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  1. Welcome aboard from an ex pat Essex boy! What part of Essex? We may have frequented the same model shops. Steve
  2. HM Coastguard S.92 heading west over Weston Super Mare. First one I've seen I think.
  3. Well, we had the Avro Manchester and Lancaster, so this must be the lesser known Avro Bolt-on. Awesome! Loving also the way that the front gunner can engage night fighters coming in from both the 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock positions simultaneously. Cunning stuff! Steve
  4. Thanks for the replies! The BM walk around is just what I was after! Thanks for the link (talk about the answer being right under my nose!!) Certainly re-enforces the notion that the rivets have to go on that big Airfix Harrier! Thanks again! It's time to get to work on the beast! Regards; Steve
  5. Hi All; I've got the 1/24 Airfix Harrier GR.3 and Flightpath set currently on the workbench. I'm looking for recommendations for a good book or website that has detailed walkaround photos. I've tried Googling, but even though there is some useful stuff out there, there is also a lot missing. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Regards; Steve
  6. I was on my postie round at the same time they broke up the Beverley. That was a heart wrenching sight, but at least the cockpit got saved. My other favourite exhibit was the CASA 2.111. As a kid mad about the Battle of Britain movie, that was a real draw for me. I later got involved with the off shoot of the Southend Museum, the Rebel Air Museum at Andrewsfield and Earls Colne. Talking of the CASA 2.111, the museum's other memorable exhibit was only a few feet away..... Steve
  7. @jyguy Yes! Well remember the night flights. My favourite used to be the DC-6 that used to drone over at altitude at about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. Lovely sound. I suppose Harvest Air decals would be a small seller, but I would certainly lap them up. Being a Southend on Sea boy, anything Harvest Air was a regular sight. Then as a postie, I delivered to their hangar at the airport, so got a closer look still at the occasional Dak and the Islanders. I did pick up the Ruskin decals via here, but know several people that would love a set, but they're not easy to come by. I have the feeling that civilian Daks could be a slippery slope into another obsession! Steve
  8. @jyguy. Thanks for the cockpit shot of G-AMSV! Good point about the lack of civilian decals for Daks, and personally, I'm so glad 26 Decals offered us the Air Atlantique options. They were so prevalent in our skies that I was always surprised that someone like Xtradecal didn't tackle the subject. Harvest Air would be another option I would like to see. Steve
  9. Overall, a good weekend then? Steve
  10. @jyguy Thanks ever so much for the background info and your thoughts on the available kits. As they're in the stash, I'll no doubt be using them all, but like you, I think I lean towards the Esci kit. However, I will be taking your advice on the aftermarket exhausts. Nice photo of G-APML too, and if I'm not mistaken, the photo was taken at West Malling in 1983....so the show I'm modelling! I think I could cobble together most of the decals for that aircraft and I have an abundant supply of the Sally B teddies. Steve
  11. @Army_Air_Force It's an itch I've had for years, as the show was such an inspiration. I was already an absolute WW2 aviation nut as a 13 year old in 1983, but to be on this wartime airfield with all the wartime vehicles and aircraft displaying was total overload. Technically, my first show was Shuttleworth in 1980, but it was back in the days when the airfield had the huge members enclosure (along with their cars). I remember being able to see very little of the show. No such problem at West Malling. Such a great show despite the awful weather. The Sunderland show sounded good too. A spread of aircraft of which many we won't see again. Unusual to see PZ865 with a four blade prop. I'll post up my progress in the RFI soon (have done one update so far) as I have a few more to add to the collection. I think it's going to fill up a few shelves once done. I've almost got every type I need (your resin Broussard was a God send), and I'm only missing two aircraft to complete the line up: a Fiat G.46 and a Howard 500. Best regards; Steve
  12. @jyguy Primarily, I'm building G-AMPO and want to do G-APML, but she was in a different scheme in late 83 and I need to try and cobble decals together for ML from somewhere. These are for a themed build I'm doing, which is the first airshow I attended at West Malling in Sept 83. There were three Daks there that day, the other being G-DAKS. As far as Air Atlantique are concerned: I wouldn't mind completing most of the fleet from the 80s as the 26 Decals are available again. I've also got decals for the two Daks from the Airline TV series, and having just re-watched it, that will be a must. Kit wise the stash sits at the following: 1 current Airfix, 2 Italeri and 3 Esci. Any recommendations for the best kit? The Airfix looks great in the box, but I do still have a soft spot for the Esci and Italeri kits. Best regards; Steve
  13. Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to answer my question and supply so many great photos. Thank you all! @jyguy That nails it for me. I'm looking for the late summer of 83 time frame, and I'm seeing overall white with silver cowlings. Lots of extra useful stuff to be seen too, Fantastic photo! Thanks for sharing. Best regards; Steve
  14. Thanks Gents! Quite a mixed bag then. I'm looking at portraying G-AMPO in Sept 83. I think she got that scheme around June 83, so for the timeframe I want, she would have been still fresh and new looking. The 26 Decals call for LAG wings, but looking at the photos so kindly posted, I'm thinking white with silver engine cowlings is the way to go. The walkways are another detail point duly noted. Thanks for all the info. Greatly appreciated! Steve
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