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  1. No modelling stuff this year but got socks Oh, also got a Lego Mini Cooper AND Lego Tower Bridge! Regards Steve
  2. First Christmas off for 12 years! Finished yesterday at 16.30 and not back til Weds. In for 3 days then off for a week. Seems odd knowing i'm not at work for any of it. Happy Humbug to all Steve
  3. The stuff we get is quite thick so I just put a dollop on the bread and then spread it with a knife. 😃 Regards Steve
  4. The very same. Goes great with yorkshire puds too 😉 Regards Steve
  5. Seabrook ready salted and mint sauce sarnies. Food of the gods that is 😊 Regards Steve
  6. I'm sure Tudor did lettuce flavour about the same time as hedgehog 😞 Regards Steve
  7. Got one of these that I intend to do as a Ugandan tank at some point with Bison decals. It's a shame they used the running gear from a 30 year old kit! Will watch with interest . Regards Steve
  8. She seemed a bit bemused by it all when we were chatting about it a while ago. Mines very much the same. when I present my latest creation I usually get a 'that's nice' with a roll of the eyes and a bemused expression too! 😆 Regards Steve
  9. Mini Spring Rolls Yung Chow Fried Rice Cantonise Beef in OK Sauce Noodles Chips Prawn Crackers Yep, Were having Chinese for tea
  10. Aye up Mrs P. Welcome to world of all things clanky! Regards, Steve
  11. Nice looking kit. Never built a Zvezda kit and quite fancy the T90 they do. Will watch this one with interest . Regards Steve
  12. Read that a couple of years ago. Great book and the film was recently released with Bob playing himself. Regards Steve
  13. Great model and a great film. 'This section of road were on, it's the wide part' Regards Steve
  14. Some beading to finish off me shed windows. Regards Steve