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  1. What have you purchased 9

    Yep. Will take some and load em up when I get it 😉 Regards Steve
  2. What have you purchased 9

    Car insurance for the new motor that i'm getting on Friday! 😆 Oh, and my AK Real Color paints turned up today. Smell just like Tamiya. Looking forward to trying them first chance I get. Really must buy me some plastic spoons Regards Steve
  3. Spot of the Day Part 2

    My dad used to have one of those in red. I can still remember the smell of the interior even today! 😊 Regards Steve
  4. Guy Martin

    Downloaded it so I can watch it this afty when I finish work today. Regards Steve
  5. Aye up Stix, Great work on the mud and snow. I always seem to hit a wall with weathering these days but this may just help push me along with it 😉 Regards Steve
  6. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Saw a brown Morris Marina today! Regards Steve
  7. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Stunning build and finish! 😎 Regards Steve
  8. Pz.kpfw. IV ausf. G - Dragon 1/35

    Superb job with the weathering and finish. Great figures too 👍 Regards Steve
  9. What have you purchased 9

    Just ordered a few AK Real Color Paints. Gone for some of the British colours to see what they're like. From what I have read and seen on the t'interweb they are the same as Tamiya acrylics. Interested to see what the colours are like and see how they perform through the squirt gun Regards, Steve
  10. Dune Crawler & Sentinel

    Thanks Will. High praise indeed coming from a GW painting master such as yourself! Hi Gimme, The Sentinel stands about 4 inches tall from the feet to the top of the antenna and the Dune Crawler is a fraction taller. Thank you sir Hi Jim and thanks. The Games Workshop stuff has no scale as such. but I've heard it said that they scale out at about 1/56ish Thanks rockpop. Thanks Andy, much appreciated Regards, Steve
  11. First one for a while.

    Thanks for the comments chaps Last weekend started on the tracks and stowage. The track connectors were painted with Vallejo rust to give a base for the weathering to come. The stowage and tools have been painted with various shades of Vallejo greens and browns and then given a wash of Games Workshop Agrax Earth Shade. Apologies again for the wobbly pictures. I really should take more time when photographing! Next up will be a gloss coat for the decals and then more weathering. Regards, Steve
  12. Yorkshire Wartime Experience

    Its a great day out. Yes had a chat with Ellie the other day and asked her to pass on my regards to you and Alison. Regards Steve
  13. What have you purchased 9

    AK Real Colors Of WWII book. Not cheap but a cursory flick through shows a real wealth of info on German, Russian, British and American camo colours. The section on British armour was written by Mike Starmer no less! 👍 Regards, Steve
  14. 1/35 Soviet T-24 Tank

    Cheers Jim, Much like yourself I don't worry too much if a kit has some inaccuracies. If it looks like a duck....... Will go steady with the running gear and tracks Regards Steve
  15. 1/35 Soviet T-24 Tank

    Lovely job on the paint and weathering. I've got one of these in the stash. Anything in particular to watch out for when (if ever 🙄) i build it? Regards Steve