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  1. Painted a few years ago, it's been sitting in it's box because all the vinyl deteriorated and the tyres split. They were crossplies anyway! I finally got hold of some Mk1 Escort rally tyres and cut them down to look like period radials. This is the high detail kit with the cast chassis and wheels, and photo etched badges etc. Sadly the Sprite badge on the back (it looked great) was sacrificed to the carpet god. Other bits and pieces: the exhaust was replaced by aluminium tube, front bumper discarded (it was an optional extra at the time and my Frogeye never had one), and it's painted in BMC Cherry Red - an unusual colour, only used on the Mk1 Sprite, I think. Rattle-can paint was mixed by an automotive supplier. The colours are as my car was (hence the black seats). I used red and orange Sharpies to colour the rear lights - I think I might do it on the next car too, it's really easy to get a good finish. With an 848cc engine (with twin 1 1/8" SUs!) it could never be described as fast, but it was good at overtaking on roundabouts. I drove one a couple of years ago and couldn't believe how small it was.
  2. Jo NZ

    Triumph TR3A, Gunze Sangyo, 1/24

    Nice build. for the rear view mirror on my Sprite I drilled the stem 0.5mm and pinned it to the dash. Never trust glue without reinforcement!
  3. Jo NZ

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    Put the drum on bricks...
  4. The Napier mob make it down a couple of times a year - maybe tie in then?
  5. Do you ever get down to IPMS Wellington?
  6. Jo NZ

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    lovely ivy, but on my trees the bloody stuff goes straight up and doesn't spiral round poetically - unless of course you've trained it to do that?
  7. Must be a new exhaust pipe! I’ll put some ash grey in it ( no soot, I kept it reasonably in tune, and in those days it ran on leaded) Thanks for all the kind comments!
  8. You might also want to get rid of the large plastic channels at the bottom of the firewall and bolt it to the chassis directly. See my Monza below...
  9. Jo NZ

    French jokes

    Motto of the French Navy A l'eau! C'est l'heure!
  10. In that case go coarser - 150 or even 80 grit! I took the tread off the Airfix 1/12 Bentley tyres on a lathe with a coarse (I.e. fatherless child) file and then sanded with 150 grit. Here's the difference:
  11. Try sanding the tyres with 240 then 400 grit to get rid of the tails, they will also grey up a bit.
  12. Jo NZ

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    "I've got a slug" Who knew that the parrot sketch contained references to Imperial units? Is this some secret code?
  13. Jo NZ

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Only if they're metric
  14. Jo NZ

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Better yet use the internationally recognized triple F system - furlongs, firkins and fortnights. For example, the speed of light is approximately 1.8 x 10^12 furlongs/fortnight.
  15. Jo NZ

    Modeling after more than 25 years.

    Being very very very very nit-picky on the photos of David's "Star"...the auxiliary headlamps in front of the grille are cable driven to turn with the front wheels, so they should point in the same direction as the wheels. It is totally awesome though. Another thing that I discovered when I photographed the car at the Coventry Motor Museum sometime last century - the bonnet won't open fully, it fouls on the Spirit of the Wind mascot which has to be turned to face backwards. Well I needed pictures of the engine bay....
  16. Jo NZ

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    It started with Harry Enfield. I call it 'Comedy of the bleedin' obvious'
  17. Jo NZ

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    Going back to the paint, I find that the best way to kill red is with grey primer. Unfortunately it's also usually quite thick.
  18. Whn I built my Monza someone asked me if there were parts that I hadn't modified in any way. I had to think for a long time before I came up with one - the steering outer shaft... This goes way beyond that! Incidentally have you extended the front dumb irons? I have a feeling that they're 6" longer than on the Monza chassis (as supplied in the kit). Following on from Codger's comment - it may be worth taking a mould off the body when it's finished. It's looking closer and closer to a real car with every cut....
  19. Jo NZ

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    did you anneal the ally first?
  20. Jo NZ

    Trumpeter 1:12 Ford Gt40 Mk2

    The chassis is dark blue - not as it says in the instructions. You will also need to find decals for the McLaren racing stickers on the side windows, and also for the stripe on the rear spoiler. As you're not trying to make all the opening bits work you've saved yourself about 90% of the grief!
  21. It ought to be round...
  22. Jo NZ

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Oh yes, those parking machines.. I was in the UK for a while recently with a rental car. These days you get the rental agreement etc. emailed to you, and Avis just provide a key (no tag with the car rego like you used to get). So i find a car park in York, drive past hundreds of empty "reserved" spaces until I'm about 5 floors up. Gratefully find the first available park and dump the car. Go shopping, go to the paystation at the other end from where I'm parked: do I know the rego? Do I eckerslyke! (appropriate for York, I think). So I walk back to the car, have the idea that maybe I should take a photo of the numberplate on my phone, and walk back to the paystation... Incidentally the rental was a Mokka GT Elite or something. Anything that wasn't bolted down had been removed - spare tyre, jack, wheelbrace, floor mats, handbook.... The handbook would have been useful. Seat adjustment took a day to work out, and it was only after 2 weeks that I found that the GPS has a setting so it aligns with the direction of travel, rather than north. Mind you it had already sent us to the wrong address twice, so I was using my TomTom... I also managed to call GM assist while trying to find the interior light switch in pitch black. I wouldn't recommend one. The wet grip and aquaplaning was dreadful (Continental tyres) and the ride excessively bumpy. Also as a six speed manual the gearlever gate is far too narrow. We did manage to put 3500 miles on it though. Serves it right.
  23. Jo NZ

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    Beautiful. Complete works of art. However... as I found after I'd made aluminium friction plates for my Pocher Monza, the plates are actually wood - Maple was used in period, now they use Beech on the rebuilds. Of course if you're going to paint the whole assembly it doesn't matter, but wooden leaves would add another material to the build and look cool...
  24. Also the RAF liveried AEW trials Comet - XW626. It will need a conversion for the front radome.
  25. Re "you may disagree" My favourite is " I'd like to agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong" And - I would put the Ferrari 330P4 a close second to the DBR1