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  1. Blimey! I wasn't far off then. Mind you, I failed to guess the cardboard cutout Brandenburg gate :-). Still, a neat little display from Revell. Steve
  2. Thanks Andre. So an existing tooling with new parts to modify. I still haven't built the A-4 yet. I must pick one up. Steve
  3. I wonder what the 1/24 30th Berlin Wall gift set will contain? I'm guessing a Trabby and maybe a section of wall? Sounds intriguing.
  4. Gosh! How long has a Ju-88A-1 been needed in 1/72? Good to see the Junkers F.13 back as well. I'll be up for a couple of those too. Also, I wonder if the 1/24 "New" Beetle is the "New" Beetle, or the "New New" Beetle? Nice one on the 88A-1 Revell. Steve
  5. Lovely!...and a superb finish on the Dak, especially out of a rattle can. I only tried rattle cans once when I was about 15 and I made a right mess. Haven't tried since, but seeing your results has given me the urge to try again. I like the little parcel trolleys. I seem to remember having the same ones on my Hornby station when I was a nipper. Again, a great diorama. I had something similar planned for my Ruskin Air Services Dak when I finally get around to building it. Steve
  6. Big X: Yes! I remember your Battle of Britain movie inspired build well. I can almost hear Michael Caine/Canfield now...."Don't you throw those bloody Messerschmitts at me"....or was it "You were only supposed to blow the bloody wings off". I can't quite remember. I get terribly confused sometimes. ...Well "At least you won't have the Jerries visiting you" This could go on a bit couldn't it? Steve
  7. Love it! Excellent diorama and something a bit different from the golden era. The pavilion reminds me of the flying club from the Battle of Britain movie, so you could always park Squadron Leader Canfield's Spit IX in front if you ever fancy a change. Steve
  8. Wow! That is an impressive looking kit and no aftermarket required. It's all in the box....and my! That engine. Looking forward to the WIPs. I wonder if the promised 1/72 version is still on for January? Steve
  9. A cracking kit already, so with all the extra goodies, quite a bundle for a top notch 109E build.
  10. Ah! Thanks for the clarification. I was just going by a previous post. A couple of pretty large airframes in 1/72, so the price doesn't surprise me (or put me off too much if I can raise the readies)
  11. I feel your pain. If it's any consolation, I don't have much space either. I do have a job, but I also have four kids, so I don't have any money either. With all this talk of new Vulcans, Viscounts, Heralds, Belfasts and Beverleys for 2020, I may have to eBay a couple of spare kids to pay for all these goodies.
  12. A Beverley and a Belfast? Oh crumbs, 2020 is going to be an expensive year.
  13. Only three? I admire a modeller that show's such restraint
  14. That makes sense. Just means I'll have to buy several kits just like everyone else then. Happy days!
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