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  1. I would be up for a Arma quality Bearcat -1 and -2. There's still not that much choice out there in 1/72.
  2. Nice Peggy! Great work there and not something we see very often. I do love those old LS kits. I think a lot of them still stand the test of time. I've got a couple of LS Ki-15s to build. Cracking little kit.
  3. Well, that's kind of good news as it will buy me time to farm some more kids that I can sell to raise the cash.
  4. Awesome build! I love it and in my favourite 65/70/02 scheme too. I feel that the old Airfix "Superkits" get some disparaging comments in some quarters, but your build shows that they can still shine straight out of the box after 50 years. You had my favourite boxing too. These were the boxings of these kits which I lusted after as a kid in the late 70s. Never could afford them then, which probably explains why I have a stash of them now. I think you read my mind though. Currently on my bench are two 1/24 Bf 109Es which I'm throwing everything and the kitchen sink at. I'm kind of treating them like vac kits and scratch building most of the details. Just spent a week re-scribing and re-riveting the fuselages and tail feathers which drove me mad. One is being back dated to a 109E-1 and the other will be a 109E-7 Trop. I really should do a WIP thread. However, I am really enjoying these builds. It's still a fantastic kit with a lot of potential. I love the Spitfire Mk Ia too, but with a bit of extra care, it can yield just as good results. By the way, there is some really nice 3D printed stuff currently being produced for the old Spitfire. A full cockpit is in development. Cheers! Steve
  5. Well, looking at the master's wing span and wing incidence, I would say we're looking at a B-26B/C. Exactly what I would be after. I'm with you with a 1/32 Do 17 too. Something I've always wanted in this scale. Considering their other 1/32 output, I was always surprised we didn't see a Do-17Z from Revell. Not being familiar with HPH kits, how much am I likely to need to save up for something like the B-26?
  6. I picked up a set of AMS Resin wheels several years ago. Not sure if they are still available. There's also a guy on eBay who does a set. They are just a direct cast from the kit parts, but they do the job. Off the top of my head it's an outfit called Wild Sau Resin, but trades on eBay under the name of Bf109ace or something like that. Maybe we'll see some more aftermarket with the re-release of this kit. There should really be more 1/24 Ju 87 stuff out there. The Stuka is one of the most widely represented types in this scale.
  7. OOoo! Is that anywhere to see? I've got one lined up after the Trumpeter Ju 87A, which is also a great kit and something a bit different. Agreed on the Airfix kit. All I've picked up for it is wheels, seatbelts and an Airscale IP. Have a feeling I'm going to be tempted by this release.
  8. @Geoffrey Sinclair Sorry! Only just seen your compilation of information. Many thanks for taking the time to post this. It makes for very interesting reading. I find AIR 81/1238 and AIR 81/2776 very interesting. The archives seem to suggest that P9398 was still flying a good six weeks after it was shot down into Folkestone harbour. No wonder we're all confused. However, the bulk of the evidence points to P9390 being with 54 Sqdn and P9398 with 74 Squadron.
  9. Still a fantastic kit despite it's age. I would pick one up, but already have a couple in the stash. Sure it will sell well. The "Classics" re-issues of the Spitfire and Bf-109E have been out of stock on their website for some time now, so they must have sold well too. The Ju 87 could do with some aftermarket stuff. The only thing I picked up were some replacement wheels. The Bf 109 has some bits available now, and Aircraft in Pixels are currently working on, and have just made available, a bunch of lovely cockpit stuff for the 1/24 Spitfire Mk 1. So maybe we'll see some Stuka stuff too. Mind you, it would be worth having the new boxing of the Ju 87 just for the superb Cartograph decals it will no doubt include.
  10. Interesting scheme! Looking at the second photo from the link above, it seems quite clear that there are three colours used for the diamonds. Wonder what colours they were, but they possibly appear to be camo colours. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205209687
  11. To honest, I've never been convinced by the look of the entire cockpit area on the Trumpeter/Hobby Boss Spitfire. The spine looks way to wide, the main canopy looks far to wide and the windscreen just looks plain wrong. I remember Vasko Barbic telling me also that the distance of the cockpit area between frames 8 and 12 was way too short. If the Border kit carries all of this over, then it's not going to be good.
  12. On the other hand, Willow Run Airport has been there since 1942 and was for many years surrounded by an expanse of nothingness. I often wonder why residential areas are allowed to be built so close to long established airports and airfields, especially under the approach paths. Particularly so in the US where land is pretty plentiful.
  13. Sad to lose this Mig 23 but very pleased to see the crew get out safely. Until I saw the video, I was expecting to see some mishap during a manoeuvre, but it just seems to be in a gentle, left banking decent. Wonder if it was engine failure?
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