surgeon. Steve
  14. I certainly will be. I could start with the conversion as I'm waiting for the Eduard photo etch sets to appear, so the build is waiting on the inevitable after market. I'll be building a 1/48 dispersal to display it on. This is an uber build for me. If I build one aircraft in my time, it will be this one. Another little "Ice Cold Katy" fact. She has a connection with the TV series "Breaking Bad". Steve
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