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  1. The Red Barows are always available and probably far more exciting to watch than F1 these days.
  2. Crawl underneath! You can pick these up with one hand and then measure with the other The amazing detailing contiues, good work Andy.
  3. I used them on my own F100 build, there may be a WIP on the forum. If you look on IPMS UK Custom Car & Hot Rod SIG FB page there are some guys who have also used them to good effect. Hope this info helps.
  4. Excellent build and nicely complimented by the additions of the crane and trailer. I can sympathasie about the size of these once built as I had a phase as a truck modeller. That reminds me I have something part built in a box, what a surprise! You do have eclectic tastes in your build, keep it up.
  5. Thanks for looking even despite some not liking the real thing. There's no accounting for taste
  6. It's finished, but it almost ended in tears due to trying to get the bonnet hinges to fit. There must be a better way? Photos posted in the finished builds section. Thanks to those who have followed along.
  7. Cracking work on the screens. I know how frustrating making parts fit cn be, but well worth the reward when it all works out.
  8. A bit more progress. The interior is in after a bit of faffing to get it to fit in my out of assembly order sequence. Engine ignition leads added from 0.3mm monofilament, fortunately the two drill bit ends that snapped off in the distributor cap don't show. I was hoping to get the front suspension/steering sorted today but I discovered two left discs don't make a right.
  9. I hadn't realised it has been so long since my last confession. Anyway progress on this build has been a bit stop and go due to other projects but it is finally coming together. The inserts, cut from Aber Mesh, for the front and side vents are in, a bit of CA overspill meant the bonnet had to be resprayed, fortunately I had a surplus of the special mix blue. I had planned to cut the badge boss from the kit part but used a circle of plasticard insted with the kit decal. Rear suspension is in. The interior is now being made to fit, with a bit of trimming needed to the rear edge of the door cards to fit around the contoured interior.
  10. Ah it's you! Check out this website for info http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2009/12/land-rover-defender-90-parts-book/
  11. Motobitz is not doing a Defender and I can't advertise all the Land Rover conversions they are producing on this site.
  12. Heller wbsite shows it as available, finally. Some online retailers say 6 week delivery. I'm keeping my eyes peeled.
  13. You can actually afford to have the heating on. WOW
  14. Whilst waiting for the clear coat to harden the wheels have had a coat of paint.
  15. 2nd paint attempt has, thankfully, come out lump free. More watching paint dry until tomorrow then apply some Tamiya gloss clear.
  16. Keith, does this mean you're well ahead of your one kit every 11 years build schedule?
  17. Oh no the phantom dust spec sprinkler has paid a visit. Ah well, out with the wet & dry and back to the spray booth.
  18. After waiting for an age for a delivery of glass bottles I have completed the paint alchemy and all set for spraying. The paint is a mix of Tamiya Lacquer paints, Dark Ghost Grey with Flat Blue and some Flat White addded for the lighter shade which will be the number roundels. Plan is to apply the lighter shade, apply circle masks, reshoot the lighter colour over the masks to seal the edge to avoid bleeding and then the topcoat. All topped off with Tamiya gloss clear.
  19. Thanks, it took more time than I envisaged but I think it's been worthwhile. I've been inspired by the many offerings www.eaglegb.com have, sadly I can only drool at the pictures.
  20. The England cricket team imported the cloud and rain, to be expected really, so no further prgress on the paint front. Howvever, I have been looking at modifiying the front hubs/discs. All the other bits are primed and ready for paint too so I could dig out a hairy stick and crack on with those.
  21. That's the sanding and hole cutting finished. The front intake and new side vents will be backed with diamond pattern mesh. Blue is the body colour I've plumped for with sandy/cream interior, all I need now is a sunny day for spraying. Thanks for looking
  22. Oh dear I've just discovered the kit brake disc dimensions are incorrect. Scale dimensions are [mm] F-11.66, R-11.0 based on a parts catalogue info, kit sizes are F-12.8, R-8.8. Not an issue if you are using the kit wheels as they won't be seen, but I'm going down a different route and with the fronts being oversize they are now causing problems. Moreso when considering the calipers.
  23. Are you using some kind of light box for taking your photos?
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