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  1. I'm not familiar with Air Graphics, but if they do release an Anson T/C.21, I'm having it! Fingers firmly crossed! Steve
  2. That's entirely subjective though. Mundane to you, but not others. To say it's "still a Spitfire kit" is being a bit disingenuous. Sure, it's a Spitfire, but if I want to build a Mk I, probably the most famous mark and the most recognisable, the the only choice up until now is the old 1967 Revell model. I've got a 1/32 collection of Battle of Britain types waiting in the wings. The most obvious hole in the stash is the Spitfire. Heck! I've even got a decent Hurricane in the shape of the Fly kit. The only other obvious gap is the Do-17 and Defiant. Sure there's the Tamiya Mk VIII, IX and XVI, but it isn't a Mk I. Same could be said for the Griffon engined variants. Practically ignored except for the old Matchbox Mk 22/24 and the hen's teeth Pacific Coast kit. Maybe for some, perhaps any old Spitfire kit isn't what is wanted. Don't get me wrong, I love the pre war and WW1 stuff too. But is a Martynsyde Elephant a good choice for a fledgling company's first release in 1/32 scale? I doubt it. Whether we like it of not, WW2 sells, and I'll be buying this Spit because I want it, and secondly, because strong initial sales may lead to Kotare releasing that Defiant, and maybe that DH 5. This really isn't about imagination, or lack of it, but sales.
  3. The previously mentioned Southern Expo 1/32 Hornchurch sheet has Brian Carbury's markings included. Steve
  4. Thanks for the info. I only managed to pick up one WNW kit, the Sopwith Snipe, and that was fairly early on. I'd been under the misconception that you could only order direct. Steve
  5. That's kind of the price I had in mind too. I wonder if, like WNW, these will only be available direct from Kotare?
  6. ...And a great decal sheet it is too, especially for a RAF Hornchurch nut like myself. Still got my 1/32 sheet. I've been lovingly guarding it for the right kit to come along. I had my hopes on the Revell kit, but I think this Kotare Spit will be getting the Expo decals now.
  7. Totally agree! I'm still surprised that Tamiya didn't fill the Mk I shaped gap in the market. I had a lot of hope pinned on the Revell announcement, but felt totally underwhelmed when the kit arrived. If only it had been up to the standard of the P-51 that followed. Looks like that gap in the market is about to be filled at last. Time to get saving!
  8. Sweet! I know it's another Spitfire, but we don't have a good early Spit in 1/32. The Revell kit leaves a lot to be desired, and I have a feeling this new kit will sit well next to the Tamiya VIIIs, IXs and XVIs. Al Deere's "Kiwi" as well! Naturally. Think I'll need at least two. Steve
  9. Nice job sir and also nice to see an Arado 96 too. Always had a soft spot for the aeroplane. Not long ago finished the Heller Ar-96B myself and currently have an Special Hobby Ar-96A on the go. How did you find the fit of the Special Hobby kit? I'm already discovering some potential issues after trying to dry fit the fuselage halves together with the cockpit in place. Steve
  10. Fantastic B-17G with a lovely finish, and nice to see a 381st BG ship from Ridgewell. Used to explore the place back in the 90s. Still got some of the bits found there, including some 1944 dated Coca Cola bottles. If I remember correctly, the only 8th heavy bomb group to stay in Essex throughout the war. Steve
  11. Wow! That's stunning and beautifully finished.
  12. Well, if the overall shape is close enough I might consider one for some scratch building/super detailing fun.
  13. @2996 Victor I do recall those Heller kits. Glad to hear you've discovered the joys of Heller nostalgia. There's a lot of gems amongst their back catalogue along with some unusual types and some downright munters to add a touch of fugly to anyone's kit collection. The Amiot 143 is a given, and similar to the LeO in what to expect in the box. The Bloch 210 is a gem and the new boxing is well worth picking up, especially at the £14.99 I've seen it for regularly. Must admit that I hadn't realised what an impact Heller had on the impressionable young me back in the very early 80s, but I'm very glad to have re-discovered them. Glad we're staying en Anglais! My repertoire of schoolboy French is equally limited and what I did learn would be utterly useless, unless I want to find the local swimming baths or declare that I'm 13 years old. Then again, perhaps I haven't actually grown up that much. I did however manage to learn all the naughty words which we often threw into the mix in French lessons for another well earned detention. Steve
  14. Did someone say Heller? I'm onboard for this one. Strangely, the Leo is one Heller kit missing from my stash. Probably because I got dazzled by all the other slab sided, barn door beauties in their bomber range. I'll be following the build with much interest and probably getting my wallet out (again!) at the end of it. I'll even try and keep up if the thread goes all French language, although all I can remember from school is how to get my dog to the town hall to buy him a ham sandwich. Oh! And if the page count goes over 10, I'll be lost. Cheers! Steve (That LeO build on Heller Forever is stunning!)
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