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  1. M4A2 'Charmer' *Now with some muck* 17/02/18

    How do chaps. Quick update..... managed to get the tracks on without any major problems. They actually look ok too! Pics to follow later. Regards. Steve
  2. M4A2 'Charmer' *Now with some muck* 17/02/18

    How do chaps, Been a while since I did anything with Charmer. Managed to get a few hours in the tank factory today and started on the weathering. Decided to go a bit 'old school' and use an oil wash. Mixed up some cheap burnt umber and lamp black oils with Humbrol enamel thinner and this was applied with a 000 sable brush. I attached the running gear apart from the sprockets and idlers. Also added the stowage on the rear deck. Some Vallejo mud was added to the lower hull too. The rope around the stowage is embroidery thread that I recently picked up from Halifax market for a couple of quid and I have enough of it to last me for ever!!! Final pic with a figure that I', thinking of using. he's from the Miniart British Tank Crew set. He look a smidge too big for 35th scale. He measures about 52mm. Not sure how that scales out to real life though I also need to source some new T49 tracks as the ones I scrounged off and old kit are too stiff and twisted to fit without knackering the running gear Once I get these I should then be able to have this finished in short order! Regards, Steve.
  3. Aye up Stix. Thats a real beauty and quite possibly your best one yet! Regards. Steve.
  4. A good place to start

    Great choice. Part way through one and its a lovely kit and easy to build. Will you be doing a WIP? Regards. Steve
  5. Jonathan Ross the Modeller

    Apparently Roy Orbison used to make aircraft models when on tour Regards Steve
  6. Heating the new man cave

    How do chaps. I insulated the walls, floor and ceiling of my 11x7 shed with 35mm (I think) foiled Celotex and this was sealed at the edges with silver foil tape. The walls and ceiling were clad with 12mm timber and the floor was done in 12mm ply. The windows were also 'doubled' on the inside with 3mm perspex for insulation and added security. I did briefly consider fitting actual dg units but decided against it due to the practicalities and cost etc. For heating I have an oil filled radiator which is OK but can struggle on really cold days. It's not too leccy hungry but it turns the smart meter yellow when it kicks in! I've been thinking about one of them greenhouse heaters to keep the chill off when I'm not in. I also have a dehumidifier that I sometimes run when I have the heater on. Regards, Steve
  7. Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Aye up Steve. Funnily enough..... His brother Tommy has a real black smudge to his top lip so I've christened him Kitler! Next time he invades I'll try to take a pic Regards, Steve
  8. Now that is rather lovely! Currently building one of these and If it turns out even a third as good as yours I'll be well chuffed! The base and name plate add a real touch of class Regards, Steve
  9. What have you purchased / been gifted

    How do chaps, My haul from Huddersfield.... The Matilda was an absolute bargain so was well chuffed in finding that Regards, Steve
  10. Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    How do chaps, Since the neighbours cheeky chap Mittens went for a walk last Easter and never came back things have been rather quiet on the cat front round my way. That is until Charlie appeared. He lives several doors up and has decided to add us to his domain and staff rota. He also has a brother Tommy (who's a bit camera shy) that likes to be in on the action too, so it's double the trouble! Regards, Steve
  11. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    I've recently started to make my way through the British Pathe news reels on youtube. Really enjoying them too. Also like the Rank 'look at life' short films. Came across a magnificent short film from WWII showing Valentine Tanks being built and tested. Helps me switch off after a manic day at work Regards Steve
  12. 2018 Huddersfield Show

    Really enjoyed the show and was great to meet up with Mr T. Was it just me or did it seem quieter than previous years? I was chatting to a trader I know and he said sales were down on the previous year. He thinks it may have been due to the Bolton show being just 2 weeks prior. Having said that though it made it easier to get round the tables and traders and have a good look at everything. Still get those who think that two entities can share the same space however! Regards Steve
  13. 2018 Huddersfield Show

    Looking forward to going. This is the only show I go to every year and planning to meet up with Martin T. It really is a small world! Regards, Steve
  14. Tamiya pair,Churchill and Centurion.

    Aye up Steve. Nice work. Ive built a few Tamiya Churchill kits over the years. Still a nice kit for its 40 odd years! Never managed to do the Cent tho so looking forward to seeing it being built Regards. Steve
  15. Tamiya Sherman 1/35 M4A3

    Aye up, Have you got them on the right way round? Tamiya sherman wheels only tend to be detailed on the outer face and blank on the inside. Have a look at the M3/M4 group build. Lots of Tamiya Sherman shenanigans going on there that may help Regards, Steve