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  1. fightersweep

    Airfix 2019

    Cool! We'll wait for the Bell 47 and throw that in the gift set too.
  2. fightersweep

    Airfix 2019

    Believe you are correct Sir! We need some new Vulcans from Airfix. We could wait for the gift set.
  3. fightersweep

    Best Battle of Britain Memoirs?

    There's also "Paddy" Life and times of Wing Commander Paddy Barthropp". A great read and also very entertaining autobiography. Having met Paddy Barthropp a few times, I can say with certainty that his unique character comes through in his writing. He was quite a card with a very interesting life story to tell. "Dizzy" Allen's book "Ten Fighter Boys" is also a good, frank read. HMSO also published several little books based on transcripts of contemporary interview with aircrew, some Battle of Britain types. It's doesn't credit who the interviewees are, but most are easy to work out from their stories. Al Deere, for instance, recounts the rescue mission he escorted of 74 Squadron's CO from France on 23rd May 1940. Steve
  4. fightersweep

    Airfix 2019

    James Bond "Skyhook" B-17 from Thunderball? ....Oh! And a Vulcan of course. Gift set maybe?
  5. fightersweep

    Airfix 2019

    http://www.jumbliesmodels.com/plastic-kits-c3/tv-film-c49/moebius-models-tv-wonder-woman-lynda-carter-figure-1-8-scale-figure-kit-p11954/s12287?gclid=CjwKCAjwns_bBRBCEiwA7AVGHj_n04w3ZkmuHFB-BLM9lha4HZU1KT8P4cY93pdRiHv_KpqlGTJZsRoCT_QQAvD_BwE Lynda Carter. Now ya talking! Now where's my £5 deposit..... Edit: Oh! And while we're at it, is there a Wilma Deering?
  6. fightersweep

    Best Battle of Britain Memoirs?

    Second vote for Al Deere's "Nine LIves". First read when I was twelve years old after borrowing it from the school library. No idea how many times I've read it since. Also helped by living close to Southend Airport (Rochford Aerodrome) and my grandparents lived on the edge of the old Hornchurch aerodrome, so all familiar locations for me. It's just a great read too. Also, Geoffrey Page's "Tale of a Guinea pig" is also a great book. Best regards; Steve
  7. I'll have to post up some photos of my 1975 Airfix Calendar. I was leafing through it today. It's a thing of beauty!
  8. fightersweep

    West Malling 1985

    Many thanks for taking the time to post these up Paul...very much appreciated. I certainly missed that 1985 show, and was quite sore about it. I did beg my Dad to take me when I heard that there was going to be two B-17s there....quite a rarity even now, but he was having none of it. Certainly do remember Lyndsey Waltons -7 Corsair. One of my favorite warbirds on the circuit at the time....and I'm currently building it. It did appear on the 1983 show poster, but was a no show that year. I'm staying tuned in! Thanks again.....fantastic photos. The shows were certainly good back then. Best regards; Steve
  9. Is it possible then that the Bader story got inflated or elaborated somewhere along the line? I'm sure there might have been a few that would have gladly shot him down....maybe not the whole squadron though! I wonder also what Kingcombe's thoughts on Bader were? Have to agree on the He 113 thought. Would certainly make a lot of sense. Interesting though that they were often described as being silver. Steve
  10. It has been sometime since I read Kingcombe's book. I'm certain he wouldn't have stated that unless there was some truth to it. Might have to pitch that question over on the Flypast forum. Andy Saunders posts there and may know something about it. Steve
  11. Of course, Brian Kingcombe's excellent book came out quite some time before Andy Saunders research into Bader's shoot down, which would indicate that this knowledge had been around sometime prior to the book "Bader's Last Flight". It seems that "Buck" Casson thought he had shot down Douglas as he wrote a letter to him in 1945 explaining this. Apparently it did make it into the public domain, but was heavily censored. The fact that Casson said that the tail came off the aircraft he shot down, along with the fact that the pilot struggled to get out is compelling...along with the fact that Bader was at the rear of the German formation he was attacking. Casson had no knowledge that Bader was in that position and though he was picking off the German tail end charlie. Not concrete evidence, but certainly very convincing. I'm sure someone like Kingcombe would have heard of this post war to include in his memoir. Of course, it could have been a totally separate incident. Perhaps a "Piece of Cake" scenario where the Squadron just didn't like their CO! Steve
  12. fightersweep

    Wonder Woman's Plane

    Lovely build there. I think they may have got the cowling shape a bit wrong though. I would red line it, but I don't know where to put them,
  13. Upnorth; Thanks for the information. I know very little about these aircraft, so at least I can do some research into the differences now. I don't mind a bit of alteration or scratch building, so I will attempt to correct the plastic to how it should look. Thanks again for pointing this out...I would have missed it. Steve
  14. fightersweep

    Just Curious about Selling

    Not sure about regret. I did sell a bunch of kits several years back when I got made redundant...all my expensive 1/32 Silver Wings and Montex stuff. I do wish I still had some of those. There's still room in my life for a 1/32 Hawker Demon! Oh! And the Fisher Sea Furies I had. Obviously, if I hadn't been made redundant, I wouldn't have sold them. Also sold most of my classic kit collection...I did miss those, but bought a few back since. Bottom line is that most of those kits are still out there should I want them again. Steve
  15. I remember a couple of these Lets being based at Southend Airport back in the 1980s. Then I saw that one of the decal options is for one of these aircraft and indeed on the box art. No brainer! KPs cash register goes ker-ching. Must say, it's a very nice kit! Steve