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  1. Aye up Stix Three more stunners for the collection. Never cease to be amazed with what you can achieve with the old hairy stick! πŸ‘ Regards Steve
  2. Passed it!!!!

    Thanks Martin, It must be a bit of a nightmare being an examiner at Harehills. Some of the things they have to deal with. I imagine some folk can get a bit 'leary' when told they have failed! Congrats to Ellie too and will try to seek her out and say hello (or she can find me. I'm the only bearded grump in our office 😊) Please also pass on my regards to Alison. Kind regards Steve
  3. Passed it!!!!

    Thanks 😊 Already been running a car for the last 4 years since Mrs fatfingers passed her test. Will be looking to get something a bit bigger now tho. I have to put the drivers seat all the way back which means can't get anyone in behind me (which could be a good thingπŸ˜‰) Best thing about passing is that I now have more to spend on kits and modelly bits due to no longer having to pay out for lessons anymore! 😎 Regards Steve
  4. Passed it!!!!

    Thanks chaps 😊 Took my test at Harehills test centre in Leeds. It has a VERY bad reputation and low pass rate. Fortunately the route I went on was around Roundway and Oakwood which is a bit less 'hectic' Thought i'd blown it when I got back to test centre and was told to turn next left but indicated right whist in left lane (which is ahead only) Realised my mistake pretty quick and managed to recover it! My instructor told me that quite a few people fail on that one. Got a bit of a stern telling off by the examiner on the debrief about it tho 😐 My instructor said the examiner would have taken into account that I realised my cock up in time and corrected it safely and also my overall performance on the test. I have to say I was suprised over how calm I was throughout the test and to be honest I rather enjoyed it! Regards Steve
  5. Passed it!!!!

    How do chaps, Took my driving test this morning. Passed first time. When the examiner told me I'd passed I just gawped at him in total shock! 😲 Got 8 minors which I was a bit annoyed at myself with, but the main thing is I actually managed to pass it! 😊 Not bad for a bog eyed 45yr old πŸ˜† Regards Steve
  6. Whats on your want list?

    Bronco Cruiser A10 Tamiya Valentine Tamiya Archer GW Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought GW Orc Killer Kans GW Orc Deff Dedd Regards Steve
  7. Archer

    How do chaps, Just seen over on PMMS that Tamiya are to release a 1/35th Archer! One of those will be sneaking into the stash me thinks Regards Steve
  8. What have you purchased 8

    AFV Club Scorpion Regards Steve
  9. Imgur test

    That was nice and simples
  10. Imgur test

  11. Simply stunning work Stix! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ Regards Steve
  12. What have you purchased 8

    New fascias, soffits and guttering! Bread and water from now on! πŸ˜• Regards Steve
  13. What have you purchased 8

    Lego Saturn 5 and Houses Of Parliament. I blame lunchtime drinking and birthday money! πŸ˜†πŸΊ Regards Steve
  14. Argos (the shop) a warning

    Went into Mcdoodles the other day for the first time in many a year. Was a bit suprised to see they had gone all Argos with pay here and collect there when your number is called! Regards Steve
  15. Argos (the shop) a warning

    Argos. The Greek god of pointless queuing! I used to be a stock manager for them some years ago. NOT a pleasant experience. They kept threatening to send me on 'special workshops' cos I refused to comply with their 'vision'!!!! Regards Steve