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  1. Hello, Highlights and shadows with Oilbrushers...
  2. Hi friends, today I continued working on the Bumerang. I made each rivet pop with the application of a highlight colour. Starting the chipping effect too.
  3. Hello friends, New build : M114 A1E1 CRV from Takom Great model, some photos
  4. Chipping with water, toothpick and brush on Chipping fluid...
  5. Thank for your comment i want to make a "what if" model, if Syrian army had the Bumerang
  6. Hello friends, T29E3 completed, some photos ...
  7. Ammo of Mig gunmetal pigment
  8. Hello, T29E3 has his feet...
  9. hi, dust with enamel and pigments
  10. Hello, Light mud with acrylics... next, weathering with enamel
  11. Packs and bags painting...
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