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Found 1,296 results

  1. This is my finished 2CV. I did run into a pretty big problem as you can probably see, the front axle struggled to be in the correct position. Even after open surgery it could not be corrected without causing more major damage. A side note, my Gloss yellow paint never arrived so I had to make do with matt, which I actually have come to like. (The right side mirror is on a slant in some images, which is now rectified). I truly enjoyed this model and the process involved. - Would recommend.
  2. Revell's 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda brings me bang up to date as I've just finished it over the weekend. Not perfect, but I think I am getting better. Incidentally, although it might look as though I have used zero imagination (OK, I did use zero imagination!), I did the car lime green because that's the colour I think suits it best, and built the stock rather than custom model for personal preference. Overall, this is a very nice kit which goes together very well with the exception of the rear valance (more on that later). There are mould lines on the body, but apart from the ones on the A-pillars they are positioned so as to be easy to sand off. The main downside is actually on the instructions where there are a few places which call for the body colour when they should actually be coloured differently. In fact, I inadvertedly got to try out my paint stripping skills on the dashboard which is listed as body colour, but when I did some research turned out to be the interior colour. Lesson learned - do your research before painting, not after So, first up the engine bay. It all went together much better than I was expecting it to with no real issues, even when it came to fitting the body around it. Sadly (sadly?! nothing sad about it), most of it is hidden by the enormous shaker scoop which I ended up rather obviously brush painting, although the camera has enhanced the brush strokes a lot. IMG_6380 Unfortunately, the shape of the car meant it was difficult to get a decent pic of the interior. All down to Plymouth on that score, not Revell for the model nor Canon for the camera. These are the best I could manage IMG_6381 IMG_6383 Onto the exterior, and I might as well get the worst bit out of the way first. The rear valance just doesn't seem quite right. It has to be added on after the body has been mated to the chassis, but the hollows to accommodate the rear cart springs are slightly too wide apart. I hollowed them out further to get it to fit a little bit better, but didn't dare go any further in case I went through the plastic. So it doesn't sit quite right (only by about 0.5mm, but it's enough) and that has meant that the exhausts don't quite go in right either. At least being below the bumper, it's only noticeable if you go looking for it. IMG_6384 The front went together much better. The only real issue was that the bonnet appears to have warped slightly which shows up from some angles, and not too much from others. I thought I had it straightened out before fitting to the car, but it appeared to refind it's warp overnight. At least it's not too major. IMG_6385 Going to be lazy now, and just put up a load of pics from around the car. Incidentally, the bit on the first photo which looks like a run isn't, it's just a badly located reflection of the light tent. Window trim is done using the magic Molotow pen - I haven't done any foiling at all and with the way the pen performs I doubt I will IMG_6387 IMG_6388 IMG_6389 IMG_6392 IMG_6393 IMG_6394 And finally, I gave it a chance to chill in the sunshine in the conservatory. Thanks for looking - time for me to move onto something Japanese I think IMG_6377
  3. Hello! This is Revell's re-issue of their Heinkel HE219, with new parts to make it as the earlier A-0. Built virtually out of the box, except for some Eduard etched seat belts. I used Xtracolor enamels for the camouflage. Straight forward kit, no real pitfalls, but it needs a lot of nose weight to keep it off it's tail! Thanks for looking, Angelo
  4. Afternoon all, just to prove I've not forgotten about this GB, I made a start on the more modern component of my two builds, primarily because its my least familiar environment. So here is the EF Typhoon cockpit painted up and installed with the two fuselage halves glued together and the pilot and seat ready to be installed at an opportune moment. I have used the kit cockpit decals for the most part, but decided not to use the screen decals as they just didn't look right, instead the two outer screens were painted black and gloss varnish dropped in, the middle screen is a square of green holographic plastic from a birthday card with some blobs of Tamiya clear green added and again some gloss varnish dropped in, in the right light it almost glows. The HUD in the kit is to say the least a little clunky so I'll replace it with something more suitable closer to the time the windscreen gets fitted. I painted up a spare Airfix pilot figure and added a gloss black visor, face mask and tube plus some masking tape seat belts and a bit of a suggestion of the Mae West. The kit seat was only enhanced by adding replacement wire thingy's at the side as the kit efforts were a little insubstantial. The seat does not seem to sit particularly well in the cockpit tub and getting the angle right may involve some remedial engineering for the hardware and some equally drastic surgery to the occupant but that's a ways off yet. Its a start at least. Cheer, M.
  5. Cant say the kits look fantastic, look like glorified kinder toys sadly
  6. This is my first model for 42 years. My son bought it for me and I had to relearn how to model. It is poor by comparison with most of the models on here but I am pleased with it as a first effort. It's important because it has got me back into tis excellent hobby (which might become an obsession) after four decades of doing 'sensible' things. Lots of errors on here the main one being I destroyed the NCC- 1701 decal and had to replace it with NCC - 1017 (really bad news for those Trekkies) :-(
  7. Hi, here's my Heinkel 162. A fun and easy kit to build. Hope you like it Best regards Rune Norway
  8. Hi guys! I finished this Boeing 747-200 plastic kit from revell and made a video about my experiences with it. It's not a great kit, but I feel it turned out ok - let me know what you think! Thanks
  9. Hi All! I finished the Revell Hawker Tempest in 1/72 - had a bit of a 'mare with the decals, but I feel I did ok. I made a video about it if you'd like to check it out and let me know what you think of the finished kit! Thanks guys
  10. Hey guys and gals I started with the Fw night fighter. First try for a mottle sheme, so lets go. Started with painting the interior. Revell provides nice detail here and I think it looks pretty nice. Gr TC
  11. Hi All I have just finished my Reell AMG Gt, I used Gravity Colors NSX Blue and Plamoz wheels and detail up photo etch, overall I am happy with the build, Slightly ennoyed on larger screens they seem dusty!!! so make take some more images lol, had a couple of speed bumps at the end, think I have done to many Revell kits for time being and looking to do something different, Im sure my next build will be even better as I seem to progress each build as I am sure we all do, please follow my instagram should you use it instagram.com/lawesscaleauto Thanks Chris
  12. Even more than usual with my builds, purists look away now! For those of you still here, welcome to pure sentimentality. My dad (1926-2001) had been with 73 squadron in Malta and when the Matchbox kit came out he brought it but never got round to building it. Then somewhere along the line it got lost/ thrown out when he moved into warden-controlled housing. The Christmas before he died (2000), my wife and I made and painted the Airfix 1:48 version as a 73 sun plane, which he was thrilled about and could even remember working on the original plane. But it's very faded now, so this GB gives me the chance to pay my respects to my dad and build a replacement. I know the Matchbox kit has lots of flaws but I've decided that my dad would've built it OOB, and so will I. And if the rumours about Revell are for the worse it might yet turn into a Revell tribute build as well. And so to the kit etc. Not the Matchbox boxing, but figured it won't matter once it's made up! now to the contents I remember the long thin Matchbox packaging so was taken by surprise at how compact it all is in the Revell version. Alas, no three colour plastic. I was amused that Revell talk of this as a classic mould and admit that it's ex-Matchbox; seriously I think that's a very honest thing today, nowadays with Airfix I don't know if I'm paying for a repop or a smart new moulding. First up will be the engine etc. I'll leave as much exposed as I can- what with dad having been an engineer it does seem most appropriate. Haven't decided if there's any place for the jolly good sport of a pilot that's provided but probably not as I get bored painting them! Also, there'll be a friendly email to Revell as the decals have got some water-damage and I don't fancy lining a super thin black band. I won't be starting promptly at 00:01, but hopefully before next weekend something will have happened.
  13. Ready for inspection is my 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC. The aircraft is wearing the colours of No.28 (Army Cooperation) Squadron, of RAF south East Asia Command 1944. It is an out of the box build, with the exception of the white stripes which I have airbrushed rather than used decals. The kit went together really well, only a few problems with my airbrush slowed it down a little. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed the build, and have decided I now need another Hurricane in my stash. Thanks.
  14. Hey, so I have this problem with Revell colors. I've bought Revell enamel matt 37 for the surface to look, well, matt. But that isn't the case as you can see in the pictures. The red color appears glossy. Now, I've put a matt 69 besides it for comparison, so you can clearly see the difference. I don't know what is going on. Could this be a mistake by Revell or did I do something wrong? Model looks kinda ruined for me now, because everything should have matt finish (it's a Boba Fett Slave I by Revell by the way). Is there any way to safe it? I have some varnish... Also, the paint has been drying for more than 24h, that is important for you to know. So, what to do?
  15. Hello all, Here is my entry for this GB - Revell's 1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon (single seat) which will be marked as FGR4 ZJ932 of 11 Squadron, based at Conningsby. This particular jet has 4 intercept markings beneath the canopy - 2 Tu-95s and 2 Tu-160s. Seen here and here Kit: Extras: I'll be using an Airwaves MB MK16 seat, TwoBobs decals, Quickboost canopy mirrors and TwoMikes intake covers (painted red and pinched from a damaged build years ago). Full QRA load of 4x AIM-132, 4x AIM-120 (these will likely be from an Academy F-15 kit as the Revell examples aren't great) and 2x Fuel tanks. I know the Revell kit has a few issues but looking forward to tackling it again. Be a while before I get near it due to current projects. Dave
  16. I have just finished this model. it is Revells issue af the Hasegawa kit. I had to scratch some details to make it look like the a/c in the ref. photo that i used. Making the baloon wire cutter rail on the cockpit was the biggest challenge i used cardboard soaked in whiteglue, that made it possibel to get into the same shape as the canopy, without damaging the clear parts. Also the exhaust flame dampers is home made using plastic tupe in the right diamention. The Torpedoes was also modified, with the plywood attachment at the back, they came from the Zvezda JU 88A-5 kit. Reference was found on my good friend Neil's Blok page. http://falkeeins.blogspot.dk/2015/10/3-kg-26-he-111-torpedo-bomber-salon-de.html Cheers Jes
  17. 1976 Ford Bronco

    I usually build aircraft but ever since Revell released a model of the early Bronco, I have wanted to build a replica of my 1976 Bronco that I have owned for almost 20 years. Three years ago I had it taken down to the frame and rebuilt. To make an accurate replica, I needed some aftermarket parts just like my 1:1. The list includes a 3.5' lift kit, 2: body lift, soft top, front/rear bumpers, 35" tires w/wheels, off-road lights, and a 1990 Mustang 5.0 engine. I have finally sourced all the parts and began my build! This is my Bronco:
  18. Time to unveil my second car build since coming back to the hobby which was completed last August. It was actually the first car I bought, but the Mustang looked easier so I started with that one. When you open up the box and look at the kit, you can see it's date-stamped 1982 and unfortunately it is showing it's age a bit. The first thing to jump out was that whereas the modern sprues tend to have some sort of struture to them, on this one the part numbers just jumped apparently at random between sprues (ok, I know that's still the case on some of the newer Revell kits, but not to this extent) and the runners often had a habit of just sort of petering out; at first I thought some of them had broken in two before realising this was just how it was meant to be. I also feel that the model is maybe a bit too wide for the length, but that is a lot less noticeable now it's built and it could just be my imagination. So, starting at the beginning of the build, here's the engine bay. Not a great start to the build as the two halves of the engine block don't quite align properly - I did sand down and fill the underside which is visible, but probably not by enough. I chickened out of mixing the colour for the engine block, and instead used some Prussian Blue from a reconnaisance Spitfire covered in clearcoat. I like the finish (quite 50's mechanical there), but the colour isn't blue enough now I've looked into things deeper and it does bug me a little bit. Not nearly as much as the fact that I didn't put the Blue Flame decal in the right place - what was I thinking?! On this project, I also stripped chrome for the first time to allow better painting of the carbs and float chambers. IMG_6170 on Flickr Moving inside, and this is the part of the build I'm most happy with and really pleased with how it turned out in here. The Molotow pen definitely earned it's stripes in here The photo doesn't really show it, but the matt and silk reds complement each other quite nicely. IMG_6163 on Flickr Onto the outside, coming up are the four quarter views. IMG_6178 on Flickr Both front angles show the issues with the windscreen, but the one below probably shows it best. It's the last piece you fit on the car, and a real sting in the tail. Just when you think you've wrestled the car into shape, you're presented with a clear piece of plastic with only a vague resemblance to the shape of the chromed plastic it's meant to sit in. Clearfix didn't hold it, but it did leave fingerprints on the screen. Fortunately, I managed to get them removed, but still had to fit the glass in the frame. Even superglue struggled to hold it in place, and in the end I superglued all the way around the frame, pushed in the screen and hoped it would stay. It did, and having messed up the chrome in the process I went over the whole lot with the magic chrome pen and covered up the glue where it showed. But the windscreen isn't as clear as it could be - good job it's a convertible! IMG_6177 on Flickr When I first opened the box, the back of the body had all sorts of sink marks that shouldn't have been there - it almost looked as though it had been rear-ended at some stage. So I got the putty out and got it something like the right shape. There were also quite a few mould lines on the body, but fortunately they were mostly in easy to remove places. IMG_6175 on Flickr Almost round it, and the problem with this corner is entirely my own doing in that I managed to snap the rear bumper, but fortunately it's pretty close to being back in the right place. None of the bumpers on this have any positive placement, but they do have a place where they feel right when you fit them. Just got to be very careful you don't get glue everywhere trying to find that place. IMG_6173 on Flickr The front view is just because I like the 'face' of the original Corvette. I did consider painting on the headlight wiring, but decided to go with the kit decals and they don't look too bad. Almost got them lined up properly too... Just a shame that the headlights don't sit as snugly into their holes as I would like. IMG_6179 on Flickr Home straight now, and here it is with the roof up, just sitting loose and not glued on. If it was to be glued on, it would sit slightly further back, but as it's loose I needed to use the windscreen frame to hold it up. IMG_6181 on Flickr And finally a gratuitous sunny pic IMG_6365 on Flickr Hope this isn't too long, apologies if it is. I'm definitely glad that I didn't so this kit first on returning as I did need to put into practice quite a few of the lessons I learned with the Mustang. The kit does show it's age, but it's not terrible (windscreen excepted) and does build up into a nice-looking model. I don't know if it's the white colour, or the chrome, or just the shape, but it alwasy catches my eye when I look at it. It might have been hard work at times, but it gives a sense of achievement when you finish it. Worth a build if you like this version of the Corvette, just needs a bit more work than the newer kits.
  19. The latest 2 kits in Revell's "British Legends 1918-2018" series of kits celebrating 100 years of the RAF are now in stock. First up is the 1/48 Sopwith Camel based on the Eduard kit The other new arrival is the Eurofighter Typhoon of 29 Squadron in battle of Britain markings.
  20. Hello all, here is a Revell 1/32 Spitfire I have been building to break the slow going Ju-87 build I am on. It is painted with Humbrol colours and with only seat belts added to the standard kit. It builds ok with a few fit and mould issues, but nothing to serious to worry about. Hope you all like it, all comments are welcome :-)
  21. Hi All Recently joined the forum to participate in the fun. Here's my first model completed since joining; a Revell 1/72 Hurricane IIc representing a 1 Squadron machine using Xtradecals. One of the reasons for building it is a pre-cursor to an R/C model of the same prototype. But there's a twist. It won't be a powered R/C model, but a glider! Seems odd, but there is a genre of R/C glider called a Power Scale Slope soarer that is a scale model of a full size a/c (either piston or jet or rocket powered) that is then launched from a hill and soars on the wave lift. I think it originated in the early 1980's when both electric power and miniature turbojets were not as developed as they are today, so the PSS genre made scale models of jets in particular viable. The UK based PSS Association has a bi-annual event where a model is designed and members are then free to select their own prototype, do a build thread on an R/C modelling forum and then there is a mass get-together at a soaring event where all the completed models are flown. See here for a little more info if you like: http://www.modelflying.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=134035&p=1 Anyway, back to the matter in hand. I enjoyed slapping the kit together. I had bought the Eduard etch but only ended up using the mesh screen for the carb intake (the kit part pinged off somewhere) as I thought most of the kit was reasonably detailed. I did use AML vinyl masks to help speed up painting and it's the first time I'd used those instead of copious amounts of Tamiya tape and tin foil. They made it easy for sure, but are they cheating....
  22. Whilst spending a cold and snowy day indoors, and waiting for the paint to dry 🙄 on my Short Stirling build, I settled down and watched 2 episodes of Plane Resurrection on Netflix. The first being the rebuild of a beautiful Mustang and the second a Hawker Hurricane (Mk.I). This made me wonder which of these i had in my stash (and I had one of each, although my Hurricane is a Mk.IIC), and which to build next? I have built a Mustang in the past, but was keen for another attempt using my airbrush, and as of yet I haven't attempted a Hurricane. Unable to choose I asked my son, and he chose the Hurricane, so a Hurricane it is. Watching the documentary, has made me appreciate this little fighter more, understand its role in the Battle of Britain, how the fabric covered wing construction made it light, and able to withstand a little more of the onslaught, and how later variants moved on to ground assault, so he's hoping I do my little kit proud. So onto the build, I am planning to build Revell's 1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC, in the colours of No.28 Squadron, RAF South East Asia Command from 1944. I picked the kit up cheap on EBay a while ago, and it consists minimal black and white instructions, and a little sheet of decals (I may well airbrush the white stripe to the wings and tail). There are 6 sprues, all with little to no flash but detailing is a little scarce. I plan to make this an out of the box build with landing gear down. Now the fun can begin......😀
  23. This one is Revell's 1/25 2006 Hertz Shelby Mustang, just built out of the box so nothing too out of the ordinary. I completed it last April, and it was my first car build in quarter of a century, so please don't judge too harshly It's also the first spray painted model I've done, as well as being the first one I've used a wash on so it has been a bit of a learning process. As for the kit, it's probably gone together better than any of the other (three!) that I've worked on since getting back into the hobby with nothing that really stands out as requiring particular work other than having to glue in the wheel pins as they were a bit loose as floppy. The issues I had with the kit were very much down to operator error rather than issues with the kit itself. So, time for a few pics. I do appear to have had a bit of an attack of the dust monster when I took these, even to the extent of the blob of dust right in the middle of the lens First up, a standard front quarter view. And it also shows far too well how I managed to sand through the clear coat and skin the side-stripe decal while I was polishing. Definitely one of the lessons learned on this model. Shelby Mustang on Flickr Moving backwards, that decal issue is even more obvious. I also made a bit of a mess of the decal around the number plate, and the colour match between the gold touch up and the gold decal is pretty awful. I'm pleased to say that it seems that I have improved with my decalling since this car. This was also the first time it became obvious that windows are going to be my bette noir, and there are far too many times where it feels as though the windows hate me. On the Mustang, the rear window popped out while I was cleaning it before fixing the body on the chassis and took out a chip of paint and decal. I've done the best I could to stick it back, but you can see the damage in this pic. Shelby Mustang on Flickr It's a similar story viewed from the other side, and it anything the issues with the poor colour match on the rear decal repair are more obvious than the previous photo. Shelby Mustang on Flickr And onto the last quarter view, which shows that I also managed to skin this side decal as well. Despite that, I still feel this is the angle which shows off the car to its best Hertz Mustang on Flickr I thought I'd show one from the front too since this the grille was my first attempt at adding a wash. Tried to clean it up and stripped the chrome in one part by mistake, but I went over that area with the Molotow pen, rewashed it and can't tell where I messed up. I have to say that the Molotow pen is superb, provided the surface below is suitably prepped. Shelby Mustang on Flickr A couple of interior shots, just because I'm quite pleased with how it turned out in here (badly lined up masking tape aside!). My only gripe with the kit in here is that the join between the seats goes right through the seat handle in the headrest making filling the gap in this area to a decent standard a bit beyond my talents. The photos also show another thing I learned from this build - Revell clear spray has a really nice shine, but seems to react to the oil in my skin. I had to polish finger marks off the door panels out and was quite successful there, but unfortunately the damage to the finish above the doors was too great. Cotton gloves for me from now on when handling finished paint jobs... Shelby Mustang on Flickr Shelby Mustang on Flickr And finally, the engine bay. I was pleased with the way this turned out - why to the best bits have to be where nobody sees them? Engine Bay on Flickr Looking back at this, it sounds as though I'm not happy with the build, but in truth I was pleased with the outcome. So long as you don't look too closely, it looks pretty presentable and I'm happy to have it in the cabinet. It's also nice to be able to say that I have been able to put lessone learned into progress on later builds which is another good thing for me. Just hope I haven't gone too overboard with the photos.
  24. Hi Guys Another little set that I have been playing with, although it is raised some fairly controversial discussion over on another site I am still thinking of proceeding with it. The controvesy is not with my parts, but the fact that these few parts do not fully make a late model 'D' Mustang. there are changes also required to the cockpit and a few other small items as well as some discussion about a slightly different canopy. I have taken a lot of the points on and for my sake I am not too fussed personally about the cockpit changes (instrumentation variation mainly) and I have studied the canopy carefully, mainly against the three canopies offered in the Tamiya kit. To be honest I think that the Revell canopy and that in the Tamiya kit that is offered to cater for the later 'D' Mustangs is very close, and are almost 100% interchangeable. So before I finalise a few minor tweaks on the pattern and make production moulds I would like to get a an idea if you guys would be interested at all. Prices are estimated as follows 4 parts of resin new tail parts and new elevators £7.50, shipping in UK £2.50, shipping elsewhere in the world £4.50. NOTE as can bee seen these are an exact replica of the kit parts, so are thin shells, and the kit tail wheel assembly fits as per the kit was designed. AND YES I KNOW Revell will release an updated kit at some time so this is not a set for the long term future, but does my needs until then. Here are some pictures parts sprayed silver one on left has a slight wash just to show detail is close to the Revell detail
  25. Ah, I think I have reached the end of my little buildathon. A Panzer Jaeger IVL/70 from Matchbox - man I enjoyed this kit. However feeling rather disappointed with what I end up with I decided to focus on some figures for the months ahead. I am really really looking forward to posting those - but they haven't even arrived yet ! Here is the little man as he progresses through the various stages. Not done yet, but coming along.