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  1. I'm very sad that this thread is coming to an end. It's always the first post that I turn to, and I have learned so much from your journey into the unknown. Congratulations on a superb piece of art. That said, looking at the almost finished display, I want to see some colourful pots of flowers at each end. Don't ask me why, it's just an aberrant thought, but it's haunting me.....
  2. Curious. The AEW prototype was a 4C (ex BOAC) and doing the Avionic fit for both the Comet and the Nimrod, I don't remember the difference in length. Laying out the Nimrod fuselage we used Hawker Siddeley's Comet drawings - but of course they could have been Comet 4 drawings! The Nimrod definitely looks shorter than the 4C. I do remember the +/-6 inch tolerance on overall length
  3. NASA run the space station at 47%RH. Not a bad level to aim at.
  4. I spent 3 months in the UK last year. The Tom Tom got thrown onto the back seat after a week. Likewise Google maps led us up lots of 3-ply single track roads. Waze however has a magic default setting "avoid difficult junctions" - so all those turn right to cut the corner off and join the queue of 10 vehicles who have been conned by the same app, trying to turn right across a busy main road - are avoided. Works well in the UK. Not so good in NZ, but we tend to only have one road going to one place...
  5. Ford weren't too precious with what went into their vehicles. If you wanted brake parts for a MkI Escort, the first question was "Lockheed or Girling". They fitted both with no record of which chassis they were on. I also remember a 3 litre MkI Capri which no 3l clutch would fit. Why? Because although RHD and sold in the UK it had a 2.6l Ford Germany engine...
  6. I found that the seal in the body had failed. Not something that's easy to fix. I gave in and bought a Harder-Steenbeck...
  7. Not completely out of the realms of possibility that a replacement nose may look slightly different... I remember some 1975 March F3 noses that had a pronounced step. The March team put in a lot of effort to make sure that all noses fitted all cars (Nillson and Ribiero drove very very close to each other, resulting in several breakages). So a shade difference in an F1 team of the period is not a biggie. Martini Brabham-Alfa for instance said that the red was a specific mix, but used an Alfa colour rattle can spray for invisible touch ups... Go figure. Jo
  8. The trumpeter is a pig to build, it doesn't have a distributor, and there is no room for the spare wheel in the front compartment - oh and the tyres are not really the right profile. That said, glue the body together and paint it and the shape is pretty good.
  9. Definitely Wellington. Berthed at the old Overseas Terminal.
  10. Instead of PVA/water to fix the ballast, try using Matte Medium (art supply shops have it). Apart from anything else, it's much easier to remove. I used it on an OO layout and when I needed to move or replace the track the ballast just scraped off. Not something that you can do with PVA....
  11. Jo NZ

    Grumping into the 20s

    It used to be IT that was bleeding edge. Now it’s car software that isn’t properly tested. I was also amazed to learn that during the Le Mans 24 hours this month, several of the hybrid cars had to stop out on (a safe) part of the circuit to reboot - actually turn the race car off, wait for the power to drain away, and then restart. In this day and age we should have software self test programs that sort all this out. Unfortunately the focus is still on features, not reliability. It’s like going back 25 years to the cowboy days.
  12. I see what you're getting at now. It's 1/16, and radio controlled, so I VERY carefully posted it in "large Scale AFVs (1:16 and above)". Assuming that, as it was Heng Long based, and in that forum, most people would know the scale... Magically it has moved to this forum, as did my NZ Walker Bulldog in 1/16 that I posted some time ago. Would whoever is doing this please a) Tell me it's moving and b) explain why I've apparently posted in the wrong forum.
  13. It depends on the resin. Polyurethane generally needs grey automotive primer, polyester (after a quick laqueur solvent dip) can take colourcoat direct. Once you've prepped it, a coat of silver and then clear colour. You might also want to try blue and red sharpies - they look good too.
  14. Thanks guys. I will do a video, but I'm a bit busy moving house, so it may be a while...
  15. Even if they were still around, I don't think they would have spares. The 1/4 scale models were a very short term venture... And very glad to know that my brain still has some recall facility!
  16. I have a vague recollection from when I was working at Grand Prix Models that Western Models made it (or made some - perhaps 4?)
  17. Ta-Daa! Only 11 years in the making, I started this in 2009 (When HL brought out the Panzer III) and got disillusioned 6 months later when they produced the StuG. The recent lockdown prompted me to revisit all the half-finished models, and this was the oldest. It's based on the HL Panzer. All the superstructure forward of the engine cover was removed, and the StuG crew compartment, gun and schurzen scratchbuilt. I also gutted the interior, stiffening the hull sideplates with 3mm styrene for full metal suspension and tracks, and fitting an aluminium plate in the front to take Mato metal ge
  18. My Alfa Monza body looked like it was okay - until I block sanded it and found all the depressions and local sinks. It's worth doing!
  19. Cars in 1/12, 1/24 or 1/8. The 1/24 are usually kits, some 1/12 are kits (and some scratch-built) 1/8 are Pocher or scratch-built...
  20. Will brings them to club night. Trust me, they are really really really small.....
  21. Western Models! I remember the Williams, a Brabham BT52 and a Lotus 79. Were there any more?
  22. Search evilbay for polyurethane drive belts. Mine have lasted 7 years so far. (Although I do make a point of visiting Chronos when I'm in the UK - flying Emirates economy you got (still get?) a 30kg baggage allowance, so enough for parallels, 1-2-3 blocks etc...)
  23. Dan, how did you make the form? with hand pressure, with a hammer?
  24. Lovely. Just a suggestion - put a figure with it. No-one believes how small they are...
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