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  1. I which case, I guess there is a lot of choice out there. Must admit, I'm impressed at the detail on the ready to run stuff these days....costs an arm and a couple of legs though. I've always had a hankering for a large scale loco, something like a BR Standard 2-6-4. Maybe I should just go all Bob Symes and get in the shed and build one? I'm not sure anyone will be releasing new loco kits anytime soon. Has there been any since Rosebud/Kitmaster/Airfix? (Well, there's the few Revell and Trumpeter kits....helps if it has a Nasty Cross on the side it seems )
  2. So what would be a good scale for a static loco kit? Would it be 1/32 scale?
  3. That's got me thinking about a 1/24 scale BR Standard 2-6-4 or a 9F now. For a static kit, anything bigger than the usual 1/76 / HO/OO would be a winner for me. Steve
  4. Blimey! A 1/18 A-4 Skyhawk sounds like a potential future marriage wrecking purchase.
  5. I'm still in a state of shock that you actually found a model kit in a charity shop! For the amount of years I've been dragged round them, I've never found one (not counting the Matchbox Twin Otter I saw once with a £20 price label. It's probably still there at that price!) Looking forward to the build of this Airfix classic....and don't bin the Storch! It's not a bad little kit. Steve
  6. It's like the lovechild of a Stearman and a Tiger Moth! Lovely looking aeroplane, lovely looking model. It's on the list! Steve
  7. Love Heller kits, love this build and love the sentiment behind it. Well done!
  8. Great build, classic B of B scheme perfectly done. I could see this sitting in a museum. Lovely work!
  9. Oh my! That looks amazing. I would buy one in a heartbeat if a: I had the space and b: I had the money, which I'm sure I won't. Fantastic looking model though. Steve
  10. Quick! Just change it to Lancaster PA474. The BBMF were flying the Lanc through the late cold war period...so no one would know. Steve
  11. Purely from a UK perspective, and basing my answers on aircraft my wife recognises without any aviation interest. WW1: Fokker DR 1, usually described simply as "Red Baron plane" WW2: Spitfire, Lancaster. and C-47 (the latter thanks to her loving the Band of Brothers series) Cold War era: Vulcan, Concorde, Boeing 747 Latest Generation: She's not caught up that far yet! Steve
  12. Yes! I just caught the back end of the first Puma as it disappeared behind a house. I don't tend to see the Pumas so much. It's usually the Merlins and Chinooks, and maybe the occasional Hawk.
  13. HC.2 it is then Sir! I tend to get my knickers in a twist when it comes to egg whisks! Steve
  14. No idea! I just googled "Tiger Stripe Puma" to check what I had seen, and I found a photo of something that looked identical taken at Fairford last week. The caption said HC.1, so they probably got it wrong. Serves me right for believing what I read on the internet! Steve
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