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  1. Hi friends, starting weathering on the Brennus after a coat of satin varnish
  2. AMX-30 Brennus : ready for weathering....
  3. Hi friends, with the link below, you can see the complete SBS https://indd.adobe.com/view/568b9f0b-3baf-41ba-814a-20ed0f316376
  4. A long way for chipping...
  5. Hello friends, primer the Brennus : grey on black
  6. Thanks for the com yes, absolutly. Chipping fluid and varnish between each layers
  7. Applying Ammo Dark Wash to bring out the details
  8. Hello friends, the last for 2020, happy new year
  9. it starts to look like a JTiger Merry Xmas
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