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  1. Call me a philistine, but it looks like a P-47N to me. Looking great so far. The replacement weapony/gunny/sticky out bits improve things a lot. Steve
  2. Always liked the Renault 5. Some serious surgery too, but all looking great so far. Nice work.
  3. That's looking very nice indeed. You're right though, white and yellow sucks. Nice work on the wheel well detail too. Looks great painted up. Fancy doing a civilian marked He-112 myself. I had earmarked this scheme, but you beat me to it. looking forward to the coming progress. Steve
  4. That Heller fairy has cost me a packet over the last few months. I do love it though. Vive la fée magique Heller!
  5. Got to think now as they're currently on route. Spit Mk Ia, Hurricane, Corsair, two He-112s, Fw-190, Nieuport-Delage, Potez 631, Potez 63-11 and an MS-225. Not a bad haul for £20.
  6. Thanks Dave! I do love the older paints, and pick them up whenever I can. They just seem to perform so well, especially if brush painting. Hope to make some more progress tomorrow. Really enjoying these two kits at the moment (except the masking on the Karas), but I want to get them done soon as I'm already getting itchy to start the next pair. So many nice Heller kits and January 24th seems to be getting nearer all the time!
  7. Well, at £2 each, I didn't hang around!
  8. Tell me about it! I need this GB to run for at least two years now as I've mysteriously gone from owning a modest Heller stash, to owning half of France. (Guess who just bought another 10 today. Yikes!)
  9. @JOCKNEY Good call! I could do with another Bloo fix. I've eaten all the ones we keep in the toilet.
  10. That engine looks stunningly realistic. Fantastic work! This looks like such a good kit. You've really inspired me to pick one up myself. Steve
  11. Welcome to the GB! I'll look forward to this as I've never built a Heller helicopter, but judging by what I can see in the box, it looks nicely detailed. Steve
  12. All looking fab so far, and great paintwork too. I'm sure the snake will work out just fine. It's going to one cool looking 52. Steve
  13. That's really nice. Lovely scheme too and she looks superb. Great work Sir! Steve
  14. Afternoon Ladies and Gents; Not too much to report as I've been focusing on the Karas, but I did manage to get some paint down on the P.11. Having read around here, the general consensus on the underside colour was that RLM 76 is a close match, so that's what I used. A un-opened 40 year old tin of Humbrol Authentic RLM 76 did the trick nicely applied with a hairy stick in true 1983 style (well, it was for me as I couldn't afford an airbrush as my paper round didn't stretch that far). Those old paints are so good, and this one performed flawlessly. Not sure the colour shows up too w
  15. Hi all! Hope you're all have a fun filled Heller weekend. Managed to get some bench time in today, so that meant some more progress on the Karas. Got the airframe together on this kit, and what a lovely little kit it is too, requiring only a dab of filler here and there.... Couldn't put this off any longer. Those pesky canopies had to be masked, and pesky they were. On and off, this took over a couple of days to do, and it's drove me nuts. @TonyOD, if you're reading this, I feel your Leo masking pain. I have no desire to do this ag
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