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Found 1,060 results

  1. Hi guys, I will be building a box from Revell with four 1/48 F-16A's in them. They will be build in flight. I will use some Hasegawa pilots for this as well. It will be build straight out of the box. Here is a link to the box. I will post some pictures later. Cheers,
  2. Hi all, With the Vulcan and X-Wing off the benches, and the Gnats driving me up the wall, it's time to start something else. So, the Lancaster is the next stop. The Revell 1/72 Dambuster to be more accurate. We have plenty of goodies for this build: A couple of sets of Master brass gun barrels, Eduard masking set for obvious reasons, Aires wheels, and Eduard seatbelts and cockpit photoetch set. I figured that a lot of detail will be seen through the green house on top of this kit, so I've gone to town. Nothing has happened to this build yet, other than washing the sprues as I seem to remember Phil Flory having a problem with release agent on his video build many years ago. After market Hannants Xtradecals are to be used with this build also: To be honest, I bought these decals for a 1/72 Tornado GR.4 project (I've not started yet), and these decals are part of the set. Seemed to make sense to use them. Hopefully we'll have a good time with this little lot! Cheers, Val
  3. With a week off, I've been making the most of time at home and started on the latest build. I've had the Aeroclub engines for a while now, but just got round to putting them to good use. Having been inspired by the excellent Merrick book - Halifax 'From Hell to Victory & Beyond', I thought I would do HR686 which was tragically lost after being hit by gun fire from the ship Amisia which ironically is the ship that rescued the survivors. You can find out more about the fateful mission HERE. I've started with the conversion bits to get the hard stuff out of the way. The Aeroclub engines are nicely shaped, but not shake & bake. The beautifully formed resin radiator intakes are a couple of mm narrower than the nacelles at the top rear, so some sanding and filling is necessary. As such, I've had to rescribe the panel lines, but they are a good fit to the wing. Given this aircraft will be white rather than black, imperfections will be more visible, so I'm spending plenty of time getting the nacelles smooth. I've added new radiator doors underneath out of plasticard due to the zealous sanding and used the Quickboost carb intakes on the sides of each nacelle. It's taken a day of fettling to get them to this point, but look at the photo's next to the kit parts and make your own mind up whether it's worth it, I'm happy about the replacements. I've had to scrape away the nacelle interior at the front to allow the undercarriage mounts to fit, but this was fairly straight forwards. Aeroclub provide modified front & rear bulkheads due to the new nacelles being narrower than the kit parts, but you can trim the kit bulkheads down as another option. The undercarriage assembly doesn't need any modifications, it will drop straight in. I've ordered some replacement Quickboost exhausts although the kit parts aren't too bad. Given the individual fitments of this aircraft, Freightdog provide the parts necessary - Tollerton nose (which is available too in the Mk.III kit) and the raised fairing. The mid upper turret on this aircraft is a BP Type A Mk.VIII left over from Defiant production and sat slightly higher than the later Type E resulting in more drag. It also had the shroud fitted, again supplied by Freightdog...
  4. I fancy building a Heinkel 111 I said to my eldest yesterday,"I,ve got the big scale one going nowhere" he replied, next day the behemoth is dwarfing my work table.Now big projects usually are my downfall(USS Fletcher and Bonne Homme Richard to name two) so hopefully it's third time lucky,he got the kit for £19:99 when Modelzone closed which was more than a bargain,reviews of the kit are generally favourable the main gripe being the beautiful rivet detail on the wing's are absent from the fuselage there is more than enough detail in the box and that's fine by me.I know my WIPS are usually five pictures and finished so I will try and make it a bit more detailed than usual. Here's the box and contents. And as a size guide here are the main component's with a 1/48 Spitfire for comparison. This as far as I remember the second 111 I,ve built the other was Matchbox's many moons ago.see you soon!
  5. Hi guys Thanks to Mike's amazing Infiltrator build up recently, I went out ant bought the Revell Easy kit and also a Bandai TIE Interceptor kit. Taking the things I liked from both ships to make my own alternative Star Wars ship - in this case the obvious name for it being the Sith Interceptor. I went with metallics for a color choice because I think they look good. It was Alclad, Tamiya and Gunze as thew choice of paint. Some scratch building on the wings, gun barrels and mechanics went on as well - nothing too fancy I even made a clear cast of the engines in case I was going to light it: And here it is: That's enough pictures I think but as always, thanks for looking Si
  6. Hi, I have been a bit quite on this forum for a while, have been modelling and moving houses etc, so have not had time to post. So I thought it being a new year I would post a work in progress. I have always wanted to build this kit, but the price has put me off, so when I saw the kit for £15 at Telford last year I could not resist any longer. I have already started, could not wait, so will post images of the work done so far later. The scenario is a derelict bus being taken apart, so I have had to build a new front end, thankfully there are photos online for reference. Cheers Richard
  7. As my last build, a Fokker Dr.1, drew to a close I found myself really looking forward to finally getting stuck into this one. (I'll post an RFI for the Fokker over the weekend when I can take some pics in natural light) I'll be doing a tandem build of two 1/72 SPAD XIII. Namely the Revell XIII C-1 and the Eduard Profipack XIII late version. Both will be finished in French markings. Spad-Double-Build by Martin Fay, on Flickr Here's the Revell - (the original tooling was 1963 apparently - it's older than I am!!!) pretty low part count, lots of flash, cheap as chips. There's not much in the line of detail so I think it'll need a little help in that regard. Revell-Spad by Martin Fay, on Flickr And here's the Eduard - (2003 but updated with new parts in 2009) Lovely clean sprues, nicely detailed for 1/72, clear parts and photoetch details for the radiators etc... Yummy! Eduard-Spad by Martin Fay, on Flickr Both are eye wateringly tiny so I'll be making use of the magnifier again. Oh, and this will be my first attempt at using Photoetch; what could possibly go wrong?
  8. My first SciFi subject.....A real pleasure ! Cheers Pierre
  9. Sorry if I got anyone excited... just wondering if there was any news on this kit which is so obvously coming based on the internal frames in the GR.4 & IDS kits. If nothing else maybe a lot of interest in this thread will make Revell pull their finger out?
  10. About to start the Revell 1/48 single seat Bronze Tiger Eurofighter. I have been reading about the intakes and they are meant to be nightmares. Is it work buying the Heritage resin intakes. Seen them for £14 online (plus £6 postage!!!) or just go ahead with the current ones. I've also read opening up the vent in the side and using a straw to make the pipe. How much do I open it up? One last thing! I bought a scriber as ther eneeds to be a panel on the side. Does anyone have a diagram of this or shall I just look at photos cheers Adrian
  11. Good afternoon, just got back from a week of holidays in Paris. Beautiful weather, by the way! And now, time to start with the Mustang. It's the famous kit from Revell, this time with the Malcom hood and decals for two RAF versions in the Dark sea grey/Ocean grey/Dark green scheme. It should be a rather quick build, which I will do along the Airfix Tiffie. They are both the same colours, so I will improve efficiency in painting two aircrafts with one mix of colours. So, don't be alarmed if you spot some parts which don't belong to a Mustang! Just some minor questions, the interiour of the mustang was the usual RAF interior green/grey, correct? Alex
  12. Hello, I’m a new member of this community and I’ve decided to start my first “in progress” topic. Honestly this decision was boosted by the very nice feedback I’ve received after posting one of my models here. The subject is “a Swedish Draken”. I have to admit that I’m not an expert neither on this flying machine nor on Swedish aviation but the memories of my early beginnings in plastic kits are strongly connected to the 1/100 scale Plastikart Draken. That was a different era, today the hobby looks more like OEM work but I do not regret it (I’m old, with job wife and kid and free time should be used efficiently, isn’t it? Too much talk, what do we have? The Revell/ Hasegawa kit (as you can see in the picture) and few “supporting” products: photoetched set and canopy masks from Eduard and turned brass Pitot tubes from Maestromodels. I do not want to spend a fortune on this subject so apart from the listed above, paints and stuff only my limited abilities will improve the model. What do I want to do? … the perfect Draken, of course. Honestly, a lot less. Just a Swedish version in “grey colours and bright orange numbers” As I said I’m not an expert so your support is highly appreciated. If you know something please say it here. I’ll try to transfer all that info into my model. Let’s start with my (first) questions: 1. Any know issues regarding the geometry of the kit? 2. My experience with Revell decals is mixed – are the decals in this boxing of any use? Do they respond to the “setting stuff” or I have to consider aftermarket decals? The big number on the upper wings is not an issue as I’ve already decided to replace it with masks and paints. 3. I’m considering Vallejo Model Air paints for this; any known recipes for the two grey shades out of Vallejo Model Air range? Venceremos, mack NB: for the moderators; considering the documentation component of this build thank you for moving the topic to a different category if you consider necessary.
  13. I started this one in June of this year, but it went on the back-burner for a while for whatever reason (I can't honestly remember!), but after a bit of paint lifted off the P-40 I picked it up and started masking for the main camo... camo? pattern. Yeah - pattern. It's a snap-together kit that I detailed up with some styrene bits to closer resemble the filming miniature, and gave it the same scheme as close as I could. I also tinkered about with the details on the wings amongst other things, all of which had to be scratch-built. You can see the WIP here if you're bored Now to see if I can get the P-40 finished before the hammer falls on the year
  14. Eurofighter Typhoon- Revell 1:72 (New-tool) WIP: Good afternoon everyone! I picked this kit up at my local model sho, it is the new Eurofighter Typhoon 1:72 kit from Revell. I had already done a 29 squadron anniversary Typhoon so I wanted to do something a bit more beaten up As for the kit itself, it was definitely a joy to put together- much better than the "old"-tool kit from Revell: the panel lines are crisp, there is no flash present and the fit of the parts made it a doddle to build. I used Paveway guided bombs from an Airfix Harrier GR7/9 and decals were sourced from an Xtradecals set and some pylon/weapons decals from a Revell Tornado GR1. Disclaimer: I essentially used random serials and a scattering of assorted decals to create this model, it does not represent a specific Typhoon. -Also, note how at the sides of the fuselage roundel, the squadron makrings have been painted over- that's what i've attempted to represent. I based this build on a particular photo of a Eurofighter involved in Operation Shader (the RAF's action against IS): Credits:USAF Staff Sgt. Corey Hook Now, for the build: (I quite like this image....) That's it for now, thanks for dropping by! Kind regards, Sam
  15. Happy New Year everyone and this is my first finish for 2017 though I did start it back in November, Revell's Jaguar GR1A 'Debbie' in Gulf War finish. Built OOB except for the seat belts from tape. The full WIP is here but to recap.. Kit: Revell Jaguar GR1A Box 04351 Scale: 1/72 Paints: Halfords Primer from a can. Revell Acrylics, Klear, Flory Models Wash, W&N Flat Coat all by brush. The pink was a 60/40 mix of Revell Flesh and Ochre. Decals: From kit Extras: Bombs from spares box Thanks for looking! Dermot
  16. Hi All! Been a while since my last post - hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year. Managed to find some time to get back into a bit of modelling recently Please check out this video and let me know what you think of the build I quite like building planes at this scale, but feel that this one was a bit dated. Not bad build though in my opinion. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your criticisms
  17. I'm toying with the idea of converting the Revell/Matchbox Tiger Moth to a Fox Moth. Apart from the new fuselage. centre wing section and tweaked u/c legs, my research indicates that not much else needs changing. Does anyone have any other views to the contrary? Anyone have any scale plans?
  18. Revell is to release in November 2016 a new tool (simplified new kit) 1/72nd Eurofighter/Typhoon kit - ref. 03952 Source: V.P.
  19. Revell is to release in 2017-2018 a new tool 1/32nd North American P-51D Mustang kit - ref. 03944 Source: V.P.
  20. This is my last full build of 2016 and to be truthful it wasn't the best of kits to put together. Was quite pleased with the rigging though although I found out thet NMF and rigging don't go together well(for me anyway) finish is mainly Vallejo Metal with some bits of brush painted 'true metal'. engine 'ring' is vallejo copper. The rigging was done by drilling half-way through the upper wing, supergleing some fishing line on then passing these through fully drilled holes in the bottom wing and tensioning then whilst gluing, again with CA(hench the messy finish near the rigging points) Anyway here it is warts and all............hope the airfix kit in the stash goes together better !!!
  21. I had a bad feeling at the end of 2016 that I did not finish so much, so I have decide to finish this small F-14 from Revell in 1:144. It is OOB, colours Revell aqua.
  22. Is this too many blades?
  23. My best mate loves collectables- if you sell AFVs or ship models in the UK, you've probably done business with him. This makes Christmas and birthdays easy going, since I get to send a model of whatever the flavour of the month is. He hates building, never mind painting, so I even get to make the kit. Bargain! This year I sourced a BSG Viper, then wasted a week trying (failing) to paint on wee Hara Thrace's glowing helmet. No biggie, plenty of time left... Or not. Spoiler- warning, contains tale of woe and much whining! The finished item:
  24. Decided it's time to clear out some of my old stash, instead of selling perhaps i should build thes as that was what i originally intended......I think? So here goes: BF-109 G6 will be the late variant. He-111 H6 will be KG26 1H+GP ? JU88 will be a C-2 perhaps 4D+FH ? My problem for the outset is going to be finding RLM paints. I have all the required Luftwaffe RLM colours: 65, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 81 and even 02 but these are all MM enamels. I really would like to use acrylic even if its lacquer based like tamiya and Mr Hobby Colour (gunze). But i am skeptical on using MIG or Mr Hobby Aqueous. although they do RLM colour ranges. Vallejo is a non starter as i think there colours for RLM especially the model Air range are not that accurate. also i want paint that is tough after 24hr of curing like Tamiya. Open to suggestions.... Is the Mr Hobby Colour the way to go as it's probably tough and durable like tamiya?
  25. Hello BM's. Now for me, something completely different. My wonderful modelling supporting Wife bought me a Millennium Falcon in 1/241 scale for Christmas and I've had great fun completing this over the last few days. I'm normally a 1/72 WW2/Cold War aircraft modeller so some different techniques and approaches were used to create the effect I wanted: Tamiya Acrylics used, XF-20 and lots of XF:2 to get the colour Painted the different panels using the starter set acrylics that came with it I only used the kit decals on the gun turret view port For a quick, fun build, I can't recommend this enough. Enjoy!