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Found 1,077 results

  1. Finally my dad has some free space in his "factory" to start his next project for our homeland collection. This time going big and doing a Ju52 with the great ProModeler kit. I guess most of you didn´t know that, besides Austria´s civil airline, also our airforce used Tante Ju´s. They bought 3 aircraft in 1937, one was used as a staff aircraft and trainer for instrument/night flying, the other two were used as nightbombers. In 1938 they went back into German inventory.. stay tuned
  2. Afternoon, I've finally given into temptation and made a start on this one. I have some big(ish) ideas to go with this kit - we'll see how many of them come to fruition. Things I definitely want to do are: - Drop the flaps - Separate all the flight control surfaces, - Add external (and possibly internal) lighting - Motorise the props My inclination is to keep all the doors closed up - out of the box the cargo hold is fairly plain, and I think it would take a lot of work to get it in to a state that I would be happy with. Also, I'm inclined to do it 'in-flight', so whilst the ramp could be down, it's more likely to be up. I'm still undecided on whether to have the wheels up or down - the kit wheels are rather strange slab-sided affairs, and I'm not aware of any AM replacements. I have the PE set and paint mask, but don't think I'll be bothering with the SAC landing gear - I'm a bit sceptical about the utility of these in most cases. I think this aircraft is quite well suited to dropping the flaps - it has a very simple high-lift system: no leading edge devices and dropped-hinge flaps with a fixed vane on the trailing edge. This should make getting the geometry correct that bit easier. So far, I've mostly been cutting things up, starting with one of the flaps and flap-hinge fairings: I've also cut out the ailerons, elevators and rudder, so I'll need to get the Evergreen strip out are start building up the missing parts. I might cut out the spoilers too, possibly only on one side, as these are also used for roll control and I want to try and capture a 'dynamic' snapshot as it were. If anyone has any advice on lighting, I'm all ears! Thanks for looking! Andrew
  3. Well hello everybody! I have decided to head back to the Gentlemans scale for a nice relaxing stress free, almost spring time, out of the box build. (Probably) Since My Father's Day gift from the kids last year ( Tickets to the Cosford air show ) I haven't been to an air show since I was knee high to a grass hopper and the sight and sounds of such a wonderful aircraft have stuck in my head. The rest of the show was pretty cool too. Here's a brief glimpse of the Typhoon in flight. I had bought the Revell kit from the bargain bin in my LMS in Birmingham a few months before not knowing that I would be seeing one in flight. Long story short, this will be my next build, it's a far cry from my last mammoth three month long build of the venerable Airfix Bf109-E. Back to the matter at hand...... The boxed offering is a "Eurofighter Typhoon F2, R.A.F Coningsby UK, 2005/2007 No.3 Squadron. It is the magic number after all. There are other schemes but this one is the one I put a pin in. The Cosford jet was a FGR4 but it was a single seater like this one so that's good enough for me. I hope you will join me in building this lovely kit. Let's hope it is a lovely kit eh? Any hoo here is the obligatory box shot after I have cleaned the bench and set up the almost ritualistic first shot of a new build. Nice innit? I'm going to post now and follow up after dinner. Take care and hope you're all having a lovely Friday eve. Happy Modelling. Johnny Typhoon.
  4. Hello, Finally I had some time to finish anything. This time I was working on a car. Quite a nice kit to build, straight forward with good fit. But as usual I had some problems on the way. Starting with lack of instructions on how to paint the interior, aluminium roof was a bit of a pain, I couldn't achieve smooth surface, tried Mr. color metal paints, AK true Metal wax, finally used old good Alclad2. I thought, that will be my try with high gloss Halfords laquers, Audi real colour. But then, I looked in the instructions, and bang - this car has a satin finish.. I used it anyway and to be honest it looks way better satin than gloss. Some parts were meant to be gloss, like chassis. I guess that's because they used the same chassis for different variants on the track. Decals were a dream to work with, no big issues with the kit. Pictures: Now back to tanksThanks,Bart
  5. I have a Revell DH-2 in stash and this GB gives me an excuse to finally start it. Greg in Oklahoma
  6. Hello Finally I had some time to continue the work on my Ost-Front scene. I've finished the models some time ago: Ju 87G-2 Stuka 'Kanonen Vogel' and Heinkel He 111 H-6. Both in 1:72 scale. Now it's the time to build the diorama for them. The plan is something like that: So, here is what I've done so far: Ju 87G-2 Stuka 'Kanonen Vogel' from Academy Heinkel He 111 H-6 from Revell Perspex box base with both of them arranged: Some SC250 bombs from Czech Masters (6) and one left from Messerschmitt Bf-109 kit: Some SC1000 bombs. Four again from Czech Masters and two from the Heinkel kit. They are a little bit bigger. Not sure which are in correct scale but I've decided to use all of them. The sledges to transport the bombs I've made from matches. Cut, glued, filed, airbrushed, drybrushed and finally weathered with washes. Here is how they look with the bombs: And finally Kettenkrad to tow the sledges and Kubelwagen for pilots (who are not ready yet). Both from Academy kit. The diorama will have some boxes, barrels etc. plus of course ground crew servicing the planes and the pilots resting and waiting for the mission. Thanks for watching.
  7. So it turns out my new (moved jobs to Hereford) hobby store do a great deal! if you by decalfix you get a free model.... that's my story and I am sticking to it!.... their decal fix is expensive, just over £10 anyway I ended up with this Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr I am going through a bit of a radial faze at the moment which may need to be addressing at some point in the year, also I never really built US aircraft however since the the MTO GB and completing 'Bottoms Up II' i have become quite keen on US aircraft and their lovely nose art options! I have always loved this one for childish reasons of course, so when I saw it there in the store while I was trying to find something to take me above £5 for a card transaction I thought it must be a sign.... bought it and wanted to start it straight away! Its a nice kit from 1999, my only real complaint looking at the sprue is there is more flash than there really should be and the cowl flaps are not the nicest... and it would have been nice to have a closed option. Here she is in her naked state Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr so today I have started with painting the cockpit, it had its base coat detail painting followed by a dry brushing of Sand, and aluminium along with chipping, once all this dried out it got a citadel wash. Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr seat belts are moulded on and hand painted by ones self using a tiny brush of course next was the rather nice engine, this had a coat of mr hobby metal one once dry a good buffing with a big stiff brush Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr the gear housing(?) was buffed then the dome section painted grey. Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr the gear bays were done next and given a base coat of olive green with my own mix of zinc cromate over the top Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr after that it was back to the cockpit, assembled and then glued into the fuselage Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr then she got closed up Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr seams will need more work but i will leave them for now. Wings were then added Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr the wing root will get a sand and clean up and i will need to take the flash off the gun barrels next the engine was assembled Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr the prob shaft is way too long and will need some work when the prop is fitted. after that the cowling was tidied and then added, now if you are building this kit you may find like me that the fit of the cowl round the engine was rather tight and needed a fair bit of force to fit... or at least i hope you do because I did! and here where we are at, now i have to get the kids from school! Untitled by robert mulvey, on Flickr not bad for a few hours work I think! comments welcome Rob
  8. I'm not sure I should be starting a 2nd WIP thread with one still outstanding and a RFI still to post but hey ho I've made a start on a pair of de Havilland jets - the Airfix Vampire T11 and Revell Sea Vixen. No aftermarket toys - I'm aiming for a relaxed and easy life I hadn't quite realized how big the difference in sizes between these planes was. With the family resemblance I thought they'd be similar(ish) but the Vixen is a behemoth The most minor of mods for the Sea Vixen - reshaped seat based on the kit seat with added stretched sprue and scrap polystyrene sheet to make something that if you squint could look almost right and a couple of shims of sheet added to stretch and slim the nose a bit (which handily gives me a neat compartment for hiding some fishing weights) Other than that it has been mundane cobbling together with the odd dash of regret (I wish I'd made more effort on the Vixen cockpit now that it is sealed up). a lot of filling and sanding is in the offing
  9. Hello, My name is olli and you can read my introduction here After more than 15 jears since i finished a model, i finally got enough inspiration and encouragement to actually start a kit again ( and, if not more important, now I have a little spare time, kids are growing up...) anyway, I always liked vacforms and especially cargo planes,( not that I have managed to actually finish a vacform...) and I always loved the 727with all its cool liveries. So I purchased some modelling tools and some kits over tha ladt six months or so, and after some attempts on an Italeri ATR 42 and Airfix Vanguard I got pretty far with this one. ATR and Vanguard in the shelf again, bot not binned! Quick summing up of my work so far : Reshaped the front section with milliput, Scratched the s intake duct with milliput, will be sanded to an oval shape Started rescribing tailplane and wings Scratched fan fronts with streched sprue I have the fun of my life modelling again, more and better pics will follow soon. Not decided on the livery yet, my favorite is f-decal SABENA 727.. http://URL=][/URL] Hope this works and you can see the pics, Regards, Olli
  10. Hi folks, I've had the Revell Mosquito B.IV sitting in the stash for a good few years so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get it built. To correct the kits flaws I've bought some ultracast wheels, extended the main gear using the Tamiya kit as a reference (adding the tyre guards at the same time) and sanded the spinners to a better shape (although they remain too short). I hope this doesn't classify as jumping the starting gun?!?! I've got a set of Eagle cal decals and I plan to build DZ415 of 627 Squadron in 1945. Looking forward to getting started on this one! Chris
  11. Hi guys, I will try to build the Revell 1/35 Leopard 1 from Revell. It will be in the Koninklijke Landmacht (Dutch Army) livery. The only extra's I will use are some metal tracks (Friul Modelismo) and a metal gun barrel (RB Model). The gun barrel is originally for the TI 67 Tiran, so I think I may need to modify it a bit. Pictures will follow later. Cheers,
  12. So i recently got this for a bargain price and was really pleased with the kit. This is revells Camaro Z28 RS. The kit has 8 sprues which also include one chrome, clear and a transparent red sprue for the tail lights. The parts do look very clean but we will see how it all goes together. I will begin with the engine and also scratchbuild some details. As for colour i am thinking of going all black and making this a real mean muscle car. Work has begun and photos will be uploaded shortly.
  13. Hi all, So with the F-16I Sufa almost done, it's on to the next build and one I've wanted to do for a while using this wee kit... And hopefully turn it into an EC-135 of the Garda Siochana (Irish Police Force) Air Support Unit Some of the police bits will need to be scratched while others (including the high skids) come in a spare sprue that's included in this kit. Decals will be from Max Decals. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Dermot
  14. As my last build, a Fokker Dr.1, drew to a close I found myself really looking forward to finally getting stuck into this one. (I'll post an RFI for the Fokker over the weekend when I can take some pics in natural light) I'll be doing a tandem build of two 1/72 SPAD XIII. Namely the Revell XIII C-1 and the Eduard Profipack XIII late version. Both will be finished in French markings. Spad-Double-Build by Martin Fay, on Flickr Here's the Revell - (the original tooling was 1963 apparently - it's older than I am!!!) pretty low part count, lots of flash, cheap as chips. There's not much in the line of detail so I think it'll need a little help in that regard. Revell-Spad by Martin Fay, on Flickr And here's the Eduard - (2003 but updated with new parts in 2009) Lovely clean sprues, nicely detailed for 1/72, clear parts and photoetch details for the radiators etc... Yummy! Eduard-Spad by Martin Fay, on Flickr Both are eye wateringly tiny so I'll be making use of the magnifier again. Oh, and this will be my first attempt at using Photoetch; what could possibly go wrong?
  15. This is my first RFI as a newbie member of the forum. When I decided to get back modelling I picked up a few cheap and basic kits to practice on with a view to trying out at least one new technique with each. In this instance the goal was rigging but I ended up trying out a whole lot more. Despite the age of this kit it was a real pleasure to work with and it's whetted my appetite for more! I've already started on the next two 'practice pieces' from the (rapidly expanding) stash. As I intend building another, more detailed, Swordfish in the future this one was was built in the radar equipped (pic 3), rocket toting, Mk III guise. WIP is >HERE< Swordfish RFI 1 by Martin Fay, on Flickr Swordfish RFI 2 by Martin Fay, on Flickr Swordfish RFI 3 by Martin Fay, on Flickr Any feedback, criticism and advice welcomed! While researching for the build I found myself intrigued by the aircraft, the missions it was involved in and the men that flew them. As a result I've ordered copies of "The last Torpedo Flyers" and "War in a Stringbag" to learn more on the subject. Cheers, Martin
  16. Hi everyone I wasn't going to post a WIP here because of late, my WIP's have lead to an unfinished status, and also, it's a PITA trying to maintain 4-5 different postings, but I now figure why not? I know I'm supposed to be doing the Gatlantis carrier, but I need a break from that This is my second attempt at super detailing Revell's Venator class Attack Cruiser. My first one was OK, but it was my very first ever attempt at detailing and there were a lot of mistakes made. However, that was 4 years ago and since then, I reckon I have come a long way in making things look like they work as opposed to just being stuck on. These kits are now quite rare online and go for stupid money, but I was lucky and was sold to very very cheaply. I can also see why to as this was the Pre-painted version. Now, I don;t know who "paints" these but I swear, they must be like 4 or 5 years old because that is the skill level of who ever does it. Shockingly bad! So, I had to strip it all back to bare plastic before I could start. Ii have no idea what Revell use as paint on these but man - it's hard to get off. It would have gone a lot quicker had I had some ELO, but alas, I didn't. So I tried out Strip Magic and I'll be honest, I found that it's no where near as good as they advertise it to be. It might work well on acrylic but not on anything else. Moaning aside, here is where I am up to currently First up are the engine nozzles. I made the first one with the idea to cast resin replicas to ensure uniformity, but that did not work out so well as they had a lot of air bubbles and the PE parts came off the base part when I removed it from the mold, so it looks like I'm going to have to do all 4 separately. Casting could work well if I was able to pressure cast them, but I just don't have the equipment for that. I also had to change out the PE parts I was using as they were not big enough to fill the spaces. They work much better now. Mine Versus Revell's: I have also made a start on Engine #1. So far, I have done 2 sides, with another 2 to do and another 3 engines on top of that - trying to keep each one the same. This'll be interesting! Anyways, that's where I am up to and will be back again with another update once I have actually done something Thanks for looking MH
  17. Hope all you BMers are having a good winter. My modelling room is just making 5 degrees C, so it's a little tough on the old fingers. Building up energy to start a new build thread. For now here are some classic Matchbox / Revell 1/76. There are 3 kinds of kits I really appreciate - with figures, with dioramas, with interiors. A lot of fun with these kits!
  18. Hello The warship virus is back and i have dusted my naval projects. While my Hood is still on hold, i have made progress on another project.I have started building Revells Schlachtschiff Bismarck a while ago and made also a start on the Tirpitz, also from Revell. Like so often building has started quite spontaneous and i think its now time to present them. Both are quite new kits and well detailed, to enhence this, i am using the Eduard BiG Ed set, a wooden deck from Pontos and turned metal barrels from RB and Master, i am not sure if i add more stuff. Depends on my budged. Building warships is complex so i am progressing on Bismarck first. Some pictures contain also parts from her sister ship. Both kits have some fit problems but nothing some putty and sanding can t cure. The first pics showing the hull of Tirpitz, with some sanding and filling. I am still fighting with with the different shape of her bow. Some fit problems and a new keel made from putty. I had started to build parts of the super structures. Quite different. Tirpitz on top. Some images of the pe parts, wooden deck and gun barrels Now on to Bismarck. The paint work on her hull is done but could need some touch ups. The decals for the water pass, and camo stripes were not used. Its more easy to match the the color of the baltic scheme stripes in her super structure. The poster from the Kagero books are a good back up for photos and a very helpful reference. It has also some flaws too. The Pontos deck is on, the red stripes are painted, the aft one is too small. Decals will do the rest of this detail. That was the point of the re start of the build. The main modelling time in the last 10 days were adding, folding and glueing on photo etched parts and removing and sanding away plastic details. But that is only the beginning. The bow. Still lots of details are missing here. The forecastle in the area of ht e first break water, the louvers got details. The barbette from turret "B" or Bruno got platforms around. Not every handrail of these platforms made it onto the model... Some midship details. Eduard has supplied the modeller with only some part of the steel decks before the catapult, Hope it looks good under the paint. I have also started to add watertight doors and the covers for the portholes. Very fiddly ! The roof of the aircraft hangar. Many of her boats were stowed here. The kit part before ...and after cutting and sanding every detail away and replacing them with pe parts. The hangar door was glued on after the pe parts were added on the roof top now i have a seam ( and also a damage ) And details around turret Caesar The turrets of the main guns have seen some work as well, more on those later. Thanks for looking Bernd
  19. My first SciFi subject.....A real pleasure ! Cheers Pierre
  20. Sorry if I got anyone excited... just wondering if there was any news on this kit which is so obvously coming based on the internal frames in the GR.4 & IDS kits. If nothing else maybe a lot of interest in this thread will make Revell pull their finger out?
  21. I fancy building a Heinkel 111 I said to my eldest yesterday,"I,ve got the big scale one going nowhere" he replied, next day the behemoth is dwarfing my work table.Now big projects usually are my downfall(USS Fletcher and Bonne Homme Richard to name two) so hopefully it's third time lucky,he got the kit for £19:99 when Modelzone closed which was more than a bargain,reviews of the kit are generally favourable the main gripe being the beautiful rivet detail on the wing's are absent from the fuselage there is more than enough detail in the box and that's fine by me.I know my WIPS are usually five pictures and finished so I will try and make it a bit more detailed than usual. Here's the box and contents. And as a size guide here are the main component's with a 1/48 Spitfire for comparison. This as far as I remember the second 111 I,ve built the other was Matchbox's many moons ago.see you soon!
  22. So what Revell prepared for tanks in gentlemen scale? Source: My German is even worse then my English, but if I'm correct, we are getting those: Reissues with new camouflages: 1) LKW gmil 5t in May 2017* 2) TPz Fuchs in July 2017 3) Leopard 1A1 in July 2017 New variant: T-55 AM/AM2B in October 2017 * And the most interesting, a new tool: M109G howitzer in September 2017 (cat. no. 03305) * Update: according to official informations, posted on Britmodeller here: Link All above mentioned AFV, except a M109G, are in in 1/35 scale
  23. Revell is to release two new variants/boxings from its 1/32nd Eurocopter EC-145 kit. Source: - ref.04927 - Eurocopter UH-72 A Lakota - release May 2016 - ref.04948 - Airbus H145M KSK - release December 2016 V.P.
  24. Revell is to release in 2017-2018 a new tool 1/32nd North American P-51D Mustang kit - ref. 03944 Source: V.P.
  25. After the Fw.190F-8 - ref. 04869 ( Revell is to release in July 2017 a 1/32nd Focke-Wulf Fw.190A-8/R-11 Nachtjäger - ref. 03926 Sources: V.P.