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  1. I can't take all the credit as I had to sell the Austin before the restoration got finished (due to getting married, having kids and moving 300 miles away!!) Did get the chassis, engine and running gear all sorted though. It was funny, but right before the GPO scrapped the vehicle, it must have been overhauled as the brake pads were all new, it had a brand new clutch and the engine had no wear whatsoever. Incredible really. Sorry if off topic.
  2. That would be very nice indeed! As a side note, I used to own that Austin in the photo above. Pulled it out of a scrap yard in the mid 90s. It actually started life as a GPO pole wagon. This is the day we picked it up. A younger, slimmer me on the right Period setting too. The concrete we're standing on is a former USAAF fuel dump area. Steve
  3. Oh dear. My finger just slipped on the bundle order button. Another one for the stash.
  4. @Black Knight Crikey! Sounds like you had a lucky escape there. Who'd want someone with that attitude in their club?
  5. My eye was caught by the inclusion of ML407's markings. MH434 would have been nice too. Can't be that difficult to get a LF IXb from this kit? Anyhoo, I've got the Buchon Scale Models Mk XVIe lowback conversion on backorder, so mine is going to be TD248 from my time with her back in the early 90s. Nice to see the aftermarket decals arriving though, but Airfix have certainly included some very nice options themselves. Can't wait to get the kit.....although thanks to British Gas, the bank balance might need to wait a bit longer!! Steve
  6. Is that a piece of Bf-110 canopy that was thrown on for good measure? I've been trying to work out what it is.
  7. Hi all; Just a quick question. I'm just finishing up an Arma Hobby Hurricane IIc (lovely kit by the way) as the BBMF's LF363 circa 1983. Decided that I would probably need some replacement Hurricane wheels/tyres with the block tread as these what seemed to be fitted looking at photos. Only wheels that fit the bill looking at Hannants were the late Hurricane resin wheels from ResKit, so I duly ordered these. Well, I'd just finished painting them up to fit, and decided for some reason to compare them to the Arma kit wheels, and the Reskit wheels are quite a bit smaller in diameter. More like the size of a Spitfire wheel compared to a Hurricane wheel. Is this right? I'm guessing not, but was wondering if anyone else has used these Reskit wheels and found the same thing? They certainly look under scale. Bit blurred I know, but Reskit left, Arma Hobby wheel on the right. Wheel hub looks the same size, so is it just a case of the later tyres being smaller? TIA! Steve Edit: I'll add a photo later as soon as I get the chance.
  8. I can certainly sympathise. There was a significant hike in price on the P-51B and Ki-84. Seems that the earlier releases like the Hurricane are still relatively affordable. I wanted to buy multiple P-51s, but I've been priced out of that idea.
  9. Unless of course, you're a modeller into WW2 planes. Trouble with this hobby. It's completely subjective. You're right though. The artwork is stunning on this release.
  10. I found the Sword kit a bit of a challenge in places. Liked the Academy a lot, and with a bit of extra help (ie: lots of bits from the Sword kits I didn't use) ended up with a nice build. Would love to see the Spit XIV lowback get the Arma treatment though. That would be awesome.
  11. Indeed! I'm sure I remember seeing Dutch F-5s in that colour scheme at the Mildenhall Air Fetes back in the late 80s.
  12. Personally, I don't mind what they release as I'm sure I'll want to build it. I'm currently working on the Hurricane IIc. First Arma Hobby kit I've built. It's probably one of the nicest kits I've ever built. I'm smitten.
  13. I'd like that MS-733 a lot!
  14. Nice to see one of these Emhar Bedfords being built. I'll be following closely. I don't suppose it would take much to get an Austin K4 out of this kit either.
  15. Cheers! Being that I recently forked out over £100 for three standard arch Escort Mk II bodyshells (and lovely they are) I think I could stretch to £40 to £50 for a whole SD1 kit.....I'll still get a slap from the boss, but it'll be worth it.
  16. That would be a good idea. I only caught this by chance as I'm usually building wingy things and tend to keep my eye on rumourmonger, but an SD1 would be amazing. Is it likely to be pricey? Steve
  17. I emailed them about that a few days ago. They're currently setting up the necessary tax compliancy to enable sales to the UK. In the meantime, I was told I can buy what I need from their eBay shop.
  18. It's certainly a nice kit with the photo etch being needed in a few places. The etch grille and radiator is a must compared to what's in the base kit. Routemasters didn't have wooden flooring. It was Treadmaster slatted flooring which was a rubber/cork compound that looked a lot like the old fashioned brown lino. On my Hachette 1/12 build, I repainted the horrible orange floor as supplied with Humbrol 110. Once weathered, it really looked the part. Steve
  19. Good to see the re-release although, crikey, that's quite a price increase considering the base kit was £49.99 first time around. Do wish it had been a RM as opposed to the RML though. Can't help thinking that would have been a better choice.
  20. Dornier 17 will be an absolute must for me. Hoping for a Z, but any of the early E, Fs and Ps etc will be just as nice. The B-26 equally welcome (although I've just forked out for a Monogram kit and a ton of aftermarket) although I would still love a B-26 in 1/32. I don't build many 1/32 bombers, but the Do 17 and Marauder would be exceptions. Great news!
  21. Yeah! Ditto. Somehow just managed to accidentally click the pre order button on Big H's website for a couple.
  22. I'd certainly echo the above. I picked up a mini folding tool myself quite cheaply. May not be as versatile as the expensive versions, but it does come in really, really handy sometimes. I'm no expert with PE though, and I'm still struggling myself to find a glue that actually sticks PE to where you want it to go. The PE part will stick to anything, fingers, workbench, the tools I'm using, anywhere except for where I want it to go on the kit. I've tried various super glues, and even the white glues, and still find the process frustrating. Might be just Eduard stuff as someone once said to me that Eduard PE will refuse to stick to anything.
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