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  1. Aye up Stix, Superb job as always. Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze. Top job with hairy stick! 😎 Regards Steve
  2. Nice dio's. I rather like the RAF Mini 😊 Regards Steve
  3. I've been short sighted and worn specs since i was a nipper. I also have double vision so have to wear prismatic lenses. A few years back i noticed i was really struggling to read small print to the point i was taking my gogs off to read. This in turn meant i had to close my left eye to stop the double vision. I also had trouble re-focusing when going from looking at the tv and back to a book etc. Optician at the time said that i would need varifocals at some point in the very near future. Had my eyes tested in March and he confirmed my worst fears that i needed varifocals. Having heard good and bad i was a bit dubious, but went ahead. Had the lenses ground as thin as poss otherwise i would look like Mr Magoo! Been wearing them now for about 3 weeks and have to say i'm pretty happy with them. Took me a few days to adjust but i think i've got the measure. It's an individual thing and whats right for one can be wrong for another. Regards Steve
  4. 168 (City Of Leeds) Squadron. Used to enjoy the rifle drill with the .303's Regards Steve
  5. But surely all cats are photogenic? 🐱😆 Regards Steve
  6. Nice job. I do like the Churchill and have several in the stash. Regards Steve
  7. Aye up G Another prober job in the making. Paint looks brilliant as do the scratch details. Regards Steve
  8. Takom T55AM from 593jones for a bargain price 👍
  9. Not at all happy is she! At least she isn't wearing 'a bucket' on her head! Regards, Steve
  10. 24 Hours At Waterloo by Robert Kershaw. Not my usual area of interest but It was only 3 quid in the Works and I thought why not. Glad I did. Its a brilliant account of the battle told from all sides with eyewitness accounts taken from original interviews and diaries. First paperback I've bought since I went Kindle several years ago! Regards, Steve
  11. My good lady is rather taken with it. She likes all of the 'genteel' murder mystery types. Father Brown, Dr Blake and Midsummer etc. Don't mind it myself and as you say Miss Goose is rather easy on the eye
  12. How do chaps, After many years of shift and weekend work I switched jobs about 6 months ago and now do 8.30 to 5 Monday to Friday. I was quite surprised at how long it took me to adjust. Going from 1 weekend off a month to every weekend along with starting and finishing at the same time very day seemed a bit odd to begin with. I'm used to it now, but I do still miss having days off in the week as I had 'me time' and it was easy to arrange dentist appointments etc. I don't miss the 10pm finishes followed by a 7am start though and I wouldn't go back to 8 day stretches in a hurry either! As I no longer work bank holidays, I even got 4 days off over Christmas and 3 days over new Year which was a real novelty. Mrs fatfingers is rather chuffed to have me at home every weekend too (more gardening and housey stuff) When I changed jobs I thought it would give me more time for modelling..... yeah right! I do less now than when I worked shifts Regards, Steve
  13. How do Steve, Looks like an A34 Comet. Great pics Regards, Steve
  14. No modelling stuff this year but got socks Oh, also got a Lego Mini Cooper AND Lego Tower Bridge! Regards Steve