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  1. Nice result Dave and great to see another Arado 96 finished. It certainly put up a fight though!
  2. I know I've got some plans in a book somewhere. I'll have a look! @Mancunian airman is the man as far as control tower drawings are concerned. Steve
  3. Another incredible build Jorgen! The Dauphine is a beauty and so perfectly finished. Have to say, I'm such a huge fan of your work. I do like the rubber seals and chrome trim on the windows. It's a detail I don't see too often, but it really pops here. Steve
  4. Just had a closer look at this kit. That's a good price for what's included, and the fact it has an option for a 9/KG 76 aircraft has sold it for me. Been obsessed with the 18th August low level Kenley raid since reading Alfred Price's book as a kid, so this Eduard boxing may have to accidentally fall into my shopping basket. Edit: Oops! Just noticed the kit option is 8/KG 76. Not to worry! Still having it!
  5. The venerable Dornier 17 is one of my favourite types. I know I've got the Airfix Z-2, a couple of the Frog kits and the Airfix E/F. Also mightily tempted by the Eduard 1/48 kit mentioned above. Either way, count me in please! Steve
  6. It's worth a look. I buy a lot of CDs from Russia via Discogs. Not had any issues over the years, and that's been a lot of purchases!
  7. For that last four or five years, all of my records (vinyl) has come from Discogs. Nice mix of private sellers and independent shops from all over the world sell there offering old and new releases. Great place to bag those rarities too!
  8. @TonyOD I'll be getting a bad reputation with significant other halves before long! Shoddy work by Amazon there. Poor show, and not good for maintaining ones status of modelling incognito. Duly noted. Shan't be ordering kits from Amazon unless the missus is away.
  9. Darn! I'm waiting for these Special Hobby Harvards to show!
  10. Just pre-ordered a "Joy Pack". Seems like good value to me.
  11. Just superb! All that hard work has paid off with a lovely looking Escort. Reminds me of the S plate Escort my best mate's dad bought in 78. Same colour too. I was most jealous as my dad had a beat up Austin 1100. I was hoping all your converting and scratch building would yield the usual curse....that a mainstream manufacturer releases a nice base model Escort Mk II in 1/24. Wishful thinking I guess but I would love to see more kits like this on the shelves. Once again, great work so far.
  12. I don't disagree. It's still not cheap. I've only grabbed one because the last one I built was when the kit first came out. Gawd knows how long ago that was now but I seem to remember feeling youthful at the time. It's the first Hasegawa plastic I've bought in a long, long time as I usually have an allergic reaction to their prices. I only made an exception here because it's an F-111F.
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