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  1. Jo NZ

    A Spitfire diorama...which kits?...

    There is an engine in the 1/48 series of metal Revival Spitfire kits. If you can get hold of one it could be copied.... I have one but it's a PR XIX, so a Griffon. How about a 1/48 Mossie kit for a Merlin?
  2. The original moulds are from the 50's...
  3. He will probably find the cylinder that isn't firing by spitting on his hand and touching each exhaust manifold port in turn. The one that isn't firing doesn't sizzle... The Auto-Union mechanics used to do that in the 30s with the V-16. I was disappointed to see that nowadays they use a laser thermometer. No sense of adventure!
  4. Jo NZ

    New Zealand joins the P-8 club

    Another factor in moving to Ohakea is that the Orions currently have to fly there to get weaponed up - Make sense to do it all in one place.
  5. Have you seen the new Tamiya lacquer paints? A starting point would be LP-7 pure red, and there is also a racing red.
  6. Be aware that the body will have changed in small areas depending on the model year. I don't know too much about Mustangs (I've only driven a Mach 1 :-)), but with Corvettes the subtle changes year to year with bonnet and wing vents, ,exhaust outlets etc. enable you to pinpoint the actual year (or half year) when it was built.
  7. Jo NZ

    Grump Britain replacement

    Not having been in the UK for some time (I'm somewhere where there's a little more space, at least for a while) I was amused by the civic parking spaces around Britain: 1 Disabled. Takes up at least two spaces. Room to park a campervan sideways. Even if your wheelchair was an old fashioned bath chair you would still have enough room on either side. 2 The rest. Best described as "contortionist" parking spaces. A maximum of 6 inches between car doors. If I had my NZ German 2 door in the UK I'd need to climb out of the sunroof...
  8. Seeing that some of the window blinds are down (in 1/144th!) the cabin crew will soon be round to get them up for take-off...
  9. I have the CAR Ferrari 330 P4 kit. It's signed by Bosica on the baseplate. Still waiting to be built...
  10. Jo NZ

    Paint removal

    New brake fluids are not nearly as aggressive these days. It depends on the basis for the paint. Generally oven cleaner works, however for acrylics Simple Green is brilliant. Always worth a try for a day or so in case it works - it doesn't harm the plastic.
  11. I'm occasionally struck by madness. I think that this was one instance... I decided that the Airfix Bentley could be turned into Tim Birkin's Brooklands car. So far I've: Lengthened the chassis Built a complete new body - from plastic strip over formers Made a new bonnet from aluminium Here's where it is so far. You may recognize a few Airfix parts...
  12. More scratch building - the blower mounted oil pump and it's oil cooler
  13. Jo NZ

    Supermarine S6B in 1/72 & 1/48 from MikroMir

    Have you seen the Marsh models 1/32 kits of of the S4, S5 and S6?
  14. Jo NZ

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Nooo! Don't put metal in the microwave!
  15. Jo NZ

    Desert Meeting

    Have you tried Matte Medium to fix the sand? It dries matt and is also easier to remove than PVA if you get it wrong. I used it years ago for railway ballast, and if you need to modify or shift the track it just scrapes off - not like PVA!
  16. It was hard enough for me getting a Monza body to fit the chassis, and remove all the moulding distortion. This is on another level. If you hadn't already done so much work on the rear, would it have been possible to insert a wedge along the centreline of the rear deck?
  17. Jo NZ

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Looks like an awesome kit of my favourite Ferrari (no I'm not a Ferrari nut!) I built the 1/43 Bosica version a long time ago, I don't think I could do it now. Here's a pic...
  18. Jo NZ

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Yes, wish I could do scale cobwebs like that
  19. Jo NZ

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    The front axles do droop over time. Think about reinforcing the axle with a piece of metal in the slot. Or possibly go for the Model Motorcars version....
  20. From the way it looks, I think that you could get away with reassembly with a little CA and a judicious touch up with white or black if it's needed. You say it will be wall mounted, so won't be scrutinised too carefully - it is, after all, a display model and not a detailed replica. Perhaps a local modeller could help to fix it? As for the steering wheel, have you asked Amalgam for a replacement? - they may be able to help you here. BTW it's very nice!
  21. S.R. refers to Southern Region. Humbrol still make a Malachite Green in their rail colours.
  22. Jo NZ

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Pochers post better if you remove the wheels....
  23. Jo NZ


    S.R. refers to Southern Region. Humbrol still make a Malachite Green in their rail colours.
  24. Glad to be of help! One other thing - I screwed the rim parts together at every step (not just clamped), that enables checking that the assembly fits together without gaps. My rims are in red plastic. My green workshop carpet looks red by the time I've finished 5 rims.... There's a lot of plastic to get rid of. If you look at my picture again - I turned down the top of the tyre valve to get a more realistic profile.
  25. Here's a pic of one of my wheels - see what you think. Incidentally the tyres are Pocher, matted down with about 20 minutes rubbing with a Scotchbrite pad.